Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tower of Death

Malaysiakini - Customs officer dies after falling off MACC building

The Chinese and Japanese shun the taboo word '4' because their respective pronunciations of the word 'si' and 'shi' sound like 'die'. It's considered bad luck and an ominous omen to use the word, especially on auspicious occasions.

To avoid it the Japanese even employ an indigenous word 'yon' in lieu.

As a kid, I remember my mum forbidding us kids to utter the word on Chinese New Year's day - we were instructed to use (not unlike the Japanese) a non-Chinese word, which in our case was obviously the Malay 'empat'.

Now, the letter 'C' in English sounds exactly like '4' in Hokkien. Consider MACC, where there's a double 'C'. Given the recent death of Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed, a Custom officer by 'falling from height' at the same MACC building where Teoh Beng Hock was killed, thus a second/similar tragedy, can you blame people for saying:

MACC = Masuk, Akan Cee (Si), Cee (Si)!

You wonder, don't you, when people keep dying at MACC and police stations.


  1. MACC should just relocate to a single storey building for everybody safety.

  2. MACC - masuk akan si si

    LOL !!!

    We malaysians are quite good at these.....for those who could understand cantonese, there's this play on the name of Ling Liong Sik :

    Yau leng, yau loh, yau sekk (loose translation : he takes, he takes and he eats ) Side note - not funny at all in english...

    Btw, isn't it due time for MACC to instal cctv in all the interview rooms and to be on the safe side ( even after 2 deaths), have cctvs all over the buildings, even the stairways, and especially the windows.

    Better yet, just close shop lah, MACC. Kee si lah you ( that's hokkien )

  3. Al-fatihah to Ahmad Sarbaini Mohamed.
    Salam takziah to his family.
    Let's not jump to conclusions. The police has classified it as sudden death.
    Let's wait for the autopsy report.
    Please allow the family to grief in dignity.
    We do not want another Teoh Beng case where the family was not left to grieve in silence.
    Quickly the opposition steps in to provoke and instigate them to sue the government.
    In some blogs, there goes the standard fare of Government and MACC bashing.
    Looks like the PKR too is trying to make a circus of Sarbaini's death. They are already offering legal counsel to the family.
    But I guess being Malay and Muslim, they will regard it as takdir or fate.
    Remember the boy who was shot dead in Shah Alam. PKR came in droves to his family home.
    But the family has the good sense to leave it to the police.
    Let's not have another RCI like Teoh's case when the proponent for it refused to participate.
    RCI for this that and that is the favorite clarion call of the DAP since aeons ago.
    It becomes cheap now.

    P.S. Since the Chinese do not like the acronym MACC, why not use SPRM for Superb Performance, Real Magnificent.


    I've got it! They cellotaped TBH and Sarbani to the wall outside the window to make them squeal! Unfortunately the cellotape could not take the weigt and so....plomp!

  5. How come Khir not dead yet? Must siasat sampai mati mah

  6. buttercup,

    you expect the police to classify it as murder? where are you guna?

  7. I do not know whether you are aware of a couple of jokes going around town. The first one is, Bill Gates must be really thankful to the MACC for introducing Window09 and Window11. This is way ahead of the current Window07. Secondly MACC is also known as Masuk Alive, Come (out) Corpse.