Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Half-past six veterans

Malaysiakini Army veterans do 'butt exercises' at Ambiga's house

My uncles who served in the military have asked me to express their disgust at those so-called army 'veterans' who showed their butts in front of Ambiga Sreenevasan's house in Bukit Damansara to protest her leadership of Bersih.

Those half-past six idiots who claimed to be members of the Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans Association (PVTM) showed their partisan political position and misused (and disgraced) the armed forces by calling Ambiga an “enemy of the nation who had smeared the country’s name”.

Enemy of the nation? What f* bullsh*t!

Now, everyone in this nation has a right to protest against anyone in peaceful fashion. But in their protest against Ambiga and her Bersih, a protest blatantly coloured by partisan political persuasion, those morons have smeared the apolitical status and character of the military when they shamefully claimed to represent PVTM. Don't taint the good name of the military, arseholes.

In doing so, they themselves have become the 'enemy of the state' by involving the PVTM in their political allegiance, a treasonable act which raises worrying questions about the altered status of the apolitical military.

Over the last 25 to 30 years, the supposedly apolitical public institutions of our nation have all gone to the dogs, forgetting their public role - police, EC, judiciary, civil service, former and current IGPs, and now the military - all serving not their master, the public, but instead a private organization, UMNO.

Who should we blame for politicising these institutions?


  1. They should do it in front of Anwar Ibrahim's house.

    He is well known for....an interest in butts..

  2. Sorry to say, Malaysia's military haven't had a good name for quite some time. Most of the top brass have been co-opted into the corrupt procurement system. Scorpene, Sukhoi, Pulapol, Kedah LCS, all happened with the active connivance of Senior commanders.

    Pray very, very hard that Malaysia's military never has to go into combat against a skilled opponent. For years, political loyalty and "cooperativeness" have been a primary basis for promotions to top positions. These UMNO-generals are not fighting soldiers.
    Many, if not most of our expensive weapons systems have been purchased with the amount of "manna" receivable as the most important criteria. I feel sad for the soldiers who will have to use these weapons in combat - and die.

  3. Thanks RMC, I share your disappointments with the "new" politicised generals, and more importantly your concerns for our soldiers.

  4. The whole time watching the video, seeing the way they wiggle their bums and the tongue-in-cheek sarcasm of their spokesperson rambling on and on.....with their buddies grinning slying at the side and the police watching serenely nearby....a thought struck my mind : what do the majority of the Malays watching this video REALLY think of their veterans intimidating an Indian lady who btw, is quite admirable the way she handled them.

  5. Now at least we know who the real enemies of the nation are, those who participated or have been supporting the BERSIH rally.

  6. just minions of a political party who brazenly attempted to drag in the name of an apolitical military - ptui, treasonous hired guns or paid-for butts wakakaka!