Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why not rojak?

MalaysiakiniThosaimen 1, Buttmen and Burgermen 0

First there was beef burger, the height of religious-racist insult to sweetie Ambiga Sreenevasan. Ikhlas, a group claiming to represent some pro UMNO hawkers apparently abandoned their usual rancid curry trade to run the burger insult.

Sweetie kept her cool.

Then there was the disgusting bunch of baboons showing off their asses. Where will the Royal Malaysian Army out its face? Right on the red ass?

Sweetie not only kept her cool but offered cool drinks to the bums.

In reciprocation, NGO WargaAman wanted to open a thosai stall in front of the deputy IGP's house.

size of the thosai I had in New Delhi wakakaka

The deputy IGP had infuriated WargaAman when he showed his pro Ikhlas (or rather, pro UMNO) attitude in not taking any action to protect Ambiga's privacy.

UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin warned that the ridiculous may next see koay teow in front of the PM's residence.

Burgers, butts, thosai, koay teow - all these don't quite reflect Malaysia and Malaysians.

I recommend rojak, preferably Penang rojak which is quintessentially Malaysian, and where its contents/ingredients also reflect our Malaysian-ness. 

But I'll be happy with pasembur wakakaka.


  1. No, certainly not rojak!

    Bah Kut Teh is best!

  2. How about pig's head instead of cow's head for a change.I know that it is a delicacy,preferred by some.A taste of one's own medicine.

  3. How is a baloney sandwich made? Baloney in between two pieces of bread... Baloney is good.

    Of course Thosai better, I'm vegetarian and can't stand the sight of blood and raw meat... (did the guy's pants rip?)


    Minda Bebas

  4. Ambiga has a very much reduced stature after the way Bersih 3.0 degenerated into mob violence.

    It may not be fair to fault her for what happened, but she is nevertheless very closely associated with the entire chain of events.

    Very unfortunate that so many Malay youths have been deceived by this Brahmin woman's hidden agenda.

  5. The Malay , Chinese , Indian youths , teens and elders in Malaysia have enough brains to think for themselves and are not going to be deceived by this Brahmin lady as a commentator put it. Anyone with an iota of a brain can see how the elections are rigged in such a way that only BN can win. Gerrymandering , phantom voters and worse still , fast tracking of illegal Bangladeshis , Indons and now Cambodians into Malaysian citizens to vote for BN is there for everyone to see. The 250000 came because they could think for themselves and not because of Ambiga or Pak Samad. Ambiga and the BERSIH steering committee just provided the time and venue to facilitate and allow these concerned citizens to express their views . Maybe some of the commentators are easily swayed by so called leaders but most of us Malaysians including the Malay youth can think for themselves . The violence was obviously created , and I must admit successfully, by the govt to distract from the important issues and demands of BERSIH . Why would a govt treat its own citizens like terrorists and prevent them from going to Independence Square , which belongs to the people. The fact that police attacked not just people who allegedly broke through the barriers but people congregating much further down the street ( even going into eateries and attacking people wearing yellow) shows what the violence was all about . It is also typical of a govt that has been using race to keep us apart , that they decided to go after only Ambiga and not others like Pak Samad.

  6. I have specially ordered bak kut teh for the pariah Haji Baharom of the veterans association,to be delivered to his home.He will definitely enjoyed it.

  7. Siding the Achi eh? Sweetie? Nope. So arrogant and full of herself. One word: Attention seeker.
    And giving her soul brother thosaiman a score of of 1. Come on, all deserved a O.
    All like children playing tit for tat. You buat, I lagi boleh buat.
    The burger man and the butt exercises are just following Ambiga's flouting the law. Ban from the Dataran Merdeka, she stubbornly ignore the order.
    And these man are very angry that the Bersih rioting caused their gerais to close.
    And that lawyer must remember outside her house is a public place.
    And what's wrong in selling burgers. It's like Chinese selling pork hanging everywhere in public places.
    Do we complain? We cannot even touch pork. At least Hindus cannot eat. No a sin to touch.Not wrong to put beef and chicken together.
    And my friend's wifey who loves shopping and eating nasi kandar at Tuanku Abdul Rahman on Saturdays said she will show her butt to Ambiga if ever she meets her.
    But the army vets beat her too it.
    And that tosai guy, it's so clear he's avenging on his soul sister's behalf.
    Why can't Ambiga be like the police boss who said I will bring my friends to eat thosai together.
    But Achi went crying to the cops - the people whom she picked a quarrel with.
    She got police protection. The guys do not want to harfm her. she's VIP or what?. Still whining and unhappy.
    And Ikhlas has decided not to have a Pasar Malam tomorrow at her place
    You know what the message the Ikhlas guy said: "Out of respect to the police"
    Telling Ambiga we respect the cops unlike you. Hahaha gerai people teaching the oh-so-smart lawyer.
    Now new story - people breaking into her office.
    I am so disapointed that the Pasar Malam is called off. My parents live in Achi's neighborhood.We are so happy finally the area has a pasar malam.
    Thought all our families will go to the pasar malam and have a family feast that night.
    I think i will sell nasi lemak in Anwar's palace ground. And you can sell pasembor at Samad Said or Anwar's cheer-leader Hishamuddin aka Tukar Tiub's residence.
    Fair and square.

  8. the butt-dancing cif : " see, ambiga tak mau ( sudah takut !?) 4.0 lagi, terima-kasih aku lah !!"

  9. They called themselves army veterans.Undiscliplined army pariah veterans.An insult to the armed forces.Pariahs of the lowest ecelons of the armed forces.Hj Baharom,go lick asses of DONKEYS.

  10. Haji datuk Baharom,go poodah suck cocks of lembus lempar.

  11. No wonder the Jap Imperial Army conquered Malaya in just 3 weeks in 1941! Those Malay soldiers simply dropped their rifles AND their pants, mooned the Japs and requested to be sodded!

  12. Anon 1:49 PM.
    Many of the Malays collaborated with the Japanese during the Occupation, because they did not see them as a threat to the position of the Malays.

    The current Prime Minister's father was one such Collaborationist, though after the War, he subsequently tried to invent a fictitious role in the Resistance to spruce up his image.
    The real Resistance members never heard about him.

  13. The Malays collaborated with the Japs because they were against the British, thus adopting the concept of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. That was the same attitude adopted by some Indian nationalists - people like Subhas Chandra Bose.

    The Chinese were against the Japs because of the Japanese invasion and perpetuation of atrocities in China. Likewise the Japs went after Malayan Chinese and killed many of them (especially in Singapore and Penang) for supporting Chinese Nationalists in China during the Japanese occupation of China (prior to WWII).

    Though the Japs were cruel and oppressive I don't see any obligations for any Malayan to support the Brits who were colonial masters.

  14. Yay the pasar malam at Ambiga's house is on. It will be held for two days from May 24.
    I will be there.Will just walk from my parents place.
    Care to join me anyone? KT can take the first flight out of Sydney.
    The organizers are calling it Bersih 4.O which they said is to bersih the 3.0 kotor Bersih. They will be wearing yellow.
    Hooray to these creative people.

  15. Yes Butt-ercup.
    I want to have some Thosai Telur in front of the DIGP's house, and some Bak Kut Teh in front of Najib's official residence the following week.

    As the police have made it clear, it is perfectly legitimate and legal.

    By the way, here's the law as it stands, both in UK and the USA.

    a) Public Protests against government actions and policies, as long as it is done in a peaceful manner, is a Civil Right.
    b) Protests targetted against a specific private individual may amount to harassment.

    Malaysia's Deputy IGP supposedly holds an LLB Hos. Degree from the International Islamic University.

    I don't know how Khalid Abu Bakar bull-shited his way through Law School, but his knowledge of internationally accepted norms with regard to Civil Liberties is severely lacking

  16. KT said "Though the Japs were cruel and oppressive I don't see any obligations for any Malayan to support the Brits who were colonial masters."

    The Japs treated the people of occupied countries not as fellow Asians, but as sub-humans, to be abused (comfort women, unit 731, Nanking etc

    After the colonial masters (Brits) left, their place was taken over by local colonial masters, using the same divide-and-rule tactics.