Friday, December 19, 2014

Dilemma of Muslim Pollies

TMI - PKR Muslim MPs undecided on PAS’s hudud bill

Melayu mudah lupa?

PKR's Muslim MPs have refused to say whether they will vote against a private member's bill to be tabled in Parliament by PAS which would pave the way for hudud to be enforced in Kelantan.

PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli said the party would only make a stand on the issue once it sees a draft of the bill.

“It is premature for me to comment on this. If there is a draft of the bill, we want to see it first. Then we will bring the matter up for discussion at the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) presidential council.”

Rafizi said he respected Kelantan PAS’s right to proceed with their state assembly sitting, adding that PR will discuss how to respond to the proposed bill.

“I do not want to jump the gun on this. We want to methodically deal with this at the national level, just like how we did so in the past,” said Rafizi, who is also Pandan MP.

Poor bastards (and I mean 'bastards' in the Ozzie way which is the same as 'blokes', wakakaka), I don't blame them at all, much as I love to blame PKR pollies (politicians), wakakaka.

And this is what I mean by my post title, that for a Muslim, hudud or any Islamic issue is a sensitive subject, and even if he/she wants to, is not something he/she can speak his/her mind freely, as Nurul Izzah found out to her horror, fright and subsequent panic - for more on Nurul's fright, read my March 2014 post titled 3 sweeties, only 1 real Princess Reformasi.

I wonder whether she has thrown her guitar away by now? wakakaka.

Canto says "Hoe t'ai mm hoe sek"

DAP's two Malay MPs (Zairil Khir and Ariff Sabri), I suspect, will toe the party's line against PAS' desire to implement hudud. Zairil has said so openly while I have read a much earlier post on hudud by Sakmongkol (Ariff Sabri) who, if my recollection is correct (and I take responsibility for any faulty recall, apologies in advance), had said it's not quite time yet to bring in hudud.

Unless a Muslim is like Siti Kassim, the delectable SIS sweeties or Marina Mahathir, all of whom wear the pants with real male-type gonads (my apologies to the sweeties for my pseudo-idiomatic expression, wakakaka), it's dangerous to say anything against the clerical-official stand in any controversial Islamic issue - poor Nurul Izzah.

This has been how those (Kassim Ahmad's) priesthood caste (of many many religions) has gotten away with their nasty religious doctrines, pronouncements and teachings for several thousand years - also read RPK's God does not believe in human rights.

was that really God's law?

or of those misogynistic priesthood caste?

what about No 3?
Satan's work?

But it also spells the end of Pakatan as we had known it between 2008 to 2013 and prior to the lamentable Rancid Satay episode.


  1. Kaytee,politics.all talk and no bite.Forget about PKR tow the lines yesmen.How about LGE and Tony Pua of DAP.They were kissing Manmanlai's ass during the Kajang circus of clowns.All in the spirit of Pakatan,they screamed.

    When Mca towed the line of Umno big bro,all in Barisan spirits,they are called running dogs by the opposition.Go figure.

    1. DAP is clinging on to Anwar in the hope Pakatan won't disintegrate when reality is the coalition already has, with PAS and its hudud. DAP still believes in Pakatan because it's their only hope to dethrone UMNO-BN.

      I personally don't like Tony Pua's steering of the DAP in Selangor. He is just like Rafizi Ramli, a whiz kid in economic and financial affairs but a political newbie (novice) who has been led by the nose by firstly Khalid Ibrahim and subsequently Azmin Ali

  2. “what about No. 3? Satan’s work?”

    Approximately 1.0 billion people suffer from hunger and live on less than USD1.00 a day and 3.0 billion people live on less than USD2.0 a day. The relationship between the rich and poor, and the impacts go deep. Many people have been forced into poverty due to politics and economics.

    In his speech to the Class of 2007, on June 7, 2007, at Harvard, Bill Gates urged them to change the world for the millions who live in poverty and die of preventable diseases each year. Bill Gates said, “Taking a look back, one big regret is, I left Harvard with no real awareness of the awful inequities in the world. The appalling disparities of health and wealth and opportunity that condemned millions of people to the lives of despair. I learned a lot here at Harvard about new ideas and economics, and politics. I got great exposure to the advances being made in the sciences. But humanities greatest advances are not in its discoveries, but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity.”

    Two years later, in 2009, Bill Gates established an organization named ‘The Giving Pledge’ to encourage the world’s billionaires to make a commitment to pledge their wealth to charity and for philanthropic causes. As at February 2014, a total of 122 billionaires have signed pledges that are estimated to be more than US125.0 billion. In addition, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have teamed up with Sundance Institute and invite the people to submit ‘Tell Your Story’ on poverty, starvation and economic inequalities to them. The stories will become available to audiences online via digital media platforms. “Storytellers broaden our minds: engage, provoke, inspire, and ultimately, connect us” said Robert Redford, President of Sundance Institute, who founded the Institute in 1981. The Institute promotes independent storytelling to unite, inform and inspire, regardless of geo-political, social, religious and cultural differences.

    Now, since God is the creator and ultimate owner of wealth, the rich have the duty to share their wealth with the poor. God has instructed man to observe this duty through these verses from the Holy Qur’an below:

    (i) “And in their wealth the beggar and the outcast had due share.” [The Winnowing Winds : 19]; and

    (ii) “It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces to the East and the West, but righteous is he who believeth in Allah and the Last Day and the angels and the Scripture and the Prophets; and gives wealth for the love of him, to kinsfolk and orphans and the needy and the wayfarer and those who ask, and to set slaves free; and observeth proper worship and payeth the poor-due.” [The Heifer : 177].

    The uncompromising stand of the Qur’an on the equality, justice, equity, fair dealing and freedom of all human beings, without exception, before God is immutable too. The big question is: What have PAS done to actualize it, socially, economically and politically?

    Borrowing the words of Dr Asri Zainul Abidin: “Saya setuju, bahkan menyokong segala hasrat untuk menguatkuasakan undang-undang syariah, tetapi hendaklah secara menyeluruh dan memberikan impak yang positif kepada Islam. Suasana semasa dan mentaliti masyarakat hari ini hendaklah diambil kira.”

    Saya bersetuju dengan Dr Asri, dan saya sebagai seorang Muslim yang juga takutkan ALLAH’s judgement in that final court of appeal in the hereafter, ingin menasihatkan PAS bahawasanya belum tiba masanya untuk PAS melaksanakan hudud. InnALLAH hamaas sobirin – sesungguhnya ALLAH itu ada bersama-sama dengan orang yang sabar.

    - hasan

    1. Two of Islam's most very MOST commendable institutions or pillars have been zakat and fasting, both of which I admire very much.

      I believe there are issues in the Malaysian zakat where I once heard someone complaining what with zakat Malaysian Muslims still have to depend on handouts from non Muslims. Is zakat in Malaysia a transparent and fully accountable program?

      Fasting as a discipline but FAR more importantly as a "sharing" of and experiencing deprivation with the poor and less privilege is not only an Islamic practice. Christians, Hindus, Buddhists etc all have fasting disciplines though with different programs. Even the young school students in Australia have an annual 72 hours fasting program to recognize the poor and starving of the world, after which they are given fried chicken (sponsored by KFC)

      However, if I as a non Muslim may say so, fasting during the day should NOT result in gouging and feasting at night. It defeats the higher objective of "sharing" and experiencing deprivation with the poor and less privilege. How would this even compare with the young Aussies having their post 72-hour-fasting fried chooks?

    2. It appears that non-Muslims are more Islamic than the Muslims. KT... allow me to expand your example above to the famine in Ethiopia where about eight million people became famine victims and over 1 million died.

      Anthony Suau, an American photographer who worked for Chicago Sun Times and Denver Post heard about this crisis, and requested his employer to assign him to Ethiopia. When his employer refused, Anthony gave up his job, packed his bag, picked up his cameras and flew to Ethiopia.

      Anthony saw that nobody in the world cares about or wants to know about the Ethiopian people who are dying. He took the risk and gave up everything to go to Ethiopia on his own expenses in order to tell the story to the world.

      When Anthony started to send his pictures and stories to the media, it elevated the international profile of the famine. BBC news crew came to document the famine, with Michael Duncan Buerk, the British journalist and newsreader, describing "a biblical famine in the 20th Century and the closest thing to hell on Earth".

      A charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” was composed and recorded by Band Aid, and sold to the public to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia. A Live Aid concert headed by Bob Geldof, a songwriter and lead singer of the Irish rock band The Boomtown Rats, induced millions of people all over the world to donate money and urge their governments to participate in the relief effort.

      The event was one of the most widely viewed television broadcasts in history, with over 400 million viewers worldwide. The fund-raising effort for Ethiopian famine managed to raise USD100.0 million.

      Why can’t PAS keep on doing something like above; acting upon their own Islamically-informed initiative to produce a better world for the whole of human existence, which would obviate the need to go for hudud or Islamic country?

      - hasan

    3. Listen to this John Lennon's song called "Happy Christmas". The season is now appropriate for us to listen to it (not a religious song but one of conscience)

      It always brings tears to my eyes, and also explains why the US government considered John Lennon as a dangerous man

    4. Thanks KT... and I cried too.

      I think the girl at 3.13-3.14 in the video was Phan Thj Kim Phuc who was burned by napalm bomb, which was dropped on her village in Trang Bang, in Vietnam. Kim Phuc survived and is now living in Canada.

      She just celebrated her 40th birthday. You can see her disfigurements at this link;…girl…photo…/story.html

      - hasan

  3. Hudud laws were passed ions ago in Kelantan.But can they be implemented without parliament's approval.I guessed not,or by now there will limbless people littering the streets of Kelantan.So why should the DAP be bothered with hudud anyway.

    Hudud is a ploy and the PAS way of getting the support of rural Malays.Anyway,who cares about hudud,if one has no intentions of breaking the laws.

    1. recall koe-tai and non-halal abattoir in Kedah under PAS and barber shops in KB? Recall Nasrudin Hassan's obsession against Valentine's Day and New Year celebrations which he preposterously blamed for single mums abandoning their babes? Recall Nik Aziz voiced threat to stone those single mums to death, without even understanding teh social barricades to the frighten new mums? Such is PAS' understanding (or lack of) (and lack of compassion as well) of social issues.

      PAS is a power which we shouldn't give a millimeter because they will then take a kilometer. Hudud is more than a mere millimeter of power. I dread to live in a PAS control domain with the unquestionable powers of hudud in those ignorant compassionless clerics' hands

  4. the gaffe guy who know's8:00 am, December 20, 2014

    Kaytee,hudud is a double edged sword for Pas leaders and members too.What if some of these leaders are caught humping mules or camels.Or humping asses?

    1. wakakaka, then the punishment shall be "no more budu for you" wakakaka again

      why blame budu? read my wakakaka

    2. OTOH, read my post wakakaka

  5. Poor bastards indeed ! For those who don't have Canto...... hoe t'ai mm hoe sek literally mean nice to see, not nice to eat.

    If PAS comes into power, with the blessing of Umno, then all the guitars, pianos, xylophones, footballs, rugby balls, tennis balls, kafirs' balls....all these will be gathering dust in the attics and some kena buang too.

    Poor poor bastards PKR also die, don't do also die ! telan mati bapa, luah mati emak !

  6. the new kampung man10:37 am, December 20, 2014

    Sometimes me thinks these crazies are the cause or fault of the built up of fanatics very eager to join their more crazier fanatical pariahs in IS.Screw them kau kau.

  7. Well,hudud or no hudud,I blame Ridzuan Tee,Abrahim Ali and their likes.And the lady with real balls.Marina Mahathir.She got the licence to thump her nose at whoever she likes and there is nothing these Muslin extremists can do about it.Big daddy Mahathir is there looking over her shoulders.Hehehe.

  8. Kaytee,remember some ago I said that the opposition will regret joining the useless enemies of Najib attacking him and calling for his departure.I said that wait till Muhyiddin or Zahidi take over and the opposition politicians will be wailing out for their mamas.

    Well,soon it will become a very surreal reality and a real nightmare for the opposition.Serves them right when Muhyiddin or Zahid fuck them good and proper.

  9. pas without hudud is dead. is it becos of their political survival or memang gian nak hukum orang? why don't they 'shout' in the parliament on important issues such as 1. zakat payment - muslims wajib pay zakat only and not thru the inland revenue board (now the zakat portion is deducted from the amount due to irb which is much more than the former. zakat payment is not made obligatory). so collection of other taxes e.g. house, land & what have you will not be halal. kan malaysia ni negara islam? 2. halal products can only be produced by muslims becos non-muslims don't believe in allah swt, alquran & the prophet saw. strengthening the economy (wealth) of the ummah is the priority. therefore, hudud (kelantan version) kena tunggu dulu.

  10. "Hoe t'ai mm hoe sek"??????

    Let’s compare KT’s two favourite SYTs - Marina Mahathir & Nurul Izzah, to judge who’s hoe sek & who’s not.

    Silly, of course it’s NOT the look lah! Can anyone tell the differences, besides the look?

    Both, r trying very hard to champion issues other than those related to their fathers’ past deeds.

    One is a politician while the other is a NGO activist – BUT besides the label, what are the differences? They both fight for issues they consider important within their understanding. Ooop… politician here is being elected while that NGO is by personal choice, yes?

    Then, could it be one is the daughter of KT’s favourite bunching bag as compare with the other, whom is KT’s tea time plaything when the mode swings?

    So, in short & to be fair – both r the same. "Hoe t'ai mm hoe sek’ ke or "Hoe t'ai hoe sek" ke – both ALL share the same trace of reluctance in tallying their old man’s past deeds.

    To call it filial responsibility WOULD be a great disgrace to the sense of universal justice!!!!!

    Someone mentioned justice is blind & it MUST goes beyond bloodline.

    Pretended amnesia wouldnt work in their case, as their old men’s deed r very well recorded in the blood-stinted annals of bolihland.

    Marina's old man is still hard at the diatribes of race & religion while almost winding his way to call on his creator. Meanwhile, the Nurul's is showing sign of repent, not that KT is buying any of that nonsense!

    So, what’s the point of "Hoe t'ai" championing other issues rightly &/or wrongly without 1st looking back into yr own backyard where a glaring pink elephant is still rooming? See no evil or is it the case of someone else baby?

    Try calling it selective morality, or in the case of KT, personal biasness bcoz of never give chance favoritism to his ever-green punching bag!!!


    1. unlike Christians wakakaka I don't believe in the sins of the fathers shall be passed on to the children, but as a Chinese brought up on Confucian ethics do not believe a child should condemn his or her parents as that would be very (another Chinese term for you but this time in Penang Hokkien) "poot hau". Condemning the fathers' sins shall be the tasks of others or wakakaka God.

    2. How about Karma?

      Or yr understanding of the karma is it ONLY involved the person in question ONLY. Not children, not family etc etc - same as u do it u face it!

      Or karma is NOT a Confucian cultural trace? R u sure?

      In fact, in Confucianism 101, the elder's sin would be condemned & the offspring would face that sin squarely in place of the elder.

    3. Karma or kamma belongs to the religion of Hinduism or Buddhism (or Jainism) respectively. It has to do with the actions/doings of an individual and does not involve the actions of others, including children or parents - eg. parents could have two children, one being good looking and intelligent or even rich and the other being (to put it bluntly) ugly and with low intelligence or poor - why? or why is god so cruel? the truth is it has nothing to do with god but the karma of the individual

      Confucianism does not dabble in karma or any religious stuff. In fact true Confucianism is concerned about the order in the present life. Even ancestor worship and other "Confucian rituals" (eg. mourning) serve a purpose, to show that there is proper order in the world when descendants show respect to their ancestors or elders, where subordinates show respect to superiors. They believe that when there is proper hierarchy and proper protocol (eg. bowing before parents, elders, teachers, rulers) then there is harmony within society - just one aspect of Confucianism.

      That is why Confucianism promotes belief in a hierarchical society and thus actually enhances the system of monarchy. Several years ago the Sing govt promoted revival of Confucian beliefs and values because it wanted its citizens to look after their parents and elders and not foist those aged senior citizens on to the care of the State. In some sad cases, that was not successful as some asshole children threw their aged parents out

    4. How many Confucius's works have u been through, especially the original Chinese texts?

      In its otiginal pure form, Confucianism promotes feudalism & class concept.

      But over the years it is so intertwined with the Chinese culture it would be ignorant to say that it has not been influenced by the other two vital branches of the Chinese culture - namely Buddhism & Taoism, over the course of thousands of years.

      So, modern day Confucianism is no longer the old doctrines that used to be preached by Confucius.

    5. The three great Chinese religions (2 of Chinese origin and 1 from India):

      a. Taoism - relationship of Man & nature, universe and the Tao

      b. Confucianism - relationship of Man and his society

      c. Buddhism - relationship of Man and his self

      sorry, no more room for God wakakaka

    6. "So, modern day Confucianism is no longer the old doctrines that used to be preached by Confucius"

      basically all sort of ideology n religion r the same, evolve to adapt. those who propose to ditch confucianism r mostly one that truly understand confucianism. lky, a legalist, similar to most emperor, know well how to make use of an aged old feudalistic thought to serve his govt.

      i dun see what marina say is at vast diff with others, simply bec she is mahathir daughter kt praise her, while take a diff position on nurul, kt not willing to admit his own double std and biasness, or perhaps he just dun know. i rarely see kt criticise chinese religion too. kt is not that objective he believe he is. but this is fine as long as he dun sound like that talk big broken hypo mp3 raja anglo.

    7. How naive can u be?

      No more room for God????

      That's bcoz the concept of God in Chinese culture is not the same as those of Abrahamic faiths!

      Pity u don't have an indept understanding of the Chinese concept of God as u do with the Abrahamic one.

      BTW, how come yr understanding of the Abrahamic faith is in the decending order of Christianity, maybe Judaism, & then general Islam?

      Could it be bcoz in Christianity, there is Always the other cheek been given when been questioned. While in Islam, u would have a death fatwa hanging over yr head for any similar wakakaking about that religion?

      So, still no concept of God in Chinese even 60+ yrs of godless communism has managed to remove the transient God in Chinese thinking!

      But then what does an atheist know about God except an all powerful superbeing.

    8. God or god? wakakaka, never mind you must have unwittingly anticipated my further query and already answered it, wakakaka

  11. It is relatively easy to have monster balls (pardon the pun...) when you know there is little risk of painful consequences. So...strength of character cannot be judged on its own like an island....

    Frankly, Marina Mahathir has a gold-plated parachute. Even the most rabid Perkasa extremist will not dare go after her in any serious way. Definitely not Polis DiRaja Malaysia or the Attorney General.

    This is not to detract in any way from her excellent social work.

    1. Spot on, Jijik ! The grande olde man is no one dares to touch his children. Perkosa going after Marina Mahathir? ...wakakaak....nanti tak dak $$$$ to finance all the perkosa work lah...the kataks will die without their monthly stipends. How to yell, scream, and drama-acting without sustenance ? It requires lots of hard work to work up a fettle....week after week, the script must be more dahshat than the previous one to raise the raise the hair in the necks of the kafirs/pendatangs; and the yelling and shouting can take a huge toll on the throats and lungs, not to mention blood pressure and heart rates.

    2. gold plated parachute or not, she has the GUTS to take a stand on issues that differ from those dear to her father, an oblique and Asian filial way of saying to dad, "sorry Dad but I disagree". How about your so-called preposterous Princess Reformasi? wakakaka

    3. Ah so......what else more? Besides, saying and wee bit of action. Ok, according to kaytee analogy, we may pay respect to lee wei ling

    4. Again...hoe many time has she confronted her dad about the issues that that mamak raised??????

      Directly &/or indirectly????

      Count on the fingers of one hand lah! & still almostly all, r about universal rather than specific- such as about Nons status.

      They said secret admirer has many version - yrs is most likely of a terbalik one - her dad isn't yr ever green bunching bag!!!!!


    5. True Guts is acting even when you know there can be very serious consequences.
      For example, a certain semi-anonymous blogger in Australia, whose real name may be K Temoc or KT Moc or KT Emoc (take your pick) or Winnie the Pooh can write almost anything he likes about the Malaysian government and PDRM could do Fuck All to act against him, regardless of Sedition Act, ISA or whatever ABCD Act. It doesn't take Guts to do so.

      OTOH, a person in Malaysia , blogging using his real name....criticising Malaysian government actions....that takes real guts.

    6. wow, I didn't realize that blogging is about showing how brave one is, how well he defies the authorities, in other words how big a dick he has, What an infantile mentality wakakaka.

  12. Hoe t'ai mm hoe sek? Hehehe,Are you sure,bro?

    Nurul mm hoe sek?.Look in the mirror lah,matey?

    Many tongues wagging and dripping saliva lah.Hehehe.

    1. aisehman brother, you've taken hoe t'ai mm hoe sek literally instead of idiomatically, where mm hoe sek is intended to mean 'lack of substance' or 'lack of ability' rather than what you naughtily think, wakakaka

  13. How smart are our PR politicians?

    Every Tom,Dicky ,Janey and their family dogs know that the Allah issues are hotspots like overcooked or over burned potatoes.And are to be avoided at all costs,so as not to provide ammunition for the Malay extremists.

    But LGE is arrogant LGE,like Tony Pua is like Rafizi.These stupid politicians do not know when to keep their fucking mouths shut.Maybe Kaytee can advise these fuckup politicians.

    1. Following Tony Pua's unthinking backing of the stupid Kajang Bull I have noticed too what you've noticed, and have to reluctantly, nay, sadly agree with you. This may possibly be my next post

    2. Just wondering who's the real fuckup?

      Keep quiet about hudud & let the raging fire continuously been fanned by those Malay extremists?

      What would the ordinary M'sians think about electing them?

      By keeping quiet about hudud issues, they WILL not be doing their elected jobs, as expected by their electorates.

      All those hudud issues, kalimah Allah included, must be strongly opposed & be counter-voiced vigorously.

      Otherwise, those extremists WOULD have thought that they have managed to silence their opponents through their despicable actions.

      They might be vocal BUT they r DEFINITELY NOT the representative of the silent majority as they so shamelessly claimed.

      Voicing out the objections does provide possible ammunition for these blur-sotongs, but it's also the effective & only way to enlighten the silent majority about the issues under attacked.

      This is not the case of silence is golden as u so cowardly wish!!! For a second, where is yr brain?

      As far as KT goes, he has starting to show signs of a convert! Perhaps under the influence of his half anmoh sifu. Worst still, could be jumping in bed with that infamous Ms muppet!!!

    3. we 're talking about the Allah-word issue and this bloke wanders off to hudud, yet he/she has the brazen cheek to sermonize, wakakaka

    4. what would be your suggestion then? Stay neutral! Then lagi teruk. That means PR would surely kaput. I remember you lauded Nizar as next PM. I wonder where the cibai fuck he comes from

    5. Read again!

      Yr (in)famous wakakaking wouldnt work this time.

      Now yr pant is down, where is that supposedly monsterous teloq?

      Wakakaka....ouch..ouch..& keep 'sermonizing' to yr choir about yr kalimah Allah logic, they need that injection of 'morphine' to keep their virgin dream.

      Just like u need yr constant upholding of that twisted evangelical element to make yr argument about the usage of the A-word relevant in yr constant display of yr depth in Abrahamic religions. Along the way, forgetting that this is 21st centuary NOW!

      Sigh......make a better new year resolution this time & keep to it!!!

    6. a desperate riposte of irrelevance, wakakaka

  14. What is the point of going head to head with these fucking Muslim extremists in the first place.Even my family dog can tell us humans not to be so fuckingly moronic fuckups to go into a lose lose situation.

    Just look at Komtar and Perak DAP office.These Muslim extremists can bang your ass till they tear with blood ozzing in public and walk away as if nothing had happen.You open your fucking mouth and they will stick their tiny dick down deep into your throat and sent you packing to the USA or Sweden.If you want to act tough be smart,very very smart.Or else keep your thoughts to your ownself.

  15. We are talking about the Allah-word issue and this bloke wanders off to hudud,yet he/she has the brazen cheek to sermonize,wakakaka,says KT.

    Well,I surely hope that this guy,whether a he /she knows the difference between a mule and a donkey.Wakakaka.

  16. the cuckoo guy who know's10:43 am, December 21, 2014

    Just wondering who's the real fuckup?

    Well,first of all just try to figure it out what is the difference between Allah and hudud.

    Then look at the mirror and ask your self who is the real fuckup,okay?Wow wow wow,dog barking.

    1. Look into the mirror yourself....get a HUGE one , btw.

      If by now still dunno what's the difference between the Allah issue and the Hudud issue !

  17. The cowardly fucking king of all fuckups isssssss Inche Abrahim Ali and his fucking Perkasa (pronounced as perkosa)

  18. Anon 11:20 am,

    It should be pronounced as per-KOSONG..Afterall,empty barrels make the most noises.

  19. Only the great Mahathir can save the country from eroding into waste and flushed into the sewage.

  20. The Allah issue and Hudud are different issues but there is a straight line going from one to the other. Might as well add the Selangor Al-Kitab seizure. All are manifestations of Islamic presumptuousness, Islamic exceptionalism.

    The single line in the Constitution "Islam is the religion of the Federation" is being stretched like an infinite rubber-band to justify all kinds of overbearing action and suppression of non-Muslim religious practice.

    1. You can't do anything about unless you stood up for your rights. Kaytee's method going by the books not going to work