Thursday, December 11, 2014

New PKR?

Hello hello, remember someone's moronic declaration that if Anwar was jailed, PKR members would storm the barricades at Putrajaya to place Anwar there? wakakaka.

Today I read at FMT the following:

reap what

you've sown

Commenting on Azmin’s recent replies to the media regarding Anwar Ibrahim being stripped of a title given by the Selangor sultan, Syed Husin tweeted: “Earlier when asked about the title of “Datuk Seri” being revoked from Anwar, Azmin said no comment. When asked again, he said he’s too busy. Something’s not right.”

Obviously feeling the sting of the statement, Azmin shot back with: “If we go by your thinking (selera), everything’s not right.”

In the entry,
[blogger] Omak Kau described Azmin’s reply as “arrogant” and “haughty”, rather valid observations given his obstinate refusal to face the media and deliver a manufactured reply as most political leaders in his shoes would have done.

Azmin’s preference in making feeble excuses instead has got tongues wagging and minds working overtime as to why the Selangor menteri besar is refusing to make a direct comment.

As some quarters have already proffered, Azmin had a role to play in Anwar being stripped of the title.

As alleged by suspended PKR activist Badrul Hisham Shahrin or Chegubard, Azmin is a member of the Dewan Di-Raja Selangor (Council of the Royal Court) who the Selangor Sultan apparently consulted before going ahead to revoke the title from Anwar.

If any of this is true, it would explain to a certain extent the MB’s reluctance to offer any comment whatsoever on the embarrassing issue.

From 'barricades down' to 'acting dunno', looks like we have a new PKR but with old UMNO blood, wakakaka.

Dr M: Now, do you f**kers don't believe me?



  1. That is the reason Dr Mahathir is well known as the "MASTER POLITICIAN".The rest of the politicos we have compare to the Dr are minnows.

  2. I'm not much into political maneuverings, but as a non-political person I see good things with Azmin in his day job as Selangor Menteri Besar in his first 3 months.
    He's gone down to the ground to examine problematic issues, corralled government officers into action.
    He added some value to the return of the seized Bibles - though unfortunately a recalcitrant JAIS had to carry out last minute sulking by defacing the Bibles with their ugly stamps - not of Azmin's doing, as far as we know.

    If he manages to keep this up with solid work, the political arrows will get taken care themselves.

  3. "From 'barricades down' to 'acting dunno', looks like we have a new PKR but with old UMNO blood, wakakaka."

    Can an organism remove its DNA without at the same time killing itself?

    Can anyone knowledgeable in science provide enlightenment here?

  4. Just have to accept this .....if Malay politics is not tikam dari belakang, then it is not Malay politics lah !