Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Indians, the 'Lost' in Permatang Pauh?

While Chinese in Permatang Pauh make up 23% of voters in that constituency (approximately 16 to 17,000), Indians total another 6% (4300).

'Yesterday' Dr Wan would have been assured of 90 to 95% Chinese support, but alas, 'today' thanks to PAS' hudud and Tian Chua's public declaration that PKR does not oppose hudud as a concept and that the party respects the rights of those who want the Islamic penal code implemented, I am not too sure.

Needless to say, ye olde faithful DAP would have been slaving away in PP to help Dr Wan secure the Chinese votes, but I suspect many Chinese may end up playing mahjung instead of voting because of the hudud issue.

But what about the 6% Indian votes?

In a tight race, every vote matters especially a hefty 6% which would be approximately 4300 votes. If the turnout, expected to be lower than 2013 GE, is around, say 65%, the Indian votes will be about 2800, a very significant number in a by-election which results probably may go down to the wire.

DAP in its campaigning to help Dr Wan has already voiced its dissatisfaction with PKR's handling of or campaigning among the Indian community in PP.

For DAP to publicly voice its dissatisfaction with PKR's campaigning among the Indians tell us a lot about PKR's pathetic performance in PP with regards to the Indian residents there. Incidentally if MIC fails to capitalize on this PKR shortcoming for its UMNO aneh, its leaders should be shot or preferably 'quartered' like a roti canai.

Mateys, I've been blogging for 10 years, and I have to say without any prejudice or bias wakakaka, that I've noticed PKR has never been favourable to its Indian members, rather, has been dismissive, disdainful and disrespectful of them though the Indian members have been among the most loyal and hardworking party people.

Perhaps the correct phrase would be 'taken for granted'? Indeed!

Now, whatever one might have to say about Nallakaruppan, he was once Anwar's man, so-called 'best friend', confidante, constant tennis partner, intimate 'consultant', aide and a man who was very nearly sent to the gallows during the Sodomy I case because of his closeness with his imperial majesty, but in the end he was still played out by his Taikoh in favour of the blue eyed boy.

Some years ago in a PKR party election, his imperial majesty instructed Nalla to stand aside for the blue-eyed boy so that the apple of AI's eyes could secure the last remaining party VP position. Nalla could have won that VP position easily as he had the most number of party nominations for the VP contest - hmmm, maybe that's why his imperial majesty ordered him to stand aside.

As if that marginalization was not hurtful enough, his imperial majesty then parachuted Khalid Ibrahim into the Ijok by-election, whence once again Nalla was played out after returning from Australia (on order), expecting to play a major role in PKR frontline politics.

Then there was his imperial majesty's chief tok ampu who is now probably the man who hates the imperial majesty most.

And wasn't someone too disappointed in the recent Selangor exco appointment?

Poor aneh's & tambee's, marginalised as if they had accidentally wandered incorrectly into an UMNO party headquarters - which BTW would be nearer the truth than is comfy. Mind, many 'Indians' feel quite at home in UMNO, wakakaka.

So how will 2800 plus/minus Indian voters in Permatang Pauh cast their ballots? I wonder whether Gobala and Nalla are down there doing their utmost? wakakaka.


  1. Replies
    1. on the side of 'truth' as I see it, wakakaka

    2. Why must someone must be on one side or another? Does that not make one not critical of someone one admires? This is the trouble with M'sians... one must be FOR one side or another.

    3. KT isn't trying to sway Indians away from PKR at this criticle moment for P Pauh byelection. In fact PKR and PR supporters should thank KT for writing "on the side of 'truth' ".

    4. HT Low 3.20

      "Why must someone must be on one side or another? "

      KT's post on the eve of PP by-election is not meant to hurt PKR. In fact, after reading the post, Indian voters will be encouraged to support the party. No one dares to say KT is helping BN for he is under the protective cover of "on the side of 'truth'" ?

      "This is the trouble with M'sians." ?

    5. aiseh huaren, the truth is that DAP did very very recently complain about PKR's pathetic campaigning among the PP Indians, and DCM II Penang D Rama also admitted an Indian temple in PP was neglected, though being the gentleman he is, and a Hindu leader in Penang, he had honorably accepted part responsibility for that. And the happenings in PKR intraparty politics did happen

      we shouldn't close our eyes and be obliviously blind to the TRUTH, wakakaka

    6. aiseh KT, rest assured that the TRUTH is never in jeopardy. Your unintentional timing of posting the article on the eve of PP by-election is most welcome particularly by PKR and PR supporters because it's not meant to drive away Indian voters.

    7. anti pkr side of course wakaka.

    8. HY, alamak, does that mean Truth is anti PKR? wakakaka

      huaren, if I want to drive Indians away from PKR, wouldn't I have published my post earlier to allow the Indians to read my views in sufficient time. Really, what can my post on eve of election do to change their minds, even assuming they would be reading my English language post? Aiyah, don't b paranoid lah, wakakaka

    9. Hahahaha! Cibai kaytee! Who the fuck order azilah and sirul to murder altantuya. Truth?!

    10. Nah! You must probably. Is that why sirul in australia?

  2. With the PP by election just round the corner, Malaysia Today saw fit to post this at its site : Kampung Buah Pala, Pakatan's True Legacy

    This recounting of that unfortunate story by Raghavan accurate is it ? A story always have 2 sides, maybe 3 or even 4......

  3. Really truth! Then unveil ur true self !!!

  4. PKR,then as a political party was solid.At least until Aneh and his disgruntled supporters left and the party without a backbone (anehs and tangachis) just die a slow and painful death.Today,the PKR has poilticians the likes of Rafizi and Tian Chua,screaming and running around like babies crying out loud for their mamas.

  5. Thank You for your excellent efforts in helping to regain support , especially among the Chinese and Indian communities. Much appreciated. In a close elections, every effort counts.

    Unfortunately, it looks like Wan Azizah wins anyway, but there is a clear swing back among Chinese and Indians.