Friday, May 11, 2012

One behind every Bersih bush

A week away and I come home to read nonsense from a former IGP.

Hanif Omar was one of Tun Razak's two wonder boys, the other being Tun Ghazalie Shafie. Both were fast tracked to leadership positions, where Hanif leapfrogged over many more senior to him to become the first Malaysian IGP with a university degree, while Ghazalie Shafie went on to assume the complementary political policing position as Home Minister.

Tun Razak was mightily impressed by a then young dapper and very erudite Hanif Omar during sessions of the powerful NOC which was set up immediately after May 13, 1969 to rule a divided nation and naturally earmarked what he saw as an extremely bright young man for the police highest post.

I have a lot of respect, or to put it more correctly, I USED to have a lot of respect for Hanif Omar. He stunned me when he made one of the most stupid allegations in Malaysian history, and more lamentable coming from such a respected personality, that communists were involved in the Bersih 3.0 rally.

I kid you not, I was totally gob-smacked by his ridiculous accusation. Had he accused Anwar Ibrahim and PKR of attempting a coup d'état a la the Arab Spring movement, he would have found more willing or sympathetic ears wakakaka, and I'm not joking in this respect.

Tan Sri, if you want to see a real communist, such a creature no longer exists behind every Malaysian Bersih bush as he/she used to during Tunku's time. Today, the only committed communist exists in North Korea, and even then, only among the very well-fed and very rotund ruling elite and the equally well-fed military.

Either Tan Sri has become nyanyuk (senile) or has taken up spinning, to type at the former but very badly at the latter.


  1. he is competing with Dr M (vote in BN to revive ISA)

  2. No doubt about it; the guy is senile just like that evil Mamakthir Iskandar Kutty Kerala.
    Both of them will be expiring soon.

  3. One might not be as evil as the other...... but both are totally mesmerised by the power of the dirty lucre, to the extent that years and years of special privileges earning them untold wealth and power that fall so readily and easily onto their laps that they are loathed to even lose a fraction of it; and now greedily wanting it to go on and on forever. Such lust feeds onto itself and it has become unsatiated and they keep on wanting more and more, no end to it. They just do not how to stop and call it a day, even as the grave is beckoning.

    Hence their grasping at all sorts of nonsensical pronouncements to cling to the status quo. Some might see it as 'nyanyok' but actually, it is the real corruption of man that has gone so deep to the core that there's no salvation there anymore, especially at their great age.

  4. Ah, true to form. Another sly dig at DSAI and PKR.

    Let me predict another thing.

    The PDRM loving parrot will soon turn up with another dig also.


  5. Kt,
    You cannot find a communist in China la! By the way, isn't communist( I suppose Chinese la)UMNO's best friend, if I'm not mistaken, they have always attended the UMNO' AGM, as invited guest no less. Tun Hanif must have too much good life in Genting, to the extent that time stood STILL in the 70's! Someone should have reminded him it is 2012 before he opened his mouth!

  6. ...Anwar Ibrahim and PKR... attempting a coup d'état a la the Arab Spring movement, ..... and I'm not joking in this respect.

    Are you actually making that allegation ?
    If you are, you are as far gone in senility as the has-been former IGP.

    A coup d'etat with bottles of mineral water and satchets of salt ? Who are you kidding ?

    I can accept as a debatable argument those who say Anwar & Co. were baiting PDRM to react with brainless brutality - which PDRM predictably proceeded to do so ...

    ....but calling it an attempt at a coup d'etat is just stupid BN propaganda.

    But then again...this blog often serves up BN propaganda....

  7. It is a BN propaganda blog to confuse voters.
    Ktemoc is a ghost.
    No one really know who he is.
    Keep it up Monsterbaby.

  8. it pays to be a peon for UMNO, aint it?