Friday, June 01, 2012

Is Silence Golden?

From Free Malaysia Today's (FMT) Cough up the truth, Haris tells Azmin

... lawyer-activist Haris Ibrahim demanded that Azmin come clean and explain the allegation to the public as his voters deserved the truth. 
“Azmin told an online news portal that his constituents need no explanation because they knew him well. 
“I am not one of his constituents. I belong to that category that he and Anwar often refer to as the “BOSS”. Yes, the people. The rakyat.  
“We, the rakyat, are interested in the truth, Azmin,” said Haris.

More importantly FMT reported:

Haris also said that while he supported the calls for Anything but Umno (ABU), it was also equally important for the people to reject corrupt leaders. 
"As we work to get rid of the ‘garbage’ presently littering Putrajaya, we are not prepared to blindly replace them with ‘rubbish’,” said Haris.

Haris remarked that both Anwar and Azmin have not responded to his SMS-es about issue.

Hmmm, does silence means golden or gotcha?


Meanwhile, somewhere .....

a: Tuk, that bastard is harassing me again, just like he did during the party polling. F* him and his Jambu-ism.

A: Nah, nah, sayang, buat diam diam saja, apa dia boleh buat - just look at the polling matter, all now quiet on the Western Front so tenang lah. Bahkan, Melayu mudah lupa kekeke.

a: What! You are quoting HIM!

A: So what! F* him!

a: But he has more 'good's on us.

A: Aiyah, mana dia berani. Kita mati, semua mati ler. The Yanks call it M-A-D atau Mutually Assured Destruction kekeke. Ni rules of Omerta.


  1. Harris and RPK are in the same camp,Umno's camp.Hahaha,hehehe.

  2. Haris is living in La-La land. Since when is Pakatan people especially Anwar and his fave boy ever forthcoming about everything.
    These two like to shout out that it is UMNO's conspiracy and that it is UMNO that's correct.
    Who does Haris think he is when the leaders in Pakatan too never knew who are these two fellas really.
    They are only cohorts in getting to Putra Jaya.
    No real bonding like BN component parties.

  3. I know Haris is not trusted by PR politicians and BN does not trust them too.
    He and RPK are snakes.

  4. Bruno can read my mind.
    I agree with him.

  5. Hehehe...fancy meeting you here, QD !

    Be careful now, you might end up confusing everybody here since you are also Buttercup. No, no...don't try to deny. Why not do a 'hattrick' by bringing in your 3rd other self 'Bedul' ( your nick in Rocky)...then that will be real fun ! Satu jadi tiga ! hehe.

    But honestly....we at the comment section here welcome you warmly here, Quiet Despair. You must thank your nana for giving you such a c-u-t-e nick. Happy crossing swords here with your buddy Bruno, okay ?

    Coming back to the topic....why are you guys so heartless to accuse Haris of being an UMNO snake ? Would an UMNOnite spearheads so actively the ABU campaign like Haris is doing, who tirelessly cross all over the nation bringing this messge all ? fanatics, just because Haris dares to query your god and his blue-eyed he MUST have sold out and be on opposing side ? So pathetically typical lah.

  6. Glad you like my comment and nick, whoever you are. Anon 12.24AM
    We have so many ghosts and fakes here.

  7. No matter what, bottom line is still ASA vs an UMNO candidate in Gombak.

    Bottom line is still DSAI vs UMNO in Permatang Pauh.

    U guys choose.

    Rubbish lah RPK. EVEN if AA is guilty as what RPK claims, ANY candidate UNMNO puts up would have been guilty of stealing from this country 1000 times more.

    And as per normal, ktemoc is too prejudiced to even talk about UMNO!


  8. and listen up ktemoc.

    u talk about silence being golden ?

    what about najib silence on accusations that Malaysia Immigration erased Altantuya entry records?

    what about najib and zahid hamidi silence on selling of mindef defence secrets ?

    what about najib silence on scorpene commission?

    all these silence dont matter izit ?

    but silence on a more than 15 year old case by a half past six turncoat based in london about rm 1 million in assets is oh, so important !

    yeah, i guess silence is golden to ktemoc

    but only if they r UMNO !!


  9. ktemoc trying hard to carry Najib's balls for a job in Malaysia.

  10. It proves one thing - ACA answers to powerful politicians. Just like now.


    what about this then ktemoc ?

    shouldnt Maha-Tiu, Daim, Jafar and Nor sue the crap out of the person accusing them?

    so silence is not guilty in this case izit ?

    but then knowing u, yeah yeah, only DSAI and AA is at fault if they keep silent.

    Your UMNO buddies wrong doings semuanya ok isnt it

    what bloody double standards.