Sunday, May 17, 2015

Should she have done it?

Siti Hasmah prays Najib won't harm Islam

Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, the wife of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, said she used her time in Mecca to pray for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

With sadness in her voice, Siti Hasmah said she also prayed for the people while performing the umrah.

"I thought my husband and I would not make it (to Mecca), but alhamdulillah, God gave us time, longevity, health, and we made it.

"I prayed in front of the Kaabah for everyone's safety. As a mother, I also prayed for Najib, so that he doesn't do something that is not good for our religion, Islam," she said at a Mother's Day celebration in Kuala Lumpur today.

Siti Hasmah, however, did not elaborate further.

Focus on her saying she prayed for Najib so that he (Najib) dosn't do anything that's not good for Islam!

Does that mean that she's expecting Najib might possibly do something that's not good for Islam, and hence her prayers for him?

I wonder whether that could be considered as a subtle indirect criticism of Najib?

Wah, 1st time politicking for Toh Puan Siti Hasmah, and from her recounting, in Mecca too!


  1. Seriously, what is your fucking relationship with Najib? Or better still Rosmah? Are you the Malaysia version of Alaister Campbell?

    Fuck you chao cibai kaytee la.........This woman is far more pure than Marina Mahathir, her daughter......Proof me otherwise.

    Time to tell Din Merican and CL Flamiaris about your disparaging remark on this lady. Seriously, why don't you admit it that you love to suck up to Jibby and Rosmah


    So say Josh Hong,

    Truth be told, Malaysia has not had a flamboyant and attention-Hasmah Mohd Ali, wife of Malaysia's former PM Mohamad, smiles as she arrives for closing dinner of Langkawi International Dialogue 2007 in Langkawiseeking prime minister’s wife until Rosmah came along. For all my disagreement with Mahathir Mohamad, his wife Siti Hasmah remains a likeable figure and had performed her duties with dignity as a prime minister’s wife, although I do think her recent plea for Mukhriz Mahathir in the hope of raising her son’s chances in the UMNO election has tarnished her image somewhat."

    Fuck you la supported Marina Mahathir. Ah so

  3. By the way, I like Ian Hislop and you are no fucking Ian Hislop. You are even worse than Alaister Campbell and Peter Capaldi combined. What more I can say about aussie langs like you? No taste unlike mother yingerand

    Even Natalie Barnett can't stand aussie. That is why she is the leader of Green Party UK........Hahahaha

    Your RPK is extremely silent about Libdem disastrous campaign

    What more I can say about Lib dem langs in renegating on tuition fee. I fuckingly remember lib dem girls chatted with me that free tuition fee for commonwealth students such as I...........Hahahaha

    That presenter is a lib dem supporter who is an atheist though I supported stephen fry.

    1. aiyoyo babbling away like a cibai lunatic, wakakaka

  4. Time to defend LKS, fucker

    Else chao cibai kaytee is banded as sucker to Najib and Rosmah

    1. looes was a cibai in supporting hudud mindlessly - LKS' post is directed specifically at people like you, a cibai bodoh, wakakaka

  5. This Penang lang is much better than kaytee. One thing for sure, being a chartered accountant himself, he disagrees with the introduction of GST in Malaysia.

    Cibai, are you a chartered accountant? Yes or No?

    1. ONly 41 countries in the world don't have GST, falling into 2 groups - they're either Midas-rich countries like Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Gulf nations with their almost inexhaustible oil reserves, etc or dysfunctional countries like North Korea, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Eritrea etc - tell me cibai looes, which group would Malaysia fall under?

      In ASEAN alone, only Brunei where there's no personal income tax (so why should there be GST) and dysfunctional Myanmar which don't have GST

      The opposition in Malaysia to GST comes from those who mindlessly-ideologically oppose for the sake of opposing or those with a personal agenda to oppose fro covert (yet not so covert) objectives like a very old man (including cibai looes)

      obviously in accordance with the cibai mindless opposition to GST of cibai looes, 160 countries around the world don't have chartered accountants, wakakaka, NOW wait for cibai looes' series of YouTube bullshit wakakaka again

    2. UMNO blames traders for GST issues....price increases.....prices stubbornly not coming down....

      In case you have been totally deaf, there is also an UMNO sub-text blaming Chinese traders for GST profiteering...

  6. Objection ! .., dearest Kaytee… you are speculating. Trying to get the readers dizzy dancing your tango…? wakakaka

  7. 1MDB is not mindless partisan politicking.
    By now it is obvious something has gone very badly wrong in 1MDB. A RM 43,000,000,000 train wreck. Very likely there was misconduct involved. There may well have been criminal activity , with people influencing as well as making decisions involving huge sums of money for personal and/or partisan political gain.

    I don't think any outsider actually knows the extent of Najib's involvement, but he cannot escape accountability as the chief Advisor to the 1MDB as well as being Finance Minister.

    Siti Hasmah has tremendous stature and respect in the country and she is obviously very concerned with what wrong doings may be going on.

    I definitely do NOT consider it petty politicking on her part.

    1. I believe there is an ongoing audit of 1MDB by PAC. Why the impatience by Tun to condemn (and Toh Puan to insinuate) prior to the audit revelations? Shouldn't there be due process?

    2. KT, the wife of bapak penswastaan is a 'TUN' herself. maybe ling liong sik's wife is a Toh Puan. anyway, if she was sincere about ahjibgor, let is be.

  8. This Najib ar*******r is attacking everybody and anybody who criticises Najib....including the highly respected Dr. Siti Hasmah.

    How low can you*******r ?

    1. wakakaka, be truthful you're not really concerned about Toh Puan, you'r just exploiting the opportunity to attack me, wakakaka again

      Toh Puan has previously never got involved with such ad hominem politicking. It's sad she has now broken her remarkable 'Mother of Nation' record,and even more sad, for her to employ the sanctity of religion when doing so

    2. Ah So....when people criticise Najib's record it is ad hominem politicking.

      What do you think you have been doing all this while attacking Anwar day in, day out ?

    3. attacking someone for his wife = that's ad hominem
      attacking someone by using the name of religion and insinuation of POSSIBLE wrongdoings = that's ad hominem

      attacking someone for his track record and false promise of reformasi? you tell me

  9. You're trying very hard at tap dancing....and failing

    1. wakakaka, it's obvious you do not understand what tap dancing means

  10. "insinuation of POSSIBLE wrongdoings = that's ad hominem"

    Isn't your repeated insinuation that Anwar was trying to get back to UMNO not based on any actual facts ?
    Isn't that Ad Hominem ?

    1. he definitely WAS, and that's no insinuation

      (1) he went to court to get his old UMNO position back, wakakaka - bloggd on this

      (2) thick-skinned he cozied up to AAB on the crooked bridge affair, offering to work for the PM - blogged on this too

    2. Please provide Objective Evidence (i.e. not your own blog) that Anwar sued to be reinstated into his UMNO position
      (Not To be reinstated as Deputy Prime Minister - that is a government job, position and is a different matter).

  11. I will address (1) as there are ample Court records as well as objective Malaysian law to highlight.

    (2) is just insinuation of POSSIBLE wrongdoings = that amounts to repeated ad hominem attack against Anwar Ibrahim.
    What is good for the Goose should be good for the Gander.

    Anwar Ibrahim applied to the Court to rule that his dismissal from his posts as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister on 2 September 1998 was unlawful, and that he should be reinstated. Anwar Ibrahim did NOT sue to be reinstated into UMNO.

    Under Malaysian Law, there is a set protocol you have to follow if you feel you have been unlawfully dismissed from your job, regardless whether you were the Deputy Prime Minister or a Managing Director or a Toiler Cleaner.

    There is NO provision in Malaysian law to be compensated for unlawful dismissal. You have to apply to the court to declare that you have been unlawfully dismissed and request to be reinstated. That was exactly how Anwar Ibrahim's suit was worded.

    If you win the court case, typically 5-8 years later, the employer will be ordered to pay you that number of years and months of back-pay to your last working day. If meantime you have been working elsewhere, you stand to gain a substantial amount of money.

    Most people who win such cases just turn up for work 1 day and hand in their resignation letter, just to meet the letter of the law.

    BTW I'm very familiar with this law because as an employer, I have lost such a case before, and had to pay the guy back 6 years of salary.

    In Anwar Ibrahim's case , he lost his unlawful dismissal case, because the Court Ruled that as a Minister, he served at the pleasure of the Yang DiPertuan Agong, in actual reality the Prime Minister. A Minister has no legal security of tenure, and cannot sue for being "unlawfully dismissed" as long as his dismissal is properly done in writing from the Agong.

    That was that - Anwar Ibrahim DID NOT apply for the court to reinstate him in UMNO.

    1. Let's look at his appeal to be reinstated as the DPM and Finance Minister. Tell me, who in Malaysia could be DPM when by our Westminister parliamentary process, no individual could become DPM directly as the post is not directly elected. The answer of course has to be someone (usually the agreed No 2 of the ruling party or coalition) in the ruling party of ruling coalition, be this BN or Pakatan. At BOTH the time of his dismissal and the time of his appeal the ruling coalition was BN, effectively UMNO. Hence Anwar was effectively appealing to be reinstated in his position in UMNO, BECAUSE as mentioned, no individual can be elected directly into the PM or DPM or ministerial position - it has to be via a political party.

      Secondly, insinuations are hints, assertions, claims etc. But in both Anwar's appeal to the court and his publicly stated offer to AAB to participate in the crooked bridge affair have been FACTS and not insinuations. Did you for one silly moment believe the BN government would have allowed a non-BN individual to negotiate with the Sing government on such a sensitive international issue?

      Don't spin away Anwar's deepest desire.

    2. chao cibai kaytee.........Till today I found your character an intriguing one You can vigoriously crucify Anwar and yet say nothing on Najib. Why? Seriously what did Najib or Rosmah do that make you say nothing about them? Fuck you about being fair and measured because you aren't

      Your Criticism on Siti Hasmah makes me wonder the extra length you are willing to go to defend Najib and Rosmah

      Chao Cibai kaytee, an interesting take from Kee Thuan Chye

      ".....It immediately provoked a counter-rally by Umno Youth at which about 10,000 people turned up. This was the event at which Najib FUCKING Razak, then the Umno Youth chief, famously UNSHEATHED A KERIS AND REPORTEDLY VOWED THAT IT WOULD BE BATHED IN CHINESE BLOOD....."

      Cibai Kaytee.......Last check, you are a fucking chinese. What makes you think that Najib won't skin you alive for being an atheist?

      Nothing to say

    3. people invite criticisms when they act, behave or say certain things that are deemed beyond reasonable limits. For Toh Puan to bring in religion to indirectly criticize Najib or for that matter, anyone, is beyond reasonableness

      You're correct to state that Najib did and said all those racist stuff but don't forget to include Anwar as the man/minister responsible for bringing the vernacular education issue to a boil which triggered off Ops Lalang.

  12. The Objective fact is he applied to the Court to be reinstated into his job as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

    In the case of the usual employment situation, if the plaintiff wins, usually neither the employer nor the plaintiff actually wants the guy back, but both have to respect the court order. The Plaintiff usually just wants his backpay, not the job.

    It is purely your ad hominem insinuation that he wants to be back in UMNO, not objective facts. Maybe he was just looking for 10 years backpay ? It would have amounted to over a million ringgit. I don't have any objective facts to support the Backpay theory, neither do you have on your "Back to UMNO" theory.

    The Objective fact is he publicly supported AAB on the crooked bridge affair.
    Are you suggesting Anwar should always be opposing the government of the day in all matters ?
    Whether that offer was good or bad political judgement is up to people to judge.

    Making the leap that he was trying to get back into UMNO is Your Insinuation, not objective facts.

    1. I've already made my point. But Thanks for your views

    2. The back-pay arrears apparently had escaped you, eh KT?

    3. by comparison to, say Sing, Malaysian ministers aren't paid all that well so it's not incorrect to say that would have been chickenfeed stuff. The court cost would have been far far more. Thus that was an insignificant factor. The political significance and ramifications were the main issues

  13. anything on anwar, u become black n white.

    n what is the problem shd siti hasmah to express her view n wish? y anything on najib, u oso become so black n white?

    1. What about you HY? Anything about Hadi/Pas you would be night hunting and day dreaming, but you're better than KT lah.... who is haunting the priesthood caste day and night.

    2. I am partisan, as long as hadi is firm with pakatan, i would be his most devoted fanboy. what abt u? wander between pas n umno? wakaka.

    3. HY.... Kadir Jasin said in his blog:

      "4. Jadi dalam blog kita ini ada yang hidup mati sokong parti, ideologi dan pemimpin pilihan mereka. Mereka ini partisan.

      5. Kemudian yang nampak buruk dan baik parti-parti yang berlainan. Kalau Umno/BN buat yang betul mereka iktiraf dan kalau buat yang salah mereka kritik. Begitu juga dengan yang Pakatan Rakyat buat. Saya sendiri akui banyak perkara yang PR buat di Selangor dan Pulau Pinang serta dalam Parlimen adalah baik.

      6. Kemudian mereka yang tidak memihak kepada mana-mana parti atau yang tidak bernimat dengan politik. Mereka melihat buruk dan baik dari kaca mata mereka sendiri tanpa dipengaruhi oleh propaganda politik."

      HY, kau pilih lah yang mana satu lebih mirip kepada aku..

      On Hadi... he is always with Pakatan... but it is you and KT who are working very hard to kick him out of Pakatan. Both of you love Mat Sabu and PasMa more... apa nak buat..

      But esok if Mat Sabu and PasMa want hudud both of you would kick them out of Pakatan too... and I guess you would then go with IKATAN.. wakakaka

      Actually, you are wandering dengan siapa kau nak kawan... wakakaka

    4. You are just leading the readers to mis-understanding! The main issue is we don't support HUDUD, not the characters Hadi, so what's wrong we turn around and kick out Sabu PasMa if they in turn now support HUDUD. We are still perfectly consistent, aren't we? And not like you are insinuating otherwise!

    5. Peter,

      Not to drink liquor is about faith. So, I refrain from drinking liquor. You said no problem.

      Not to commit adultery is about faith. So, I refrain from adultery. You said no problem.

      Not to gamble is about faith. So, I refrain from gambling. You said no problem.

      Hudud is about faith. So, I say yes to hudud. You said over my dead body.

      Hence - Kau Ini Bagaimana Atau Aku Harus Bagaimana?

    6. then practise your own fucking faith without interfering other peoples’ affairs

  14. Wow.......see the parallel between 1MDB and Enron.

    And that Jibby says this......

    Hahahahaha! Guess what happened to Arthur Andersen

    One wonder if Profumo can't get away with his sex scandal and Cairn was demoted over loan affairs as well his liaison with that char wor........Why the fuck Najib is still allowed to keep his head.

    Cibai kaytee.......Fraser is even more robust in PERSECUTING GOUGH.........but in Malaysia.........Hahahaha

  15. hahahahaha! This is the remark of an ex-diplomat on Najib. Kaytee, admit it. defending the indefensible

    Continue Tun Razak’s legacy? No way if you are messing up 1MDB and and mismanaging our national finances? Think again, Mr. Prime Minister. Trading barbs with the Old Fox will not help you. The fight is not between you and Tun Dr, Mahathir. The Tun was merely giving vent to the feelings of a majority of Malaysians who want you to go. Pressure is mounting and eventually your mental and physical well being will be affected. Is it worth it? Not for all the money.–Din Merican

    Cibai, go and slam dunk din. Hahahahaha!

  16. I see parallel between Jeffrey Archer and Najib Razak. The difference is that Razak is an honourable man unlike

    Cibai kaytee........Read Jeffrey Archer's books before?

    By the way, Jeffrey committed perjury.......wanna know the details......Love to have that on Najib