Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Destroying Bersih's success

There is no denying that the Malaysian police went feral and metamorphosed into samsengs of the most brutal kind, not unlike the Argentinean police of that nation's Dirty War (1976 - 1983).

It's terrible that a public funded force, instituted to 'serve & protect' the public, instead turned against the very people it vowed to 'serve & protect'.

The ferocity with which they hunted down innocents to bash them up as some kind of misinformed 'pay back' mental madness shows how wrong the governance of this nation has become. Supposedly professionals became suppressive predators.

How do we remedy such a dysfunctional evil force since the UMNO-led government has refused to?

Change the government?

But how to when the elections will be stacked against the federal opposition because of a corrupt and very partisan Election Commission whose two senior men are unbelievably members of a political party, namely UMNO?

But then, wasn't Bersih organized and launched precisely to draw the King's and public attention to the nefarious EC and its inability/refusal to conduct 'clean and fair' elections? Wasn't Bersih appealing to the King and general public for their support, regardless of the people's political allegiance? Even some Gerakan people, admittedly a minority, had daringly voiced their support for Bersih and its objective, namely to have 'clean & fair' elections.

And that's why Bersih's conduct of neutrality should be beyond reproach, a supra-political-party movement which neither opposes BN or Pakatan, nor supports BN or Pakatan, but one merely campaigning for a neutral, impartial EC staffed by executives and people of the highest integrity, and also to rid from EC the two top EC executives with their shameful affiliation to a political party.

Thus in my post Bersih - "Uncle okay?", Auntie is okay! I had appealed to Pakatan's political leaders to butt out and stay out of any leading role in Bersih, and not to hijack the campaign for their own political agenda. I had written:

The message to Malaysians must be unequivocally and unambiguously clear that Bersih 3.0 in demanding clean and fair elections is a campaign by very concerned and politically-neutral citizens who are neither pro Pakatan nor anti BN, or vice versa. 
Far more importantly, Bersih’s efforts are pro public interests and anti-corrupt elections. Bersih seeks to prevent nefarious forces from cheating the voters of their choice of representatives. 
Pakatan leaders, Anwar Ibrahim, Hadi Awang & Lim Kit Siang and their senior lieutenants, must allow Bersih to be seen clearly by the Malaysian public as a non-Pakatan affiliated movement for clean and fair elections, and deserving of support by ALL concerned citizens, thus these Pakatan leaders, while supporting Bersih, must remain in the publicity background and not selfishly hijack the rally for their own political interests.

Because if they did, then as I wrote, inevitably UMNO will portray to the heartland that the mass rally is a creation of its political rival, Pakatan Rakyat.

But someone was determined to cause a sensation, to dramatise the situation perhaps for his foreign visitors to witness at first hand, acts of violence against the public by the oppressive BN government, even at the risk of a major sector of the public being influenced by UMNO that Bersih 3.0 was just a PKR support movement.

Free Malaysia Today has identified in its news article Rasah PKR leader arrested a PKR member who is believed to commit an offence related to the Bersih 3.0 rally - for more, read my post Deciphering of difficult de facto hand signals.

It is high time Pakatan supporters wake up and realize our coalition will never ever get to sit in Putrajaya so long as the so-called indispensable and touted leader and his henchmen continue to mar the attempt by Pakatan to practise healthy politics in a two-party system, and indirectly mar the right to ask for 'clean & fair' elections!

How can a person who crowed with pompous triumph about an UMNO ADUN defector in Perak (until that defector showed his amazing revolving-door expertise) be expected to be a reformer? How can a person who boasted (prematurely) of effecting a massive defection of 30 BN MPs over to Pakatan, for him to become PM in the notorious 916 gambit, be a man with democratic ideals? And shall we even talk about his party polling process which still suffers (until today) from many unanswered questions by Haris Ibrahim?

In the stark evidence of such damning defective deformasi, if you still believe and insist he's the sole Messiah who will lead Pakatan into the Promised Land of Putrajaya, then you deserve wandering, like Moses, in the political wilderness for another 40 years.

In Free Malaysia Today's article Chaos and the beginning of the end for Anwar it says:

Full democracy in Malaysia is dependent on the setting up of a sustainable and viable two-party system. People who saw Anwar lose control and sending his storm troopers in to destroy everything in their way are beginning to believe that for democracy to face the Barisan Nasional, Anwar has got to go. 
The sheer desperation and willingness to cause the BN political damage at any costs, even causing damage and injury, shows that Anwar knows this general election is his last chance. It is the final salvo of one of the most divisive figures in Malaysia’s political history. Anwar will be 65 this year and waiting for the 14th election will see him just a shade under 70. 
It is sad to see an otherwise intelligent man blind to the fact that he will never be prime minister. The destructiveness he unleashed on Kuala Lumpur this weekend is the final act of desperation of a man hoping in vain that he has still got one final act to play. What he does not realise is that his audience has left and moved on to something, or someone, that far more closely resembles an ideal leadership with which they want to spend time and watch.

Two years ago, in my post Pakatan in Putrajaya? I wrote:
Dramatically denied the No 1 political position in Malaysia on the very eve of his ascendancy, he has over the years been tormented to maddening levels by the saying, there’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip. 
But incarcerated or otherwise, his reformasi was only a sham, a pretend battle cry to mask his less than admirable UMNO credentials and the current real intent of PKR.
Ask yourself really, how could a man who openly promoted party defections during the shameful spectacle of 916 be ever considered as a political reformer. By claiming a coup d’état with an invisible group of 30 Barisan Nasional (BN) defectors, he was even far more creative than in his UMNO mode of 1994 when he turned Pairin from being the elected CM of Sabah into an opposition leader with just a few froggie croaks up his sleeves? [...]
916 - There was no greater audacious bullsh*t.

And in the end, a brilliant beckoning and beautifully conceived and executed Bersih 3.0 with such powerful and undeniable presence of public support to show the King and Malaysians that the demand for 'clean & fair' elections was supported DIRECTLY by 300,000 Malaysians in KL alone and many more overseas plus a multitude who weren't able to attend, was lamentably destroyed in the few minutes after Bersih's leader Ambiga Sreenevasan had officially ended the peaceful assembly and dignified sit-in.

There's no more selfish, self centred, shameful hijacker who piggybacked on Ambiga's civic conscious campaign and rode it to its calamitous end where both police and members of the public were bashed and blood flowed!

Lemmings, it's bloody time to wake up and turn around!


  1. For 916 to happen, it needs money. For you to do a "number" on Tun M, it takes even a bigger amount of money!! Unfortunately, financial investors can't even take those kind of risk after calculating the returns vs a half baked mad man that may not take you to Gunung Tahan after all.

    But when you have a lovely lady (by all means, credit where is due) who delivers a silver platter to you... for free... even the strongest in spirit can't resist. The force of 300,000 (well I think its over exaggerated)at your doorstep, it only takes a spark.

    And on the other side of the ring... a moron who equally fell into his own noose while trying to round up the cattle.

    Verdict: Both sides 0-0. The Winner - the spirit of the people who outshine all low life politicians although they were sheep lead to the slaughter (not by the sweet lady of course) but by those who smell the sweet scent of opportunity.

    However, lessons learnt? The youth have tasted blood. There is a new "awakening" among our youth ("Twilight"??). Second, like after WW2, Asians awoke to a new dawn, our colonial masters are not so invincible as they seem after being humilated by the Japanese.. So what is the non-direct lesson these youths have learnt from Saturday? Will this mean more anarchy on our streets? Will this mean might is right? A clash of the titans?

  2. Regardless, Anwar and Azmin should not be held accountable for instructing the crowd to break through the barrier

  3. I did forewarn the Chinese they would get sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim if they persisted in following his Banner.

    The article by Lim Chee Wei is a cry of dissapointment, but I could have said "I told you so".

    Supporting Barisan Nasional is the best way for the Chinese to secure a peaceful and prosperous future in the cournty.

    Turn around before its too late.

  4. Support BN again Tanah Melayu? Just so that its politicians can cheat and con us and our nation left and right? If we do that, then we're real big traitors to our country for BN politicians are crooks and big time con men who only love the billions they can pilfer from our country rather than our country itself. We're not that stupid and we don't need you to tell us what to do for we LOVE MALAYSIA!

  5. thank you for another anwar bashing.
    najib, you have a great believer here.
    thanks KT. and its bloody time for you to wake up too that BN needs to be kicked out too.

  6. Bersih are the bridge of hope to the brighter future. If Najib is so clean, why oppose the Bersih movement?
    Why the censored BBC news report?
    Why the Australian Senator report such?
    Why The International Fact-Finding Mission group gave such comment?
    Why the tear gas?
    Why the chemical leased water cannon? (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=444653815549517&set=a.209553929059508.65101.155483697799865&type=1&ref=nf)
    Why the M16?
    Why nothing else happen in other country or other state?
    Why ban the Dataran Merdeka during this period of time?
    Why oppose people who wish to voice out?
    Why NFC?
    Why all this trouble happening to BN?
    Why you own a company while you are holding a political position?
    Why your men want to dissolve the parliament?
    Why the bill of the banquet for PM's daughter marriage billed under PENJABAT PERDANA MENTERI?
    Why these?(http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150685625107257&set=p.10150685625107257&type=1&ref=nf)
    Evaluate yourself.....

  7. i think anwar was spot on, and i believe the bersih committee are fully aware of the game that they are now playing..

    only a coward would think that 50 years of UMNO rule can be broken with so called mass democracy.. sorry to disappoint, but this is a very real game of power, not malaysian idol..

    this is a race & class issue.. dont be stupid to think that begging the support of the agong means for shit.. to clean up the e.c. wont be possible, ever.. unless and until the mass, the army, polis, the agong is free from the influence of umno ieology and money..

    maybe another 50 - 100 years or so.. or monsters like nato smuggle in arms and expertise to kick start a malaysian spring.. god forbid, cos malaysian life is relatively pretty good.. sun, sex, chilli and bong.. what more can a mass of animals want and need..

    i do pray for more, but i pray for peace and non-violence first and foremost..

    at the same time, if the rakyat wanna kick some umno ass out of putrajaya, knowing that they can achieve it and not die, then my heart is with and for the masses.

  8. For starters there is still time before the elections,to send Anwar,his side kick blue eyed boy Azmin and the clown who always let himself get arrested for the publicity and all the wrong reasons,Tian Chua packing to Zoo Negara.Or maybe to Zimbabwe so we will never hear of them again.

    Yes,it is true that without Anwar there will be no PR.But we have to realised now with the existence of PR,the road is filled with lots of obstacles with Anwar and Azmin aboard.

    The road to Putrajaya will be clearer and more plain sailing without these clowns.It is time they swept their asses clean of dusts and go hibernate.

  9. Without Anwar, BN is 100% certain to continue down the road to corrupt police state.
    With Anwar, BN may still win, but at least we have a fighting chance to win.

    The road won't be pretty, but if you can't stand the nasty work, forget it.

  10. Ktemoc
    your vendetta agst Anwar know no bounds. As always,with the aura of being neutral and righteous,your modus operandi is to nitpick/spin, and pretend to not see the broad picture.

    Do you expect anybody to be perfect to lead ? Do you really expect Anwar to be a perfect human being ?

    You are typically and incorrigibly a smart alex armchair critic, a pseudo utopia hypocritical kind of maladjusted old man, albeit a despicable one who invariably spins the wrong way,

    Only the highly ignorant, blind,or devious will pretend to agree with you

  11. Actually i think its time sleepyheads like ktemoc and bruno is time to wake up!

    By GOD, without DSAI, I think PAS and DAP will b at each other throats and I wouldnt give it 30 days before Pakatan shatters apart.

    as usual, harebrained analysis from ktemoc, getting the first part right but then cant seem to overcome YET AGAIN his insane obsession with DSAI and as usual all blame to him.

    And in one stroke again he contradicts himself, first he paints PDRM as one monster organisation and then when this same corrupt PDRM arrests a PKR member, he jumps to all sorts of insane conclusions.

    Can u really trust PDRM? and what they say? even ask u do?

    This same organisation who gangs up and beats innocent people?

    i guess when it comes to DSAI and PKR, ktemoc and bruno will swallow hook line and sinker everything PDRM says!!


  12. Sunwayopal,

    If Anwar and Azmin were jumping up and down like monkeys in Zoo Negara on Saturday,nobody will be arguing about police brutality today.

  13. I expect GE13 will now be delayed instead of the earlier expected June 2012 date. Najib will have to smash the bank to prepare another vote Buying exercise.
    Kedai 2Malaysia, Bantuan Rakyat 2Malaysia, etc. etc. to tryo to salvage his credibility.

    Frankly I think Anwar played a very nasty but politically very effective hand in this.
    You will likely disagree, but most Malaysians don't think like you. Just watch how this plays out in the next few days...

    Its the same way how you condemned Tian Chua's alleged behaviour during Bersih 2.0. In fact he came through very much unscathed, even enhanced in his standing among some.

  14. bruno

    If Anwar and Azmin were jumping up and down like monkeys in Zoo Negara on Saturday,Malaysians will forever b under the thumb of Barisan Najis and PDRM.

    Its time everyone wakes up to reality whats the greater evil in this land.

    Too bad you and ktemoc r blinded by so much hate that you cant see the truth.


    everybody should view this again and again. This is the same PDRM that bruno will have u say, follow everything they say, after all according to bruno, everybody must obey this same PDRM. Go watch.


  15. Sunwayopal,
    Don't waste your time trying to convince the unconvinceable.

    These two are so far gone beyond the bend, it useless to employ any facts or logic with them.

  16. KT,

    it is really disappointing that you have started to bash anwar in your article. Without Anwar the opposition is nothing, and without Anwar we would not have won 5 states. Anwar WILL be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    oh btw, how much did UMNO pay you to say bad things about Anwar?

  17. wakakaka, can you please remind UMNO to send the paycheck quickly - I need some extra money ;-)

    And don't be so presumptious that AI won the 5 states for us. PAS had won Kelantan in the past when AI was still in school or in UMNO

    Penang had kicked BN's predecessor Perikatan out in 1969 when AI was 23 years old, still in university or had just left university. Penangites kicked politicians out when they believed those bastards needed to be kicked out, not because of a double-faced double-talking PKR messianic icon.

    I can't comment on Kedah, Perak or Selangor, but it's interesting to remind everyone that in 1969, when AI was 23 years old, the outcome of that election saw UMNO nearly losing Perak and a virtual stalemate in Selangor (hung DUN). I trust you won't claim that outcome for the super 23-year old wakakaka.

    While I accept and acknowledge AI was instrumental in getting PAS and DAP to work together on a common cause (also bearing in mind DAP, Gerakan, PPP and even PAS had a memorandum of understanding in 1969 not to split votes in a 3-corner fight, meaning DAP and PAS had worked together before), don't attribute to AI what was in reality the readiness of the voters in 2008 to chuck out a corrupt and arrogant BN out in those states and federally. You anwaristas have a devoted propensity to claim credit for AI and an obsession to elevate him to fantasized heights.

    But now that PAS and DAP are working reasonably well together, they actually see AI as an embarrassment. They don't need AI anymore though PKR (minus AI and his blue eye boy) is still important to Pakatan.

  18. They actually see DSAI as an embarassment?

    You obviously havent read LGE, Nik Aziz, Karpal's all pronouncement of support for DSAI.

    And u have obviously forgotten how PAS and DAP shattered apart in 2002.

    u offer no answers and dont focus on the REALITY on the ground , on whats the bigger evil.

    Everybody has to make sacrifices to get rid of Barisan Najis.


    Whats your sacrifice? You want your cake and to eat it. you want perfection immediately after UMNO.

    That is NOT POSSIBLE! DSAI and AA may have their warts and shortcomings but they remain part of the solution to get rid of Barisan Najis !

    Save for the PDRM loving clown i guess and yourself. I pity u, when it come to DSAI and AA, even what PDRM says or do, u will believe.

    Luckily most people here see through your sly innuendoes and slander.


  19. Anwar and Azmis are scapegoats. No matter how peaceful the rally that day, the police would have turned it violent because that has to be UMNO's plans.
    How could they ever allow Bersih 3.0 to be success? Its unthinkable.
    It will be naive to think that the authorities would have allowed the sit-in to end peacefully.

  20. Can anyone please tell me the difference between replacing a gangster with a thug.

  21. There is not a single politicians who has contributed so much for the Opposition more than Anwar has.

    He is the lynchpin that is holding the Opposition has one mighty force. It is for this reason UMNO is all out to destroy this man.
    Tell me, why should one mighty government fear one individual so much?

  22. Penangites last kicked out Perikatan 23 years ago...and there was still a risk the majority would remain docile and sleeping in the run up to 2008.

    A catalyst(s) was crucial to shake them out of their long torpor. I won't claim Anwar did it alone, but he played an instumental part in 2008.

    Bersih 1.0, of course, and Hindraf played their part in waking up the sleeping masses.

  23. "Can anyone please tell me the difference between replacing a gangster with a thug."

    There is none.

    But I also know one thing.
    If you hope to replace a gangster, you are not going to succeed getting there with a wimp.

  24. Can anyone point out to PDRM loving fella the analogy totally wrong. it is NOT replacing a gansgter with a thug.

    first of all, the THING we are seeking to replace is not even a thug, its the DEVIL EVIL Najis Razak. calling him a thug would b insulting the good name of thugs.

    Secondly, I do admit DSAI is full of problems and is NOT PERFECT. I wish we had a choice other than him but right this moment, right before PRU 13, we dont.

    In any event, he has served time UNJUSTLY rotting in person for 6 years. For this alone, he has somewhat atoned for sins of his past and I am willing to take him, warts and all, so I can get rid of Barisan Najis and Najis Razak.

    That is the bigger evil this land is stuck with.


  25. in prison for 6 years!

    on bloody trumped up charges

    but i guess to ktemoc and the PDRM loving fella, yeah, DSAI is guilty of that too huh.

  26. You all seem to forget that DAP and PAS have existed long before Anwar came into the picture.
    When Anwar was just a poor Abim missionary running a small outfit called Yayasan Adabi.
    Enter him and from a peaceful nation, we become street fighters.
    Bersih have got rid of him. Amen.
    It's time PAS and DAP declare their disassociation with Keadilan.
    Even Azmin's mum have asked Azmin to liberate himself from Anwar.
    Why not us? He's no loss to anyone. Just trash consign to the dustbin of history.
    Azmin, you seem to love your boss that you are also sharing ice-cream like Nalla accused your boss of.
    Is that you in the U-tube that went viral?
    Of course not, it's UMNO's doing. Same standard reply. Hahaha

  27. Sudah-lah, Buttercup.
    Stop peddling your laksa basi.

  28. Methinks Buttercup, Bruno and Ktemoc are promoting the typical rapist's defence for PDRM

    She asked for it.

  29. Wise men used to say 'keep your cool when under stress.Then you will be able to see the forest from the trees.When you are able to see the forest from the trees,then you are able to called a spade a spade'.Hahaha.

  30. Do anyone has an answer who was the master of illegals in Sabah,during the doctor's watch?Dr M?

  31. The diversion
    The real issues hide
    It is too hot to handle
    The cooling water splashes

    The frogs croak
    Hoping to get notice
    On the dirty pond
    “Hey everybody look at me!”

    Nobody takes notice
    The scums of society
    The less they croak
    It's better for all

    On the corridor of dark shadows
    The whirring whisper of the wind
    “The time is up
    Don't play dirty!”

    The diversion
    On petty issues
    The barbed wires and barricades
    It shouldn't be there the first place

    The democracy
    The people better think
    It isn't about just voting
    It is the sum of our well being

  32. I only know we need change. We need a new government, Anwar or not, it does not matter. I want change.ABU.

  33. PDRM lover boy as with ktemoc can only keep on rehashing old issues.

    These are 20 year ago issues, no longer relevant.

    You as a human being has never made mistakes is it?

    Pls live in the here and now, the today world.

    The Malaysia of today is under siege! By a corrupt govt called Barisan Najis led by Najis Razak. Their corruption has spread to even all insituitions like your beloved PDRM, the Judiciary, the civil service, the army , actually, anything u care to mention Barisan Najis has corrupted in Malaysia.

    Liek it or not, he may not b the MOST PERFECT solution but DSAI forms PART of the solution we have now.

    It is NOT PERFECT but we live with it becoz its 1000 times better than Barisan Najis.

    Something i think u and ktemoc find it hard to get into those thick skulls.


  34. 916 was not 20 years ago. 916 was a dirty underhanded evil attempt to cheat voters for his own interests. He has never changed.

    PKR party polling process? Again that same deformasi was apparent.

  35. since when was 916 dirty handed ?

    since WHEN has calling for a no confidence vote considered dirty handed?

    SOLELY his own interests?

    pls lah, it is the replacement of the Barisan Najis govt that is more important in 916!

    People like LGE, LKS, Khalid Samad would have been Ministers also

    But then again, in your hate tinged eyes, its all about DSAI isnt it

    still cant see the bigger picture beyond DSAI.


  36. PKR party polling process may not b PERFECT but its still 1000 times more transparent than the UMNO one, or the MCA one or the MIC one!

    u criticise and crititise PKR but then u dont tell the hidden message, which is indirectly telling everybvody yeah, i hate DSAI so much that I am living to live with Barisan Najis and Najis Razak!

    isnt it

    Well, the majority of us arent as shortsighted as u and that PDRM loving idiot. Bad as DSAi and PKR is, its still 1000 times better than Barisan Najis


  37. 916 not dirty? Using frogs to win government (like he did against Pairin in Sabah in 1994) not dirty? Using frogs is cheating, and if you don't understand that, you disgust me!

  38. KT,we do not have to go back to as far as 9/16.Just look as his behaviour on Saturday.No body can come out happy and laughing that the leopard has finally lost it's spots.Maybe only Anwaristas.Hahaha.

  39. KT,we are driving the Anwaristas crazy.By the looks of their comments they have gone bonkers.Losing their heads and gone bonkers is okay.Just make sure they don't lose their pants too.Or else their have to watch out for the leopard.Hahaha.

  40. Heh heh.....these anwaristas are sooo frus ! Kesian nya ~

    Could only come out early in the morning to pour out their obscenity....that's all they could do, pounding away on their keyboards, capable only of stringing their usual bunch of foul language, unable to rebut KT and other commentators' with any intelligent and rational argument.

    And worse of all ( to these moronic mindless myrmidons ), only a handful get to see their 'shit' as they put it....'cos by the first ray of morning sunlight, all their spleen ventings would have disappeared, dumped into the garbage where they rightfully belonged.

    Heh, heh, heh, heh. If this continue on any longer, these MMM might cut off their own pricks out of sheer anger and frustration due to their complete helplessness in ruffling KT's feather. Kesian, kesian, kesian, hahaha.

  41. It's non stop shit pouring for a Shit man in the morning to clean shit.
    kesian, kesian, kesian siapa?
    We dump shit, he clean shit, got it?
    Tonight again.

  42. Ktemoc

    Listen up for the last time and try and read and understand!

    There is nothing unconstitutional in calling for a no confidence vote in the Badawi govt. DSAI? come off it, there were enuf UMNO back stabbers willing to kill Badawi on their own.

    Thereafter who gets voted as PM is open to debate . It could well have been razaleigh. You obviously don't have a clue as to what's going on.

    And as for all these Sabah accusations, I find it hard to believe all blame is on DSAI. come off it yet again. The person ultimately responsible and must have approved it is mahathir . U are assigning a super disproportionate amount of blame to DSAI.

    But then your hatred and stupidity knows no bounds I guess.

    And last word, not surprised to see the little PDRM loving idiot parroting your every word