Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DAP & PAS shredded relationship

With the ongoing acrimonious tiff between Pak Haji Hadi Awang and DAP getting worse each day, compounded by Pak Haji stating Muslims have a duty to be angry with the DAP for being against hudud, because it's an anger allowed by Allah, will Pakatan be still a viable coalition?

Pak Haji has also been the person who warned us that the DAP's cherished local council elections might bring about racial strife a la May 13.

On 24 Jan 2015, TMI published In Hadi’s May 13 remarks, civil society sees shades of Perkasa, Isma reporting that Jeffrey Phang, the co-chair of the Coalition of Good Governance (CGG ), lambasted Pak Hai for his May-13 warning as illogical, wrong and an attempt to spread fear.

Phang said: "Bringing in a threat of racial disturbance and violence to substantiate his objection to local council election is highly irresponsible and tantamount to fear-mongering and brings the PAS leader to the same level as the likes of personalities from Isma, Perkasa and Perkida."

"CGG finds it illogical to link a May 13 possibility with local council elections. Hadi Awang’s assumption of racial animosity among the people is wrong."

TMI reported Phang saying ... the public's overwhelming response to the recent flood in Kelantan was proof of the closeness of all Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion.

LKS and daughter with flood relief aid for Kelantan

Phang stated: "The racial threat by Hadi is untenable as the target of charity by the urbanites is towards the rural Malay heartland population which was most affected by the flood. Hadi’s statement that ‘local elections will widen the urban-rural gap and trigger instability’ sounds illogical when put into this context."

Actually local councils already exist but its members are appointed rather than elected. Pak Haji wanted it that way, i.e. for councillors to be appointed rather than elected because he lacked the confidence his PAS members would be elected and consequentially missed a ride on what might be seen as a Pakatan local council 'gravy train', wakakaka.

OTOH of course, Lim GE and the DAP have been unnecessarily and hurtfully needling a proud old man who is the party president of PAS. Even for an anti-hudud bloke like yours truly, the continuous attack by DAP against Pak Haji is turning me off.

In my post Has DAP been biadap to Hadi Awang? early this year I penned:

... to be fair to Pak Haji Hadi, I feel Lim Guan Eng and Anthony Loke have not been very diplomatic towards the proud old man - see The Star Online (wakakaka) Guan Eng: No Hadi, no meeting and Anthony Loke: DAP to stop attending Pakatan Council if Hadi doesn’t show.

Mateys, you can't f**king communicate with a (supposedly) Pakatan ally through the bloody media - that's the f* worst thing to do, more so when relationships are already on the brink or in urgent need of serious salvaging.

Just recall how mad you guys were when PKR used to unilaterally announce seat-sharing allocations to the media, much to your WTF's when you read the news, wakakaka!

And without any doubt, the reality is the current relationship between PAS and DAP has long been shot to shreds, starting with the stupid Kajang rancid satay right up to the hudud bill, when PAS' objection to local council elections had not only been to ensure some of its members get a free ride on the local council meal ticket but I suspect, also in retaliation to DAP's objection to its hudud bill.

While DAP has been right on both counts, namely its unswerving objection to hudud implementation and its promise to restore local council elections, it could do better than to publicly threaten Pak Haji Hadi who is a very very proud old man with a HUGE chip on his shoulder. [...].

I have to say that DAP does have this f*-up talent in antagonizing senior Malay personalities like (previously) Tunku Aziz and (now) Pak Haji Hadi Awang.

If the aim is to get rid of PAS for good, then that's fine. But OTOH, if the aim is to seriously conduct a Pakatan leadership meeting so as to hang on to the coalition as a viable opponent to BN, then Lim GE and Anthony Loke have f* up kau kau. It's the sort of attitude that Tunku Aziz has termed 'biadap'.

But we all know DAP hopes that the Erdogens will abandon Pak Haji and continue as members of Pakatan. In this, I believe the DAP is being unrealistic considering it has adopted a paper-shredding mentality in their approach with regards to handling Pak Haji. 

In unrealistically hoping to continue with the Erdogens minus Pak Haji and those it views as recalcitrant ulama's (and of course PKR, wakakaka) in a Pakatan coalition to capture Putrajaya, it has shown its greed to have it both ways. It's likely to fail.

Indeed I doubt very much the Erdogens will ever (dare to) show any lack of deference and reverence to the party president - of course they can do that, BUT I suspect at their own peril at the hands of outraged PAS grassroot members.

I am afraid Pak Haji isn't going to oblige DAP by quietly fading away like an 'old soldier' a la Douglas MacArthur, more so when DAP leaders continue to behave (now, get this) in the eyes of PAS grassroot members as being extremely biadap towards their party president.

It's human pride, Malay culture and social values so suck on these.


  1. Hahahahahaha......Cibai Kaytee, who the fuck is ahmad awang hah?

    Me felt DAP is very kind liao. These PAS members not so kind towards him

    ".....Saya sokong ucapan Hj Hadi kali ini. Memang menepati apa yang dia buat selama ini.Hj Hadi sebenarnya bercakap mengenai dirinya sendiri , bahawa dia tak ikut keputusan mesyuarat, dia adalah TOLOL, dan dia patut keluar dari PAS! Saya mengalu-alukan Hj Hadi keluar PAS. Orang yang ganti tempatnya pun dah ....."

    I rest my fucking case.

  2. kt, what do u think dap shd do? from a strategy pov in term of future election, i think they r playing the game well, penang is their fortress, they cant afford to lose it. putrajaya is merely a bonus. at least now they could preserve their stronghold, and increase their vote bank in east malaysia. the malay majority constituency would remain the battlefield btw umno n pas.

    the problem / opportunity now is if both dap n pas only care abt their own interest, then the party remain to lead malaysian is none other than pkr. we from pkr support both hudud n secular wakaka.

    1. in general DAP will (have to) defer to PKR because in the Kingdom of Ketuanan Melayu, the one-eyed PKR is the preferred Tuan when compared to hudud-blinded PAS - Selangor is the prime example, wakakaka

  3. hasan my brother, i support pas long time ago at a time i dun even know who is mat sabu, n tbh i know nothing abt pasma. n i would tell the same thing, again n again, i respect pas will to implement hudud, but i am against hudud. i sound nasty to hadi not bec of his stand on hudud, similarly i dun appreciate petra not because he criticise the chinese (i know we chinese well enough), but bec of their vague standpoint.

    i dun believe in good politician n bad politician, all politician work toward what benefit them the most, n that is oso y i rarely criticize any individual politician from both end. i believe in concept like balance and zhongyong. however if u really want me to state which politician i like most, i think is koh tsu koon n khalid/shahril samad. my point is no matter how good is one politician, he actually cant do much in a "absolute power corrupts absolutely" kind of undemocratic political platform. thus i find it amusing when u tell me there r many ismail ar in both umno n pas.

    n of course i know where u stand, that is y i always said i trust a pas islamist more than a dap rabble rouser. but i still believe stand in the middle is never a solution though with the most sincere heart for what is right n honourable.

  4. All these distrust and disrespect between DAP and Hadi is avoidable if Hadi attends PR Leadership meeting himself. He can oppose and propose any and all issues as he wishes during such meetings. What he should not do is to send his party representives to attend PR meetings with other top leaders of the coalition, who arrives at a consensus, just for Hadii to veto it later. Which other party top leader would do such a thing? So embarrassing to other party leaders isn't it? What a waste of time and resources for the meetings which were vetoed by Hadi.
    Hadi can just go to the PR meeting , bang table, overturn chairs and what not to say "I want Huddud for Kelantan, if you don't like it, get out of this room". It is his right. Why send some postal boys to attend meetings? Even his Deputy President is irrelevant as a postal boy since Hadi holds the veto power.
    Would any other political party leader like to attend such meeting without Hadi's attendance? How about LKS send Gobin Singh to attend the PR meeting and agree to support Huddud during the meeting, coalition gives a joint press conference after the meeting, then later LKS announce that he vetos it? And what if Kak Wan sends Azmin to a PR meeting that resolves to appoint Hadi as Shadow PM and later says she or PKR don't agree?
    Disrespect? Do unto others what you would others do unto you. Mistrust? I wouldn't trust someone who has a hidden 3rd hand.
    Is PAS a monarchy or democracy? Even if PAS has a king, the King should attend meetings with other kings or presidents. No U-turn on consensus. Respect amongst leaders must be mutual or else don't talk about respect.
    So no, Muslims should not be angry with DAP for saying no to Huddud in meetings as well as in public. This is their right. Why hate DAP when it is Gerakan who drags PAS to court? And yes, DAP and PKR should be angry with the man with a 3rd hand, who lurks behind the shadow of a curtain, watching his representative attending meetings, ever ready use his veto power against them all.

    1. Very well said "Do unto others what you would others do unto you"


    2. Hatred is the consequence of anger fanned with an ill intent rooted in the dark side of the heart. This is an evil root forbidden in Islam.
      Differing opinion is permitted in Islam. "To you your religion and to me mine". There is no compulsion in religion. Where in the Holy Book is it written that anyone who does not support PAS version of Huddud, is permitted to be hated? If any Muslim takes this stand, then it will be permitted for him to get angry or hate all humans who oppose his own interpretation of Islam. So, how are the non-Muslims to be saved if you hate them?
      Even when you see a Muslim woman spending RM1,200 on her hair style instead of covering up her hair, please don't be angry or hate her. Her version is Islam is her personal relationship with her own maker. It is not the clothes nor turban nor long beard that makes one any holier. So please stop making it Halal to hate someone, regardless of opinion.

    3. Yes while kaytee refuses to publish my commentary due to his fear towards the Jezebel.......I am sorry Rosmah Mansoh.......He omitted the facts that there are plenty of PAS members who are extremely biadap towards Hadi and it started long long time ago. I dare to say even Nik Aziz has reservation towards Hadi Awang.

      Not surprising why Ahmad Awang decided to throw his hat into the competition. Hahahaha

  5. plus that cibai kaytee devoted an article in condemning siti hasnah proven that he is a male chauvinist pig. only to be squashed by rosmah tits. to kaytee, rosmah is like jezebel of malaysia

    1. so I'm a male chauvinist pig for criticizing a woman. What about you? wakakaka

  6. HY…. I agree with KT... "It's human pride, Malay culture and social values so suck on these".

    DAP is just not fit to be supported. I have no complains with your party, PKR.

    For old times sake – here is a song where it reminds me and six others strumming our guitars and sang at the closing of our college concert. I have shoulder length hair at that time… well it was a fashion.. wakakaka.

  7. hahahaha, no need guesses why you say so. you slimy snake

  8. Hahahahaha......more biadiaping towards Hadi by PAS members unlike that chao cibai slimy Hasan (UMNO eeeee)

    ".......Hj Hadi sombong atau rendah diri? Islam mengajar penganutnya, apabila kita sedar buat kesilapan, tarik balik, minta maaf. Sekadar buat kenyataan rasmi di Harakah pun sudah memadai atau buat sidang akhbar bersama...tak perlulah nak siar ke merata-rata media untuk minta maaf sebagaimana ada orang suruh saya buat....(ini selingan sajer) Tapi adakah Hj Hadi jenis yang akan mengaku dia telah buat kesilapan dan dengan rendah diri memohon maaf? Kita berharap, selaku seorang ulama' yang dihormati, Hj Hadi tidak akan keberatan mengakui kesilapannya itu dan mohon maaf dengan penuh keinsafan dan rasa kesal. Kehormatannya tidak akan terjejas dengan berbuat demikian malah orang akan lebih memuliakannya. Kerana kita semua sebagai manusia biasa tidak akan terlepas dari melakukan kesilapan, termasuklah kalangan ulama'. Hanya orang yang angkuh dan sombong sahaja yang tidak akan mampu memohon maaf walau pun telah begitu jelas terbukti melakukan kesilapan."

    Like I say before DAP langs are very kind to Hadi. How the fuck did Kedah lost to UMNO if not because of that Hadi Awang? I strongly suggest that he should be a fisherman instead.

  9. Mooh Mooh attacked on Najib.........I wonder what chao cibai kaytee going to say.......

    Wait a minute, according to westminster convention, Mooh mooh should resign instead. Collective responsibility ma.....

    This is too much.......really biadap towards rosmah......sorry najib

  10. I have refused to publish some of looes74's comments because he kept referring to a part of Rosmah's anatomy. I know that looes has a very dirty vulgar mind but he has gone beyond the pale by his frequent mention of Rosmah's body. He's a pathetic pariah

    1. Hahahahaha! Ah so........Hisham Rais and Patrick Teoh can be even worse. Hahahahaha..........


    DAP is extremely biadap.........hahahahahaha........

    More biadap by melayus against Hadi Awang.......Hadi can go mampus la.....Please bring cibai hasan with you