Friday, May 04, 2012

Post Bersih 3.0 - The paradox of Najib's boon to Pakatan

The fallout from Bersih 3.0 produced many issues. The most obvious has been what I wrote on Tuesday 01 May 2012 in the first section of my post Destroying Bersih's success, where I saluted the fantastic success of Bersih and the organizational qualities and leadership of Ambiga Sreenevasan and her Bersih colleagues as:

… a brilliant beckoning and beautifully conceived and executed Bersih 3.0 with such powerful and undeniable presence of public support to show the King and Malaysians that the demand for 'clean & fair' elections was supported DIRECTLY by 300,000 Malaysians in KL alone and many more overseas plus a multitude who weren't able to attend …

And in an earlier post, prior to Bersih 3.0’s Day, I posted in  Bersih wins war before battle is fought just precisely what the title said, that:

Thanks to headlines such as (Malaysiakini's) Police get court order, Dataran off-limits for 4 days, Bersih 3.0 'now a security issue', says KL mayor and DBKL moves in to enforce Dataran lockdown, every Malaysian will now be more attentive to the actions and messages of Bersih, regardless of whether the protest rally occupies Dataran MerdekaBersih has already achieved its aim, winning the war even before the battle has started.

The second issue evoked the opposite to my feelings of acclamation and admiration above for Ambiga and her Bersih colleagues. I was horrified at the unfettered brutality of Malaysia’s uniformed thugs, the Brown Blue Shirts. I said:

There is no denying that the Malaysian police went feral and metamorphosed into samsengs of the most brutal kind, not unlike the Argentinean police of that nation's Dirty War (1976 - 1983). It's terrible that a public funded force, instituted to 'serve & protect' the public, instead turned against the very people it vowed to 'serve & protect'. The ferocity with which they hunted down innocents to bash them up as some kind of misinformed 'pay back' mental madness shows how wrong the governance of this nation has become. Supposedly professionals became suppressive predators. How do we remedy such a dysfunctional evil force since the UMNO-led government has refused to?

The combination of above - an awakened political awareness by a significant percentage of our rakyat that the election process is not halal, in fact unbelievably haram, because it’s controlled by a political party, and the extent to which that political party would go to ensuring the election process continues to remain haram for the corrupt benefit of its elite membership, even unto harming the Malaysian Rakyat - will, nay, have already damaged Najib severely and the election prospects of BN politicians in the coming general election.

But these are Najib’s concerns and problems to resolve. Pakatan has by default become the benefactor of Najib’s fear of the rakyat’s expressed concerns about the haram election process and their white-hot anger at the government’s (thus ruling party’s) violent reaction to the rakyat’s demands for a ‘clean and fair’ election.

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the above arguments are shared by many, if not all in Pakatan, but therein in this fortuitous boon to Pakatan’s prospects in the next general election, with Putrajaya at stake, is a paradox, best represented by two troubling questions arise. These questions cannot be argued away as ‘something to be resolved’ when Pakatan wins majority rule.

If one desires great authority one has equally great responsibility to stand up and be counted or, in this case, show one’s hands to the voters in a transparent and accountable fashion. Otherwise, one would be no different to the BN and its practice of sinister scheming subterfuge.

To persist in that attitude of obdurately refusing to deal with the two important questions, then I dare say Pakatan will NOT be deserving of the people’s trust for them to officially occupy Putrajaya because it would then show Pakatan lacks the openness, will or courage to deal with difficult issues, and thus the capacity to be the alternative government.

As I mentioned above, the questions to ask now are not about the success of Bersih 3.0 (that’s already indisputable), nor that of the horrendous police brutality (regardless of any misinformed ‘pay-back’ mental madness), nor about Najib, Hishamuddin and UMNO’s culpability (they will pay for it in GE-13), but about the correct person to take over.

Therein lies the paradox of Pakatan, now presented or gifted by Najib’s mistakes with a boon of improved winning prospects, but will such a boon be wasted or worse, as in the case of Brahma's boon of invincibility to Ravana in the Ramayana epic making Ravana a threat to mankind, similarly confers political invincibility which becomes a threat to Malaysians?

The stirring political call (and indeed mantra) of Pakatan has been ABU (Anyone But UMNO). Thus, focusing on just the most important post in government, I presume we would want as PM someone who will be different to the Machiavellian selfish practice of UMNO’s Najib, a man or woman who will be trustworthy and unselfish in that he or she will place the interests of the rakyat above that of his or hers.

In other words, we are calling for and then will be maintaining and sustaining ABU all the way right up to the No 1 post of a new Pakatan government!

I believe there are more than a few Pakatan politicians who have those qualities, but sorry lah, I opine that Anwar Ibrahim is not one of them.

My opinion is based not just on his most ultra UMNO conduct when he was in that organization for more than 16 years in various ministerial capacities as an UMNO leader, ...

... where he dismayed many especially when he was Education Minister and was responsible for the seed which grew into the poisonous weed called Ops Lallang, ...

... nor about his role as DPM and deputy president of UMNO in subverting democratic process in Sabah 1994 through his infamous frogological expertise, ...

... but about his more recent so-called reformasi behaviour when he demonstrated the most deformasi conduct in crowing with pompous triumph about an UMNO ADUN defector in Perak (until that defector showed his amazing revolving-door expertise) …

… and his unbelievable (premature) boast of being able to effect a massive defection of 30 BN MPs over to Pakatan, for him to become PM in the notorious 916 gambit.

But assuming we ignored his most ultra UMNO behavior when he was in UMNO, notably with nary a single word of reformasi and all its attendant bullsh*t ever emanating from his UMNO mouth (until he was expelled from UMNO), dare we say he has changed or, that most terribly misused, abused and traduced word, ‘reformed’?

I think not, but I would say he has been most qualified in proving the wisdom of the ancients in coining that proverb ‘a leopard never changes its spots’.

And now in Bersih 3.0, he has again demonstrated his self-centred selfishness when Bersih 3.0 was already a brilliant piercing and overwhelming success without any dramatics required.

Alas, the ‘dramatics’ occurred!

Those who sprang immediately to his defence argued the police was the real villain (no doubt about that, and as I wrote several times, I agree) and the law prohibiting the people’s entry to Dataran Merdeka was bad (I agree too), or that there was already a pre-planned Najib conspiracy to discredit Bersih through instigated violence by its agents provocateurs (okay, I am prepared to  buy that) and/ or …..… anything else?

Okay, okay, okay! But the above don’t hide, not one bloody iota of the following which I will pose as questions:

(1) Did he (and Azmin Ali) hijack Bersih by making speeches, instead of just quietly supporting Ambiga’s Bersih 3.0 as did the DAP leaders?

(2) Did he betray Ambiga by his (or Azmin Ali’s) signal for his supporters to breach the police cordon?

Now recall what I said earlier, about the fortuitous boon [of Najib and UMNO’s gross mistake in handling Berish] to Pakatan’s prospects in the next general election, with Putrajaya at stake, two troubling questions arise. These questions cannot be argued away as ‘something to be resolved’ when Pakatan wins majority rule.

The first question has been about the correct person to take over [as PM], someone who will be different to the Machiavellian selfish practice of Najib and the general UMNO ministers, a man or woman who will be trustworthy and unselfish in that he or she will place the interests of the rakyat above that of his or hers.

If Anwar Ibrahim has hijacked Ambiga’s Bersih or inserted his own agenda for his followers to breach the police cordon (regardless of whether he did those himself or through Azmin Ali), then those selfish exploitations of Bersih and virtual betrayal of Ambiga, and taken in conjunction with his deformasi conduct in Perak and 916, would compel us to ask pointedly:

Is he the correct person to take over as PM, as someone who will be different to the Machiavellian selfish practice of Najib, a man who will be trustworthy and unselfish in that he will place the interests of the rakyat above that of his?

Will we be still upholding ABU or having double standards by saying ABU only applies to current UMNO politicians?

 ... which will then bring us to the question: Is ABU about a political party per se (UMNO) or about the ‘nature of the beast’, that of self-serving dictatorial exploitation of political rule, and non-democratic conduct?

... which will then lead us to another question: Is it okay to practise self-serving dictatorial exploitation of political rule, and non-democratic so long as one is not a member of the political party called UMNO?

Yes, is Anwar Ibrahim trustworthy enough to be PM? Is he likely to be someone who’ll place the interests of the rakyat above that of his?

You know my opinion, and I have put my reasons clearly in black and white for having this opinion in this post.

The second question I wish to ask, and which I opine is one of the prerequisite qualifications to the right to sit in Putrajaya, a right only the voters can confer, is the question of the shadow cabinet offered by Pakatan.

If Pakatan is unable or refuses to tell the voters who among their politicians will form the shadow cabinet, as evidence of the core leadership of an alternative government, then how can Pakatan be able offer themselves to voters as an alternative government?

If Pakatan can’t do this by now, how in the world will they be able to form a cabinet in the euphoric heat immediately after a loose coalition of three (or more) political parties wins the federal election?

I know PAS and DAP are ready to discuss, decide and share the cabinet positions (hopefully a smaller one since Pakatan comprises or will comprise lesser number of component parties than BN), but what about the so-called Great Leader and PKR?

The paradox of the boon gifted by Najib lies in its potential to disintegrate Pakatan in the event of a Pakatan victory in GE013, but more frighteningly, the perpetuation and even escalation of all that which ABU has hoped to achieve (namely, the elimination of the corrupt and undemocratic).


  1. Anwar Ibrahim is THE Man

  2. By Ktemoc's standards, the Palestinians are to blame for Israel's Nazi-like actions in the occupied territories.
    Because they provoked Israeli retribution by first carrying out attacks within Israel.

    Some people find it difficult to feel the indignation rightfully felt against Israel, because the Palestinians are hardly blameless.

    You made me do it

    ...the usual excuse...

  3. I had supported Anwar Ibrahim for PM right from 1999. However, his recent actions, inactions and speeches have failed to inspire me and have left me with a bitter taste. Are Anwar and Azmin the right leaders?

  4. foremost - a clean and fair election. GoM resisting Bersih's requests for changes - without offering basis what is regarded as acceptable to hundreds of thousands of protesters. changing the EC head is necessary, Ambiga should be appointed, if Najib has sense of righteousness.

    Pakatan didn't have shadowy cabinet before 2008, but run a successful Penang and Selangor. When the tide comes, the wave will address the matter, such is the way of the Tao.

    We have seen over half a century of failure, now a group of people says they will do far better, why need to hesitate? and as long as every general election hereafter is Bersih, these chaps can be thrown out if they can't perform as expected.

    To wait for Mohammed to come to the Mountain (ie. for a leader is clean and great to lead), best let the Mountain come to Mohammed (change what is rotten and hope for the best)

    Daulat Tuanku!!

  5. Agree with Anonymous 3:51. It is only natural to want clean elections, and thereafter to expect a "clean" PM. And a clean cabinet, clean parliament, clean KSU, clean datuk bandar, clean civil service etc. But if we want to get all that sorted out first, I'm afraid we will NEVER see change in Malaysia. No one can be so clean as if having a guarantee to never disappoint in some unforeseen way. (latest example being old Tunku Aziz and his totally unfathomable logic regarding the dataran ban - makes the head spin as to what on earth he was doing in DAP all this while.)
    My friend KTEMOC, probably the "UMNO" in Anwar couldn't allow Ambiga to have the limelight on the truck. But let's bide our time and give DSAI a chance to get PR into Putrajaya. If he tries his "UMNO" stunts again in Seri Peradana and renegades on reforms, we can rally until he quits. What say you?


  6. If the police really wants to guard Dataran Merdeka, why did the police all leave. If the police have continued to guard the barricades and continued to stand there, the people will not be able to remove the barricades.

    You can see from the video how at the start of the rally, the policemen were are standing in front of the barricades and not allowing anyone to cross it. But at 3 p.m. the policemen all walk away. Why? By doing that, they gave the impression that the people can now enter. If they really do not allow the crowd to enter, they should have continue to guard the place.

    Even if Anwar was to signal to open the barricades, the people will never be able to if the police will to continue to guard and stand in front of the barricades.

  7. to me, it does not matter who becomes PM.

    So LONG as its someone from Pakatan.

    ktemoc as usual has FAILED YET AGAIN to truly grasp the real issue.

    THe REAL ISSUE is this dear ktemoc. I will try and write as simple as I can understand.

    Listen up then.

    It does not matter who from Pakatan becomes PM, even Hadi Awang! Hadi Awang as PM is still 1000 times better than Najis Razak. Comprende.

    Likewise, LKS or LGE (this may b a tougher sell as they r chinese) Karpal ? Even Razaleigh


    Yes, even DSAI, your object of obsession.

    You seem to want to place the PERFECT 100% PM before u fully endorse a change of govt, failingf to realise Najiz Razak and Barisan Najis is 1000 times worse than even DSAI and PKR.

    Thats why it should b replace Barisan Najis first, then let the MPs in Parliament decide who is best suited as PM.

    And if that means DSAI and AA gets into Parliament , so b it, we need every vote we can get to throw our Barisan Najis!

    Then LET the MPs decide who should b PM of Malaysia.

    Understand or not!

    You are writing nonsense (from the point of view when u say u r a Pakatan supporter) by asking people to vote against DSAI and AA. DSAI and AA are guaranteed to vote against Barisan Najis!


  8. with your kind of bloody attitude, its a wonder PAS is not calling for their members to selectively vote certain DAP or PKR candidates and then vote against others.

    Likewise DAP.

    Likewise PKR.

    Eveerybody in PKR, PAS and DAP should back their resepctive candidates.

    PRU 13 is already tough enough to win with the whole scale cheating conducted by Barisan Najis' running dogs ie the PDRM and EC without mental retards like the PDRM lover and u calling for votes against Permatang Pauh and Gombak.

  9. Hahaha so laughable you guys quibblig about Hadi or Mat Leather King or LGE as our next PM.
    Status quo remains. Najib will still be our PM.
    Don't have to think so far, so hard. It's staring in your face.
    Pakatan will suffer a big pain because of Bersih.

  10. Najib? Siapa Najib?

    U mean Najis Razak ke?

  11. Long time lurker here.

    I think there are two things worth discussing.

    First, is Anwar a liability or an asset? One aspect which has often been overlooked is the amount of attacks that Anwar has shouldered on behalf of PR. Clearly he is not an expired good, or otherwise UMNO-led coalition would not have spent so much effort targeting him. My friend, in a world without Anwar as the PR leader, you would not have the political landscape where second tier PR leaders like Tony Pua can grow and develop without much fuss like they currently are. Anwar is like the Captain America or Incredible Hulk taking all the hits. I think we should at least give Anwar the token of appreciation for that.

    The second question is can we do about without Anwar as the opposition leader. You know, there has been much talk about BN stealing the elections or even perhaps sending troops to the streets if failed to steal the elections, I personally think things are not as desperate as it seems for BN. From Najib’s perspective, there are many more options before reaching that point.

    For instance, if I were Najib, I would set up a meeting with Anwar. I would tell Anwar together we can do another Scorpene-like deal, he keeps 80% and I keep 20%, and he will go into retirement. I can also invite him back to UMNO and do whatever reforms he has been preaching, provided all the interests parties agreed, and i will be the broker for that. With Anwar back in BN, the rest is easy. PAS will be greatly hurt with the great Malay unity, DAP will not tolerate a coalition with no moderate Malays.

    To me, there are two types of politicians. One is after power and money, the other is to strive for the betterment of humanity. You have been very critical of Anwar, and I hope you are wrong. BUT if you were right, and the moment you take away his stage as the opposition leader, he will find one elsewhere. As much as you have observed Anwar, Najib and Dr M, please don't tell me the above scenario can't happen in Bolehland. In politics, it’s all about making deals, surely these people are seasoned politicians and have no qualms for whatsoever.

    As shady as you have painted Anwar, which I may not necessary disagree, I personally think PR needs more leaders like him. There are too many people with boy scouts mentality in PR, that is with the strong sense of righteousness. And I suspect it comes from their strong faith background. Admire them we must, but one must also admit they are very good at fighting the devil but not very good at dealing with the devil. In politics, there is no right or wrong, there is only winning or losing, and to win one must compromise.

    I hope you can keep an open mind with that.

  12. Anon 1:02 PM said..."By Ktemoc's standards, the Palestinians are to blame for Israel's Nazi-like actions in the occupied territories.
    Because they provoked Israeli retribution by first carrying out attacks within Israel."

    Hahahaha....Anon 1:02, you know not what you're getting into by using that Zionist-Palestinian analogy/comparision without first knowing what's KT's stand in this. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Haha...scroll back and see this blog owner's take on the Israeli's situation there....plenty there, so read and weep, haha.

    And by the by, why are these anwaristas so typically have this "either you are with us or you are against us" mentality ? Must everything be either black or white?

    So PR supporters are NOT supposed to criticize those leaders from Opposition Parties ? Even if they behaved exactly like the UMNO's that they had so loudly asked us to reject ? So when we criticised PKR leaders for hijacking Bersih by giving inflaminatory speeches and by risking lives and limbs of the protestors in the Dataran Merdeka incident, we are now PDRM lovers ? What sort of logic is that ? Aren't these anwaristas EXACTLY like the UMNO supporters....shudder, shudder...dread to think if these people come to power..habis lah people like us, heh heh. UMNO menang, kita pun susah. PKR menang, kita pun susah jugak. Aiyoyo....

  13. The CurryMan said..." In politics, there is no right or wrong, there is only winning or losing, and to win one must compromise."

    And the curry man went on to exhort us "to keep an open"....with the 'compromises' like bribing the 'Great Reformer' wtih 20% of yet another stealing of the rakyat's money, or the co-opting of Anwar into the UMNO's fold, thus suposedly cutting the ground off PAS and DAP with one stroke.

    So what's the ultimate end of these 'compromises'...all these 'deal makings'? So that UMNO will rule forever, and carry on unhindered robbing and plundering the country to the brink of bankruptcy ? So that the racial divide will keep deepening ? Ooops, may be to the curry man, my 'boy scout mentality' is showing....too righteous for his liking, not being 'open minded' enough for him.

    And he went on...." I personally think PR needs more leaders like him" (meaning Anwar). Obviously the curry man has seen through great hype of Anwar as the so-called reformasi man, not above taking bribes in order to 'retire' luxuriously or willing to get back into the fold of UMNO if the conditions are right.

    If the majority of voters in this country have the 'open mind' the likes of curry man, we wouldn't need to suffer the brutal beatings of the fiendish PDRMs in order to force electoral reforms.

    His final statement takes the cake : "In politics, there is no right or wrong.."

    Yeah...absolutely. No wrong at all driving the country to the brink of bankruptcy with their obscene raping of the country's coffer. No wrong at all with the blatant, brazen racial bullying of the minorities, no wrong at all in the massive cheating in every election.

    Righto Curry Man....UMNO just loves having citizen like you, so 'open minded'. The 'boy scouts' types are nothing but troublemakers, go to hell with their 'righteousness' eh ?

  14. So PR supporters are NOT supposed to criticize those leaders from Opposition Parties ?

    Criticising is fine and I am all for it. Nobody is perfect , even DSAI . I will b the first to admit it. I will even admit there are better PM material , Nizar for example, LGE for example.

    But what I will NOT agree is to suggest voting against DSAI and AA when they stand against UMNO candidates which the PDRM loving idiot and ktemoc is suggesting. How can a so called DAP supporter ever suggest that.

    They may b deficient but DSAI and AA will vote against UMNO in Parliament, thats the MOST important.

    Criticise DSAI if u must , do it fairly. And secondly, as deficient as DSAI may b, he is still much better than Najis Razak whos shortcomings arent much discussed by ktemoc, i wonder why. He should point out the alternative to DSAI may be Najis Razak and UMNO, we really want that? Do we?

    So criticise if u must, JUST DONT enter the realms of stupidity and shoot oneself in the foot, thats all.


  15. Hahahaha....Anon 1:02, you know not what you're getting into by using that Zionist-Palestinian analogy/comparision without first knowing what's KT's stand in this. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Haha...scroll back and see this blog owner's take on the Israeli's situation there....plenty there, so read and weep, haha.

    Its u who dont understand what the poster meant.

    What the poster is saying is that, when it comes to DSAI, all reason gets thrown out the window by ktemoc.

    If ktemoc applies consistent stand to DSAI, the party to really b blamed should have been the PDRM and whoever they report to for the beatings and the brutality done on the Bersih rally goers.

    But in ktemoc's warped demented mind, the party to blame is DSAI and not PDRM.

    In ktemoc's mind, u asked for it, so u deserve the beating! But his stand on this issue concerning the Palestinians is they r the victims, the Israelis r guilty of overagression. He does not talk about who ordered the palestinians to provoke does he?


  16. hhhhhmmmm It shows Malaysians are getting closer to trust Anwar more than Najib now.
    It shows Malaysia is heading for a better tomorrow under Anwar's leadership.
    PR can count to have one more vote.

  17. Why waste your breathe arguing with KT about DSAI,
    the mere mention of DSAI causes his neurons to short
    and fuses to blow
    and vitriol to flow.

    KT - which one act riles you? The temle bells or the headmaster incident? or both

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. KT, Bruno, Rosli, Tan Seng Kok, Boy George

    Wonder why people like to fake my name like they do for branded goods.
    My last posting was on May 4 10.18pm.
    Buttercup 9.50 am, 10.11 am, 10.25 am etc wasn't me.
    KT and Bruno know me by now. I never liked Anwar from the day he joined UMNO until now.
    Nothing will ever changed my mind over him. Not even if he gives me a million.
    I cant stand liars and hypocrites.
    I am always for UMNO and as I said Najib will still be our PM after the GE.
    I think this is the style of Monsterball to want me so badly in his camp.
    How do I sue them?
    Happy Wesak Day all my Buddhist friends here.

  20. We need a Malaysian Spring
    The UMNO-owned Election Commission have already ensured that the official results of the general elections will be an UMNO win, regardless.

  21. Now there is a spoil brat and crybaby who follows me around,hounding and trying to irritate because I critisised his idol Anwar.

    And this baby kept doing the twist which he mastered from his idol.Can this cutie please point out when I said not to vote for Anwar.

    Much as I dislike Anwar,if I am a voter of PP,my vote will still be for him.Learn to grow up baby,or shall I call you crybaby.

  22. Anon 6:45, aiya, haha, where shall I start?

    Anyway, my view is that Anwar may very well be a slimeball, but we need more like him in PR to fix UMNO with their own poison.

    You see, to defeat UMNO, you must at least be aware of how UMNO thinks. So if you tell Najib all his problems would go away if he befriended Anwar, you think he won't think twice about it? Especially when defeat is imminent? If BN lose, we are not talking about losing putrajaya, we are talking about ppl skipping town. When Najib says defend at all costs, that means everything is on the table.

    When that happens, you better pray Anwar is a person with at some integrity. So when I hear KT says getting rid of Anwar, my thought is be careful of what you wish for.

    You see, i think some PR ppl have become cocky. They have forgotten the dog days when opposition was a joke. I remember, reading newspaper everyday Uncle Lim got whacked, by MCA, by UMNO, by PAS, etc etc. You think Anwar got bad reputation now, go back in time Uncle Lim's reputation was quite shitty too. He had just gone to jail in op lalang, and you talk to the chinese-ed ppl even they blame him for dividing the Chinese community. Yes, remember those days.

    About right or wrong not important, well, take the hand gesture example. Does it really matter whether Anwar did or did not give the gesture? If he did, by now nobody cares anymore. All I see now is PR ppl parading about the latest bersih victory. Well, almost everyone except a few like KT. But you see, Anwar might have betrayed Ambiga if he had given the signal, but he was brave enough to stood up for an oppressive regime that defended a padang. So, there is really no right or wrong answer.

    As far as boy scouts concern, you have to admit some PR ppl talk like social workers, act like social workers and one must also conclude they think like social workers. They are still way ahead of BN ppl, but sometimes I just wish they have some meanness in them. Some bad ass attitude to teach BN some lessons.

    Well, you can't have everything.

  23. opps... stood up against an oppressive regime...

  24. Curry Man said..."Anon 6:45, aiya, haha, where shall I start?"

    How about starting with this quote from Nietzsche : “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

  25. Tis Wesak week and I chose to keep quiet...but Buttercup and Bruno seems to look for trouble with me.
    In any case...anything I write to will be deleted and make it look...I am guilty and keeping quiet.
    I am not interested to post or comment here for a long time.
    I guess...Buttercup may as well add all the monsters is me too.
    You want to prepared for many ghosts spitting at your faces..Bruno and Buttercup.

  26. Anon 7:02 AM

    haha, noble quote from Nietzsche. But I no longer believe in those quotes.

    For every Mandela to emerge, countless failed because they aspired to be like him. We have been made believe that is THE path, but it really isn't.

  27. Ktemoc,
    I am abosolutely sure that BN WOULD RULE IN PERPERTUITY! Wow look at the never endind tactics employed by BN & the Great Najib has even fooled the smart folks inclduing.....Hahaha
    Aaargh, if the germans can be fooled by Hitler, Malaysians including......can be easily manipulated
    Read this link below : IS THAT YOU?

    Najib is denitely going to win 2/3 majority.....Remember Lim Kit Siang's team in Penang nearly obliterated in Penang during the 90s. Thanks to yet THE GREAT GREAT MAHATHIR!


  28. kaytee,
    Wow! Our Great Najib has commanded all muftis to say it's haram to sit in illegal assemblies

    Now, I know why Great Najib is so confident that he could win back selangor & even kelantan & 2/3 majority! ALL HAIL GREAT NAJIB!

    Guys & Gals,
    Don't be sad! Great Najib is better than Charmeleon Anwar & PKR so say Kaytee. No point fighting laaa....
    ENJOY THE PERPERTUAL RULE OF BN. Be sure to learn how to prostate yourself before Great Najib

  29. Wow,
    Our Grand Master, the one from Kerala Mahathir Mohamad has predicted that Pakatan would be obliterated & hence Anwar so desperate must die die hijack bersih. Mahathir might say ktemoc says so

  30. Kaytee,
    What can I say man? Blame Anwar lor! Azmin! Why not the entire PKR? Looks like BN would rule for 1000 years or is it 10000 years?

  31. You know Kaytee, I travel to taiwan many many times.....Well, black gold never leave Taiwan politics......Guess why I say BN would rule in perpetuity

    This is getting very interesting.....Perhaps, you are savouring every moment

  32. ktemoc,
    How Najib the guruji won't win.....Bao Jiak one laaa.......BN! BN! BN! BN!
    I am sure BN would spin it in such way to say there is a break in confidence in top leadership. Soon wee choo keong come up to say of atrocity of Lim's dictorial family.
    You can't fight BN one la. Still think Nizar can be PM......Hahaha

  33. kaytee,
    See BN rule in supreme. Whether Anwar or Azmin is there immaterial, read this. In fact, BN would spin it in such way that Bersih is a nobody
    Perhaps, you should take lead. Be a gandhi for us. Oh Great One!

  34. In the end , BN is still the best to govern Malaysia.

    Withot an iota of doubt

  35. Glad that looes74 has conceded that Pakatan will lose big time. Like I said above it's staring in your face.
    I wish Monsterball is a realist like looes. Ball is blind as a bat and clueless.
    And all signs point to Anwar and Azmin losing their seats.

  36. I for one am Very disappointed with Bruno's attitude.
    People like that will put up with the BN-mandated status quo as long as they are able to ensure they stay within every single law on the books to a T.
    Malaysia is in for a permanent night if the majority of voters take that reactionary attitude.

    I'm familiar with that attitude because most middle-class Malaysians used to think like that. I say Used To, because fortunately many have woken up to the fact that BN will not be removed by strictly gentlemanly means.

    I don't advocate violence, but I certainly advocate civic defiance of authority, if the authority is unjust.
    I don't consider the act of removing the Dataran Merdeka barricades in itself as an act of violence. The subsequent paroxysm of violence by the Police was a different matter altogether.

    I don't buy the "You made me do it" PDRM Bullshit.

  37. Monsterbaby,it is the politicians and their supporters with mentality like you that are keeping the ruling regime in power.Why the blame game now?Why not the politicians don't riled up their supporters and rushed the baricades.

    Why not let the police breached the baricades and attacked the people first.Then we can bashed them like tomorrow will never comes.When give them the excuse to beat the shit out of the protestors,on a silver platter.

    Because the politicians knew that the police were on their best behaviours.The only way is to provoked then into action.Let us look at ourselves before we start to blame others.

    The road to Putrajaya is not by a few minutes of police brutality played over and over on the net.Mob mentality cannot chased out the Umnoputras from Putrajaya.

    To take over Putrajaya is what the opposition leaders have in their heads and not on their heels.This I think many do not have.They think that the Arab Spring is here.To help them stroll into Putrajaya.Have many many more wet dreams before the cows come home.

    p/s look at the reaction after I posted my comments.Hahaha.

  38. "....noble quote from Nietzsche. But I no longer believe in those quotes.

    For every Mandela to emerge, countless failed because they aspired to be like him. We have been made believe that is THE path, but it really isn't"....from the Curry Man

    So THE path you are advocating is having MORE of the likes of Anwar/Azmin (the UMNO monster-type) in PR so that they could be on the same page with their monster twins in know, speaking their language, so to speak, able to make deals and COMPROMISE.

    Ya, making how to split the loot, who will take turns to be captain of the ship, lu-tolong-gua-&-gua-tolong-lu.

    Why not just cut to the chase....get PR to be part of BN coalition and we could be making deals forever, wink wink.

    See how peaceful Sabah and Sarawak all this while....great deals UMNO had with their CMs there, who get to fill their pockets to their hearts' content as long as UMNO also get what they want there. Fantastic deals what ?

    One thing we learned from historical past, there is no such a thing as dealing with the devil and emerging as the winner unscathed. More like selling your soul to the devil.

  39. You know what! Our character that kaytee despised a lot called lee kuan yew hasbeen qeustioned by one NUS smart lady about the ibflux of new citizens & the ever decline of real singaporeans

    LKY ask her : Are you married? You have a boyfriend

    Similar questions can be answered to ktemoc......hahahaha since he's so silent......He might have admitted it

  40. Apa lagi these Anwaristas want lah ? PR supporters like Bruno have already stated that he will vote for PR, and will also vote for Anwar and Azmin too, although he obviously find their UMNO antics less than admirable.

    Tak cukup ke? Must he prostate and kiss the ground The Great One walks upon ? Simpan lah all your daggers, you die-hard Anwaristas !

    Continue some more with your brand of all-or-nothing worship of the Great One, you will end up alienating those PR supporters who just want to have leaders with integrity to lead us with a new government. Your behaviour is totally counter productive lah.

  41. Kaytee,
    A beep beep irony! See how Najib the Great would win big. Because he can go to dataran merdeka. Who is fuck is anwar ibrahim? Even he & his ble eye boy Azmin can't answer their atrocities for commiting numerous crime including hijacking Bersih from Ambiga

    I bet if anwar, azmin ali & the fucking stupid PKR not there, Najib would defitely show up with rosmah mansor together with ambiga laaa

    Najib the great might have used this......courtesy of David cameron

    Classic man!



    Where the hell is the spitoon?

  42. anon,
    kaytee is already alientated. he already said that wait till ge14. I say forget it la......wait thousand years la. Well we worship the one true one called Najib Tun Razak

    I am still looking for the spitoon.......

  43. Why has DAP, especially Karpal Singh and Lim Guan Eng kept silent over the instigation to violence by PKR , especially Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin ?
    The incident definitely deviated from agreed principles, and the DAP cannot condone their actions by keeping silent.

    Very Dissapointed

  44. Kalai,it is better to keep one's mouth zipped and be very dissapointed.Anwaristas are out in herds running wild like crazy after critics of their idols.They are acting like those cheap mongrels you see on the streets, chasing after bitches on heat,running wild all over the blogosphere.Be very careful with your critisisms.Just ask KT.

  45. looes, my friend

    Have you wondered why there are no more spitoons in Chinese restaurants?
    Where have they gone?
    Or is the new Chinese dont like to spit and throw out phlegm?

  46. Oi Buttercup, do you know the reason why the Chinese of old spit to expel phlegm ? And they are also the first to believe in the daily washing their bodies aka bathing in today's world. And to believe that the feet must be protected while walking on the ground, hence the very first to wear shoes, but was known then as 'foot clothing'.

  47. Anon 1:34am

    "One thing we learned from historical past, there is no such a thing as dealing with the devil and emerging as the winner unscathed. More like selling your soul to the devil."

    Are you sure? Putin just got elected... BN has been ruling for more than 50 yrs. Well, one may argue evil BN ruled less than that, but still... If it is meant to be a devil eats devil world, then what is the fuss?

    The truth is, bad ppl win all the time, and it is partly due to the self-righteous leaders, following THE right way, and the people got buried along the way...

    See, from the strategic standpoint. Ppl with principles are always very predictable. Because they follow the doctrine, beliefs, convictions, whatever you call it. But politics is a mean and dirty game. The moment you have one side in a game fixed their strategies, then there is no more gaming, only left with ripped-off, and the rakyat are always the ones paying for it. And you wonder why good ppl finish last?

    It has never meant to be the GOD's world. I would rather my leaders do the "wrong" things to help a few, then do the "right" things do help none... because life is really too short!

  48. No trouble makers and monsters wanted or allowed here.

    By order of peace loving commenters of KTemoc's blog.

  49. Good friends become enemies.
    It's all happening here, a ghost town.

  50. Occupy Dataran6:57 am, May 10, 2012

    BN-appointed National Security Council (Perak) assistant secretary Abdul Rahim Abdul Karim ....March 24.

    "The Chinese and Indians were brought in by British colonists only as workers and they do not have the right to claim any privileges. Do not play with fire and do not challenge,”

    I hardly care any more how imperfect a character Anwar Ibrahim is....BN absolutely must be kicked out of power in the next elections...

  51. Kaytee should start a new post ASAP because, as is plainly obvious here, his readers, out of boredom with no new posting, have descended to juvenile antics and writing all kinds of silly comments that have no bearing to the topic.

  52. Methinks that ABU is dangerous but necessary. To vote someone in without really knowing their full agenda is crazy. For instance, what is PR's take on education, health, economy, etc. All three component parties seem to have their own agenda and at times these are incosistent with each other.

    Yet, BN must go first. After that, let the battle begin (on an even playing field)

    A lighter side to the whole affair!
    Two guys at Bersih are fast becoming legendary (for very different reasons). Check it out

    OLD SKOOL RAP by Sasterawan Bersih 3.0 (M.C. Lawrence Saw) Remix By KT

    White Idiot - Ah Soh Bersih 3.0 aka the Bigot (Remixed by KT)

  53. After all that UMNO and BN have done for the betterment of the country, I would encourage every one to support BN for GE13.
    Its really a no-brainer if you consider all the facts objectively.