Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Hooded witnesses?

The Malay Mail Online - Court mulls allowing witnesses to testify anonymously against terrorism suspects

KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 — The High Court here will decide if five prosecution witnesses testifying against two local terrorism suspects can keep their identities secret and provide evidence anonymously.

Lead prosecutor Datuk Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria applied today for the court to determine if a list of five witnesses could fall under the “protected witnesses” category.

He cited Section 14 of the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) — the law under which the two suspects Yazid Sufaat and Muhammad Hilmi Hasim are detained under.

Hey kawan, the two suspects are just that, two SUSPECTS!

Last I recall, the laws of the land, our Malaysia, say they are innocent until proven guilty.

In the old days, the way to get around detaining communist terrorists without proving their guilt was invented by the Brits and sweetly adopted by us, namely the ISA!

Subsequently those hypocrite Yanks from the "land of due process & fair trial", as we (in particular sweetie Rafidah Abdul Aziz) were so dismissively informed by its former Secretary of State (equivalent of Foreign Minister) Madeleine Albright, adopted the same laws to detain Islamist militants without "due process nor trial", some of whom were f**king innocent.

Australia suffered two such innocents at the hands of those Yanks, one being a Caucasian Australian-born and another, a Pakistani-born Australian. Both were subsequently released after years in detention.

I believe the Paki-born bloke was compensated, but oh, the horrors he suffered while in Yankee detention or rather in "extraordinary rendition" which saw him first in Paki detention "etc" and subsequently in Egyptian detention "etc" (focus on those horrendous "etc"), without enjoying any of Madame Albright's boasted "due process & fair trial". Could any financial compensation be ever enough for his ordeals?

Podah Madame.

Okay, let us revisit two words from the Malay Mail Online report, to wit:

(i) 'suspects' as in 'terrorism suspects' (I wonder why 'terrorism suspects' and not 'terrorist suspects'?) and

(ii) 'anonymously' as in 'five prosecution witnesses testifying against two local terrorism suspects can keep their identities secret and provide evidence anonymously'.

What immediately sprung to my mind were images of terrifying stories about the Japanese occupation which my mum and uncles told me, when their village were terrorized (excuse the pun) by such 'anonymous' collaborators of the Japanese occupiers.

no exemption for women or babes

Each of those quislings would have their identities kept secret by wearing a bag-like hood over their heads except for their eyes but which were shielded by a gauze mask, as they stood beside their Japanese master.

no exemption for kids

To root out Kuomintang or even British spies and supporters, the Jap Overlords would have the unfortunate villagers marched slowly past the hooded quisling. One f* nod from the quisling at a villager doomed that person to horrendous torture as a Kuomintang or British spy or supporter, or if he/she was lucky enough, to immediate decapitation.

no exemption for the sick

Consider a scenario which my Uncs informed me was NOT uncommon - Ah Chong was the hooded quisling who had the hots for the village belle Swee Lan but alas for our infatuated ar$eh*le, Swee Lan loved Kaytee.

no exemption for the guiltless

Thus, when Kaytee walked past the hooded man (Ah Chong), gulp, he was doomed by just a nod from a jealous competitor. The Japs didn't ask questions as that's too time-wasting. Besides, those wartime Japs weren't into Madame Albright's "due process & fair trial".

no exemption for toddlers

They went straight for the jugular, yes sir, into their favourite wartime hobby in the colonies, namely, putting to practice tortures of unbelievable, unimaginable and unexpected dimensions, or if they were bored, immediate lopping off of poor Kaytee's head.

no exemption for the already dead

Consider another likely scenario - Ah Chong the hooded quisling owed Kaytee 500 Straits dollars, a fortune in those days. One nod or two and all of Ah Chong's debts would be solved, as would be those of a very dead Kaytee.

no exemption for human dignity

Let's not bring back those hooded witnesses or informers.


  1. That be the case,then hooded ladies in their teens can come out and screamed rape by their millionaires and billionaires sugar daddies.

  2. I tend to be neutral on political matters , both domestically and internationally. My interest is more on matters of law and the judicial system.

    Unnamed witnesses , identity known only to Court officers , are actually a matter of routine in sensitive cases involving children , especially victims of sexual offences. Courts are also cleared when such children give their testimony. But that is a totally different context.

    There are very serious and difficult considerations when you are dealing with potential testimony against ruthless and violent organisations with powerful resources and very long memories. This is the case with organised crime such as the Mafia , Yakuza or Chinese Triads, and international terrorist organisations.

    Ensuring the confidence of potential witnesses on the present and future safety and security of they and their families is of critical concern in such cases, otherwise there will be no case.
    US Civilian courts do not allow anonymous witnesses, the principle being that anything you have to say , you must be prepared to say it facing the accused , in an open court. However, for high risk witnesses, the Federal Government has developed a complex and costly Witness Protection Program. It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per case to resettle a high risk witness and his family in a new city with a new identity.
    During the worst days of the IRA terror campaign, UK Northern Ireland courts did allow some cases of Anonymous witnesses - on the grounds of extreme danger to their life if they were found out. That was a very controversial step, still is today, because there have been accusations that these Anonymous witnesses lied or gave self-serving testimony.

    I generally disagree with the idea Anonymous witnesses, but the issue of a high level of danger to witnesses and their families, possibly stretching for years into the future, in some types of cases is a real one and needs to be addressed.

    1. Meaning that it depends from situation to situation as to where witnesses required to be kept secret.

      Which brings back to the point that reflects Kaytee's mentality that was described by one anon on his personality driven issue

      In which that fucking chao cibai kaytee is ALMOST silent about Jibby's action

      1) Reneging on the appeal of Sedition Act and ISA

      Fuck you la, kaytee. Now, did Jibby say that he wanna abolish? Apa macam with POTA?

      Again, kaytee should ask Najib........Where the fuck is 42 billion for 1MDB? Last check, Najib is the fucking chairman.

      Flashback : Khelami Affair under Whitlam's government leading to the sacking of the "T-Rex" Connor.

      Fuck you kaytee saying that Connor was fucked because of solid proof and hence the same can't be applied to Najib


      4 billion AUD in 1974 is definitely lower than 42 Billion

      Lets see how this cibai going to wriggle out from the hole

      Denis Healey Law's hole

      When you are in a hole, stop digging. Time to chop head



      Zaid Ibrahim (Kaytee's loverboy) on Najib


      "A modern Prime Minister under a parliamentary system accepts that he is under an obligation – both legal and moral – to be answerable to the people who elected him. He accepts that he is a leader who has to account for his actions or inaction. This means he has to explain in plain language the issues of public interest raised by the people, as honestly as he can. If he fails to do so or looks down scornfully on those who poses these questions, then he must step down.Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak thinks he is Louis XIV. That infamous French King proudly declared that he was literally the state of France (“L’etat cest moi”), which meant that whatever he said was the law and no other authority mattered. "

      Seriously, what the fuck is the relationship between kaytee and najib? J Lho's god brother

    2. looes is one humongous cibai commentator, not knowing which post is appropriate or relevant for his cibai comment. But out of public interest I'm allowing his cibai-screwed comment to be published here - he's still a c* cibai

  3. Is it not a violation of human rights and/or one’s constitutional rights?

    A hooded witness is indeed a powerful witness but who is not transparent and accountable. There are powerful leaders and politicians in this world who are not transparent and accountable too? Does it not sound familiar? So, what difference does it make?

    Anyway, it does not matter whether “hooded” or “not hooded” - what is important is the accused, suspected of committing an act of terrorism, is given a fair trial, which is his right as what is enshrined in our constitution.

    Hey kawan… your last punch line “don’t bring back hooded” sounds like “don’t bring back hudud”? Wakakaka… But don’t you worry kawan; I can assure you that hudud would not accept any hooded witnesses. Wakakaka again…

    Pray tell me… if one is telling the truth and doing it in the name of God (not for any bounty), and for the safety of the all the people, and the country, what reprisal(s) is he/she afraid of?

    By the way, from your visuals, don't you think that the Japs and their hooded witnesses deserved the atomic bombs? Bravo yanks!

  4. in schools, teachers can't protect/prevent students, who inform on their peers' wrong doing like smoking, from being whacked!

  5. I thought IMDb is worth rm50 billion. Rm42 billion is the total loans and 10% of it with govt guarantee. We should be asking where the hell is the rm50 billion ?