Monday, May 02, 2011

Sex, sumpah laknat & scums

Some years ago, on 29 May 2009 to be precise, I posted Wanita MCA: "No, no, no to Suzie Wongs", where virtually every comment was against my stand; I had criticized MCA Wanita for demonstrating that old ironical observation that women themselves are the greatest sexists against other women.

This post came back to my attention two days ago when a (married) sweetie commented that she has been a victim of husband snatching China woman, now in Malaysia with a work permit for a factory job.

I won’t comment on the above, but in reviewing my post, I re-read my disgust with a Gerakan wanita leader for her lamentable attacks against a victim (and a woman at that). This was what I wrote:

It's sad really, but it seems women themselves are the greatest sexists against other women.

Recall a case of a former Taiwan woman mayor who was to appear in a variety show in Malaysia a few years ago?

One Gerakan woman leader objected to that.

I can’t recall that Taiwanese lady’s name but she gained the wrong notoriety when she was videotaped secretly by a so-called close friend with a hidden video cam, while she was having a private tryst with her lover.

Her political opponents converted the secretly taken video into VCDs and gave them free to subscribers of a Taiwanese newspaper. The video was published on a website which hit an all time record as the world’s most visited website – imagine a billion plus Chinese rushing to see the two lovers having what they thought was a private sex session.

Apparently the Taiwanese court eventually penalized the newspaper for distributing porn, and invasion of privacy. But her career was destroyed and her financial situation somewhat in peril. That was why she took up the option to participate in a Chinese variety show, to earn a little something for herself after she resigned from her mayor's appointment.

How does this tie in with the Gerakan woman leader? I am not sure what was the name of the Gerakan Party senator but she was Indian.

What I recall though was when the variety show (in Malaysia) announced the former Taiwanese mayor would appear, the Gerakan female leader objected strongly to it and said what I thought was the strangest thing for a woman leader to say - that the Taiwanese former mayor was immoral or words to that effect.


That Taiwanese lady was a victim of a conspiracy. She had her privacy invaded. Her career was ruined. What was her crime? - wasn’t she allowed to have sex in private with her lover? All she wanted from the variety show was to earn some money for her retirement.

And we had a woman as a self-acclaimed voice on morality, not just any woman but a Malaysian woman political leader, condemning another woman who was a victim of the most savage invasion of her personal life. I believe this [Malaysian] is the sort of woman leader who would probably blame society's rape victims for being itchy-fied.

The immorality, the sin, the shame must surely lie with the accuser. I felt utterly disgusted with her hypocrisy, her weird values, and her ironically anti-woman stand.

It’s small wonder that male MPs feel free to attack their female counterparts with sexist remarks.

All the above brings us today to the brouhaha about a recent sumpah laknat, and how some Muslims would go to the extent of abusing the sacredness of religion for such a trifling salacious event, so as to exploit an alleged private encounter by a political opponent to demonize him for political interests. Apart from the question of whether the person has been correctly identified, where is the religious imperative or community benefits?

Really, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones ...

... which brings us to the worst part of this sleazy much-racking or more correctly, politicized poo flinging (so some will stick no matter what), that the central figure fronting the disgraceful show-&-tell scum is a man of dubious dodgy and dirty credentials, the absolute pits.

That the campaigners and supporters have been screaming in mock disgust (but actual delight) has been no different to the pathetic behavior of the Gerakan wanita senator two years ago.

They possess monkeyed, muddled-up morality.


  1. KTEMOC's old friend Osama bin Laden is right now enjoying the attentions of 70 virgins in paradise.

    I don't think TBH is so lucky......

  2. Was TBH killed by the sword because he had lived by the sword?

  3. this fellow is nothing but a sleazy UMNO rent seeker. what does he do for a living? opening doors for a fee and that a humongous one of some RM20m for the bloody crooked bridge. its no different from a pimp who earns his fees by doing nothing. No wonder in chinese its called "eating soft rice". and these are the sort of people who talk about morality. look at his partners in this tragicomedy? what morals do they have too? UMNO, I am just wondering if these are the top moral guys that you have for such a character assassination job?

  4. Chu Mei Feng !!