Wednesday, December 17, 2014

916 - allegations of royal involvement

FMT - Anwar tried to get Mohd Puad to switch parties

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Supreme Council member Mohd Puad Zarkashi told the High Court here today that three individuals including opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim attempted to get him to switch parties in 2008.

The two other individuals were former PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution who contacted him in Taiwan, and Anwar’s friend, Abdul Rahim Ghouse who met him in Johor. Both incidents took place in September 2008, according to the witness. [...]

“Anwar told me, ‘Puad, we have enough members and it’s going to happen but we still need a Malay MP from Johor like you to be with us’.”

He also said four Sultans had agreed and stated their support for Pakatan Rakyat to take over the federal government. He mentioned Perlis, Perak, Terengganu and Selangor.

“I asked Anwar, ‘How about the Malay agenda?’ and the plaintiff replied he would protect the Malay agenda.

Wow, an alleged royal imprimatur supporting 916?


Any plausibility on any of those 4 state rulers mentioned as they seem to me as most unlikely ones to support Anwar?


  1. Betul ke? I would certainly like to see the record whether such imprimatur exists? This is interesting. Sometimes bells continuously rung even when the bell wires were removed. wakakaka...

    - hasan

    1. It could be RPK.......hahahahaha

  2. Instead of keeping to yr favourite manmanlai diatribes, u should write more about an event that's going to explode & going to have a major consequences on the Bolihland political scene.

    1st, this;

    Now, this;

    Ahjibgor is facing the circling wagon attacks openly now!

    How long can he last?

    Can the PM & her wife out-smart the circling pact of wolves, from her own party?

    What hidden weapon, &/or diversion can she pull NOW?

    Who's going to take over? Moos? A disastrous Melayu-first-Malaysian-second politikus with NO known political leadership acumen?

    More so at this juncture when M'sia Maru is sailing into the eye of a global financial meltdown, bring about by the falling oil price & evergreen monetary QE policy.

    How so short-sighted CAN u be?

    Or could it be the case of vainglorious prioritization about attacking yr favourite bunching bag at all cost?

    Maybe I'm asking to much from a wakakaking blogger.....sigh.....

    1. You have to understand that although KT is entitled to his regular fix of issuing polemics against his favourite target, his is mild compared to a certain female blogger.

    2. I for one, find the story about the 4 sultans much more interesting than the on-going internal wrangling between Team M and Team R ( r for rosmah lah, hihihi ). Way to go, KT !

      Lagi pun....who are you to dictate what bloggers should blog on ? Tak suka, go play far far away, ok ?

    3. That wicked Muppet is beyond salvage, due to a solid case of bruised ego & wounded heart.

      Bcoz of the later element, she transformed over night, practically, worst than that half M'sian kopitiam owner in Manchester!

      Ever heard of 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'?

      The only way is to ignore her in total. Treat her as a piece of clear glass.

      Let her sings to her choir - she wont last!!!!

    4. Perhaps kaytee can't get over what happen to his sister cat

  3. Anon308,

    Quick, go look for a mirror!


    Bcoz of yr own word of who r u to dictate what bloggers should blog on!

    Need further enlightenment?

    Perhaps it would be a serious waste of time to 'guide' someone about priority as a sopo blogger.

    But then what can u expect from a Kosmo reader. Sensationalism is the juice that brighten the day....

    Just wait till M'sian Maru hits the eye of the storm, then u better have an ability to main jauhX2 & don't cry father-mother & looking for tongkat handouts!!

    1. Yawn.....just coz some one throws in some bahasa phrases, this smart alec egoistically assumes that person must be one-track mind one. And oh my god....kosmo reader ? what's that ?

      "Perhaps it would be a serious waste of time to 'guide' someone about priority as a sopo blogger." ..... alamak, confirm ni orang sangat kaypohchee punya lah....why wanna dictate ? priority ? guide ? Who died and make you God of Bloggers to dictate Priority ? Go play jauh jauh ya ...hehe

    2. That CBMF..hasan....sigh...

      worst than split tongue snake!!!!

    3. Anybody can write whatever they want. But Anyone can shoot him also. One favourite guy is Lee Kuan Yew himself. He can have kaytee for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  4. Lots of hearsay , calumny and unsubstantiated rumours here.
    Really no more substance than the story that Najib ordered Altantuya's killing.