Friday, May 18, 2012

MCA true to form in Lynas?

Recently RPK pinpoint 3 major issues or problems for Najib in the coming elections, which the PM should resolve or face the consequences of adverse public (voters) reaction. One of Najib's problems was mentioned as Lynas.

Apparently poor Najib inherited those problems but as the saying goes, with authority/power comes the sh*t as well - excuse kaytee for substituting 'responsibility' with a scatological replacement wakakaka, because the new word fits the headache Lynas is giving the PM.

RPK also regaled us with insider's knowledge on why Najib has found it virtually impossible to stop Lynas unless he is prepared to dole out billions of ringgit in compensation for contractual breach.

Needless to say, as per the well-known standard modus operandi of BN, the component parties have to not only toe the coalition line but support Tai-Koe as well. No independent thinking or conscionable action would be permitted for lesser parties.

Some time ago, our dear remarkable MCA in the amazing person of deputy president Liow ‘my beloved PM’ Tiong LIE proposed setting up a National Committee on Rare Earth issues to supervise the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Gebeng.

'Wunderbar Kid and beloved by UMNO' Liow (he of ‘my beloved PM’ fame) roped in the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Hua Zong) and seven other Chinese associations, to form a committee which would collect and convey the public’s views to the International Trade and Industry Ministry, the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry, and the National Economic Action Council.

Good boy!

But alamak, PKR sweetie Fuziah Salleh gave Liow (and MCA) the pordah, stating “That message is stop Lynas, not supervise LAMP. By setting up this supervisory committee, MCA is trying to show that it is the champions of the rakyat. But it is making a fool of the rakyat’s intelligence and concerns.”

Sweetie also excoriated Liow for enlisting only Chinese associations and ignoring the Malay communities in Balok and Gebeng, all of whom have concerns over LAMP as well.

She taruh Liow kau kau, “Are the lives and well-being of the Chinese community more important to the MCA than that of other communities. This reflects the typical BN chauvinistic thinking and a crude example of its divide-and-rule mindset.”

Dearest Fuziah, at this stage with your sweet permission, maybe I ought to provide an excuse for MCA. Liow (beloved by UMNO) could only get those it had enlisted (and they bloody well 'participate', of course for the good of UMNOthe nation) because no one else would bother to listen to  him. So please cut him some slack wakakaka.

Anyway, sticking to their principal role of always supporting Tai-Koe, we have just read in The Malaysian Insider (TMI) 2 days ago that MCA suspends Pahang youth leader over anti-Lynas stand. The TMI report said:

The MCA disciplinary board has suspended Indera Mahkota Youth chief David Choi for three years over his open criticism of the Lynas rare earth refinery, Sin Chew Daily reported today.

The disciplinary board hauled Choi up for his deviation from the official party stand on the Lynas rare earth plant issue.

Poor bloke, didn't he know that SOP doesn't permit independent thinking or conscionable action by lesser parties?

TMI photo

At the hearing, Choi was also asked to explain other complaints against him for breaching disciplinary rules, including repeatedly harming the reputation of MCA Indera Mahkota division chief Pang Tsu Ming.

U Must Not Oppose party policy. Don't ever harm the reputation of MCA; it's okay with the health of residents in Gebeng but never ever the reputation of MCA.

“Although it has been decided that his membership has been suspended for three years, he can still appeal,” disciplinary board chairman Tan Sri Michael Chen told the newspaper.

When contacted by the newspaper, Choi said that he has not received news of his suspension.

MCA Pahang chief Datuk Ho Khai Mun was similarly in the dark when contacted by Sin Chew to clarify.

On second thoughts, perhaps the above meant that the suspension was only a sandiwara to placate Tai-Koe? wakakaka.

I hope 'my beloved PM' won't be unduly flustered by some young MCA members holding an anti-Lynas demonstration. Maybe we are living in LynasLewis Carroll's Wonderland where like the Cheshire ChoiCat which couldn't be beheaded by the Queen, everything was a dream of the Red King and no more than a figment of his imagination wakakaka.


  1. KTemoc wrote: "Needless to say, as per the well-known standard modus operandi of BN, the component parties have to not only toe the coalition line but support Tai-Koe as well. No independent thinking or conscionable action would be permitted for lesser parties."

    KT, this observation of yours almost automatically suggests a solution to the conundrum.

    MCA, Gerakan, even MIC, can leave the BN and strike out on its own as an independent party while still retaining friendly, cooperative ties with the BN by stating its stand as being BN friendly. As an independent party it can support or oppose issues based on its conscience and principles without having to accommodate the wishes of a dominant partner such as UMNO.

    If MCA considers that as not feasible, an alternative can be for the independent-minded and morally-conscious members of the party to leave and form a new, spin-off entity which will have the freedom to act on all issues based on sound moral, ethical principles as mentioned in the above paragraph.

  2. DAP Batu Uban guy1:06 pm, May 18, 2012

    I'm a card-carrying DAP member, but I differ from Pakatan Rakyat, especially PKR over Lynas.
    There is too much inaccurate and pseudo science being thrown around, unnecessarily frightening the public.
    All the information made public so far, including reviews by IAEA experts (and here I put a caveat that I have to assume that the information provided is not false) indicates that the Lynas is safe to operate within proper safety regulations.

    There is a remainding concern that the mildly radioactive waste be disposed of responsibly, otherwise, the LAMPS plant is no threat to the Malaysian public.

  3. dear friends,
    i think the worry is not only how safe Lynas is theoretically, i would not bet my children's future on a "tidak apa Attitude" "boleh attitude" that gave us 1) the leaking of Roof of Malaysian Parlimen. 2) falling roof of trengganu stadium, 3) cracking pillars of MRR2, 4) collapsing TOWER of Queen Elizabeth Hospital,Kota Kinabalu that warranted emergency evacuation. granted these are government facilities, BUT it is the same government monitoring bodies like JKR that failed here, that would be "overlooking" the safety requirements. if it were so safe why not do it in their own country.

  4. You see MCA also will not allow dissenting view but they criticise DAP for a rebuke to Tunku Aziz. Tunku was not suspended at all, just a rebuke. Whereas, MCA suspended their youth chief for 3 years just criticising Lynas.

  5. Fuziah Salleh is just using the Lynas issue to divert attention from her failure to serve her Kuantan constituency.

    Useless, hopeless, PKR. I will not vote for them again.

  6. DAP Batu Uban Guy ,the disposal of the radioactive waste is precisely the problem with Lynas . They say they r ready to begin operations but till now they have no idea what to do with the wastes . They have only proposals and suggestion . An important issue like this should have been resolved before any govts give profit motivated companies to operate on our soil . Any expert will tell u there is no safe level when it comes to radiation .

  7. Anon 2.28pm is so right. Fuziah has always been misrepresenting the Lynas facts for her own interest.
    Infact her bluffs have been called by local and international nuclear experts.
    And for my dear beloved PM, the Lynas issue is the least of his worries.
    The benefits to the people far outweigh the danger which is very minute.
    The Kuantan people are happy since it will bring growth to the town.
    Wonder why the Chinese fear this Lynas plant?
    Is it because it is in your DNA to fear death?
    Or is it because we Malays are fatalistic. WE leave it to Allah as he decides when he die.
    You can die while sitting comfortably at home. Infact accidents and deaths happen more in the home and road-side than other places.
    And I always see the Pakatan bloggers always quote what the fat bloke said.
    We never bothered about he thinks, say or do.

  8. KT,RPK is just spinning for Umno.He is deflecting the public's anger from Najib to Badawi.Look at the bald headed's articles.Seventy five percent of his present articles are for Umno.

  9. When this blog is peaceful, the nonsense starts again.

  10. someone's back from Hadyaai feeling mighty (ooops, wrong word) feeling limp (wakakaka) and frustrated at his multi failures, so letting off steam here wakakaka

  11. The real Buttercup said : "Is it because it is in your (chinese) DNA to fear death?
    Or is it because we Malays are fatalistic. WE leave it to Allah as he decides when he die."

    Aiyo...Chinese are pragmatic lah.They just don't trust these UMNO cronies to ensure the safety of ANYTHING in this country based on the disastrous past track record.

    Also, God or no God, may be the Chinese have a keener sense of how devastating and horrifying if one is stricken down with malignant tumours or some such dreadful diseases. And they KNOW when they die, there ain't no 72 vestal virgins waiting for them to give endless orgasm or a river of endless flow of wine to quench their thirst after the orgies. P.S. this just prove that your god is better than the kafirs' god, heheheh. Cheh, tadak standard lah these kafirs' god.

  12. Buttercup 3.21 am is not me. And so is bruno 1.07 am. He does not write like that.somehow you know the style of writing after being long here.

  13. True to form, Real Buttercup 4.42pm proceeds to frame the Lynas debate in Racist terms.

    It is not and never has been a Racial issue. Plenty of Malays around the Kuantan area are concerned about the Lynas project.
    Yes, perhaps the level of trust towards the Government among the Malays may be higher, but that doesn't mean this is a Chinese / Malay issue.

  14. To add to Jeyan 2:43 PM, May 18, 2012

    As a safety/environment practitioner, I am surprised that radioactive waste is not governed by Environmental Quality Act, where even things like used engine oil, oily rags batteries are classified as scheduled waste and you can be charge in court if not disposed properly.

  15. IF this poor fool can be suspended WHY shouldn't TA (b4 resignation)!?

    malaka cif even told a mca member who attended 3.0 to resign BUT vcd boss kept mum !????

  16. MY beloved xxx ....hahahaha , tq !