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Balderdash, Biadap-ish & Boleh-Malaysia

TMI - I want both Guan Eng and Najib to resign, says Dr M

Ah Gor, aren't you scared of being seen to be too pally-buddy with a Chinaman?

aiyah, f**k him lah

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today said that he would ask both Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to resign if he had the opportunity to write letters to both of them.

He said this when asked by DAP's Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim during the question and answer session at the launch of a new book featuring letters Dr Mahathir penned to other world leaders during his tenure as PM.

"Simple, I would ask them both to resign," he said to the laughter of hundreds of attendees.

When Sim asked him to elaborate, Dr Mahathir said that having a different state government and federal government "does no good to the country".

"For over 60 years, we had peace and stability. When you have a different state government from the federal government, it leads to antagonism. It is not doing the country any good," he said.

Quote having a different state government and federal government "does no good to the country" unquote.

I have never heard such balderdash before, one promoting a national wall-to-wall carpeting of (no-doubt) Barisan Nasional state governments which would must be dominated by UMNO!

Wait, on 2nd thoughts, maybe there is some truth in his statement quote it leads to antagonism unquote because if we recall, from RPK's MAHATHIR LAID THE FOUNDATION FOR 1MDB we're reminded of the principal 'antagonist' in 1999 towards a PAS government in Terengganu, as follows:

On 29th November 1999, the opposition Barisan Alternatif took over the state of Terengganu and the next day it formed the new state government with Tok Guru Abdul Hadi Awang of PAS as the new Menteri Besar to replace Wan Mokhtar Ahmad of Umno. [...]

The exciting part about Terengganu, which had only eight Parliament seats (and therefore did not really contribute much in helping the opposition march into Putrajaya), is that it had RM1 billion a year in oil royalty. And this RM1 billion was going to help finance Barisan Alternatif to win some of the other states in the next general election in 2004.

With RM1 billion a year or RM5 billion over five years, it was more or less assured that Barisan Nasional and Umno were going to be history in 2004.

But Dr Mahathir was smarter than that. He knew what RM5 billion in the hands of the opposition could do. So he stopped the RM1 billion a year payment to the state.

The state screamed that in 1976 Petronas had signed an Agreement with Terengganu, and based on this 1976 Agreement and the Petroleum Development Act 1974, Petronas had a legal obligation to pay Terengganu the 5% royalty, which came to RM1 billion a year.

But you know Dr Mahathir. Agreements, Contracts and Acts of Parliament are not going to be allowed to stand in the way of what he wants to do. Terengganu took the case to court but Dr Mahathir knew he would be long dead and gone before anything happens.

Dr Mahathir then appointed Idris Jusoh as the sort of ‘shadow’ Menteri Besar of Terengganu but based in the Prime Minister’s Department in Putrajaya. And Idris Jusoh was to handle the oil royalty that had been renamed ‘Wang Ehsan’ and which would be controlled by the Prime Minister’s Department.

The RM1 billion a year was not going to be given to the PAS-led Terengganu state government. Instead, a parallel government would be set up which will bypass the official and legally elected Terengganu state government and this ‘shadow’ or parallel government would manage the money.

Guess who was the 'antagonist'?

Then in June 2010, Malaysiakini’s Guan Eng wants SDO to explain arches fiasco reported Lim questioned the erection of two controversial arches on the way to the Penang Botanical Garden by the federal government.

The Penang state development officer (SDO), was Nik Ali Mat Yunos, a federal civil servant in charge of the project. Lim was so incensed by the arrogant non-accountability of the SDO that he remarked Nik Ali was "openly and blatantly" sabotaging the state government.

Lim stated: "He is like a little Napoleon in the civil service who gets high pay and does nothing for the people, but instead causes losses to them."

MKINI reported: Lim wants Nik Ali to come clean about the RM150,000 plus losses over the planned demolition of the two twin arches recently built for an expansion project under the Tourism Ministry. […]

Lim has taken offence with Nik Ali for refusing to explain who - which department, state or federal government - was responsible for the staggering losses.

"If he is willing to tell us that, we will not pursue the matter. Every sen counts, because it is a question of public trust," Lim added.

Lim has also seen red over a letter sent by the SDO's office dated Oct 13, 2009 to the Drainage and Irrigation Department, giving a "RM5 million ultimatum" to the state.

The letter states that the state would have to settle "pending issues" on the Botanic Gardens' facade and pavilion development, failing which, federal funding of RM5 million for the project would be withdrawn.

"This is an example of how the SDO's office is trying to rush development projects through without due consultation and feedback," said Lim.

Can you f* beat that, a civil servant refusing to account to the CM of a Malaysian State? What hope then do we earthly mortals have in terns of accountability from a Malaysian civil servant?
But wait, there's even MORE, and WORSE!

As if that was not bad enough, the SDO responded by calling the Chief Minister 'biadap' - yes, believe it or not, a f* public servant abusing a people's fully elected representative with the gross insult of 'biadap'.

Who was the one being 'biadap'? What happened to old world Malay courtesy, civility, adat of being halus and bersopan-santun?

Maybe he thought he was the great great great (ditto etc) grandson of Sultan Mansur Shah of Malacca with the powers to f* off Hang Lim GE?

Would Nik Ali Mt Yunos dare to be biadap towards an UMNO MB like Khir
even if Khir were to present him with a broom for piss-poor performance?

But how did that come about?

Only one answer for his unusual un-Malay biadap-ish rudeness: The UMNO-led federal government must have sanctioned, directly, indirectly or even unwittingly, the SDO's biadap behaviour towards the Chief Minister of a Malaysian State.

Thus, in a very sad and disappointing partisan way Dr M has been right in that there would be 'antagonism', in our example, by civil servants towards a non-BN state government but only because that biadap-ish 'antagonism' had been tolerated, even promoted, fostered and/or sanctioned by the UMNO-led government.

The next question should be: Would that be the right behaviour for a so-called impartial officer from a public institution like the Malaysian Civil Service, Police and other government agencies, whose primary and principal duty should be to the public, and not to the UMNO-led government.

But wait, there were far more worse things! Against the very heart of civil service policy, he made his attack against a people’s representative at a gathering organized by UMNO, a political party.

I suppose a biadap, arrogant and politically biased person like him does not understand protocol, civil service etiquette, basic courtesy and the apolitical nature of the Malaysian Civil Service (MCS).

Maybe this bloke has been exactly whom former PM AAB had in mind when he termed some public servants as ‘Little Napoleons’.

Technically he should be chastised if not sacked in ignominy for violating the Civil Service code of conduct (many times over) by the Chief Secretary but as it’s obvious he’s allied to UMNO, it was hardly surprising that Mohd Sidek, the Chief Secretary, defended him instead.

See Malaysiakini's No action against Penang SDO, says chief sec and we can summarise that:

Nik Ali Mat Yunus, the SDO based in Penang has DISCREDITED himself as a public servant for daring to (1) hold a press conference at an UMNO gathering to attack Penang CM Lim Guan Eng, and (2) insubordinately mouthing uncouthly words to describe Lim.

What a lamentable specimen of a so-called public servant!

Mohd Sidek Hassan, Chief Secretary to the government, has also DISCREDITED himself by condemning Lim GE as being ‘excessive’ instead of reprimanding Nik Ali’s violation of the civil service code of conduct in (1) attending a political gathering as an active participant and (2) for behaving in the worst biadap manner in his brazen use of rude words to publicly attack a people’s representative and a state Chief Minister at that.

What a shameful specimen of a so-called public servant!

Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, has DISCREDITED himself by remaining silent in what is Malaysia’s worst case of civil service insubordination to an elected people’s representative.

What a shameful specimen of a Prime Minister!

Given that this is Malaysia, it was not totally unexpected, but nonetheless the brazen disregard by Mohd Sidek of Nik Ali’s breach of the civil service code of conduct and sheer bad manners in his most unprofessional politically partisan behaviour was still flabbergastingly breathtaking.

Was that what Dr M had in mind? If it was, then he ought to know that such behaviour by the public service does not exist in 1st World Commonwealth countries like UK, Australia and New Zealand because it would not have been tolerated.

Then why did it happen in Malaysia? Why has it ben tolerated in Malaysia?

Answer: UMNO!

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  1. Selling old newspapers KT? Don’t be so desperate lah… wakakaka.

    In the examples that you gave; “Was that what Dr M had in mind?” No lah KT… But well as usual, KT always buruk sangka one, and always like to speculate. I am not saying you’re cucuk-ing… wakakaka.

    "For over 60 years, we had peace and stability. When you have a different state government from the federal government, it leads to antagonism. It is not doing the country any good." That’s a factual comment. I can agree with him. I have no problem with that statement.

    Like in any movie there will always be a protagonist and antagonist, yea? And, in politics there are a lot of Indian movie stars, and of course many Shylocks as in The Merchant of Venice? Wakakaka…

    Buddha says, … “Let yourself be open and life will be easier. A spoon of salt in a glass of water makes it undrinkable. In a lake almost unnoticed”.