Monday, May 21, 2012

Prelude to final defence?

From Malaysiakini we read Mariam Mokhtar's When pseudo-Malays seek control which tells us (extract):

The Bersih 3.0 rally forced the worst out of the Umno Malays last week: there were supposedly Malay traders who offered free burgers despite bitterly complaining about loss of income; ex-soldiers flashing their flabby posteriors, making us glad they had left the service; a senior police officer who mocked the law by condoning protests opposite private homes; a defence minister who believes he is above the law and has probably planned his escape in a submarine which cannot submerge, and a formerly ‘respected’ senator who resigned from his party and now tells us to accept corrupt politicians.

Apparently those army veterans were not from the army but RELA. According to Mariam, each was paid RM50 to wriggle his arse - poor value for money lah wakakaka. And a big pordah for brazenly claiming to be army veterans.

But Mariam pointed out that more worrying than the theatrical harassment of Ambiga was the racial undertones where the 'people' organizing the harassments of Ambiga, whether on her role as Bersih leader or her support of LGBT movement, were careful not to harass Berish's Samad Said (national laureate) or LGBT supporter Marina Mahathir.

Mariam also highlighted the antics of Alam Warisan president Azam Moktar at the anti-LGBT rally, where he blamed the 'immigrant ethnicities' (meaning Indians and Chinese) for trying to change Malaysian social values and for 'trying to set fire in Malaysia'.

Reminiscent of Najib and cousin Hishamuddin's keris waving proclivities, Azam Miktar, clad in traditional Malay garb, declared: “Today I withhold this keris. But if one day I can't tolerate any more, I will use the keris against the enemy of this land!”

Mariam scoffed at the irony of ethnic heroes in the cabinet as more peddlers of rancid curries and eaters of tempeh. But nonetheless they're employing the standard formula for rallying the heartland to the UMNO banner, to defend Tanah Melayu against the 'immigrant ethnicities'.

Thus, with all these demagogueries or racial blaming and harassments of Ambiga and the 'immigrant ethnicities' crescendoing daily, including acts of violence such as the Merlimau incident, we need to ask where they will eventually take us to?

I don't mean to be an alarmist but I cannot help but read into them sinister shades of a repeat of Tun Razak's pre coup d’état scenario, the escape route for an UMNO facing dire defeat in an election.

Thus, I have to but ask, do these anti Bersih and anti 'immigrant ethnicities' demagogueries signal preparations for UMNO's 'final defence'?


  1. The UMNO leadership has already received clear intelligence that there is a possibility, within the margin of uncertainty, that BN may lose GE13.

    The most likely outcome is still a weak win, without 2/3 majority, perhaps even worse than the 2008 results.
    Even the best case scenario is not a pretty sight.

    The recent behaviour of the UMNO supporters and its sub-contractors, as well as the regime's actions over issues as diverse as Bersih 2.0 and Lynas become clearer in that light.

  2. This Mariam is an alarmist. A bitter spinster (I think). Get a hubby and she will tone down.
    She's so biased. Got nothing good to say about the government.
    She's fanning racial hatred.
    None of her dire predictions will happen.
    Life will go as usual with peace. And Mariam is not happy about it. She will have nothing to write.

  3. Either way, who finally will be the biggest loser ?

    Let's say a repeat of Tun Razak's pre coup d'etat happened.....what will be the outcome ? Several hundreds or even several thousands non Malays ( and some Malays too since there will be retaliation ) may suffer the same fate like those who did during that 513 incident forty years ago. The country will immediately go into a tailspin, and since the Malays hold the largest slice of the economy now, they will be the ones dealt with the biggest loss, although the rest too will suffer.Many will face bankruptcies and many will try to flee the country. It will take years for the country to recover.

    Or the other scenario.....BN wins, albeit with a slim majority, and we get to see the same old, same old, except that the plundering will be notched up even more frenziedly. The country will face bankruptcies and many will try to find better countries to go to if they have the means and for the majorities, which is the Malays, they will have a 'Greece Situation' at hand.

    We all know who finally will be the biggest loser since the demographic and the economic situation are completely different from that of 40 years ago.

  4. "Thus, I have to but ask, do these anti Bersih and anti 'immigrant ethnicities' demagogueries signal preparations for UMNO's 'final defence'?"

    Perhaps, that is why Bersih people need to come out stronger to defend Ambiga and prevent the whole incident turning into a racial one.

    I am talking about Pak Samad (or any other prominent Bersih Malays) telling those losers to come to his house and one on one, man to man and settle the issue. Not just asking politely like why not demo outside his house. It has to be done in a manner that it will catch the attention of the whole country. That is how you defeat the plot.

    In fact, Bersih should just follow the PR template. When UMNO attacked DAP, PAS came to rescue. Only the people of the same race can contradict racists. To have others do it will only make make matters worse.

  5. If Mariam is a possible spinster, Buttercup is a possible gay.
    Buttercup is not a racist but supports to divide and rule.
    This he/she has nothing to say and Mariam said plenty sensible things.
    Buttercup is the donkey/horse ;heeehaw heehaaw heehaaw

  6. Buttercup not racist ? Hahahaha...try scratching him where it matters and his racist colours come out flying. This Buttercup aka Quiet Despair aka Bedul is one story spinner and racist to the core, like Tanah Melayu, the only difference is...Buttercup is a 'likable' racist whereas Tanah Melayu is insufferable. Just one guy's opinion here, hehehe.