Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Teoh Beng Hock death - MACC lies

The next witness from the MACC, Mohd Yusmizan Mohd Yusof, said he had sent a text message to console his good friend and fellow officer, Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yusof, for being one of the suspects leading to Teoh's death.

“There was suggestion that Mohd Ashraf had held the belt of someone and put him near the window on the 14th floor. There was a lot of pressure on him, and I sent an short sms to console him,” he said.

RCI catches MACC man lying to cops


There are indeed people who fear Allah swt and have told the truth.

The sh*t has hit the fan, as revealed in Malaysiakini’s
MACC attempted to ‘standardise’ testimonies.

Standardizing testimonies is another term for eliminating conflicting reports of truthful testimonies against untruthful testimonies. We now need to separate the lies from the truth.

Thus, the person organizing such a standardization should be called to account for his deeds or misdeeds before the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Teoh’s still-unexplained death in MACC custody (RCI).

MKINI reported that a witness, Azeem Hafeez Jamaluddin, stated before the RCI that
“…there were several meetings before the inquest into Teoh's death and the inquiry hearing, involving Hishammuddin Hashim, who was the Selangor MACC deputy director in 2009."

Azeem also alleged that Hishammuddin had instructed his men to cover up his role in the investigations against DAP state assemblypersons.

“The meeting was held three days after the incident, on July 19, and again several days before the inquest and commission. We were directed to be consistent in our statements to the police and also while testifying."

“Hishamuddin also ordered that no one can mention that he was the one directing the operation on the (DAP assemblypersons) and for the officers to inform that it was Hairul Ilham Hamzah who was in charge.”

Not only did the witness asserted that Hishamuddin Hashim was directing the standardization cover-up, but that “… the then director of investigations, Mohd Shukri Abdull (now deputy chief commissioner) and chief commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed had also called for a meeting to standardize their testimonies.”

He said that the MACC's head of prosecution, Abdul Razak Musa, and his deputy Kevin Morais, coached the MACC officers on how to answer questions from the RCI.

In my previous post
Teoh Beng Hock – a cruel & unnecessary death, I had voiced my puzzlement over several points I had read in the newspapers, among which were the questions about the MACC officer who was absent during the DNA gathering exercise and that of Teoh BH’s belt.

I also wrote: We also know there was no justifiable cause for MACC to investigate Ean Yong by the overnight interrogation of his aide, Teoh Beng Hock. So by logical extension, we would be justified in arguing that it must have been a politically motivated case.

I must now pose another question: Is there any connection between HIshamuddin Hashim and any politician from UMNO Selangor?

Alhamduillah. Hopefully we needn’t wait for the hereafters of those guilty to see Teoh Beng Hock receives due justice.


  1. macc is doomed NOW !! ....why RCI has postponed SUDDENLY today's inquiry ???? let macc officers standardize lagi their answers for next week bomb shells or ....??
    macc top guns are jumping mad ...!?
    PEOPLE bukan cina saja are awaiting the TRUTH !!

  2. Let's wait for the explosion dat certain 'gigi...oops tooth-ached' politicians were involved !!

  3. All this while, there has not been a single condolence to TBH's family from the Sleeping Buddha of Kepala Batas, the dumbo who set up the macc in 2006, days before being removed as PM

  4. Baru saja terbaca somewhere dat killing their non-believers bukan a crime !!??

  5. sleeping zzzzzpm of ...ha3, @#$%^&* !

  6. you dont need a RCI to determine that MACC is godo in lying.

  7. macc officers watched sex videos after interrogating TBH at about 2AM !
    Polis report was NOT made because TBH din die in their office wonder lah he has to be thrown out of the window !

  8. lets sue the bloody minister for allowing an innocent young man to die while under their custody. Sue the idiotic cow-head ok minister.

  9. Let us remind our institutions of governement that in Islam evey life is precious, muslim and non muslim. Only a competent court of law can take a life of an individual. The operative word is 'competent'. Further, in Islam Judges are appointed by government but once they occupy the Bench they have a higher loyalty to the State and must be impartial.

    God please help them.