Sunday, December 28, 2014

Divine Wrath?

Remember the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, former chief rabbi of Israel, and spiritual leader of the ultra-Orthodox Sephardic Jewish party Shas?

Ovadia Yosef was not only a King-Josiah-like fanatical Jewish Taleban but also a terrible racist. He sneeringly called the African Americans Kushim, an ancient Hebraic word for a race south of Egypt but in modern Hebrew, a derogatory term meaning something akin to nigger.

Anyway, after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans he pronounced that as God’s punishment of America for allowing Ariel Sharon to pull out from Gaza.

You may wonder why, for what Ariel Sharon did in Israel, God, Ovadia's God that was, would punish ordinary Americans living in New Orleans (but not Washington DC or Huston or Pittsburgh, etc, or better still, the Israelites in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jaffa, etc)?

Then that terrible man, the raving saliva-dripping rabbi, said on the eve of an Israeli election (I think sometime in March 2006): 

"Cursed be its inhabitants for not having come to God's aid. Cursed be those who do not uphold and obey the words of this law. I hereby issue a religious ruling that everyone must vote for Shas"...

... and I wonder whether YHWH did strike down those who didn't vote for his party Shas.

He had also promised heaven for those who voted for him and hell to anyone who supported the acting Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert of the Kadima Party.

Hmmm, doesn't he remind us of someone in Malaysia? Wakakaka

Yes, I recall in March 2004, a so-called much revered spiritual leader also made the 'ticket to heaven' promise some years back. If you had voted for his party you would have received a guaranteed 'ticket to heaven'.

Well, the buah langsat didn't fall far from the langsat tree, beneath which incidentally is a telephone directly to God, wakakaka.

Recently, Pasir Mas MP Nik Mohamad Abduh claimed that the worsening floods in Kelantan was a sign of “Allah’s wrath”, to remind Muslims to return to Allah’s path, and of the necessity to implement hudud in the state. He thus argued the state government must continue with its bid to enforce hudud despite strong opposition.

In other words, according Nik Mohd Abuh, his God has wrecked His divine punishment of several deaths in the flood as well as the forced evacuation of hundreds of thousands, many of which (I suspect) have actually been supporters of hudud.

what did I do wrong God?

Don't talk about commonsense or logic or even justice. As one of my visitors 'instructed' me, one must have faith in God and let Him do His Will, even if this results in the deaths of thousands and millions and of untold sufferings as in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, the Cambodian killing fields, the Holocaust in Europe, Nanjing and Rwanda among many more, etc.

Somehow, faith or not, I feel it's not correct for God, Nik Mohd Abuh's or anyone else's, to allow his 'wrath' to kill pious Muslims or for that matter, anyone in Kelantan, or inflict terrible sufferings on them when ironically some of them actually support the implementation of hudud.

But alas, who am I an atheist to question His Almighty's Decision.

Golgotha, one of my visitors, left a rather erudite observation when he (or she) wrote:

For the powerless and dispossessed, divine retribution is a kind of last hope of justice for believers, especially in cases where the guilty parties are so powerfully entrenched that there is virtually no possibility of obtaining justice, in This world.

For example, the person or persons who ordered Altantuya's death will almost certainly not face justice, in This world.

Likewise, Teoh Beng Hock's murderer or murderers will not face punishment as long as BN/UMNO is in Federal power, which is likely the entire lifetime of anyone around today.

Ah yes, the United States and those make its top decisions will someday face divine retribution for the wrongs it has visited on so many innocent people around the world.

Golgotha has been correct because my uncle related to me stories of another great flood in Peninsula Malaysia, but back in December 1969. Then, for more than a month, the rain kept coming down and coming down and coming down ..., and he reckoned three-quarters of the Peninsula were flooded. The devastation was horrendous. Even Singapore was not spared.

The RMAF worked non-stop to send food and other materials to the  affected and marooned areas while evacuating the disaster refugees and those killed unfortunately in the flooding. Foreign air forces (USAF, RAF, Sing's, etc) came to help.

Some Chinese attributed the terrible flooding and consequential deaths and suffering to the wrath of the 'Heavens' (also a term for the Chinese gods) for the killings of Chinese in KL and PJ in May that same year.

This has been what Golgotha succinctly narrated, that for the powerless and dispossessed, divine retribution is a kind of last hope of justice for believers, especially in cases where the guilty parties are so powerfully entrenched that there is virtually no possibility of obtaining justice, in This world.

But then, what 'justice' would we be talking about in the case of that moron who claim the current flooding in Kelantan has been a result of God's wrath?

Regretfully we must conclude that it has been nothing more than BLASPHEMOUS exploitation of the great name of Compassionate Allah swt for the politician's own political agenda and interests.


  1. More often than not,,educated and smart people act like they have a camel's dick stuck inside their smelly asses.That is why they are screaming through their lungs for their mamas.In the process making asses out of ant hole.s

    tokio-rain is waiting patiently in the shadows to put in his 2 sens worth.Hehehe

  2. Kaytee,call it divine faith? Well,ask Najib.He is getting the brunt of the blame for everything from fat mama's compulsive shopping habits to the latest flood situations.

    Kelantan Pas blamed it on the non implementation of the hudud laws.Najib's enemies blamed it on the PM's compulsive golfing habits with the president from the land of the free,the great ole U.S.A.

    The way things are going, things have to get very much worse for Najib before they get better.But I do hope that Najib will get through this for the sake off all Malaysians.

    This latest saga is not the same about Mahathir trying to get rid of Badawi,as some people are getting conned and forced into their moronic heads into believing.

    It is the consevatives and extremists trying to get rid of a middle of the road PM.And it seems to be working as not only the opposition are on the attack.Umno politicians and pro Umno bloggers are howling like crazy for on heat bitches.

    A reminder for those forgetful people Mahathir like to refer to.When Kartrina hit,the governor of the hard hit state told his president to forget about coming too soon as his presence will clogged the already overclogged roads,blah blah blah.

    Yes,it was the worst flooding in the history of the country.What can Najib do what Obama cannot do,except to lent some morale? Why so much flak on Najib? It is not that the ESU,Army and PDRM are all sleeping? At times when disasters struck,it is still politics as usual.

    A remimder to the opposition.Join the chorus and being used as a mule to do the fucking dirty work of Najib's enemies.And one day you guys will be fucked till your asses become chicken fodder.


    1. during Katrina's time (2005), the US president was Bush Jnr, not Obama

    2. Whew bruno. Such a long masuk angin-keluar asap comment. Yannadey tambi..hehehe.

    3. "But I do hope that Najib will get through this for the sake of all Malaysians.........Why so much flak on Najib?"

      Alamak bruno...are you defending Ah Gib Kor ? that guy is indefensible lah......even after receiving an open letter from G25, he outsourced some extremist outfit to respond to this moderate group in his place, if the report is true.

      Please don't pin your hope on this hopeless guy lah. He is the quintessential of the who avoids having an any stand....everything is deflected and in order to avoid having to bear any responsibility, he will put out very bland statement but his favourite mode is SILENCE, so silent that the rakyat doesn't have a clue if he's in the country or out of the country. A bloody oily, sneaky operator.

  3. My mistake.It was Bush and he went after things have settled down.No point the president or PM should be on site to supervise or whatnot.Just look at the criticism when Bush visited NY just after 9/11.

    1. Hahahaha. You are really one dense chap arent you.

  4. maestro's worse nightmare.4:57 am, December 29, 2014

    Granting of unlimited logging licences to cronies and illegal logging going on while the authorities makan suap and look the other way.What to say lah?Blame Najib for the mass corruptions going on in the country.

    Due to over logging of our rain forests causing soil erosion,landslides everywhere.From the multi million ringgit houses coming down the slopes in the Klang valley and its surburbs to Cameron Highlands to Putrajaya.Blame it all on Najib?Hehehe,hahaha.

    1. He who inherits the crown.....if he doesn't like being blamed or criticized, then at least lah clamp down on the plundering, tetapi ini tidak, he not only join in and continue, but bring it up to a new level , culminating in 1MDB pulak !

      No need to split your spleen to defend him lah.....he's the proverbial fence sitter....he cares for nothing in this country, except to feather his own nest, that is the paramount concern, even at the expense of the country risking being up in flame in a civil war or totally becoming a bankrupt basket case.

  5. LKS is going after Najib's hide for being on golfing holidayAnd LGE is overseas enjoying life too..Lucky for LKS Penang is not under attack by the rain god.Or else the shit would have hit the fan and back onto his face.

    1. is not so much a leader being away or on leave when a disaster hits a country. It is HOW that leader respond at that crucial time that's important. What did Najib do even when reports came in that water level have reach almost to the roofs ? When over 150,000 people have to flee ? So did he say, I am coming back this very second, this is my people suffering, to hell with golf ?

      Of course not.....he did not come back immediately. And that picture of him on the greens with Obama was flashed around to the whole country and the damage is done......shades of Nero fiddling while the country burn ? hehe. That's what got the people's goat lah..., that he's not willing to come back, not so much an issue of a crisis happening during your watch.

  6. I can understand and explain why the ‘priesthood caste’ said that the current flooding in Kelantan is the result of Allah’s wrath and thus signal the necessity of implementing hudud in Kelantan?

    The ‘priesthood caste’ is of course religious in the broadest sense of the term. They see no distinction between the sacred and the secular, thus it is essential to extend their Islamic rationality into all spheres of life and happenings. Hence, their minds have no place for modernity and/or the instrumental rationality of the secularist/modernist, which would perhaps opine that the cause of floods are indeed not God’s wrath but due to the following reasons given below?

    Climate change and devastating floods are often believed to be the result of large scale deforestation and pollution. Air pollution and deforestation make the earth warm up and trigger more powerful storm from the sea. Every year over 12 million hectares of forests are logged. The cutting down of massive forests impacts our biosphere because trees that absorb carbon dioxide are now unable to do so. We are killing our planet and the consequences are tremendous.

    The Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has given a grim climate change forecast of floods and drought that could stir up conflicts and wreak havoc on the global economy. In the first volume in the Fifth Assessment Report from IPCC, which was released on March 31 2014, scientists were more certain than ever that human have indeed caused climate change and floods. We have a lot of clearer picture of impacts and consequences, said Dr. Christopher Field, who is the Director of the Carnegie Institution, Department of Global Ecology.

    Humans have done a lot of damage to the earth. We produce waste and pollution. Gases from cars, power stations and factories are changing the atmosphere. Rising greenhouse gas emissions significantly boost the risk of floods. Temperature increase unfreezes the frozen continent of Antarctica and South Pole which holds around ninety percent of world’s ice; some parts are already melting fast, and the rising sea level will displace hundreds of millions of coastal dwellers.

    In addition, the report mentions that due to climate change the average yields of wheat, rice and corn were falling, while the demand for crops were rising due to the expanding population. The report also warns that poverty, hunger and migration are invisible drivers of turbulence and war, as they sharpen competition for the dwindling resources.

    The above are just stressing the interconnectedness of humanity and the environment. We cannot take the environment for granted. Humanity has a responsibility not only to each other, but to the environment as well.

    The environment has long sustained us and it can only continue to do so if we do not destroy it. The interconnectedness needs more recognition if climate change, storms and floods are to be addressed.

    Honestly speaking, what/where/how is the interconnectedness of the implementation of hudud and the floods? Indeed, the political creed of the skullcaps and loose whites can cause much confusion instead to honour Islam?

    - hasan

  7. The raging flood happens now is pure & simple a poor human management issue!

    Blaming it on global climate degradation is stretching one's imagination too far. It's an easy way out to point finger other way, except oneself!

    M'sia is a tropical country. Torrential rainfall is a given since time begins. The geological indentation & plant vegetation here have adapted to these climatic requirements since eons. Only when human interferences begin that is this balance been upset. & these interferences r LOCALISED.

    Dont forget M'sia IS not subjected to natural calamities where global influences play their significant part. Too often, people talking about local natural disaster as if it is caused by global events! These people r finding easy excuses to cover their gaji-buta ignorance!

    Hurricane katalina at the Gulf of Mexico is a natural disaster, so is hurrican Haiyang in Philippines. Under such conditions, there is just nothing much human can do, except trying to reduce the impacts!

    Just remember, the situation now in the East coast states DOESNT reflect the global elements, as it's purely a localised imbalance that get out of control due to ignorance.

    Nothing wrong, if this imbalances r been carefully monitored & controlled. After all human needs development & development always bring unwanted consequences if they r not been mitigated properly.

    Flood mitigation is NOT there. Dam water spillage control is NOT there. Forest clearance is NOT there. Worst of all, disaster management & handling is ad hoc!

    This still happens after 40+ years of country 'development' & worldwide technological advancement in related fields?

    So, blame who?

    Blame the governing people for sleeping on their job, either due to abang-adikism, tidak-apaism, & pure ignorance bcoz of poor understanding & training!

    As far as those clerics, let give them something to think about!

    M'sia has been hit thrice by airline disasters, even though the latest one, with AirAsia Indonesia, is stretching the connection a bit thin.

    In statistic (note this is science, nothing divine), a similar occurrence of incident like airline disaster, hitting a country three time in a roll is a billion to one chance. Unless u have moron flying the planes!

    Like the saying about bad luck - one is too bad, twice is coincident, the third must be omen-ed!

    The divine part, I let the ritualistic clerics to have their field days. While I would venture to say it reflects the skill of the modern trained personnel in handling crisis.

    Not many can control a aircraft like Capt. Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger in the Hudson River miracle. Too often nowaday, the pilot depends too much on the flight computer of the plane to navigate the journey. So much so, that a well trained person can also flight the modern plane by closely following the flight instructions.

    But well-trained doesnt mean one has the take to handle emergency crisis. That's where the difference lies.

    For a fast developing region, couple with a now-everyone-can-fly attitude, corners COULD have been taken in selecting & train the pilot. Thus, the tragedy, one after the other.

    This saying MIGHT be inappropriate at this juncture in time, BUT it need to be said!

    Just like one of the US aviation expert mentioned that too often the control radars in this part of the world IS not monitored REAL time! Many r just 24hr construct from the DB after an incident happened, just like MH370 radar record!!!!!!

    So, whether cleric class or what - everything boils down to human, period.

    1. Quote : Flood mitigation is NOT there. Dam water spillage control is NOT there. Forest clearance is NOT there. Worst of all, disaster management & handling is ad hoc!

      This still happens after 40+ years of country 'development' & worldwide technological advancement in related fields?

      So, blame who?

      Good points.

      There have been reports of newly built stadiums, buildings, structures collapsing or declared unstable and unsafe before anyone could use them. From these you can infer a lot of things. And you will be right, too.

    2. Even then subliminally, kaytee asked us to trust najib.........hahahaha

      gotcha, kaytee

    3. looes, you can be bloody cibai childish, wakakaka

  8. Sick,sick,sick.Very very sick.Humans fucking humans.In the end the fucking extremists are the winners.

  9. The cutie looks like Dyana Sofya.

  10. Old forklore do not exists today,not anymore.Only Umno can brainwash the Malays with old forklore.

  11. Repent....the end is near.....

    1. Repent ..... the end is near .....

      Have as much sex as you can get ..... there's no sex in Heaven!!!
      The virgins are for looking only ..... no touching, please!!!

  12. No wonder they tried so very hard NOT to appear in the civil court. Then again why should they as "the new caste" that can say and do ANYTHING?

  13. "Everything happens for a reason, and the reason is I'm not very good at my job."
    From TheTweetofGod

  14. This cibai kaytee always cherry pick parts of the bible to justify his cause. This cibai does not even believe in God. I begin to think he is Zeus himself..........Hahahaha

    Nah, cibai........Book of Ecclessiates.......Read the whole book, then talk

    To refresh kaytee's memory on his tyranny in dictating what others especially christians the use of allah for god

    One song for you guys

  15. MH370 was lost due to ....whatever it was.
    MH17 shot down by missile fired by Russians / Pro-Russian Ukranian rebels / Ukrainians (take your pick)
    QZ8501 lost, reason unknown at the moment, but possibly related to the dreadful weather currently in the region.

    It may well all be totally unrelated, but to some, its looking a lot like some super-natural intervention at work.......

  16. the gaffe guy who know's10:14 pm, December 29, 2014

    PKR questions the whereabouts of the PM's official jet.

    In times of natural disasters,who cares the "FUCK"? It is time you politicos get your fucking priorities right.Go screw yourselves and that fucking jet.

    1. Because it is a government plane funded by public. You cibai

  17. Kelantan is under PR rule,no?.Is de-facto leader Inche Manmanlai and his wifey Azizah doing the rounds.If not,why not? Then what for being a de-facto leader? A leader of the ass lovers?

    1. Stop talk cock. Just pay royalty to kelantan state govt

  18. the gaffe guy who know's11:45 pm, December 29, 2014

    What has Allah got to do with the floods and what wrath? How can an elected MP be so damn stupid. The people who elected him deserves this fuckup for fumbling at the line.

  19. Umeeno's worst nightmare.1:29 am, December 30, 2014

    Rafizi Ramli,it is time to put on your fly fishing fisherman's boots and trek down to Kelantan,have a chit chat and look around how suffering ordinary folks are getting by

    It is easy to shoot off your fucking big mouth,but as we all know,you are all talk and no bite.A useless good for nothing,except to kiss asses of your political masters.

    1. What's up with such animosity towards Rafizi ?

      He had a specific job to do , which is to expose problems in governance and integrity in the government. He is , after all, MP for Pandan.
      Also, Pandan is not flooded, the last time I checked.

      Or Perhaps you are "on the take" as well, like most of the UMNO gang ?

    2. Cibai, then give him some fund. Else fuck off. Smokey the bear says so

  20. Is the chibai kia the Monsterball under a new identity .His foul language speaks wonders.

  21. same as in family always quarel among themselves sure bring bad luck very suai one.

    country same same always talk big about yourself and kacau kacau on non issue also bring bad luck.

    serve you right Malaysia - quarel manyak manyak lagi will bring manyak manyak UNPRECENTED UNPRECENTED .

    Apa lagi orang di atas mahu ?? Everybody just shut up lah

  22. The good news is none will be incarcerated in hell for doubting and questioning god's actions. But the bad news is she/he will "suffer the vengeance of eternal fire".

  23. Talking about divine wrath....

    Echoes of Air Asia QZ8501 has been missing for the 3rd day.....

    It is the year 2014....not 1937, when Amelia Earhart's plane disappeared somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
    I can't understand how a modern jetliner packed full of technology can "disappear" location unknown....

    Malaysia really "Suey" this year 2014...

    1. Do show respect for the victims!

  24. the gaffe guy who know's11:27 am, December 30, 2014

    Yes,all you guys jangan chakap banyak banyak,okay lah.Or else go to the bushes and shiok sendiri yourselves.

  25. All this very suai things are happening because the fucking politicians are screwing each others asses.24/7 FUCKING MORNING TILL NIGHT.Let the camels or mules fuck these bastards kau kau for bringing the back luck to Malaysia.

    For bringing the bad luck to Malaysia these political pariahs will be cursed and fucked forever,by mules and camels.

  26. Chin ia suei suel.Phooh nya boh.Instead of these politicians screaming till their lungs burst,they should do themselves a favor and blow the mules and camels dicks.

  27. Umeeno's worst nightmare.11:46 am, December 30, 2014

    Too Lan,

    Rafizi only knows how to suck your too lan.Expose problems in governance? I am still waiting for him to expose problems of governance in the previous Khalid gomen.

    Expose problems in governance?This fuckup Rafizi is only good at exposing his ass to his master Manmanlai,lah.

  28. Umeeno's worst nightmare.12:03 pm, December 30, 2014

    I just saw pictures of PM Najib wading through waters knee deep in parts of flooded Perak.Where are the screaming chicken's of PR?.Hiding under fat mama's sarong?

    1. PM Najib, ya....soooo respectful....wading in waters knee deep after his long flight on the luxury taxpayer-paid executive jet .....after playing golf in beautiful Hawaii......I'd say that is a fair expectation....

    2. Cibai, one kelate nearly die because helicopter diverted to carry one vvip. Who the fuck is that cibai vvip?


    PM Najib drew copter away from dying patients...

    The report didn't say PM Najib, but I received information the unnamed VVIP was actually him.


    Aid was delayed and manpower diverted to stick PM Najib's photo on each and every bag of flood aid.

    Wonderful !

  31. Without doubt the Federal Government, from Najib downwards was not only caught surprised by the flood crisis, they failed to respond even after the unprecedented scale of the disaster unfolded. Najib left on his Hawaiian golfing holiday AFTER the floods started, which speaks volumes about his attitude.

    However, the PAS-controlled Kelantan State government must also be held accountable for its side of the picture. The State government leadership was unseen and utterly ineffective all during the flood.

    PAS Kelantan was obsessed with Hudud, Hudud, Hudud , even continuing to talk about holding the special assembly session to activate Hudud, when the State Assembly grounds itself were already underwater......

    You know, perhaps these PAS dolts actually believed that instating Hudud would stop the floods.........................

  32. Quote: " However, the PAS-controlled Kelantan State government must also be held accountable for its side of the picture. The State government leadership was unseen and utterly ineffective all during the flood. "

    - - - - - - - - - -
    Yes, that's quite puzzling !
    There appears to be no news reports at all about the PAS administration/party doing anything to help the flood victims, either in Kelantan, the state they control, or elsewhere in other affected states.

    Are they being intentionally ignored by the main stream media which maintains a blackout of their humanitarian efforts?

    Or are they holed up in their mosques praying for a divine miracle? Do they really believe that all they need to do is pray and Tuhan will do the heavy duty of alleviating the suffering of the flood victims and providing for their desperate needs? Isn't it true that one of their godly men recently made a fatuous remark that the flood is God's punishment on the people for straying from Him? There doesn't seem to be any reports of him doing anything to help other than sit on his ass and make useless comments like the above!!

  33. the suitable place for him is tanjung rambutan