Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sex and Malaysians

Sex, sex, sex ...

Either we Malaysians are the sexiest people on this planet or we're just obsessed with sex.

We even have men and women from a certain political  party interested in seeing what lies at the inner reaches of an AirAsia stewardess short skirt. They believed they could see a 'tunnel' - for more see my 2007 post No light at end of UMNO 'Tunnel'.

Then there were some who were engrossed with a woman's menstruation. Not to be outdone, religious officers raided Zuok nightclub and then forced young women to urinate in front of their hot prying eyes, while one enterprising religious officer who caught a woman at a nightclub (for whatever) tried to force her to do a blowjob on him as a quid pro quo for silence on her 'crimes'.

Then there were cases of incest, the lowest of the low. The fucking slugs. And trust parliament to reduce the sentence for incest, would you believe it! ('would you believe it' was NOT a question but rather an emphasis on parliament unbelievably going easy on those slugs) - see my 2009 post Lawmakers too easy on incest!

Perhaps we could glean some related info from one bloke from Pasir Mas (he of the peh-pow generosity wakakaka) who advised all and sundry in 2008 that Old men still wanna have fun and declared: “… there would be fewer marital problems and a lower divorce rate if Muslim women were taught to accept polygamy.”

Ibrahim was responding to PKR's Fuziah Salleh who questioned the qualifications of Syariah Court counsellors. She revealed that whenever there were marital problems, the women were blamed and forced to take the blame.

Peh-Pow said: "Such problems happen because women cannot accept polygamy. From a preventive point of view, what about doing a big campaign so that women can accept polygamy?"

He elaborated that women don’t realize that the … er … fun stops for husbands when those women become pregnant or when they hit their 50s - for more, read my 2008 post Ibrahim Ali said 50-year old women no longer fun.

Also in Kelantan in 2006, deputy mufti Datuk Mohamad Shukri Mohamad informed Berita Harian about Section 128 (1) of the Kelantan Islamic Law Enactment 2002, where Muslim wives would be deemed to be unjust and abusive if they cannot satisfy their husbands' sexual needs.

He warned: “Thus wives who do not provide proper care for their husbands, including not fulfilling their sexual needs, can be considered as being unjust and abusive towards their husbands.”

“These women can be charged under Section 128 (1) of the Kelantan Islamic Law Enactment 2002.”

No doubt he became an instant hero to hubbies wakakaka. So it's hardly surprising that some ulama-politicians constantly harped on issues of sex – whether it’s about:

(a) some bizarre suggestions to prevent sex crimes like the use of chastity belts, and once a PAS’ proposal to train women to be martial artists, or

(2) blaming women for being responsible for arousing men (eg. lipstick, perfume, gatal divorcees, dressing, gyrating Indonesian singer).

Meanwhile in West Peninsula, in Langkawi, snoop squads raided the hotel room of an elderly American tourist couple who had earlier sailed in on their own yacht. The wife was so traumatised by the experience she flew home immediately to USA.

Of course we have our infamous Sodomy I and II, and rendezvous at Hadyaai and 'crunching on a couch'. And our opposition and ruling party ministers have their sexual preferences, including pinching the bottom of bar hostess. Worst, Indonesian maids are not safe too.

I have even heard of salacious stories allegedly about Dr Mahathir, yes, Dr Mahathir. And also about a gambling king and his provision of Chinese virgin twins wakakaka - BTW, are there still virgins in Malaysia, let alone twin ones? wakakaka.

Then there were stories about escapades at Port Dickson and Kenny Hills too.

And we were told by a private eye of the sexual preferences of a dead Mongolian model, that she liked it in the back.

One bloke wanted Valentine's Day banned because he feared sexual orgies galore on that day of love - I only wish wakakaka. He believed (maybe still does) that the word 'love' could only mean sex, sex, sex - for more (information, not sex wakakaka) see my post Valentine's Day's wild sex romps & orgies.

Now a minister in the PM Department tells us that Jakim is worried about the book of liberal Islamic activist, Irshad Manji, titled 'Islam, Liberty and Love' - presumably because of the word 'Love' being there wakakaka.

Once, Putrajaya's Islamic Department set up an Islamic Snoop Squad or official peeping Toms.

And in 2007 in Terengganu, the UMNO state government initiated an ‘ingenious’ plan ('ingenious' as reported by Star Online, wakakaka) where Mat Skoding’s or spies will be recruited from locals to tip-off the state religious department of immoral activities, like cases of close proximity and vice, essentially peeping Toms too - for more see my 2007 post Mat Skoding - bounty hunters for gatal females.

The police, not to be left out, had Squatgate where a policeman illegally took photos of a naked woman doing ear squats in a cell (under directions from 'Ilse Koch'). In another case one of their members made salacious sexual gestures to a Malaysian wife who was wrongly arrested because she looked like a China doll - the policeman's gestures indicated his admiration of her breast with a suggestion to get together.

Recently, a sweetie was alleged to have been paid millions of ringgit for 4 months of cohabitation collaboration with a minister.

Latest we are hearing is about the claim of new anti-Pakatan NGO, Tibai, that a Pakatan leader had flirted with a male university student and sought his nude photo.

Oh, just be careful with the spelling and pronunciation of the NGO's acronym wakakaka, because you could well be accused of speaking (or saying) the truth wakakaka again.

Or, perhaps some Malaysians are sex pervs (perverts) wakakaka, always wanting to pry (excuse that pun wakakaka).


  1. No decent blog owner will put out a post with sex graphic pictures.
    I don't care what his message is.
    Ktemoc should understand his blog has many young viewers.

  2. At least Lee Hsien Loong never talk or think about sex. Why not Malaysia and Singapore merge and let Lee Hsien Loong become Prime Minister of the new country?

  3. Ok, let's get back to the rojak, thosai or burger (aka raw meat from a certain part). These stories and making me hungry & popcorn is for wimps... The movie is starting, darling bring me my coke....


    Minda Bebas

  4. sex,sex and lots of sex.isn't that why a mongolian mother was murdered because she was pregnant with a vvip's fetus.

  5. Tibai...Tibai...Tibai...

    It is almost crunch time for Najib to decide whether to call the elections in June or delay further.
    Apparently the best intelligence UMNO has still shows no certainty of an election win for BN. Most likely a win, but the likelihood will be a weak win, equal or worse than the 2008 performance, which will be a huge embarrassment for Najib.

    In terms of substantive issues, UMNO's cupboard is the fall back is hooliganism (like the attack on the Ambiga talk in Melaka, which she didn't even attend) and all kinds of sexual aspersions.

  6. Do you remember that Tanah Melayu not so long ago commented that "chingkie lowlifes bring corruption and decay everywhere they go"?

    Now, perhaps he may want to tell us which ethnic community all these towering satyrs that KTemoc described above comes from mainly.

  7. "chingkie lowlifes bring corruption and decay everywhere they go"

    Hahaha...I agree wholeheartedly...

  8. Chingkies don't talk about sex (take Singapore, for example) because they are simply below par ?

  9. The comments here are going into X-rated territory, but I guess Ktemoc asked for it, from the topic of his post and the umm..athmosphere..diagrams..etc..

  10. If we Malaysians are the sexiest people in the world - well, then that's reason for celebration and for us to trumpet this achievement loudly to the whole world.

    After writing such a long and profound essay, KTemoc must be feeling worn out. Shall I offer you a nice, soothing backrub?

    Now, now, all you gentlemen reading this - let me assure you that I'm a very prim and proper lady, so please don't let your imagination run wild! ;)

  11. wat's opposite of sex ?

    xes lah !!