Friday, May 22, 2015

To Sir With Love

Extract from TMI:

According to a survey by think tank Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE) on May 3, 63% of the 1,075 Permatang Pauh voters polled said Dr Mahathir’s attacks against Najib influenced them to support Pakatan Rakyat candidate Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah.

With Dr M whacking UMNO till it loses an election, it's all déjà vu. Recall how he brought UMNO-BN down in 2008 until the party lost its 2/3 majority, all because he had a personal invincible grudge against AAB.

Surely Anwar Ibrahim should send (and covertly might have, perhaps via AA) Dr M a message a la "To Sir with love", wakakaka.

hope the girls in minis drive out priesthood caste mad, wakakaka 

and here's that song by munchie Lulu, wakakaka again

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  1. Mahathir only started seriously hentam Najib after the coast was clear with Anwar in Sungai Buloh. He would not be seen giving Anwar free ammunition while he was out and about.
    In any case, Pakatan is currently dysfunctional, so any advantage that the Opposition may gain from this 1MDB controversy is purely tactical, not strategic.
    Hadi still has the hots for UMNO, clinging to the promised support for Hudud. Its just hot air behind that earlier support, but Hadi has no choice. He's been well and thoroughly cooked by UMNO.
    It is ironic that at the same time UMNO is at a historic low point, the Opposition is similarly in deep trouble.

    Anyway, I see the troubles with 1MDB as a major national issue concerning Integrity in government, corporate governance, accountability of government owned-entities to the People, check and balance in government and corporate decision making - BIG, BIG , BIG issues.

    This is fundamentally not about petty political maneuvering, Mahathir vs.Najib, Anwar vs. Najib vs. Mahathir etc.
    1MDB has the potential to do major damage to Malaysia's reputation as a trustworthy Financial investment environment, its image as a law-abiding country.
    1MDB's RM 42 Billion borrowed was real money, not funny inflated paper assets.
    Where has the money gone ? Into funny paper ? Just land and overpriced IPP generating stations ? There is no way that adds up to RM 42 Billion.
    Into somebody's pocket ?

    There must be no cover up, those guilty of fraud or other illegal activity should go to jail, those guilty of lesser lapses in integrity should be fired.
    If Najib has to be fired or go to jail for proven crimes, so be it.
    The former President of Taiwan is in jail for corruption- that is the meaning of without fear or favour.

    Already it is starting to look like this may not happen. The timid PAC has already ruled out calling Najib and Jho Loh to be questioned. F*k You !