Friday, December 26, 2014

Difference between PAS and DAP

Malay Mail Online - Kelantan floods divine impetus for hudud rollout, claims Nik Aziz’s son

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 25 — The son of PAS’s spiritual leader has suggested that the worsening floods in Kelantan was a sign of “Allah’s wrath” and that the state government must continue with its bid to enforce hudud amid strong opposition.

Pasir Mas MP Nik Mohamad Abduh, the son of revered PAS leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, wrote on his Facebook page last night that the floods were intended to remind Muslims to return to Allah’s path, and necessity in implementing the Islamic penal code in the state.

A regular Noah-wannabe, he has no compunction, conscience nor care about misusing the name of Allah swt for his party's political agenda.

would Allah swt wantonly punish His Muslims?

On top of which, he has now dragged the holy name of Allah swt into disrepute, implying Allah swt would punish His people wantonly for nothing more than the politicking of an earthly party.

And is the blasphemous idiot implying the people of Kelantan have deviated from the teachings of Allah swt and must now return to Allah’s path?

That's how the name of Islam has been ridiculed and blackened, not by Christians or other religions but by such Muslims.

This proves to us why Kassim Ahmad has been spot on in sneering at the priesthood caste.

TMI - A decade after tsunami, Penang lawmaker urges Malaysians to reflect on lessons

Malaysians reeled in shock 10 years ago when the tsunami hit the country's shores, but out of the tragedy comes lessons for the nation to reflect on, a Penang lawmaker has said.

Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari said today that the 2004 tsunami had taught Malaysians that natural disasters did not recognise man-made boundaries and could devastate anyone regardless of their nationality.

"A day before the incident, no one knew that a small town by Sungai Muda would soon gain the attention of the world and the country.

"In Penang, everyone was busy entertaining tourists and relatives who were preparing to celebrate."

But disaster struck and the giant waves crashed into Tanjong Bungah, Batu Feringhi, Teluk Bahang and Pulau Betong. No one could forget how it claimed 52 lives, with five more reported missing, injured 2006 people, and destroyed 615 homes and 1,332 boats, he said.

"Since then, our views on national disasters that occur within our region have changed.

"Now we understand better that a disaster which occurs thousands of kilometres away can also reach our shores.

"We are now more prepared and more respectful of the unpredictable power of mother nature."

He added that while such natural disasters could not be avoided, Malaysians have learned to minimise its impact.

"Now we have more appreciation for the mangrove forests that act as a natural barricade from such devastation, are more careful about developments by the sea."

Zairil urged Malaysians to remember the victims of the tsunami and pray that the country would be more prepared for any future challenges.

"May we not weaken at all the obstacles that befall us, and instead become stronger and unite because of it."

Here is another Muslim who both remembers the victims of the drastic Boxing Day tsunami 10 years ago but also endeavours for us Malaysians to learn from the punishment of history, that terrible terrible experience, so that we may be able to cope with any possible similar calamities.

PAS and DAP? 

Aisehman, just chalk and cheese, nay, shit and gold.


  1. Smart people when they entered politics and treat politics as a career, turn into morons overnight.Ask recent converts Tony Pua and Rafizi Ramli.They will swear to it.

    1. Isn't the post about comparing DAP and PAS ? Your obsession in running down DAP and PKR leaders, no matter what the topic is, ain't doing you any favours, except to show how people can turn into morons when they allow obsession to overtake them.

    2. Anon 1:56am
      Bruno was not like this before. He was a die-hard DAPster, being an ardent monsterist. Just ignore him. The fucker just wants to pun his lousy 2sen in every post. Hehehe.

  2. Nothing different, except one live like robot say like robot. Another live like human talk as human. Both are human and muslims.

    1. One is a Muslim extremist asshole who do not give a shit about the well-being of others the other is not. That is the difference.

    2. Ok, you must be inhuman or perhaps an animal

    3. Vinnan expresses his opinion in strong language, but he is spot on, right on target, with his observation.

    4. Vinnan, by your words u show so much hatred. Don't rush to say when u don't understand what I comment or u are same like him taking God and hudud mix with flood. Nothing different, except. Read again. To looes74, prove that they have different colours of blood. Only gentleman talk like human.

    5. You are right. I do hate motherfucking inconsiderate Muslim pieces of shit like Pasir Mas MP Nik Mohamad Abduh, the son of revered PAS leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

    6. What the cibai fuck do I have to prove to you.......Tell your fucking name. Ic number and then we talk

    7. Who do u think u are fucker and sucker. Calling, telling, saying people. U own everything ah. Fucker sucker. Shit in your mouth. Show yours first.

  3. Replies
    1. Dei, the comparison is between DAP and PAS lah, can't you read ?

      But if you insist in bringing in BN to be compared, then read this :

      DAP = gold
      PAS = shit
      BN = shit and more shit

      Got it ?

    2. DAP=gold??? Hahahahahahahaha!!!! The best joke I've ever heard. Of all the dungus in PR, DAP is the worst! Racist, bigot, kiasu, You name it, DAP got it all. Some people say DAP stands for Drug Alcohol Prostitute and I agree! DAP=gold????Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Even the Kelantan state assembly building grounds are flooded.
    Perhaps it's Allah's warning to the Legislators NOT to proceed with the assembly sitting.
    Classic case of a tautology - an argument which can neither be proven or disproved.

  5. Ridhuan and Khairil both give me the creeps.

    1. Riduan tee kenna blocked. Why? Election coming. Some kucing lang (i wonder if that cibai is dominique ng) thinks that pkr lan par id fucking big

    2. Never in the field of human political conflict was so much emotions owed to one cibai word by looes74, wakakaka and apologies to Winston Chruchill

    3. I learnt from jon stewart. One fucking jew. By the way, do you know the way to fucking, austria?

  6. I do hope that Zairil has his duty as Kedah dap chief. DAP's participation in Kedah politics is pathetic. Perhaps kaytee can help out

    For kaytee's cibai information, DAP Sarawak is no longer part of the alliance. Lst's hope that DAP can acheive big.

    More news from sarawak

    Notice that PAS insisted in getting 10 seats...........HAHAHA FUCK YOU LA!

    1. The reality of DAP Sarawak is the reality facing DAP throughout Malaysia.

      Going it alone may sound wonderfully principled, but DAP Sarawak will be limited to being a fringe player limited to Kuching, Miri and Sibu.
      Similarly a go-it-alone DAP will return to its fringe status in KL, Klang Valley , Penang and a few seats in Perak.

  7. Many of those holy, shmoley, religious guys are running on empty upstairs due to Tuhan running out of the stuff and so stitching up their empty craniums and pushing masses of them out into the world. ;-)

    You can, without even making an effort, observe that many of the intellectually-challenged types tend to gravitate towards Religious Studies, obviously because subjects like Science, Engineering, Medicine, etc., are simply out of reach of their mental capabilities.

    Even in their chosen field of study (Religious Study), one has the niggling suspicion that these people get a Pass not due to their intellectual prowess but due more to the examiners' compassion and generosity, and perhaps out of consideration for their seeming piousness.

    OutSyed the Box blog has often consistently pointed to the jaw-dropping, breath-taking stupidities that emanate from this class of so-called learned people. And what is equally jaw-dropping incredulous is how many professionals and university graduates look up to and seemingly worship all these "tin kosongs" despite the buffoonish declarations that they spout in public without any hint of embarrassment. But, of course, how could they feel embarrassment when they think that all they utter are pearls of wisdom. And their ballooning legion of smittened fans, including those who are highly educated who should know better, seem to look upon anyone wearing a rag around his head, waddling around in a flowing, voluminous dress, who sprinkles his conversation with quotes from a holy book, as the most important personage next to god himself.

    And guess what? In this country their influence is getting traction; in fact, they are on a roll, assisted no doubt by some quarters who see these religious nutjobs as useful to their schemes. Oh, well, it won't be too far into the future to find wild-eyed, foaming-at-the-mouth hordes charging down the streets shrieking "Death to America, Death to liberalisme, Death to infidels !!" Hmmm ... sounds like a lot of fun! No?

  8. Meanwhile Najib is playing golf with Obama, and Rosmah is shopping in Honolulu.....while over a hundred thousand Malaysians are flooded out of their homes.

    Najib does not understand leadership....and there Is something unbecoming about a supposedly democratically elected leader gallivanting about a luxury holiday while his country is flooded out.......

    Ah yes, PAS Kelantan is also being stupidly engrossed on Hudud while their state remains underwater....

  9. Have to admit...just about every golf fan in the country envies Najib right now....he got to play golf on Christmas Day at the Klipper Golf course on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.
    The Klipper is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, on a secluded area overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Its also very exclusive, because it sits on a US Marine Corps Base, US civilians get to play by invitation only, and very rarely indeed for a foreigner, unless you are VIP like Najib , invited by the US President, no less.

  10. Hahahaha! This cibai kucingian saying that by going alone, dap would be limited to main cities in sarawak. But kucing cibai, hold your winkles, what the fuck pkr and goondus pas gave dap? Only 11. 4 seats down from 15 seats. Cibai kucing, that means dap got give up 1 won seat. To whom, fucking pkr. I suggest that dap should gasak all pas seats in penang. And make incursion in selangor pas seats. Pas would only win 2adun seat in selangor

  11. Ktemoc, can I have your email address to contact you...Plz

  12. Difference is simple. One went to a good school where he received a good education with knowledge which took the world out of the dark ages. Whereas the other fellow went through an education which taught him nothing more than to rely on thr Divine and blame everything on God and man's spiritual weakness. That is in fact symptomatic of the beginnings of a dark age much the same as the 10th to 13th centuries when the church held sway over the people.
    DAP v Pas? Rich grey matter v shit brains.

  13. misleading...shd be diff btw a idiot from pas vs a idiot from dap.

    1. fortunately we have been spared this time from an idiot from PKR, wakakaka

    2. True! If an idiot from PKR pops up with some other stunning revelation of end of days. We'd all either die laughing or quiver in despair. Hahaha!

  14. Obviously KT isn't one who believes in a god who is responsible for rewards and punishments for all mankind !

    1. hmmm, who were punished by God in the Holocaust in Europe during WWII, the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, Cambodia's killing fields, the ravaging of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan by the Yanks, and today, those dead from the floods in Kelantan (because of God's wrath, according to PAS) and the several hundreds of thousands displaced by same disaster in Kelantan NS, Perak and other states? And why?

    2. No Kaytee.........Allah's very angry because somebody think they got online to Allah. Hahahaha! That's why MB Kelantan kenna trapped just like Jonah did defying Allah. Gotcha, kaytee........

      Jonah supposedly preaching to hehehehe.......And he becomes self righteous........hehehehehe........ended up in the belly of.......hehehehe

      Perhaps it's a sign to you too.........Hahahaha

    3. KT 1.50,
      Does god owe you a reason for his / her actions ?
      Is this about logics or faith ?

    4. it doesn't matter whether it's faith or logic as I was answering Anon of 12.43 (was that you? wakakaka), because he/she mentioned "... a god who is responsible for rewards and punishments for all mankind!"

      So what do you understand by or associated with "rewards and punishments" when talking about mankind?

    5. God's wishes !

    6. Anon 5:08 pm's "God's wishes"

      Wow, indeed a "great" god then, wakakaka, acting at his whims and fancies, killing a few hundred thousands or even million now and then, here and there, without rhyme and reason

    7. KT 9.43,
      if only you have faith in god !
      (you would accept whatever god does without any question! )

    8. Anybody still doubts differences between DAP and PAS ?
      But the larger difference here is between faith in god and rational thinking !

      (KT, Anon 1243, 410, 508, 1027 and I share your belief !)


  15. Pas just wants hudud law
    It is the party backbone
    Carrying the Islamic flag
    Waving it rain or shine

    But does Pas understand the Constitution?
    Maybe its leaders are blind or playing ignorant
    The Constitution the consciousness of the nation
    It breathes the Secular it never is Islamic

    Pas leaders never want to listen
    The nation will not go for hudud law
    Though it is meant for the Islamic faith
    But the clerics will think otherwise

    Some incidents had occurred
    The overzealous religious bigots
    Invading homes or wedding or death
    Presumably in the name of religion

    Pas should accept the Penal Code
    Most of the hudud law is in there
    What's more Pas leaders crave?
    Something old shouldn't be used again

    God's anger nothing to do with hudud law
    It is our sins destroying Nature and her surrounding
    One Pas member giving an excuse
    It is just sad he didn't learn while under ISA

    Pas leaders should listen
    The people will not accept hudud law
    Our forefathers had made it very clear
    The Islamic nation isn't in the Constitution

    1. Hear hear ! Very well put. Thank you Caravanserai

    2. DAP has to be blamed for the flood due to greediness. The Ngah and Ngeh cousins were given timber concessions in Kelantan. This deforestation has caused the worst flood in Kelantan since 1971.

  16. It is a grave misunderstanding of religion to interpret tragedies and disasters as divine retribution. Those who attribute it such are usually cynical opportunists who are pushing some selfish agenda. That PAS idiot was likely exactly that.
    Even Buddhists who subscribe to Karma do not see it as retribution.

    1. hahahahaha.........and kaytee is a self proclaimed atheist who claims to be buddha...........hahaha

    2. from thence, you can tell looes has run out of ideas, wits and brains, wakakaka

    3. Hahaha, say you. When did buddha say he goes where? Any certainty in that

  17. Anon 1:56 am,December 27

    Now I just love to give these morons the middle finger whenever I get the chance.Hopefully I will bump into these bums and I will tell these morons how a mule can be smarter that them in politics.For you,you must probably be a newbie in politics,one who is blind and likes to be led and pulled by the nose.

    Ask tokio-rain,he can vouch to what I say about you.Like tokio said,I like to give my 2cts worth.Pkr is a fuckup party and a big dissapointment.Dap is following in their footsteps and yours.One who also loves to be led and pulled by the nose.

    Coming to a conclusion with these morons screwing up,the rakyat is fucked.

    1. Ask me? Why ask me? If you ask me, you are the fuck up n big disappointment. If you ask me nicely then I might be persuaded to stick my middle finger up yours. Hehehe.

  18. anon, I am aware of yr stand, but found it bewildering. I am not sure how one know which is a better cat at certain point of time, it seem u r much prophetic than me n kt add together.

    my point is that a nation can move forward without resort to surpress and cracking down oppposition voice, the act is to me an excuse to preserve one political power, not for the sake of commoners. be it pap, ccp n umno went through more or less the same path, they resist the powers that be, they demonstrate n they protest, they talk abt peoples right, the moment they become the govt, they act no diff with one they criticise. i perhaps sound less critical toward china bec of it huge popuation n mass poverty, n msia for being more racially mix, but I dun see how a city state with relatively better education demonstrate the worst kind of human rights model of a eastern society, n still people with decent education like u asking apa lagi kami mahu? apa kami nak itu masyarakat yg hormati hak asasi manusia serta kehidupan saksama dengan impian keadilan, untuk semua kaum, biar dia dari kanan atau kiri, kampung atau bandar. however yr binary thought make it sound like we have to choose one, either authoritarian or chaos.

    moreover, lcs was the cofounder of pap, not “singapore communist party”. deng was a communist that adopt capitalism, his greatness was he lead china to change course when he see command economy tak bolih pakai, not when he gave instruction to shoot the student, the student made many mistake not knowing that 6.4 was a power struggle between deng n the liberal ie zhao sect, n the earlier hu yaobang sect. however doesnt deng continue his reform even after 6.4? thus lcs + capitalism is probable, usa support israel n spore since 60s (thus not solely communist is a threat), n I guess that is y spore support usa in the vietnam war, n no wonder y zhou enlai called lky a banana since 50s.

    lets talk abt the subject u brought up once, 楚汉相争,項羽烏江自刎而死也結束了楚汉之戰,或許從佛學的角度看,這是大我的表現,一個項羽換來了千萬人命,也開始了漢朝和中國的光輝史。「力拔山兮氣蓋世,時不利兮騅不逝。騅不逝兮可奈何,虞兮虞兮奈若何?」至於李老,不過是過了一把小島主癮還沾沾自喜,真他娘的不堪。

    ps/ paste it here for the sake of various idiotic politician, what diff between authoritarian n liberal, what diff between john adams n thomas jefferson, n i still dun see any diff btw lky n mahathir.

  19. Cibai kaytee,
    Sound familiar

  20. tokio-rain,ask me?Why ask me?If you ask me you are the fuckup and big disappointment.

    Well,I ask Anon to ask you,not I ask you.So who is the big fuckup.and big disappointment?For not understanding simple layman's English,as a punishment,the Monster will have to punish you,kau kau.Make sure you take off your dentures or you might get choke.Hehehe.

    1. bruno, bruno....there, there...calm down ( hehe, KT hates this calm down stuff ). why accuse me of being naive and led by the nose, when you are the one vacillating like a bloody yoyo.

      All of us here remember how at one time you were so thick with the now-demised Monsterball. Then when that old man had one of his kepala-angin attack, turning around to bite you, unjustly I might add, both of you had such a falling out, all in full display here, hehe. Weren't you so taken up with the likes of PR then ? although perhaps not to the fanatical fervour that Monsterball had for God's Gift to Mankind, who apparently could do no wrong, wakakaka.

      You should be the last to accuse me of being naive and led by the nose, yes ?

    2. Haiya ask me what ley? For those of you who are not aware, when he thinks no one is looking, bruno loves to stand in front of a mirror and twerk. Hehehe.


    Air Asia tragedy......more divine retribution ?

  22. Anonymous1:56 am, December 27, 2014
    " people can turn into morons when they allow obsession to overtake them. "

    Sounds a lot like Ktemc...

    1. I am Anon 1:56 am.....just to let you know I wasn't referring to Ktemoc lah, hehe, far from it lah. Who could be more moronically obsessive than those religious bunch who mati-mati wannna lead this multiracial country into stone age ? Mampus lah kita if we have this bearded bigoted priesthood caste who knows nothing about the modern administration of the 21st century world to rule over 30 million population of so such a multi-religious and multi-racial society.

    2. By the way, secularists and atheists can be equally murderous. Heard of Pol Pot and his regime. I believe they don't believe in God. Not to mention the terror during french revolution.

      I always believe people like kaytee should look at themselves first.

      Kinda dictatorial view that christians from this region can't even use Allah for God is uncalled. Just like what happen in Quebec province.

      By the way, can somebody tell me.........Do you know the way to Fucking, Austria? I bet kaytee would toy the idea of changing it to Foching (actual german pronounciation). Not to mention, Intercourse (town) in amish community in USA

    3. Nah......secularists and atheists pun kalah dengan these religious bunch ! Who could gainsay God ? Once these bunch got to work....having for decades brainwash these folks and keep them uneducated, they have them in their thrall, and having convinced them THEY, and ONLY them have the direct line to God, then they can come out with statements like..." if you don't vote for my party, you are committing a sin"....." if you don't approve of a certain law that we have insisted upon, see the wrath of God like hurricane, floods, pestilence of dreadful disease...blah blah blah.."

      Secularists and atheists, no matter how evil, has no such a leg to stand on, having no God on their side. When their time is up, then it is up and they will to go. Nothing beats having the big man God on your side to push your way through and rule over these poor slavish souls who fear eternal deaths.

  23. For the powerless and dispossessed, divine retribution is a kind of last hope of justice for believers, especially in cases where the guilty parties are so powerfully entrenched that there is virtually no possibility of obtaining justice, in This world.

    For example, the person or persons who ordered Altantuya's death will almost certainly not face justice, in This world.

    Likewise, Teoh Beng Hock's murderer or murderers will not face punishment as long as BN/UMNO is in Federal power, which is likely the entire lifetime of anyone around today.

    Ah yes, the United States and those make its top decisions will someday face divine retribution for the wrongs it has visited on so many innocent people around the world....

  24. Our opinion is too far apart to converge into a meaningful discourse. Moreover, this is not the place to do an indept dissertation about LKY's achievement.

    '李老,不過是過了一把小島主癮還沾沾自 不堪 喜,真他娘的不堪。'

    This is typical ketuanan mentality! More of sour grape than anything of substance. Perhaps, this is a deep bitterness about his past handling of the 南大 issue here. Too bad!!!!

    History will judge him, with special reference to what S'pore is & will be.

    1. I hated these cibais who never show their id, ic no or name. Not even their monikers. These cibais are without cojones. Anyway, since you are in Malaysia, tell me your name, ic no and address......Then talk.

      Who the cibai fuck are you? When the fella who learn from LKY is Deng Xiao Peng. You must be related to that mamak Madhater, right......cibai

  25. "misleading...shd be diff btw a idiot from pas vs a idiot from dap"

    Wakakaka, they are part of the same entity. "fortunately we have been spared this time from an idiot from PKR", wakakaka again.

    - hasan

  26. Allah is angry with PAS for wanting Hudud laws. That's why Kelantan got flooded! Please don't blame the Monsoon as it has nothing to do with the floods. Ask PAS.