Sunday, May 03, 2015

The mambo of Malaysian politics

Malaysiakini - Najib dancing gets social tongues wagging

Rizal Mansor, the PM's aide, told Malaysiakini that during the wedding: ...
 the master of ceremonies then suddenly played the popular American song 'Pretty Woman' and asked that they dance along, for this was part of the Kazakh culture.

same hairdo?


"The emcee called the groom's family and then invited (Najib's family) onto stage.

"The prime minister and wife are sporting enough, so they just followed the (Kazakh) culture.

Rizal said the emcee had wanted to create a "happy atmosphere" before the cake cutting ceremony.

"If everyone was just stiff, it would appear they were not happy with their children getting married,"

Oh dear!

The above "Oh dear!" was not so much about Najib's hot salsa-ing in Almaty, Kazakhstan, but more about poor me, most lovable kaytee, wakakaka.


Mathematically, what's the value of 'g' in Kazakhstan?


Now, if I were to defend Najib's privacy at his daughter's wedding, I would immediately be labelled as being 'soft on Najib', an UMNO stooge and an Ah Jib Gor paid cybertrooper, wakakaka again.

So I wonder whether I should bother to defend Ah Jib Gor and suffer unnecessary cyber abuses, thus making looes74 mighty happy?

While pondering over this, my dilemma, I recall 5 years ago around mid March, in fact 17 March 2010 to be exact, Malaysiakini reported in its article Anwar spars with KJ over 1Israel, tycoon's daughter that:

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim today went on the attack in Parliament by claiming that Apco Worldwide, a consultancy agency hired by the Malaysian government, was the brain behind the ‘One Israel’ slogan. [...]

Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin immediately jumped to his feet to demand that Anwar produce evidence that Apco was behind the 'One Israel' campaign.

Counter attacking, the Umno Youth chief also quizzed Anwar's relationship with Paul Wolfowitz who is known as “the godfather to the neo-conservative movement in the US”.

“You are a complicit as well,” Khairy told Anwar. [...]

Prior to that, Anwar chastised BN for giving “a whole mountain” to the late Lim Goh Tong of the Genting Highlands fame, but complained about Pakatan’s allocations for Chinese new villages in Perak. [...]

Khairy then added: “When you were deputy prime minister, you gave the mountain to the same tauke judi (gambling tycoon)... and not only that - you were also seen dancing with the daughter of the tauke judi while you were the deputy prime minister.”

Now, I wonder whether dancing with the daughter of a gambling tycoon would be looked upon as far worse than dancing with one's wife and daughter? For more on Malays dancing, see my post Unique artistry of Malay dancing in the 1950's over at my other blog, KTemoc Kongsamkok.

Being not a devout Muslim like Pak Haji Hadi Awang, I really don't know.

But then, when Anwar was attacked by KJ, did anyone write in to defend Anwar's action?

Well, there were none from PKR nor (god forbid) PAS nor DAP, not that I had read of.

erhaps Pakatan was struck dumb by KJ's cute counter-attack against the Greatest Reformer on Earth who was also a former ABIM leader?

Maybe salsa-ing or any form of Western dancing like mambo was deemed an unmitigated evil for politically-devout Muslims?


Well, did anyone else at least write in to defend Anwar Ibrahim? Did looes74? wakakaka, dia pandai NATO saja.

Well, I'm pleased to say: yes, there was one (presumably decent sort of bloke) who didn't like the sort of nasty ad hominem attack that KJ launched quite accurately at Anwar Ibrahim. This bloke seems to like to defend 'underdogs', mind, not every so-called underdog but those he believes are deserving of defending.

Ta-da, roll the drums and blow the trumpets, that bloke has been (applause applause applause) the one & only kaytee moc, wakakaka.

Yes, on that occasion I defended Anwar Ibrahim against Khairy Jamaluddin in both a letter to Malaysiakini and a post at my KTemoc Konsiders - see Dalai Lama shakes hands, Anwar Ibrahim dances and/or Defending Anwar Ibrahim - wakakaka

Now now, I DON'T WANT any of you to accuse me of being 'soft on Anwar', a PKR stooge and a Manmanlai paid cybertrooper, wakakaka.

Just consider it as a moment of madness in kaytee, wakakaka again.


  1. Oh I forgot to add.......I agree with you that Najib's dancing criticism is over the board. Happy......Hahahahaha

    Seriously, That guy did not do it on purpose though I am pretty angry over Nick. RPK is Lib dem member........Hahahahaha!

  2. everything is relative, thus relatively speaking, u r soft on najib but not so to anwar. however unlike rpk, u dun have much motive. more likely u follow yr heart (a bias heart though wakaka).

    1. Which baffles me. It must be something to do with the cat.

      Kaytee, heard of the meowing incident directly at penny wong

    2. soli la looes, i am not interestes to politics in aussie, uk or even spore, so most of the time, i dun know what u talking abt. the only exception is perhaps taiwan, bec their route to democracy bear similarities to us.

      the so called baffle part is kt, i think, assess each politician on it own, which is diff from, let say, me. in fact, u rarely read my criticism against anyone in bn/umno except mahathir (n of cource yr mentor, the 2x5 dictator lky), i believe the problem is the entire system, not individual, but i do recognised the fact that some would become a better (suit his role i mean) politician with either the govt or opposition.

      life goes on, kt can continue his mission toward pkr, n i would do mine. u may carry on yr intimate talk on uk, spore but excuse me if i dun reply, not bec u r talking shit, but most probably like i said, i dun know much. as for hasan n unknown, i think i hold back a little, we can talk abt music or gst, but not pas at this moment. i sense something that they dun, i could be wrong but until everything progress much clearer, i think is better duduk diam diam watching kt + ha salsa (ha salsa ok la but kt?).

      looes, i believe u r from a capitalist (就叫儒商吧)background, hovewer i believe regardless what, both our dad love teresa.

      綠草蒼蒼 白霧茫茫 有位佳人 在水一方

    3. hey, I love teresa too - when I was in taiwan recently I visited her shrine which sadly was a converted mechanic's workshop, an insult to her gorgeousness.

      oh by the way, HY, you may wish to know Rosmah wakakaka always sing her song 月亮代表我的心

      here's that wonderful haunting song

    4. politics divide, music/song resonate.

      see how taiwanese and their music move / touch the heart of mainlander. n hope rosmah could one day sing 月亮代表我的心 with all msian.


  3. As you have said KT, you have a pinko heart. You are definitely not red. It is not because one is Anwar or Najib. I guess I would buy that. However, you are certainly whiter than me? Myself, most probably, between a whiter shade of pale and pinkish, perhaps?

    By the way that pretty woman could hardly move… wakakaka! And that Richard Gere, well, I think he can dance, he is not too bad. I think Hadi should have no issue at all. It is all in the family meh. It was very decent after all.

    I can’t wait to see you and HA doing the salsa though. Aku serious nie! Wakakaka…

    1. Your sweetie.. Helen lah... not the priest that you hate meh!

    2. Brother, ai tahu wakakaka but it's still a big 'GULP' for me, wakakaka again