Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Racist and cowardly

MalaysiakiniGov't sues Ambiga, 9 others for Bersih 3.0 damage

The Najib Administration is now suing Bersih 3.0 chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan for RM122,000 in special damages caused during the Bersih 3.0 protest on April 28.

However, it hasn't named National Laureate Samad Said, the co-chairperson of Bersih, 3.0 in the suit.

I mentioned in a previous post Prelude to final defence? that Malaysiakini columnist Mariam Mokhtar pointed out:

... more worrying than the theatrical harassment of Ambiga was the racial undertones where the 'people' organizing the harassments of Ambiga, whether on her role as Bersih leader or her support of LGBT movement, were careful not to harass Berish's Samad Said (national laureate) or LGBT supporter Marina Mahathir ...

The government's demon-ization of an Indian Malaysian while 'acting dunno' about well-known Malay Malaysian personalities like Samad Said and Marina Mahathir is not only racist but cowardly.

But then, racists are known to be cowards.


  1. Does anyone have a photo of the cabinet when in a meeting? Who sits on right & left side of PM? I think PM has better chances of surviving sitting with Datuk Jamal in his Ferrari eating nasi lemak.

    Now we can wait to see how much nambikai means to the Indians.

    Minda Bebas

  2. can samad and hishamuddin rais appliy to be charged together with the 10 others?

  3. Very good. It's payback time. It's not fair if we taxpayers are to foot the bill.
    Why must you look at it from a racial point of view? It's always why Chinese, why Indians, not the Malays.
    Ambiga is the organizer. Marina is just a participant, being Ambiga's best supporter.
    If I have my way, Samad Said, Anwar, Azmin and their cohorts should pay for it.
    I have read the Star on this. Wish they named the 9 also charged with Ambiga.Maybe that septuagenarian's name is there.
    Only right she gets it because she promised full responsibility for holding the Bersih.
    She's not innocent. She knows that when Anwar is involved, he will bring his samseng with him.
    This will deter Ambiga from having another Bersih. Bersih 1 and 2 she got away with it.
    And I see her tweets. Whining about the police. Wonder how much DBKL paid to paint over the Bersih 4.0 at her house. Not to mention the man-hours the police put in to guard her house.
    Now calling the police to help when she has been denigrating the cops.
    The police should have just ignored her. They are paid pittance as compared to her who demands royal treatment.

  4. Finally mebbe the great big FOOL ktemoc can finally see theres a BIGGER DEVIL in the house worse than DSAI and PKR.

    Continue lar vote against DSAI and PKR people and u get to keep Barisan Najis and Najis Razak.

    U reap what u sow.


  5. Is there a possibility for Pak Samad to insist that the gomen includes him in the suit ?
    bear in mind that this is a civil suit with no imprisonment term .

  6. Aiyo...our necks are stretched to giraffe lengths, patience running out waiting endlessly for the GE13 to be announced...'promises' after 'promises' and yet no election in sight.

    Just announce the election lah, Najib. We here so want to vote out UMNO...thoroughly fed up to the gills with their samseng-ness. Sue lah Ambiga, sue lah all the non Malay rakyat who participate in the rally....we will use the ballot box to shoo you out from your lordy seat in Putrajaya.

  7. Given that the past five decades of unconscionable misrule have cemented Umno’s almost invincible position in the control of the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary branches of government, the rakyat is in an unenviable position of being between a rock and a hard place.

    But as it is money that makes the world go round, the good rakyat should, until the forthcoming elections, seriously commence combating the evil regime by targeting and BOYCOTTING all manner of products and services produced by the Barisan-owned or sponsored cronies and supporters. This should include boycotting their business enterprises and goods as well as restaurants and media and gambling outlets. As economic power is all that the good rakyat has, it should be used to good effect.

    It is time for the beneficiaries of Umno who have been feasting on the public purse to have their comeuppence.

  8. Tolak Individu Bernama Anwar Ibrahim (TIBAI)9:32 am, May 24, 2012

    If you look at the overall sequence of events, it is clear that the people who have to take the biggest blame for the mob violence of Bersih 3.0 are Anwar Ibrahim and his sidekicks.

    Bersih started off as a non-partisan movement, and up to 3.00 pm on that day, it looked like it would have concluded as a massive win for All involved - a rally of 250,000 carried out without a hitch.
    After Anwar & Co.'s actions, everything descended into hell. The police have mud on their face, Ambiga is a heavily diminished figure, the entire Bersih 3.0 committee put to shame.

    Reject Anwar Ibrahim's brand of politics

  9. Yes reject DSAI.

    Go on, stay with Barisan Najis and vote Najis Razak!

    Well done and BRAVO!


  10. Unvarnished Truth11:36 am, May 24, 2012

    Yes, Kaytee is correct - the towering, sex-obsessed, bully-boy racists are cowards of the first order.

    You will note that their Indon cousin brothers routinely kick their stinky asses and these cowards as usual dare not even let out a whimper of protest but take it in the butt quietly and submissively. They only act like roaring tigers to those they perceive as weaker than them; in other words cowards to the core.

  11. A.Samad said the Mahathir created the gangsters and Malaysians clever to tell lies.

  12. [.... seriously commence combating the evil regime by targeting and BOYCOTTING all manner of products and services produced by the Barisan-owned or sponsored cronies and supporters.] - by Anon 8:54

    Good suggestion, Anon 8:54 but you are definitely not the first to propose this.

    What happened to the call by civil activists in the past calling for a concerted effort to totally boycott UMNO's MSM ? Some success can be seen in the recent boycotting of Gardenia bread...but for this boycotting business to really take effect, to hurt where it matters most, it requires a dedicated and committed team to spearhead this on a massive level with good alternative being offered to replace the services and goods targetted to be boycotted.

    Any volunteers to source for funds for this campaign and to seek out creative and dedicated individuals to spearhead this on a nation-wide basis to r-e-a-l-l-y make a difference ?

  13. Support BN and UMNO.
    The alternative is Anwar Ibrahim's type of politics, which would be the most damaging to the country.

  14. "The alternative is Anwar Ibrahim's type of politics, which would be the most damaging to the country"- Tanah Melayu

    This guy spins as though the country is not damaged enough as it is....hahahaha. Look at yet another lastest MAS brouhaha...what a merry bunch these plunderers are, bail out after bail out, endless !

    At least with PR, even if they are up to no good, at least we cannot be worse than what we have now, with these brazen bunch of big-time thieves.

    P.S - muak lah, when racist signs off as 'Tanah Melayu' in this multi-racial country, as a deliberate 'in-your-face' telling off the non Melayu citizens that this country belongs only to that bunch who themselves ( we need to remind again and again !) migrated from elswhere too, especially from Indonesia, hahaha.

    Surely by now the orang asli would be modernised and educated too....where are they, these 'original' people...waiting for them to participate here and sign off as 'Tanah Orang Asli', wakakaka.

  15. Tolak Individu Bernama Anwar Ibrahim (Tibai)10:14 am, May 25, 2012

    Ambiga is a victim, as much as the injured policemen and the Bersih 3.0 rally participants were victims.
    Get this right - the only way you can solve a serious problem is to get at the root of the problem.

    The biggest trouble-maker in the country, the most dangerous mischief-maker is Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI). Most of the tension and problems that Malaysia faces arising from Bersih 3.0 and other issues, are the product of the machinations of BABI and his side-kicks.

    Reject BABI and his brand of politics, and Malaysia will be a much better place.

  16. Anon says: telling off the non Melayu citizens that this country belongs only to that bunch who themselves ( we need to remind again and again !) migrated from elswhere too, especially from Indonesia, hahaha.

    The fact is, peninsular Malaysia, the islands of Borneo, Sumatra, Java plus other islands in this neighbourhood can be collectively called the lands of the Malays who have lived in these parts way back since pre-historic times. They move around freely in these parts of the archipelago which they consider their homeland. Thus such movements cannot be called migration, unlike the Chinese and the Indians most of whom settled in the Malay Archipelago only in very recent times comparatively speaking. Therefore, it is not totally inaccurate to say that the Chinese and the Indians are immigrants to this part of the world.

  17. Yeah, there are a lot of Chinese racists who frequent this blog.

  18. Yeah, Tanah Melayu...blah, blah blah...trot out your 'thesis' which has been circulating for years to justify your racism.

    Why not find out first who are the orang asli in Malaya, how the word 'Malaya' (which is a hindu word i believe )came about, which hindu/buddhist civilisations were here first, how the word 'Melayu' came about...(hint - 'run away' ! )

    Just by merely declaring and repeating certain no-basis statements which concurred with your own views does not necessarily make it into a truthful/credible fact. Dr M at one time just came out and declare that this country is now an islamic state...but the constitution says otherwise, although he had some success with ammending the constitution about the 'constituional malays' which actually a lot of bull...what happens when a malay in Malaysia converts to other religion? say he no longer of the malay race ? is he then a mat salleh ? Bullocks lah you melayus.

  19. "Find out first who are the orang asli in Malaya," says Anon.

    That's easy! The Orang Asli are the Malays, and the Malays are the Orang Asli. They are synonymous with each other; they come from the same stock. Just check their DNA. Many Malays are descendents of the Orang Asli.

  20. If one wants to go into DNA...check out this :

    "Anthropologists trace the home of the Malay race to the northwestern part of Yunnan, in China. These tribal proto-Malays, or Jakun, were a seafaring people." And then there's the malay race from Taiwan...etc

    MagicRiver has interesting reads ( )on the orang asli, not least the part on slavery : (excerpt )

    Slave raids into Orang Asli settlements were not an uncommon feature in the 18th and 19th centuries. The slave-raiders were mainly Malays and Bataks, who considered the Orang Asli as 'kafirs', 'non-humans', 'savages' and 'jungle-beasts.'

    The modus operandi was basically to swoop down on a settlement and kill off all the adult men. Women and children were preferred as they were less likely to run away and were 'easier to tame.' The Orang Asli slaves were sold off or given to local rulers and chieftains to gain their favour.

    A considerable trade in slaves thus soon developed - and even continued into the present century despite the official abolition of all forms of slavery in 1884. In fact, the derogatory term Sakai used to refer to the Orang Asli until the middle of this century meant slave or dependent. Many elders still remember this sad period of their history, and all Orang Asli detest being called Sakai.

  21. The commentator above wrote that "Anthropologists trace the home of the Malay race to the northwestern part of Yunnan, in China. These tribal proto-Malays, or Jakun, were a seafaring people." And then there's the malay race from Taiwan...etc"

    Read that passage and the implication is: the Malays are descendants of the Chinese race. In other words, the Malays are actually Chinese!

    Now, how does one account for the different, albeit superficial, differences in the physical appearance between these two ethnic groups?

    Let's see, first living for aeons in the tropics under the fierce equatorial sun may have given the Malays a darker complexion - a direct result of nature's way of protecting us from the sun's harmful UV rays by increasing the concentration of melanin in the human skin.

    How about the curly eyelashes of the Malays? The Chinese, on the other hand, tend to have straight, downward sloping eyelashes.

    A possible conjecture suggests that this may be the result of an inter-racial marriage, between an Indian and a Chinese. One can observe that the children of Indian-Chinese parents do look very much like a Malay, and these children have curly eyelashes. I have friends from this group who had been confronted at lunch by religious dept officials during the fasting month, on the mistaken assumption that they were Malays and Muslim.

  22. Anon 12:04....betul tu. Sangat ngam lah, your postulations sound reasonable.

    Padan muka lah to people like racist 'Tanah Melayu' whose idea of his-story is UMNO's version of twisted tales ramped down the throats of students. These bigots and racists curse and rue the day when Internet comes along to counter all their lies and propaganda.

  23. I can't believe my eyes reading those wildeyed, absurd claims by the anonymous chingkies above. So, now you claim genetic closeness to the Malays, hoping that this will raise you up to our status? Not a chance ... hahaha.

    Your ridiculous claims could well give me a good laugh if not for how pathetic and feeble they are. You know, there's a saying for that, it is: A drowning man will grab at a straw.

  24. OMG...betul betul racist UMNO melayu. Who is claiming 'genetic closeness'? If Tanah Melayu wants to dispute, then take on the anthropologists who are the ones who did the studies.

    Hahaha..."hoping that this will raise you up to our status?"

    Status ? What status ? Freeloader status ? Rentier status ? Mengamuk status ? Entitlement mentality status ? The world-owe-us-a-living status ?

    Find out why the chinese stick steadfastly to their race, religion and language...not for all the gravies in Malaysia would they 'masuk melayu' like some... ( we all know who these rancid curries are, hehe ).

  25. Anon of 3:00 AM, May 27, 2012, please remember the Chinese saying "Sweeping everyone down with one single bamboo pole" so don't do that again.

  26. Sorry sincere apologies. Guess I have to be more mindful of my future comments. Hehe...not worth getting a 'red card' here, albeit a first one, just to prove some points to incorrigible, no-hope, thoroughly brainwashed BNT-nized bigot.

    Anon 3:00 AM