Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hudud - now elastic, now not so?

Hudud is known as a 'claim of God' or His divine laws, and therefore are immutable.

Immutable means 'unchanging over time or unable to be changed'.

Under hudud, sodomy between man and man, and man and a woman who is not his wife is punishable.

However, the Islamic law is silent on a husband shagging his wife in her behind.

I wonder whether this has to do with the clerics staying clear of a married man's affairs (in other words, what the husband does to the wife is his own business) or it has to do with the value system of the Middle East in those ancient times, where a wife was considered as chattel or a mere property of her husband.

So, amidst such legal silence, a Muslim husband could sodomize his wife with impunity, consensual or otherwise.

In fact, I dare say the word 'consensual' didn't even enter into the equation as, recall, she was a mere chattel and therefore possessed no opinion or free will.

All that will changed soon in Kelantan as its PAS government has avowed that such an act, that of a husband sodomizing his wife, will be considered an offence under hudud - for more, read the Malay Mail Online's No anal sex in marriages, Kelantan clarifies in hudud amendments.

Praise be, praise be, what wonderful news. I am so impressed by the PAS government which has announced this important news about an amendment to the hudud. We can straightaway see they have their priority right - indeed, right where the anus may be affected.

But wait, I do have a slight niggling concern, not that I should as I am only a non-Muslim.

Isn't hudud immutable?

So how could PAS amend the the current Kelantan Shariah Criminal Code Enactment II, or hudud law, which was passed in 1993 and which, as we discussed above, only prohibits anal sex between men or between a man and a woman out of wedlock, but not between a hubby and wifey?

But look, if they can amend the hudud on an aspect of anal sex, and mind you we have to acknowledge this is quite quite quite important (at least for PAS), does this mean that they can further amend said Criminal Code to do away with, say, amputation of limbs and various body parts, and also lashing and whipping?

Obviously they can as what's good for the safety and security of the goose (or wives' anuses) should be also good for the gander (or limbs, body parts and skin, flesh and bones).

Yessiree, if Kelantan's PAS government can amend one law then logic tells us they can other laws as well.

But I doubt they will as clerics who are so concerned about punishing people would be unlikely to support removing the scary part of hudud, because if they can't scare people how will they be able to control them.


  1. I don't always agree with the blogger of OutSyedTheBox, especially when he 'plays' politics and when he overdid his fawning admiration of his Ayahanda Dr M....but his latest write about the sham of the Islamic priesthood caste is simply superb and shows the ' immutability' of hudud and sharia laws :

    ( warning : read his article above quickly NOW as every two days, his writes all got disappeared, like all his previous hundreds of articles in the archive simply hilang ! some one is very very very angry with Mr Syed and he's on collision course with some VVIP in this country, hehehe )

  2. “Hudud – now elastic, now not so?”

    KT, the vagina is more elastic than the anus and it has got natural lubricant, wakakaka…

    Logically, why hubby mahu sondol wifey punya belakang, which is smaller in diameter than the vagina, not elastic, no lubricant, and got E-Coli? Wakakaka again…

    God asks hubby and wifey to make love not only to satisfy their lusts but also to make babies. God also prohibits hubby to make love when wifey is menstruating. Wifey menstruates and gives birth to babies from the vagina and not from the anus. Thus, sex is to thrust hubby’s prick into wifey’s vagina, NOT wifey’s anus, wakakaka…

    God is NOT stupid. Amendment to the hudud (HIS divine laws) by PAS Government in Kelantan is therefore logical.

    - hasan

    1. "God is NOT stupid. Amendment to the hudud (HIS divine laws) by PAS Government in Kelantan is therefore logical."

      Agreed God is not stupid, but human beings have proven time and again to be stupid, especially when they claimed to be 'professional and learned".

      And this persistent rambling by interested parties that hudud, which is part of the Sharia law, is DIVINE....what gives ? It might be so-called divinely derived but to a certainty, it is definitely man-made - that 's why it can edited, amended, altered, have different versions in many different parts of the Islamic countries, change at the whim and fancy of the current leaders/authorities in charge. If these people claimed that it is from God, and thus is divine, does it mean that for every change, God came to them ( in broad daylight or in the dead of night in their dreams wakakaka) to instruct them to make the changes ? Pordah lah !

      Like they said, stupid is as stupid does....or indoctrinated is as indoctrinated does. All members of the club of doom.

  3. 'Isn't hudud immutable?'


    Read ;

    A wunderkind of write-up from a umno diehard! He said it ALL!!!!

    Be quick too, for he has a tendency to remove blog post within seconds of posting if the atas doesnt approve!

    1. there can be little doubt that the total picture that emerges from the perpetual onslaughts on islam by syedsoutsidethebox have been used by many non muslims to justify that islam is a mediaeval monolith with fanatical and incoherent followers who are prone to generate deeds of extreme violence. the reality is different. islam is a far cry from what syedsoutsidethebox is trying very hard to convey. many muslims just couldn't give one sen on what he writes on islam.

    2. What about those astrocities done in the name of Islam, that we see day in & day out in the world news?

      R they indicating that Islam is a religion of peace & compassion?

      Or is it a religion that's easily been transformed into a propagation ideology of Mass Destruction, simply bcoz there r many blur-sotongs who r following the manipulators, just out of the love of the faith, irrespective the right & wrong of the issues at hand?

      In short, Islam is living now at the age where Christianity was, 400+ yrs ago.

      Kassim Ahmad is right! Soonest the cleric class is been removed, soonest the Islam is going back to his right path.

      To do that, Islamic blur-sotongs, u included, MUST do what syedsoutsidethebox has done.

      Enlightening other blur-sotongs to the short-comings of the current form of Islam & make IT relevant to the Modern time aspirations.

      Otherwise, u can continue living under the tempurung with an understanding of 'couldn't give one sen on what he writes on islam.'

      A great service to the black label that Islam is carrying NOW! Bravo!!!!!

      Be aware too of the so called well-learned & open-minded cleric, they could easily leading u to hell;

      For the hatred of the Jews (towards Prophet Muhammad??????), all atrocities done on them CAN be justified!!!!

      Not so learned after all, this cleric class!

    3. I personally find the term "blur-sotong"quite annoying

    4. Onslaught on Islam by Mr Syed ? He who is on the same camp as Kassim Ahmad who believes only in the Koran, has to date gave very concrete and coherent examples of the bullsh*t and brainswashing by the arrogant and obdurate priesthood caste and their like-minded adherents who by themselves brought Islam into disrepute, making it seemed like "a mediaeval monolith with fanatical and incoherent followers who are prone to generate deeds of extreme violence".

      Non muslims do not even need to lift a finger.....these deluded power-crazy nutcases have done the irreparable damage all by themselves.

    5. Anon 12.24 & 3.00,

      Wakakaka…. why don’t you walk the streets of Kuala Lumpur completely naked with the hat of the mermaid in the last post, to cover your dick, and you carrying a placard “Secularism, Pluralism and Liberalism”. I would like to see how many people would follow you, wakakaka…

      - hasan

    6. Unknown,
      This cibai does not make a mockery out of Islam. In fact, he attacks Christianity the most. This depicts in this videolink

      This is extremely prevalent among all atheists. It has something to do with christian meek attitude as compared with.......In fact he feared HRHs the most

    7. so all societies must march towards a single utopia of western culture and civilization? that's for uneducated fools! bcos western cultures and modernity r actually the true weapons of mass destruction.

    8. Ooop.... now universal thinking of “Secularism, Pluralism and Liberalism” is a single utopia of western culture and civilization!!!!

      More so western cultures and modernity r actually the true weapons of mass destruction!

      What an insight!!!!

      So where do u get yr education?

      By chance, from those that r been termed by syedsoutsidethebox as dustbin educational institutes of higher(???) learning, after first going through the markah buta jerking initiation of those mara giat tunas?

  4. PAS is correct in banning anal sex in Kelantan. That bit belongs to the Government, as well know. Sybash!

    1. agreed and I acknowledge it's commendable, but my point has been that if PAS can amend an immutable law of God then they can too that governing hand chopping, lashing and execution

    2. Amending immutable law of God is right or wrong. Is it a crime. Did his highness consent to it.

    3. Of all kaytee myopic arguments, this is one of those he had said it correctly. Having said, kaytee may ask why implement Hudud.......Hahahaha

  5. let's see what allah swt said thru the tounge of his messenger saw:

    chapter: the cow, verse 223.

    'Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will, and send (good deeds) before you for your souls, and fear Allah, and know that ye will (one day) meet Him. Give glad tidings to believers' - translation by m. pickthall.

    'Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers'. - translation by sahih international.

    as my sahabat (hasan) said - intercouse is to reproduce and to fulfill each other's needs meaning both husband & wife achieve orgasm. if the act is done via the wife's back passage, the husband will be able to experience it, but how about the former? obviously the act is cruel and sinful as well. (suami pergi ofis, bini pun 'masuk ofis').
    might be better to screw (male) prostitutes.

    anyway, there are ahadith claiming that the act is sinful & haram but what kind of expiation is never prescribed. so, according to kelantan's hudud, since the act is categorized as a crime, therefore mesti ada hukuman. bukan nak 'potong', tambah lagi ada la. kerja lain tak ada, dosa dgn allah pun mau hukum ka?.

  6. By the way, now I know kaytee is into sodomy. I wonder why he hated Anwar. Something to do with KY gel. His sister's cat.......Hahahaha

    1. only if I get to sodomize looes wakakaka, then his eyes will pop out like the sweetie in the photo above, wakakaka again

  7. How are the Jihadis in Sydney ?

  8. So-called Religious Muslims. Completely insecure about their own manhood.

    1. vinnan,

      I didn't quite get you! Do you mean they lack masculinity like Samson, Tarzan, James Bond or Arnold Schwarzenegger? Or do you mean they should be like Jacob, Joseph, Moses or Jesus who would not compromise and stood-up to the “intellectuals”?

      - hasan

    2. In Bolihland, most, if not all, can be comfortably categorized by person of this level of 'intelligence';

      Though this DR(???) Nur Farrah is a female, the similitude of putrefied dust-bin thinking permeates throughout this class of people!

      Moreover, judging from their description of the act of copulation, these people MUST be a vivid readers of porn.

    3. Woman's place is in the......

    4. Why must manhood be defined as Samson, Moses or even PBUH Mohammad like?. That's is the problem with the so-called Islam 'tulin' extremist or the "intellectuals" as defined by ones religion. Real manhood is the ability to see diversity among individuals as a given and to work from there to accommodate as much variety as possible. The same applies to real womanhood..

    5. @ vinnan...

      "Real manhood is the ability to see diversity among individuals as a given and to work from there to accommodate as much variety as possible."

      Do you mean like AI...? Wakakaka...

      - hasan

    6. Your 'Wakakaka' says it all regarding Muslims. Diversity to Muslims is only defined by your Islam. What if I my religion says ALL Muslims are the enemy and like the US I have the means to slap Muslims around as defined by my religion.
      Is that your 'Wakakaka' too?

    7. @ vinnan...

      Wakakaka... obviously, you didn't get it, did you? My guess perhaps you're not familiar with local politics?

      By the way, do you know that the four year old - six year old wakakaka about 300 times a day? Whereas the 40 year old wakakaka only 4 times a day? The doctor's advise is to wakakaka a lot, it keeps your stress away and you would stay young and healthy. Wakakaka...

      - hasan

    8. Vinnan,

      Forget about this CBMF,

      He is a split-tongue pseudo umat Islam, who when been caught with his pant down WOULD wakakaking his way round a non-issue, unrelated to the topic under scrutinized.

      He learns this from u know who, ONLY in the last of a year!

  9. The sexual relations, in whatever form, between husband and wife in the privacy of their bedroom are no business of the State to poke its ugly nose into.

    Any acts of violence or assault can be dealt with under conventional laws.

    I don't know about sodomy, but research in other countries indicate plenty of married couples engage oral sex or other forms of sexual activity which could be construed as "unnatural"....

  10. Hudud is an amazing Win-Win issue handed to BN.
    UMNO can claim to support Hudud free of any consequence. It doesn't govern Kelantan state and does not have to worry about any blowback. It can also excoriate PAS for any further delay in implementation.
    BN-component parties can use Hudud to expose DAP/PKR as being weak on the extreme Islamist agenda. It can also actively drive a wedge between the Pakatan parties.

    Win-Win-Win all the way for BN....

    1. How to win lah......with Hudud encouragement and approval from Umno, the non Muslim parties like MCA and MIC will forever be in the doldrums, making Najib's call for Satu Malaysia more hollow than ever and will end up with him having to cooperate and depend even more heavily on Perkasa, Perkida, Isma and the rabble rouser NGOs. And once Kelantan have implemented Hudud, other states will start clamouring Najib for their own Hudud too....Trengganu, Kedah, Johore etc. Mampus lah Umno.


    Arrest Lim Guan Eng for supporting "Allah" use by Christians says protesters....

  12. The rapid drop in the global price of oil has major macro-economic consequences for Malaysia's export income , especially government revenue. It will hit the deficit badly.

    On top of that, the mismanagement and malpractice which appears to involve the 1MDB mega-fund is likely to become a multi-billion Dollar (not just ringgit) disaster.
    Rosmah and Najib are involved in this scandal somewhere.

    These are big ticket issues which people should worry about, and Pakatan ought to be in front, right and centre to raise public consciousness and press from government accountability.

    Yet Pakatan is deeply mired in a Hudud fratricide. Very sad for the country's future.

    1. The words "Najib" and "scandal" go together hand-in-hand.....

      Yet he is getting a free ride because Pakatan is in such deep shit fighting within their own party (PKR) and between parties PAS lwn. DAP.

    2. PKR is in no win situation as far as hudud issues go.

      Don't say anything will anger & possibly isolate their Nons supporters.

      Saying too much will probably causing the eventual split of the coalition.

      This is what umno wants & thus is going all out to fan it, together with the single-mindedness-for-hudud PAS.

      As far as the economy issues go, Tony & Rafizi r holding the torch. So it's incorrect to say that PKR is not tackling the issues.

      The unfortunate thing is both of them can ONLY trying to raise awareness BUT is the people care?

      Especially those Kosmo reading crowd, who care ONLY about life after dead rather than how tough life currently is.

      Moreover, due to years of tongkat indoctrination, they always think that their sugardaddy is ever ready to help.

      They properly DONT realise this time now, with very much lesser Petronas fund, there is nothing much the sugardaddy can spare after taking their shares of major loot.

      Thus the one that's doing the hudud fratricide is umno, bcoz when the financial meltdown hits, their followers would then be awaken from their hudud dream. What staring directly in their face now is where to cari makan for the family. & the usual sugardaddy is no where to be found now!

      It would a repeated scene of the aftermath of the classic let-them-eat-cake revolution. That u can bit on it.

  13. A vote for DAP is effectively a vote for PAS.

  14. Do you guys remember a snide remark the Great Ayahanda made about Pakatan Rakyat - namely - The Pakatan Rakyat is merely a marriage of convenience, and now it is getting very, very inconvenient.

    1. What about BN.....a marriage made long time ago for who & what?

      same old same old.......

    2. The BN gundiks have their balls castrated aeons everything is very CONVENIENT to their master UMNO.

      Alas, for the newbie PR.....bola PAS masih sangat besar things turn out very very inconvenient for their partners when the mullahs start to revive again their taliban agenda thinking of ways how to chop off limbs with mini guillotines and what not.

  15. Whatever you say of PKR and PR apply to both sides of the equation.
    For every comment on a PKR politician, you can find an equivalent BN politician.
    Please please please, balance your comments.
    Otherwise you sound like an apologist for UNMO and BN.