Thursday, May 31, 2012

To ABU or not to ABU?

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has claimed that he is not as wealthy as stated by blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, who claimed to hold leaked investigation papers 
However, Azmin refused to elaborate on the specific claims in the investigation papers, saying he does not want to be “dragged” into defending a 17-year-old allegation. 

Hmmm, I wonder about two issues, namely, why doesn't Azmin Ali sue the hell out of RPK? Is he indirectly admitting RPK's revelation has been true, and ...

... how one defines 'rich'?

On the 2nd question, if we read another of MKINI's article Buttmen: We're not Umno stooges, the Head (excuse the pun wakakaka) Buttman, Mohd Ali Baharom who was once a mere Private in the Royal Malay Regiment had admitted to paying RM1 million for a Datukship which he doesn't use now. Would he be considered 'rich'? ...

... which incidentally raises another question, about the value of the Datukship! But let's leave this separate issue out in this post.

Then, the pseudo Crown Prince said, referring to Kalsom Taib's book ‘The Shafee Yahya Story: Estate Boy to ACA Chief’, that the prosecution decided not to press charges. 

MKINI reported that: Kalsom, the wife of ACA chief Shafee Yahya, wrote that Anwar was initially to have been charged with influencing Shafee to close the investigations against Azmin, but the charge was not eventually included. 

Why he was not charged was not explained but Mrs Shafee Yahya did assert that "Anwar was initially to have been charged with influencing Shafee to close the investigations against Azmin ...".

Now, RPK is prepared to return to Malaysia to face charges of violating the OSA (in exposing the ACA/MACC file on Azmin Ali) if the government charges the pseudo Crown Prince with corruption as notated in the ACA file.

For us laypeople, especially Pakatan supporters, it's so easy and pathetic to just argue that whatever RPK's revelation has been about, the vote is still for Anwar and Azmin. Doesn't such an obdurate stand say much about the intelligence and political maturity of the one who has argued so, and the lack of understanding of the ABU concept.

The most worrying outcome of such a mindless moronic Myrmidon-ish mentality is that we should now be prepared for another 52 years of abuses, regardless of which coalition (BN or Pakatan) wins the GE-13.

So, Abu-nites, Quo Vadis (Whither goest thou)?

Surely, as someone under the nick of JK said over at Malaysia-Today:

When I cast my vote for Pakatan, its not because Anwar is the opposition leader. I cast my vote so that there is a change in government and in the process let's hope they elect a good PM.

I'll cast my for Pakatan but I don't want Anwar to be the PM. There are so many potential PM material leaders out there, why must it always be Anwar? 

Okay, let's leave out the Chinese and Indian (not including Indian Muslims though, wakakaka) - sorry Karpal Bai and Uncle Lim.

But what about Pakatan luminaries such as my fave PAS person, Nizar Jamaluddin, who is now targeted by BN and its apparatus?

What about PAS' Mat Sabu, PKR's Khalid Ibrahim, or even Zaid Ibrahim (let's bring him back again into Pakatan)?

Or, what about a compromise candidate like Mohd Ariff Sabri from DAP wakakaka? Who says DAP can only offer Chinese or Indian candidates?

Alas, pity Venerable Tunku Aziz has 'retired'.

With so many qualified candidates for PM, why use damaged goods?

If Pakatan cannot think laterally and mindlessly, moronically, Myrmidon-ishly insist on AI (or God forbid, AA), then fuck ABU (or ABU is fucked).

So, with apologies to Bill Shakespeare, I leave you this:

To ABU, or not to ABU: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,  
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?


  1. KT,what is the point of Azmin suing RPK.Afterall he is a blogger in exile on the payroll of Umno.And furthermore,he is a bankrupt.What is he going to pay if he lost.His fat ass.

  2. If RPK is man enough to come back and face the charges against him,then by all means come home.Why must his uncle Jibby charged Azmin first before he comes home.Who does he think he is.A nutcase,if I may say so.

  3. To state the case in question, RPK has not made any comments/commentary on the said files except on how he came to have them in his possesion.

    Thanks to the modern scanner, we are just third party readers of the case files and handwritten remarks.

    To quote Bill Shakespeare, "to read or not to read is not the question but to whom & why were they passed to RPK now?"


    Minda Baru

  4. Quo Vadis, ABU? Never be and never will be.
    The RPK so-called expose has resulted in many filing police reports asking the MACC to re-open investigations.
    And as expected all UMNO former best pals like Ezam and of course Ummi Hafilda appeared on TV3 last night in unison saying we told you so.
    There's no escaping for Azmin this time. How can he justify when as a young punk he can buy a multi-million house near Lake Titiwangsa, a neighbour of the famous Doshi and Globe founder family.
    Hahaha further from the Putra Jaya throne for the King and his crown prince.
    I was LMAOF when I read some postings saying despite all this, Pakatan would still be the party of choice. Though not Mat Leather King.
    Well, choosing Pakatan is choosing him. The one I am waiting for is he and daughter will lose their respective seats.
    Yes, Sakmongkol can dream of being PM by default if Pakatan wins. This is because DAP will be the party with the most seats.
    I have stated here before several reasons why non-Muslims cannot be the PM. But many condemned me as racist.
    what Tunku Aziz stated, I have stated before if you care to look back at the postings here.

    P.S. Hope there will not be many Buttercups wanna be. At the last posting I only commented once. But I see so many Buttercups condemning KT.
    It's never my style to condemn other commentators. I believe in free speech, no matter how ridiculous or idiotic.

  5. Pity many questioned RPK's motive but few questioned veracity of ACA's file, shown by RPK. Even fewer questioned AA's failure to sue RPK. Suing is not just about monetary gain but to challenge such a condemnation or exposure by RPK. If AA fails to sue, then it's a s good as admitting RPK is right which makes him guilty as exposed.

  6. Aiya KT, mana mana sue, lor? Manyak takut. Nanti can of worms keluar lor. Nanti itu bini nama Shamsidarpun kena sama. Matilor nanti Anwar no get to be PM one.

  7. If Anwar were to sue the originator of every allegation which has bee thrown against him, he would be in court every day, probably for a whole year.

    Or maybe that's the idea.

  8. I'm more interested in the investigations into the Scorpene mega-corruption deal.

    Don't you find it strange that this blog, which is so hostile to Anwar, is also strangely silent on much, much more serious corruption issues ?

    Who is the real person behind this blog ?
    What is his real agenda ?

  9. yes the blogger need to be fair, raise all wrong doings in the country, be it in the goverment or fair

  10. yes yes yes.

    u r going nowhere as usual.

    we cna have nizar as PM, fine. we can have sabu as PM, fine. we can have any old fella as PM fine.

    But end of day WE STILL have to vote DSAI and AA as candidates isnt it when they stand against likely UMNO candidates.

    Thats what we have to do.

    Otherwise we risk risk losing 2 seats straight away to Barisan Najis.

    Cant you get that through your thick skull?


  11. Over the weekend, a person whom I shall not name - he's actually a solid establishment guy - told me the best intelligence UMNO has at the moment indicates the outcome of GE13 if called now is a 30 seat majority for BN - Plus/Minus uncertainty of 30 seats.

    That means no chance of a 2/3 majority (which requires a 70 seat majority) and possible hung Parliament or loss to BN

    ABU means Anybody but UMNO.

    Its a very simple concept, no chance of misunderstanding.
    Its beauty is in its simplicity.

    The only way to misunderstand is to deliberately misconstrue or divert from what it is about.

  12. Did you ask yourself which party he was in when these things happened? He was with UMNO. Don't tell me Mathathir did not know about this. When RPK said that Vincent Tan bet on two sides and put his hedges on two sides, who is the other side. The other side is also corrupt so are you asking us to vote the other side since this side is corrupt. Why when the journalist asked Mathathir about this case, he should be happy but instead just say RPK must supply proofs. Normally, he would jump at every opportunity to lambast the opposition, but this time he did not.

    The important question to ask is are they still corrupt when they came out of UMNO, not something about 17 years ago.

    Why don't they go after the other side since the other side also received from Vincent Tan. We must not have seletive prosecution. And should Vincent Tan be charged also for doing this.

    To be fair, RPK also must reveal the other side, but he did not.

  13. Scorpene, kerbau, Felda, Bank Negara, diamond ring, handbags, Judiciary, EC, etc, semuanya = corruption. We're going to vote against BN because of these corruption. Is there any further need to post issues on these which we hate? Perhaps yes ...

    Thus the root cause of our anger has been and is about eliminating corruption.

    But then should we excuse Pakatan people and forgive them their acts of corruption?

    Isn't that double standards, making us bloody hypocrites?

    ... which has been why I'm more interested in ensuring when we ABU, we really ABU and not exempt some 'privileged' people.

    You wanna be blind as a bat, please go ahead. I refuse to close my eyes or my brain like a mindless moronic Myrmidon.

  14. But u cannot get to Point A without walking through mud, can u ?

    End of day what ktemoc is harping about is still detrimental to PR. U vote against AA and DSAI, u r effectively giving UMNO 2 seats foc !


  15. Some one here said we have to go through mud in order to get to Putrajaya. The very fact this commentator mentioned 'mud' is a giveaway that he/she knows full well these mud-leaders are as bad and as corrupt as the leaders on the opposing side.

    But the difference is that NOT all leaders in PR are slattered with filthy mud, unlike those from BN. The rakyat could see this as clear as day. So isn't the very OBVIOUS solution is for these compromised leaders in PR step back so that their mud would not taint the whole party, which is precisely what's happening in the beyond-repaired BN ?

    There are PLENTY of good candidates with clean records and healthy credibilty and intergrity in PR who could so easily replace these tainted ones.

    If these mud-leaders in PR absolutely refused to budge, then we can only form one conclusion : they are ONLY looking out for themselves.

    In more 'democratic' countries, their leaders will withdraw themselves almost immediately should there even be a smidgen of 'mud' stuck to their bodies, just to save their party. Here we have a different scenario....the mud and dirt is piled high, higher even than their entire bodies but these stubborn, selfish mud-leaders chosed to stay put.

    With such leaders on both side, the country will very soon 'habis'.

  16. Lucy the tushy4:25 pm, May 31, 2012

    My dear KTemoc, despite your intelligence you seem to be missing the point.

    You seem to go on a personal mission of picking at a sore and a scab called AI and AA, and you berate those commentators who declare their support behind this pair, especially AI.

    But, don't you see, these commentators are not saying they're putting AI on a pedestal and genuflecting to him day and night like as if he's a god. They are saying that they're only using him as a tool to get rid of a monolithic, oppressive monster. And, like any tool, once you have achieved your purpose and if the tool no longer serve your purpose you can cast it aside.

    I know you will say that once AI and gang have established themselves comfortably in position they will start indulging in all kinds of ARMNO-ish wickedness, and then it will prove extremely difficult to prise them out of their seats.

    But if you think like that, are you not insulting and underestimating DAP's and PAS's capability to keep the administration on the straight and narrow? And then there is the ace in the sleeve, namely, you and the million other voters. Surely, you all won't stand idly by if AI and company turns out to be just as bad as that monster they replace. Surely you all will use your vote to throw out all the dirty rotten scoundrels in the next round, no?

  17. Monsterbaby

    Really. I was told the opposite. I guess people tell you what you want to hear.And you will also listen to what you want to hear.
    Sometimes the bearer of news bring a different story to different ears. That's how gossip starts.

    And I think most of you missed the point of this Anwar-Azmin case.
    It is telling you then they were in the party of power, they did it. Like Anwar was exercizing his oh-so powerful position.
    The same will recur when these two get power. So that is why I will never think of voting Pakatan.
    Look at LGE how he changed after tasting power.

  18. [ Surely you all will use your vote to throw out all the dirty rotten scoundrels in the next round, no?] ---said Lucy the tushy

    Hahaha....overstatement of the year..err, make it... of the decades. So did the voters all these years managed to throw out the UMNO dirty, rotten scoundrels ?

    Dr M decades ago has engineered it such that the PMship is virtually 'impregnable'....nobody could gainsay the words/commands of the PM. Even Dr M himself was treated like a pariah under PM Badawi's rule, such is the power of the primiership.

    And since the 'UMNO' is still stubbornly in Anwar inspite of decades being physically out of the UMNO party, what makes you think he will dismantle all these fortress-like power walls encapsulating the PMship once he becomes the PM ? This sly fox and his cohorts know what's a good thing when they see one, hehe.

  19. Politicians (and political parties) are like clothes.

    They smell after they haven't been changed for some time.

    Now, Its time to change BN OUT.

  20. KT,what is the point of sueing somebody in exile.If Azmin were to sue RPK in the Malaysian courts,you think he has the balls to come home.

    Or maybe there are special courts for sueing people in exile,where they send special squads looking for accused exiles hiding in caves.Hahaha.

  21. Anon of 5:17 PM 31/5 who wrote: "did the voters all these years managed to throw out the UMNO dirty, rotten scoundrels?"

    There are reasons UMNO did not get tossed out all these years. For one, the antipathy and resentment towards UMNO by the electorate in the past decades have not reached the fevered level that is almost palpable ever since the last election in 2008.

    Then there is the push-pull factor - although large numbers of Malaysians voted against BN in every one of the past elections there were even larger numbers who voted for BN; and this was what kept them firmly in place.

    But don't forget that at least twice in the past BN/UMNO came close to being thrown out. The first occasion was in 1969 when BN received quite a thrashing from the voters. Had it not been for the violent reaction (by you know who) the next election following that may well have seen BN/UMNO being shown the exit and the opposition taking over. But, unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, May 13 happened, so this possibility can only remain in the realm of "could have been, may have been (but no one really knows)".

    The other occasion when BN/UMNO almost lost it was in 1999 when many Malays were said to have experienced a revulsion towards Dr M and his government due to the shock sacking of AI from the govt and AI's subsequent savage beating while in police custody. But unfortunately as history showed, while large numbers of Malays turned against the BN/UMNO govt the Chinese surprisingly threw their support to Dr M and this was what save his (Dr M's) skin!

  22. Quote : Governments are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.

    However, it is futile to throw away a thoroughly filthy diaper just to put another quite dirty one on, especially when good, clean diapers are still available.

    We have already identified who are the filthy ones in PR.....why can't we just get rid of these scumbags and seriously get on with job of taking on the Evil Empire ? Why load ourselves down with that damaging baggage ?

  23. Dear Anon 11:36 matter how many times UMNO has come close to loosing, the bottom line is that IT DID NOT LOSE, using all sorts of arsenals, legal and illegal, to NEVER LOSE....gerrymandering, the use of the police, army, judiciary, civil buying, putting the fear into its citizens, pittting one race against the other, using religion, using royalty, using foreigners...

    The crux of the matter here is that the encumbent with its dirty tactics is very very difficult to dislodge. That is why we must be very very careful who we put up as the next PM if there's a change of government.

  24. You people here argue in circular fashion and about inconsequential characters like Anwar, Azmin, RPK, and others. It's a colossal waste of time. You already said it yourselves, that the leaders from Pakatan are low-grade, inferior, and defective products. So, what's there to talk about anymore? The obvious and only sensible course of action for you guys to take is to vote for BN and UMNO. To do otherwise is to betray yourselves as you already are fully aware that the Pakatan is represented by a bizarre collection of loser-clowns.

  25. Honestly. You guys can play the saint and ask for perfection. You want 100% incorruptible leaders. Well, you must be living in Mars. You want to knock Anwar and AA and VOTE FOR ABU. How are you going to do that? You seriously think that you can do that PRESENTLY without the duo? Ok, maybe without AA, it may still be possible. But without Anwar? Without Anwar, the opposition coalition won't have a chance in a million to gell and stay gelled. DAP and PAS will be at each other's jugular before you can say who did it, I mean hudud. And of course you can stay for another decade or forever with ABP ie anything but Pakatan. Wake up you guys. You can't continue to be naively idealistic - politically that is. And like someone here said, the thing is not whether AA or Anwar had been corrupt when they were the establishment then, but whether they have changed. You have 5 years to find out when you vote ABU and if don't like it then and prefer Unmo's old ways, it is your right to return to the known wayward ways. But cease killing the goose that may yet lay the golden eggs before it even has a chance to do so, just because you feel self-righteous and want to show that you are fair and just AND DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. We all know you are, but there is no need to sell yourself short, because that's what you will be doing if you continue to make it difficult for ABU to be launched safely into orbit when you continue to help the other side by adding to their ammunition because of your self-righteousness. Leave the latter to Job for the time-being until ABU is a reality.

  26. I guess you are right Monsterbaby.
    Please accept my sincere apology.

  27. Visitor ordinary malaysian asked "..... but whether they have changed ....."?

    1994 - UMNO deputy president (and DPM) Anwar engineered frogs until Pairin went from Sabah-CM-elected-waiting-to-be-appointed to becoming instead Opposition Leader

    2008 - PKR de facto leader Anwar welcoming the revolving-door frog, Nasarudin Hashim, ADUN for Bota in Perak to PKR, touting that froggie leap as "reflecting the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave."

    And what did manmanlai say when Nasarudin did the amazing leap backwards into UMNO again wakakaka - for once and Alhamdulillah, the World's Greatest Orator was struck dumb.

    2008 - PKR de facto leader Anwar attempted to engineer frogological 916. That brazen shamelessness was irrefutable evidence of him as a highly-spotted leopard.

    So my dear visitor ordinary malaysian, let me asked you "..... but whether they have changed ....."?

    The term 'de facto leader' is in itself an unmitigated obscenity in a party which claims to be of reformasi ideology. Pordah!

    Please read an earlier post of mine

  28. Ktemoc - Is there any further need to post issues on these which we hate? Perhaps yes ...

    Yes, definitely.
    In my line of work, I often deal with Establishment types. Well educated, knowledgeable, intelligent, but in terms of political views, they still support the Status Quo.
    I can understand the mentality of Tunku Abdul Aziz and his type. They are not the scummy UMNO types, but they still think BN/UMNO is "respectable".

    These types - and there are still many - need to be engaged and woken up. As a matter of fact, I used to be "that type" haha..but my eyes are wide open now.

  29. So nice to read sensible arguments.
    I am beginning to be interested to read more of Monsterbaby comments.
    Never too late to learn.

  30. No agin la.
    He is not happy of something in office and will turn traitor to BN if no help given to him.Have you ever seen Buttercup apologizing to Monsterbaby before?
    He is carry Monsterbaby's butt.
    Soon he will change his nick to Monster-ButterCup.

  31. Monsterbaby so gleefully declared..."I used to be "that type" haha..but my eyes are wide open now."

    Have you heard of the pendulum swinging, swinging... and then swung to the other extreme ? There's no fanatic like a converted !

    So glad to hear your eyes now sudah celek..wide open now to the sh*t of BN, especially UMNO for the past few decades.

    Baby, you've come a long, long way, hehe. But once eyes wide opened, why, oh why did you close them again ? Why everything about PKR is almost near perfect and Anwar could do no wrong, that god's gift to mankind ? haha

    Re commentator 'ordinary malaysian's' assertion that PR could not function without Anwar, it is due time to banish this myth. He could easily groom a credible candidate ( but not AA, haha) to lead PKR and he himself could still play an important role but in the background, without offering himself as the PM. But I guess that's like asking him to commit seppuku ?

  32. Anwar is the right man to be PM.
    In politics a PM need not be an angel.
    He must be sincere and not corrupted.
    What he does in his private life is his private matters.
    PS:Monsterbaby,how's my reply to Anon 4.24PM.

  33. Hei Fakey Buttercup of 5:05 PM,

    The real butterman will NEVER endorse Anwar as PM, much less as the right man to lead the country, hehe.

    Anyway, we all know better than putting politicians, any politician, on all this angel talk is pure nonsensical. Just like diapers, these leaders who leads the government should be changed regularly. But to replace filthy diapers with another set of dirty ones is too much to stomach.

    Anon 4:24 PM

  34. @Ktemoc, you can hammer Anwar and AA. That's your right. But if you are looking for god or the perfect politician, they don't exist. But you miss my point. At this juncture, without Anwar, do you honestly think Pakatan can nick it? I do hope so too, but I don't want to pretend otherwise. Like someone else here also said, ABU first and let's take it from there.

  35. @To anonymous who replied to my comment. Sure, Anwar can groom someone to take over. You honestly think this can be done now? Is there sufficient time? It is not a myth to say that at this juncture, nobody has the stature nor the pilling power nor even the charisma that Anwar possesses to draw in the supporters, let alone be the gell that keeps the Pakatan coalition functioning. Sure, in course of time, maybe people can be convinced that Pakatan can go about anything like a functioning organ minus Anwar. If you want to try walloping Anwar and hoping he disappears now, ok. No problem with me, but I am not convinced ABU will be a viable option NOW without the guy ABU enthusiasts also like to put down to the glee of Umno. That's the way to go to make sure ABU becomes not still born?