Saturday, April 02, 2011

BN government punish victims, defend culprits!

Malaysiakini - Sex video not doctored, says police chief

Wow, isn’t just wonderful? What should we now do? Gasp in admiration at the police marvellous forensic findings? Clap our hands to show our appreciation of their fantastic detective work?

I wonder at the IGP’s f* sense of relevance. Is the authenticity of the pornographic video important? How would the issue of whether such pornographic material was ‘doctored’ contribute to public security?

Dei IGP, instead, what are you going to do with those three men who admitted to ownership and production of the pornographic material and showing it to several political leaders? No wonder the crime rates in Malaysia have shot through the roof when the police have been wasting its efforts on useless activities which do not benefit, let alone enhance, public safety, while peddlars of pornography walk around freely with state and national titles to their names.

IGP, it's high time your police force stop focusing on the victim and get those pornography-peddling pariahs.

Incidentally, for those anwaristas, who the f* cares whether the man in the sex video is allegedly Anwar Ibrahim. Even if it was him, it would then be a private bonking session, something he has to acquit with his wife and family, and not for the police, public or politicians to stick their noses into.

The Malaysian Insider -
Muhyiddin says government will not revisit ‘Interlok’

... Muhyiddin Yassin said today the federal government will not bow to fresh demands from Chinese groups to remove the controversial “Interlok” novel from the school syllabus. The deputy prime minister said that as far as the government was concerned the issue had been resolved. He also described groups raising the issue again as irresponsible.

Wrong on two counts, YB Tan Sri.

Firstly, the ‘Interlok’ issue has not been resolved. Proof? People affected by its seditious libel against Indian and Chinese Malaysians, a witch's brew of poison in its narrow focussed tales as if those reflect general and typical characteristics of Indians and Chinese Malaysians, continue to condemn such libellous story telling. So mana dah resolved?

Secondly, so in your ultra-kiasu mind (thanks to Dr Ridhuan Tee for borrowing his fave word wakakaka), people being insulted have been ‘irresponsible’ in raising objections to such libellous poisons of untruth. You should look into the mirror to see who has been f* ‘irresponsible’.

While the author might have chosen to write such stuff, and it's his democratic right to do so, the ‘irresponsible’ party has been the Education Ministry in deliberately choosing such a regrettable piece of poison as a textbook for young Malaysian minds, and for obdurately defending the indefensible, the continuing use of 'Interlok' as a school text.

Who is the victim? Who is the culprit? Please don’t f* twist the blame around, from the sickening racist culprit of a BTN-ish Education Ministry onto the legitimately aggrieved victims.

Your mentality is akin to those Arab and Pakistani authorities' who jailed raped victims.


  1. Why police wasted time
    On the sexual tape originality
    The police should charge the persons
    Showing pornography in a hotel

    The persons invited pressmen
    Members of Parliament for a private viewing
    In a public places like in a posh hotel
    The motive is clearly defined

    The police should charge the persons
    Viewing and showing pornography in public
    Why no press conference announcing it?
    The motive is clearly defined

    Right now the perception
    It is just to play into the political game
    The investigations aren't completed
    Why in a hurry to call a press conference?

    Police dragging its feet
    Charging the persons showing pornography
    To us ordinary people is divide and rule
    One law here one law there

    The whole exercise
    Just of one person
    Afraid to let him stay
    The motive is clearly defined

    The illegal video tapping
    Outrage the privacy of any individual
    The actor and actress and the director
    Find them and settle the issue

    Why waste time Police?
    Running after the wrong focus
    Now better charge the persons
    Showing pornography in public

  2. ha2 ha2

    pakistani and arab mentality?

    sorry lah, KT. Its UMNOputra. Good at land grabbing and good for nothing everything else.

    indians and large section of chinese deserve interlok anyway. as for me, i hv already pulled my son out of national school. my daughter will follow next year. ask the freaking land grabber continue the shit interlok and brainwash the young ones with BTN racism.

  3. That the IGP also has to persecuted Kapal the Sing for keeping and distribution of Devindran (Parliament speaker) sex video.....No?

  4. Yeah.....Go ahead persecute Karpal Singh....karpal will fry the anon alive

    This anon is one fucking coward....You Tan Keng Liang hah?

  5. If I remember correctly, Karpal handed over to the authorities and unopened envelop containing the tapes, said to have been dropped into his mailbox. He did not arrange for a public viewing

  6. plentiful of smuts in MACC anyway.

    Looks like UMNO just love smuts, no?

  7. cif : " you tell wat wrong have they (3T) done ?...tell me lah !! "

  8. deputy ( now cif ) : " macc din report to polis because TBH din die in our office ... bukan our duty ! "

    No wonder TBH has to be thrown out !!

    2 macc officers were watching sex video after interrogating & torturing
    TBH !

  9. not one watching smut. but two caught. how many more smut lovers in MACC? Oh UMNO, oh UMNO, whats happening?

  10. Incidentally, is the word 'Interlock' a malay word? Atau engrish ke ?

    Whatever, we are truly kena locked in in this Tanah Melayu as dr m and his perkosa ma cai insisted on calling Malaysia.

    How to beat a government hell bent on creating a 'supreme' race by belittling and humiliating the other races.

    Fasten your seatbelts.....we are in for a hell of a ride. The ride so far has been hair-raising, but unfortunately, more scary rides are on round the bend. Just get ready. Needless to say, those who could not take it, or could afford to, have obviously made a fast escape to other shores.

  11. To get an indication of the 'niat' or intent of the Umnoes, (malicious as most non malays would see it), to ramp down the book Interlock onto the young schoolers, one need only to check out the literature books banned or deemed unfit for students in the past.

    For example, the books by Munshi Abdullah were banned when he wrote about the laziness of the malays and described how the men folks whiled away their time playing games and delighting in childish pranks and idling about in their sarongs and their love for gambling; and shirking any job that calls for industriousness and some hard labour.

    These descriptions could be a malay writer stereotyping their own kind but see how fast the govt acted to ban them.

    Besides the chinese and the indians coming out strongly now to protest this Interlock issue, what we malaysian need is for the moderate malay voice to come out in the thousands, or even in the millions, to put a stop to this brazen racial bullying.

    However, aside from those handful ( the few 'liberal' malay suspects as labelled by the ketuanan-type), there is a dearth of these so-called moderate malay voice. Where are these people?

    Maybe there is NO moderate malay voice in Malaysia ?? If that is the case, then the situation is even more dire than frist thought.

  12. You still do not believe it's Anwar Ibrahim?
    What more proof do you want?
    Anwar must prove that's him.

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  14. Buttercup, I have no idea whether the man is AI. I really don't care as it's a private event, terribly intruded upon by pornographic peddlars. But those merchants of sleaze should be charged - that's the law!