Friday, April 15, 2011

Drunk Malaysian graduate behaved like terrorist during flight

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Drunk graduate 'behaved like terrorist'

by Steve Butcher 15 April 2011

A Magistrate has told a Melbourne University honours graduate, who had to be handcuffed and then bound to his seat by crew during a flight from Malaysia, that he had behaved like a terrorist.

Khairulddin Mohammad Yahya swore loudly at the inflight supervisor and poked him in the chest before the captain left the cockpit to deal with him.

Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday heard that Yahya, 22, swore loudly at the supervisor while a passenger told his mother to shut him up because he was frightening people.

Prosecutor Aman Dhillon told the court that Yahya repeatedly left his economy seat and sat next to his mother in business class after her requests for his upgrade were refused.

Mr Dhillon said hours after the Malaysian Airlines flight left Kuala Lumpur on July 22 last year, he was seen in the vacant seat next to his mother. He complied with a request to return to his seat but, soon after, reappeared whereupon the supervisor detected alcohol on him.

Mr Dhillon said that several hours before landing Yahya again sat in business where he called the supervisor a "motherf-----" and to "f--- all of you".

The captain, who noticed Yahya slurred his words and smelt of alcohol, asked his mother to tell him to return to his seat and stop harassing the crew. Yahya complied, but later returned four times to business class before he was handcuffed in his seat and then was restrained with his ankles tied with tape.

Mr Dhillon said his mother tried to loosen the handcuffs and lead Yahya to the toilet, then she began screaming hysterically and fell to the floor as he shouted threats.

When the plane landed, he co-operated with police. Mr Dhillon said some crew felt threatened and some passengers appeared stressed and frightened. One was crying.

Defence lawyer Anna Balmer said Yahya was ''somewhat intoxicated'' but wanted to sit with his mother who had medical conditions that included chronic anxiety, neurosis and depression. Ms Balmer said Yahya, a chemical engineer, acted uncharacteristically with poor judgment and behaviour, and that a conviction could jeopardise his visa status and work.

Senior magistrate Dan Muling told Yahya, who pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour on an aircraft, that he was out of control. "It's like you're a terrorist on a plane," Mr Muling said.

Yahya was convicted and fined $1500.




  1. Yep intoxicated like that fat slob RPK.
    You all think he's God. He's always on a drinking stupor.
    Hahaha you all have been taken for a ride all this time.
    Never believed him and never will.
    There are three people I don't trust. Firstly Anwar, second RPK and third Zaid Ibrahim.In that order.
    I wish I could put them in a boiling cauldron as stew to be consumed by the witches in Macbeth.

  2. 1500 is too little to risk many passengers lives on the edge...the judge should send him to 6 months jail passport impounded ..another arreat at klia , another 6 months hard labour....! if he is my son..i will slap him from klia to klcc.

  3. Soon JAKIM will be insisting on its departmental 'air marshal' or 'air mufti' on board all MAS flight to ensure Malaysian Muslims don't become intoxicated wakakaka

  4. Wonder why our 'Best Cabin' crew served alcohol to Muslim? Hmmmm....

  5. I think they missed the bomb concealed inside his underwear, plus another in his shoe. Jihadists come without beards these days.

  6. perut melayu tak boleh isi alkohol lah.... baru sikit dah ting tong

  7. Glad to hear that the drunk "terrorist" is a Melayu a Muslim.
    Glad to know that MAS serves alcohol to a Muslim.

    "It's like you're a terrorist on a plane,"
    The Australian court should have deported that drunk person .

  8. Khun Pana,

    Is that an accurate logo of Umno ? It suddenly struck me it looks like a double-headed cobra grinning evilly and doing a froggy dance, complete with a pot belly....wakakaka

  9. He is a Bumiputra flying on a Malay aircraft. He could drink because the aircraft was in Aussie airspace. Nothing wrong with that. He was only acting like a typical Melayu public servant, swearing at the Kafirs, etc. Now after his conviction, he can return to serve in his homeland under the Talent Corp scheme, low income tax for 5 years and then no tax if joins UMNO. Also free booze from the Chinee contractors, etc. This M****r F****r is smart.

  10. Ktemoc,

    What's your idea, intention or motive in posting this article...?

    It is to smear or defile a Malay, a Muslim or both..?

    Drunk as he may be..., but for all you know the guy could be in process of 'turun tok-nenek' or could have some 'saka' problem..., without his knowledge nor awareness..., in spite of his education or however 'Westernised' he may be...!

    Do you know what is being suggested here...? Do you know why Malays are well known for their 'Amok' quality. Go do some deep research on this issue.., before romping away with some insinuations.