Saturday, May 26, 2012

Can Anwar Ibrahim ever sacrifice Azmin Ali?

The Malaysian InsiderPakatan to use joint manifesto, says Azmin

This bloke has a known HABIT of issuing press statements to present other Pakatan allies like DAP and PAS with fait accompli favourable to PKR so much so I don't believe him whenever he claims to speak on behalf of Pakatan.

For example, he said:

The Presidential Council [of Pakatan] has set a guideline on seat allocation and in the spirit of co-operation there will be a straight fight between PR and Barisan Nasional. We decided that there will be no bargaining for seats won by any component party.

Now, we are well aware that PKR has been under pressure to 'surrender' those state and federal seats won by its created frogs. Obviously the bloke is stating 'hands off' to seats like (just a few examples, and there are more) Changkat Jering and Behrang state seats and the Bagan Serai parliamentary seat in Perak.

PAS has made a bid to contest these three in the next general election. Perak PAS deputy commissioner Mohd Misbahul Munir argued that  Pakatan would have a better chance to retain the seats if PAS candidates were fielded wakakaka, and he probably has a point given the frogological (opportunistic) nature of some PKR candidates.

Mohd Misbahul said the party had raised the matter with the state Pakatan Rakyat committee “to respect the wishes of the grassroots in the area”, whatever he meant by ‘respect the wishes of the grassroots in the area’ wakakaka.

Mohd Misbahul also said PAS would leave the decision to the Pakatan supreme council.

Of course Perak PKR vice-chairman Chang Lih Kang told PAS to pordah, asserting that seat negotiation among Pakatan component parties in the state had been concluded, with PKR allocated Changkat Jering, Behrang and Bagan Serai seats.

Effectively, both are saying the same thing, that the Pakatan supreme council should decide (or already have). And what was that decision? Alas, still Top Secret lah wakakaka.

Somehow the declaration by ‘that bloke’ wakakaka that there will be no bargaining for seats won by any component party sounded very unilateral, a suspicion not completely unfounded given his known HABIT of presenting fait accompli (so he hopes) to Pakatan allies with his media statements, like his humongous grab for PKR in the last Sarawak state election but with abysmal results wakakaka, and ...

... Nurul Izzah's surprisingly selfish statement that PKR intends on holding to approximately 52 of that state's 71 seats - for background on this, read my last year's post Sarawak CM Taib can thank Azmin Ali for saving his hide.

To my mind, Pakatan joint statements should only be made in the presence of at least a member from each ally-party, and not by manmanlai junior alone. Who the f* is he anyway in the Pakatan scheme of things?

While on 'that bloke' I refer to CT Ali's article in Free Malaysia Today (FMT) titled Anwar must decide on Azmin.

Incidentally, CT Ali is a reformist who believes in Pakatan Rakyat’s ideologies and works at FMT as a columnist. He wrote:

Our nation bleeds copiously from the wounds inflicted upon it by those who think themselves fit to be leaders of this country of ours. 
Wounds inflicted upon our nation by pretenders to the thrones and who are at best, suffering from delusions of grandeur as a result of their inability to comprehend their own self worth.
Many walk the corridors of powers in Putrajaya where Barisan Nasional rules and some walk the alleyways in Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor – states that Pakatan Rakyat now rule. Some have the audacity to think themselves crown prince of the realm they are now in, Menteri Besar-designate of the state their party now controls and some imagine themselves future ministers in a Pakatan Rakyat government.
One of these upstarts that I speak of is Azmin Ali from PKR. The same Azmin that seems to have an almost magical hold over Anwar Ibrahim. The same Azmin who today is the target of gutter politics directed yet again at PKR. 
And in all of this, Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim choses to stand clear as his nemesis inches towards his own end. “Ahhhh” said Khalid, “retribution has finally comes to those that had seek my demise earlier – God is truly great”!

At the beginning of this post I stated 'PKR has been under pressure to 'surrender' those state and federal seats won by its created frogs'. What do I mean by 'its created frogs', where I included tadpoles as well - where tadpoles are former PKR members who do not hold any state or federal seats when they left.

Obviously I'm referring to people like Gobala, Nallakaruppan, Ezam, Zaid, Abdul Rahman, Johari, Jonson Chong, etc. Perhaps I'm unkind to some of them by classifying them as frogs or tadpoles in that they left not because they wish to be in BN (some are NOT in BN where they are in fact against BN while admittedly some like Ezam and Nalla have joined BN), but I would say most left because of Azmin Ali and his unusual strong (even overpowering) influence over Anwar Ibrahim - hence PKR 'created' its own frogs.

CT Ali further wrote:

I have never been one for gutter politics because there is a bit of that ‘gutter’ factor in everyone of us – lest the same is directed towards our ownselves as all it takes is for someone to dig deep enough and all will be revealed. But what if ‘gutter politics’ reveals the unsuitability of Azmin to be a leader within PKR and of Selangor?
Rahim Thambi Chik was never convicted of being a paedophile but he was ousted as Chief Minister of Malacca because the evidence against him overwhelmingly convicted him in the eyes of the public so much so that even Umno had to bow down to the inevitable and agreed that he had to go. 
And now Azmin is confronted with the same situation with the allegations of sexual impropriety with a woman who is not his wife. 
The YouTube re Anwar and Azmin’s antics at Bersih 3.0 had 600,000 hits within a few days of it being uploaded. Today it has over two million. 
These are numbers Anwar cannot ignore and I would hazard an educated guess that by now Anwar is also faced with the same pressure on the video re Azmin situation. You can line up all the usual suspect to back up Azmin position within PKR but there is no denying that if public opinion is to be considered, this is the time for Anwar to decide how PKR can be rid of Azmin.

He made a telling observation:

That Azmin and Anwar are leaders of PKR speak volumes of the maturity, or the lack of it, of those within PKR who have put up with these two leaders leading PKR from being the largest party within the opposition to become its weakest link at a time when Pakatan is facing its biggest challenge since its inception.

and he informs that for Anwar:
... there is no room for error, no room for friendship, no room for special consideration. Anwar only has time to do a surgical cut and rid PKR of Azmin once and for all, and then let PKR lick its wound and hope that he has done enough to save PKR from certain demise.

I once wrote I considered Azmin Ali as only a political midget whose greatest political achievement was to end Rosmah Mansoh's term as Chancellor of UNISEL earlier than scheduled, thus I would have like to conclude with an Amin to CT Ali's sound advice to Anwar, but alas, realistically speaking I doubt Anwar would, could ever get rid of Azmin, remembering the latter's 'magical hold' over the former wakakaka!


  1. useless analysis.

    To me, a non issue.

    Doesnt matter who says what and who contests where.

    ONly one condition is needed. a one to one contest between one Pakatan component (any one) vs Barisan Najis.

    This whole article is a total waste of time. Contributes nothing except show us your blatant and unfair prejudices.


  2. There's no need to fight over the allocation of seats. An obvious and simple solution to the matter is for all the three parties in PR to field their own candidate whereby the most popular candidate should win. And when the result is known all the 3 component parties should close ranks and throw their support behind the victorious candidate, whoever he/she may be; and, most important of all, cut out the mean-spirited, sour-loser attitude.

  3. PKR always wants to grab seats as many as they want but will only grudgingly give in to the other partners to contest, for e.g. Sarawak's case. And the other partners have to fight for seats.

  4. There is no seat grab going on Pakatan Rakyat.

    There is a certain level of push and pull over a minority of seats with overlapping claims. Sometimes it goes public. No big deal (except for BN-controlled Mainstream media trying to exaggerate it to drive a wedge between Pakatan parties.....and Ktemoc - for his own reasons.)

    I think its healthy, as long as there is a mechanism to talk it through which achieves a 1 to 1 contest at the end, and supporters of other parties do not resort to sabotage.

    Having said that, I agree that Azmin Ali is not the right person to be the No.2 in PKR.

  5. For an anwarista, Monsterbaby for once rises above the suffocating, misplaced, undeserved adulation of these PKRs to declare..."I agree that Azmin Ali is not the right person to be the No.2 in PKR." Bravo !

    But... her statement that "There is no seat grab going on Pakatan Rakyat " and that ".. its healthy, as long as there is a mechanism to talk it through" belies all those unilateral 'fait accompli' media statements by the PKK leadership, especially that infamous AA fella.

    Apa ini lah, you anwaristas ? How much better can you people be from those led-by-nose ( or by their self-interests) UMNO/BN supporters ? Truly our country is in dire straits when over 60% of votes behaved like this.

  6. Finally I can agree with Monsterbaby that Azmin Ali is not fit to be number two.
    But baby, Keadilan is a party of two - Anwar and Azmin. Azizah is just a stooge.
    Never shall the twain be parted.

  7. We woke pr in, but kick out anwar and azmin. Abu + aa

  8. Anwar Ibrahim could not afford to junk AA when he knows full well how malays behave.....if Anwar 'stabs' Azmin in the back, AA wil go berserk like Ezam and go merajukking to UMNO, this time promising to reveal 50 boxes of the corrupt practices of his boss.

    No can do lah, especially AA was deluded and even be misleaded to believe he could be the next PM after Anwar.

  9. The language used in your analyses and the style in which they are written shows your primitive attitude and poor intellect.
    I do not support PR but I can't say that I'm a fence-sitter because I do not agree with BN. Your blog is anti-PR, but you can't seem to have an intelligent argument or topic to discuss to bring readers to your side. If that's not the purpose of your blog, then what is?

  10. Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali are joined at the hip...or rather joined by their mutual bedding of the same woman.

    AA can't dump AI, if he does AI will reveal tons and tons of dirty secrets about AA, most damaging being his "lack of moral fibre".

  11. At least part of this article is the usual superficial rant against Anwar Ibrahim, without any real understanding of the issue and without context.

    The most important issue surrounding the negotiations for allocation of seats between Pakatan Rakyat partners concerns winnability and balance of power. Balance of power is important, because, to me at least, a PAS dominated Federal Government is the least desirable outcome of GE13, even more unwanted than a BN 2/3 majority, that already being a highly negative result. I'm taking PAS at its word that it will push for an Islamic theocracy if it becomes the dominant power in Putrajaya.

    Its not my intention to bad-mouth any Pakatan Rakyat party but I need to correct some perceptions.
    If you remember the history of past elections, the Opposition parties never previously contested all seats , even in Peninsular Malaysia. Because there is a large number of seats which were considered "Unwinnable" and it would have been a waste of time and resources to contest them.

    So many of the seats which PKR contested in GE12 were just crumbs DAP and PAS "gave up" because they had zero record of wins.
    BN's succesful Divide and Rule propaganda had, in the past, ensured that the minority community in Mixed seats almost always supported BN.
    Bayan Baru in Penang, for example, had not been won by ANY opposition party in 50 years.

    Now the political landscape in the country has changed to the extent BN is vulnerable in many, if not most, of the mixed seats. "Keris" Hishammuddin for example is now finding his previously Blue Ribbon Sembrong seat (38% Chinese) a dangerous place, facing the ignominy of losing his Parliamentary seat.

    To cut a long story short, some members of the Pakatan party partners, are unfortunately, hungrily eying some of these previously "Unwinnable" seats at the expense of PKR. That some of the 2008 PKR candidates were poorly chosen and have decamped is a separate issue.

    Anwar Ibrahim is correct in making it clear "No Way, Buster !"

    Fortunately , I believe most of the Pakatan Rakyat leaders are wise enough not to play such destructive zero-sum games.

  12. mari sertai komuniti forum yang terbaru dan terhangat masa kini..100% buatan anak malaysia!!
    sama-samalah support yer..

  13. I have pondered this posting. And I think the right question is can Pakatan sacrifice Anwar Ibrahim.
    After all the party's existence is solely for the survival of Anwar Ibrahim.
    Sacrifice him and the party will die a natural death.
    The party remnants can join DAP or PAS.
    All the Anwar dynasty will be all gone.

  14. winnability? wakakaka, greedy avaricious gluttony PKR seized 52 out of 71 Sarawak state seats and how many did it win? wakakaka! Compare that PKR quantity approach to DAP's quality participation.

  15. Ktemooc,
    I was mainly writting about Peninsular Malaysia, as I made clear. Sarawak and Sabah are totally different political animals.

    Dream on.
    It is your beloved UMNO which is facing its Waterloo in GE13.

  16. "Dream on.
    It is your beloved UMNO which is facing its Waterloo in GE13."

    I do not wish to burst anybody's bubble here......and I wish to remind all that I am all for a change of government (provided PAS remains permanently as a minor third wheel)....but inspite of all the articles and analysis and 'optimism', the fact remains that Sabah and Sarawak holds the key to the winner of this GE13 and we all know why these states are known as the BN's fixed deposits.

    And most of all, we all know The-DEVIL-We-Know just can't accept defeat although Dr M have twisted it around the other way, so typical of that twister of a man.

    The only reason they dragged their feet for the GE date is simply because of their 2 wish-list : they want to make sure they get the two-thirds majority and they are dead serious about wanting to get back the jewel-in-the-crown Selangor.

    At this juncture, even if PR could not form the government, just denying them the 2 wishes would be good enough.

  17. Well, I'm not an Anwar supporter, but I thoroughly want to see Barisan Nasional replaced, regardless.
    I will say this. One of the unfortunate effects of Malaysia's narrow Income Tax base, with most individuals paying little or no Income Tax at all, is the lack of sense among many, that Government funds are their hard-earned money.

    So there is a distinct lack of outrage at the massive level of corruption and abuse of power of the UMNO/BN regime. They just shrug and think it an artificial issue created by the Opposition.

    On the other hand, when they get little crumbs back from the government, they are so thanklful, thinking Najib and UMNO are so generous...and deserve some gratitude.

    Even for Ktemoc, who has occassionally written articles criticising government abuse of power and corruption, I think it is almost a theoretical issue. He's earning Aussie dollars and paying Aussie income tax - and spends most of his blogging time lambasting Anwar Ibrahim.

    Anwar is a flawed and sometimes divisive figure, but often I think Ktemoc is barking up the wrong tree.

  18. PKR is the most F*cked up political party in Malaysia...literaly..

  19. Kt is not barking at the wrong tree.
    It is his character to insult whoever he likes.
    His target is Anwar.
    He has a malicious character.

  20. Silence is golden.