Friday, April 15, 2011

RPK and the necessary destruction of Anwar Ibrahim?

As one commentator wrote in the readers' comment section of The Malaysian Insider’s article RPK says Pakatan disunited, Anwar incapable to lead, those who criticize Pakatan (or to be more precise, PKR), like RPK, must have been paid (by BN) while those who criticize BN are deemed to be doing the right thing.

It’s not a observation unique to that news article but in fact typical of some comments on my blog and other blogs or online news portals, such as Malaysiakini or The Malaysian Insider, which permit readers’ comments.

Whenever I criticized Anwar Ibrahim, PKR or even DAP and wrote in defence of some BN issues (like use of nuclear power) or personalities, I would be accused variously of being a MCA cybertrooper, UMNO goon (wish I was paid by both), or just gila (crazy).

Peter (RPK) would now, because of his criticisms of Anwar Ibrahim, be seeing such condemnations against him on his own blogsite, M2D. However, he would have additional ones such as ‘turncoat’ and ‘every man has his price’, implying he is like Gobala, Zaid Ibrahim or Jonson Chong, etc, defecting treacherously to the other side.

But what Peter said of Anwar Ibrahim in particular has been the obvious (except to blind anwaristas), that Anwar has been a lousy (so-called) leader who couldn’t lead, the reformasi man who not only couldn’t take criticisms from party members but would move against them, an economic advisor who wasn’t able to advise, etc.

Alas, in our country, where to many, politics are in black & white tones only, Peter would have been seen as blaspheming sinfully, even an ‘apostate’ to the so-called reformasi religion, and thus must be ‘stoned to death’ … at least by condemnations if not by rocks.

Just to remind everyone, those criticisms of ‘turncoat’, ‘traitor’, and various other condemnations were hurled at the Great RPK himself, well … perhaps no longer the Great, by the very people who once wanted him to be PM (or President) of our nation wakakaka. Indeed Peter has gone from Hero to Zero in those commentators’ eyes.

But Peter shouldn’t worry, nor I believe he would, wakakaka. Those were made by people who aren’t yet ready for views alternative to theirs. They cannot accept any comments less than reverential for or sycophantic to their idol. Basically they have infantile, immature and (to an extent) idiotic political minds, great for idol worshippers but not so for the advancement of democracy for the interests of the Malaysian people.

Now, in my previous post
RPK a willing captive in his statutory declaration I didn’t excuse Peter from his foul deed of unfairly blackening Rosmah Mansor’s reputation, much as Peter had tried to spin it away. Be that as it may, we need to ask why Peter has now turned around and bitten the man he had served (virtually sacrificed himself and his family) for years as a stalking horse, PR agent and supporter.

I don’t believe for an instant that you can buy a man like RPK. Take it from cynical kaytee, a man known for not being particularly fond of RPK personally (though of course I do admire, respect and am a wee envious of his creativity and ability to influence), I believe (yes, I may well be wrong) there is actually greater good to come out from what Peter is doing. Maybe that's his plans, maybe ...?

Try to put 2 and 2 together, to see whether you can get 5.

We know that Anwar Ibrahim is NOT, repeat, NOT the reformasi champion he claims to be.

Recall, this has been the man (then DPM and director of BN elections in Sabah in 1994) responsible for the Great LEAP Forward in that State that year, when Pairin, leader of the party with the majority of seats from the election, went to the residence of the YDP Negeri to claim the CM post, and found that not only were the gates of the YDP Negeri's residence locked and closed to him, but that he had by then become the Opposition Leader, thanks to Anwar Ibrahim, Master of frog-ology.

Remember, this has been the man who wanted to be PM on 16 September 2008 with 82 federal parliamentary seats against AAB’s 140, and attempted to bully his mathetically-muddled claim through by nothing more than his hope for an encore of his dubious Sabah achievement, which, thankfully for democracy and the supremacy of the ballot box, proved to be a fantasy as surreal as some scenes in James Cameron's 'Avatar'.

And surely the most humiliating outcome for him (and embrassing for Pakatan) from that shameful incident had been the rejection of his vainglorious and failed coup d’etat by none other than His Snooziness, the Sultan of Somnambulation. Even AAB could see through his cheap trick.

Reminder, this has also been the man who sent a team of frog hunters to Taiwan. Reformasi? Surely my good sir/lady, thou but jest!

‘Twas only poetic justice that this has been the man, the de facto (what an abominable term) leader of a party which has been plagued by political frogs, not unlike the cursed Pharaoh-ic Egypt in biblical times.

And shall I go on about the recent PKR party elections?

This is also the man with 2 charges of sodomy, regardless of whether they have been false or otherwise, but which make him, as UMNO blogger Sakmongkol AK47 described Anwar Ibrahim, 'damaged goods'.

Meanwhile, in parallel occurrence, Haris Ibrahim and Peter have formed the MCLM, with its first high profile task being to offer de-frog-itized candidates to PKR (but not DAP or PAS) for the next general election.

Why? Because they believe Anwar Ibrahim could no longer be trusted to lead the charge against BN nor to select good candidates to offer to the rakyat as their parliamentary representatives.

The way I’ve read it, Peter and Haris are both fed up with the political incompetency, insincerity and lack of will of Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali and their innermost coterie to truly reform their party and run it as a model of democratic, just and transparent process, thus as the natural and much required primus inter pares of Pakatan.

Instead, we've learnt those PKR leaders have been accused of stacking the odds in their personal interests, to shore up their own political positions, their fiefdoms, instead of nurturing true democratic conduct, and eliminating and removing genuine and legitimate dissenters within PKR. Yes, they’re light years from being political reformers where the only evidence of that so-called ideology or democratic process lies only with and in 9 alphabetical letters, r-e-f-o-r-m-a-s-i, that’s all.

Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali and their innermost coterie belong better in UMNO, though some UMNO members might take umbrage at this suggestion.

Anwar Ibrahim is more than just ‘damaged goods’. As he’s a biological creature, let’s use the term that I believe Peter sees him as being. Anwar Ibrahim is now ‘gangrenous’ to Pakatan, and thus, must be amputated off before his presence poisons the entire body and life of the coalition.

Thus I do not see Peter, master of strategy extraordinaire, as having defected to the other side or being bought over by UMNO. I believe Peter sees the (political) destruction and removal of Anwar Ibrahim (and his like-minded coterie) as a necessary step to the continuing life of Pakatan and in its fight against BN.

Anyway, that’s kaytee's take wakakaka.


  1. No leaders are saint
    It's the picture supporters paint
    Grapevine struggles to put it right
    But the might is still the power craze

    In politics truth is blurry
    The finding pathways besotted with money
    The glitter of mining gold for a take
    Only spin it running like crazy

    Silence doesn't mean is golden
    They are questions; answers slow in print
    Shooting arrows in circles
    Then the leaders can carry on

    In case every one forgets
    Politics is a dirty business
    We have seen the low
    The gutter politics in row

    The spins on the run
    Only one man they are afraid
    The country's wealth and future
    The diggers on the by-line

    Forget about the spin
    The focus is to change
    Transformation isn't working
    It works on the old chassis

  2. anwar is not an angel and have his shortcomings but he is the one that can shore up support from the the masses to fight against corruptions and nepotisms that is rampant in UMNO. If RPK and the rest are loosing their faith in him, we the rakyat still considers Anwar as our leader. If and when Pakatan becomes the govt many of our Qs will be answered. We are still looking for answers to the following Qs:

    1. Who direct the 2 policeman to kill and bomb Altantuya.
    2. Why the AG did not appeal against Razak Baginda when he was acquited?
    3. Why SPRM has not done anything regarding PI Bala's SD?
    4 Why...
    5 Why...

  3. Great... I am not going to vote at all come next GE.

    Anwar is a lousy leader and won't make a good PM, and I don't see anyone else better than him from PR; and neither would I vote BN for reasons known to all of us...

    So, what choice do I have? I need Pet to enlighten a bit...

  4. Quoting RPK own words "Better the devil I know then the one I don't know".

    It doesn't matter if it's anwar or someone else, what really matter is BN must be the end. Nuff said!!!

  5. Haiyaah...use yr common sense lah. Anwar may not be a good leader. But when you say that on TV3,an Umno broadcast station, then you are implying and promoting the perception that Najib, with all his billion RM corruption scandals in both the scorpene and sukhoi submarines, his unresolved alleged links in the Altantuya killing and many more still unearrhed scandals, is a more credible and better leader than Anwar. True enough TV3 and Umno media go to town with RPK's remark.

    Is it true Najib, who seems to controlled by Rosmah , is a better leader than Anwar in all aspects.

    It would have been entirely different if RPK's scathing attack on both Pr and Anwar were made in a neutral forum. Then fence sitters who are not PR supporters would have accepted it with an open mind. But to do it on TV3, the damage is colossal and irreparable, ironically to RPK's image & reputation itself.

    The perception is that he sold-out to BN lah. He is a turn-coat like Zaid & Ezam. His credibility is kaput .

  6. Look, fellas, this academic debate about who is a good leader or a better leader is exactly what UMNO wants us to be engaged in.

    The facts of the matter and decision making triggering point are very straightforward:

    Anwar will get the vote of all right-thinking, wise Malaysians (regardless of his private failings) because he and PR will remove the socialistic, distributive shackles + corruption of the incumbent UMNO/BN.

    Najib/BN will not get our vote because their policies continue to be economic burdens on our future and children's future, regardless of race or religion.

    Simple as that. RPK's plans or views are irrelevant to this decision making criteria for all Malaysians.

  7. I do not for a second entertain the the possibility that RPK has been bought. No way.

    However I do think he sincerely made a mistake of giving TV3 an interview. Though the interview was given 3 months ago, surely he knew Sarawak election was due by July 2011 and TV3 would certainly edited and spin his story like they did.

    He definitely made a huge mistake.

  8. Bro,

    Kena ingat satu perkara.

    Anwar boleh ambil jalan mudah jadi fugitive macam RPK. London, Melbourne, Paris, Old Trafford or wherever.

    Anwar bukan jenis lari sana sini. Baling batu sembunyi tangan.

    You cakap banyak mukapun kita tak pernah tengok.

    Kalau Anwar choose to quit quitely sebagaimana yang diminta oleh Mahathir, kesedaran terhadap kerakusan BN tidak seperti sekarang.

    Tell your friends in BN not to create fitnah macam terhadap Anwar, saya percaya Anwar boleh tumpukan perhatian kepada Pakatan Rakyat.

    Cakap senanglah bro.

  9. How sad, you have completely missed the point, or rather, I tend to think that your dislike of Anwar, prevents you from seeing the obvious. I am not a supporter of Anwar, or Pakatan, am just a person that thinks Taib and BN have done too much damage to Sarawak and they have to be brought down to earth. If Pakatan can do sufficient damage and win more seats in Sarawak, Najib will be considerably weakened in West Malaysia, and that is what we want. He has too much baggage. The people have had so much hope on the two cousins, Najib and Hishamuddin, and they have let us down. First class breeding but third class capability.
    My main concern is that RPK has done BN a great favour, just when it seems like Pakatan can reduce BN's two third majority, gosh we waited 30 years' for this and we don't have another 30 years'.
    Anwar, for all his hypocrisy, as you allege, has held together a coalition of three totally opposing individuals and personalities and parties. Never before in 53 years' has this happened, and this is the closest anyone has come to replace BN, which we all agree is corrupt and arrogant, and Sir, you want to deny this chance, because of your intense dislike for Anwar. Pakatan, can never win the elections, you and I know that, butthey can deny the BN the two thirds, to do things as they wish. That, to me, is what this is all about. Look at the bigger picture, forget Anwar for the time being, and you will see clearly.
    RPK believed the Military Intelligence story. Any one worth his salt, would know that Intelligence is all about "misinformation and being fed with false information" and he fell for it, by his own volition, and now he is sabotaging, not Anwar, but all of the rakyat too. And he claims he is for the rakyat. Sheesh, such ignorance. Enough said.

  10. If you read RPK's article yesterday and I quote, "When TV3 asked me if I would consent to an interview and that the interview would focus on my statutory declaration, I agreed." The second part of TV3interview says otherwise. Has RPK been honest? No.Has he lost faith in Anwar? yes. But it is inconsistent with his beliefs and what he has written all along, to give TV3 a platform to whack Pakatan.

  11. Anwar can go. But does it have to be at the cost of Sarawak?

    RPK's recantation of his SD itself is plagued with suspicious allusions to his thinking. When RPK said, "I no longer accept the story....," it simply means that he admits to having believed the story until about sometime or other. And then, believing on the truth of that story, if not relying on the truth of the story, if not, then on the assumption that there was truth to the story, he came out until even recently, with articles ridiculing Najib and Rosmah or to provide his audience with laughter.

    Kaytee, like me, I am sure you too must have been suspicious, if not, dismissed the SDs as suspect and not relied on it to give emphasis to any point you were making. Strange that Najib and Rosmah had not made any more noise about that SD than they have until now. Just Najib praising God that the truth has finally absolved them.

    And even if RPK needed to recant, he already had a platform. His audience was at his feet. Why recant on TV3 which he now accuses of having spun the recantation. He, more than anyone else, should have known that TV3, like all Malaysian MSM, would be just like the fabled scorpion!!

    There was nothing new in his criticism of Anwar and PR in the second part of the interview aired yesterday. He has said it before and his audience knows all about this.

    But you see, there is a whole huge audience out there that never knew of RPK's SD or the contents thereof. Many would not have understood the news item on TV 3 or as reported in The Star if they had not been reading the web. After all have you seen or read about Rosmah having been at the site of the C4 destruction of Altantuya in any MSM?

    The whole airing was made to look like this anti BN guy is now all for BN. That is all a lot of voters who don't get their info from the web know. And RPK was a happy participant from what I see.

  12. You are entitled to your opinions just as others are entitled to theirs. In a democracy, there must be a diversity of views. You are condemning others who do not share your views. You preach but you don't practise which is so obvious in this article of yours. You are conveying very clearly to your readers what type of person you are through your article without realizing it.

  13. yes Chew, but have I ever accused anyone who writes in favour of Anwar or Azmin or PKR, or against DAP, as being their paid cyber staff?

  14. This is not about making a RPK a hero, or his beliefs, or his credibility, or whether he has lost his faith in Anwar, PKR and Pakatan, etc., it's about us, the rakyat.
    This is about RPK dictating policy and strategy to Anwar, PKR and Pakatan, and they collectively and individually, disagreeing with him. And when you disagree with RPK, well, you pay the price.
    We worked hard, to change the mindset of the people in/of Sarawak, other leaders' of Pakatan included, and RPK sabotaged us all, because he wanted the blood of Anwar, Kang, Nik, etc. Does it mean that because RPK disagrees with Anwar, PKR and Pakatan, he must sabotage the rakyat?
    Typical of a sore loser.
    Let's see RPK dictating policy and strategy to his new boss, Najib and BN, and see how they treat him. He probably misses his son here, and as a father I understand that, but just admit it and come home, you don't have to so much damage. The fact that you did, is evidence that the system wanted that much from you. Having given that to them, you are now using your "machais" to do damage control.
    Every man his his price and RPK has his too.

  15. What if...just what if RPK is laying a trap for Najib & gang. Maybe there is evidence on Atlantuya's murder. Maybe the documents have not been shredded away. Maybe RPK is awaiting the police and BN to bite at the bait and draw them in. Maybe RPK is acting like a pseudo-Trojan horse...

  16. This RPK is all crap. He is certainly nothing better than that. He has exposed himself to be the most unlikely Trojan Horse.Show him the millions,he is willing to prostitute himself and can be bought.

  17. I rasa kalau you kena 5% dari apa yang Anwar kena, youpun dah cabut lari macam RPK.

    Biasalah kritik memang senang.

  18. Anon 12:41 PM, April 15, 2011,

    Betul kata-kata mu. Demi menyelamatkan diri Anwar boleh lari ke negara lain seperti RPK. Cakap memang senang tapi laki jati yang rela mati berjuang bukan senang dapat. Anwar manusia dan memang ada kelemahan dia. Tapi tanpa Anwar bolehkah DAP perintah Penang? Jangan mimpi KT.

  19. Yes PR need to get rid of Anwar but the question is who to replace him? The truth is PR doesn't have enough talented leaders that capable to unite PKR-DAP-PAS. Seriously somebody need to get Zaid Ibrahim back to the fold of PR.

  20. Aiyah sdr mu Vinnan, ingat bagaimana Parti Gerakan (memang pada saat yg lepas) dapat berjaya merebut kuasa di PP dari Parti Perikatan? Dimana AI pada masa tu?

  21. alamak, silap typo, seharusnya 'sdr ku', bukan '... mu' wakakaka

  22. With due respect to you and rpk, you guys are principled no doubt.

    But I must stress that you guys are spoiling the chance for a change (whether for the better or the worse) and the only one good chance to topple the totally decayed government.

    when there are parang wielding morons chasing your way, you still stand firm on your principles?

    but at these moment, i can only give both of you the title, IOI, that is idiot of idiots.

    if we are going to fall from the tiger's mouth into the crocodile's so be least we had tried.

    best regards, susuie from cheras.

  23. I think RPK has seen the full video. He must be extremely shocked and disappointed.He is saying all these in a gentlemanly way.

  24. Running away from the law instead of facing it has made me lose faith in RPK since then.

    And what is the Government doing when this TV3 is interviewing our fugitive? The Government should arrest the TV3 crews for giving air time to a fugitive instead of reporting his whereabout to the Government.

    This shows how bad the government is!

  25. Betul Gerakan dapat rampas PP dari Perikatan. tapi Gerakan juga masuk sebagai parti component perikatan kerana meraka tahu bahawa tanpa sokongan orang Melayu Gerakan tidak akan dapat memerintah PP dengan lama. Lagipun masa 1969 orang Cina sekurang kurangnya 75% daripada penduduk PP. Masa Itupun Gerakan tahu mereka perlukan sokongan orang Melayu untuk terus memerintah. Tanpa Kerusi PKR dan PAS di PP hari ini DAP jangan mimpi boleh memerintah PP dengan lama.

  26. terimakasih, sdr vinnan, mengikut komen sdr, ini bermakna sdr bersetuju dgn saya bahawa faktor penting (prinsip atau pertimbangan utama) adalah kerjasama anatara parti2 Pakatan, dan bukan tertelak kpd seseorang (individu) saja.

    Benarnya pada saat permulaan Pakatan, PAS dan DAP perlu AI sebagai moderator tetapi sekarang saya yakin PAS dan DAP dah mencapai tahap berkerjasama yg cukup matang, mungkin penuh dgn kesedaran (dan untungan) 'realpolitik'. Mau atau tidakmau, sudah jelas tanpa berkerjasama benar antara mereka (termasuk PKR), Pakatan tidak mampu berlawan dgn BN secara efektif.

    Tidak dinafikan bahawa AI telah bermain peranan yg cukup penting menyatupadukan Pakatan, tetapi seperti yg ditulis, beliau dah menjadi liabiliti besar yg harus di asingkan dari gabungan Pakatan.

    Maafkan BM saya yg bagitu lemah maupun kaku wakakaka.

  27. RPK is not running away from the law. Can you imagine RPK living a life behind bars, to defend a cause or fight for a principle. Nah, he will miss his cigars too much. He has to be the centre of attention all the time, if he isn't at the centre of attention, he will loose interest. Actually, he is just ensuring that he leads the luxurious life, that he so much wants. He has no fixed income, or known source of income, and yet he has stayed in the UK for more than year and living in the UK is unlike living in Cambodia, he travels and stays in places like Australia, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, etc, Bali, Bangkok, etc. And he has a family to maintain too. he says that he made money in business, 20 years' ago, and he wants us to believe him.
    It's common knowledge that his aunties, uncles, cousins, etc. in Malaysia, are discussing ways to bring him home to Malaysia.
    Surely he must have had help from high placed individuals, in Malaysia, to leave the country, and also some people must have negotiated with high placed persons' in UK, before he flew in.
    That is basic common sense. It is obvious that these individuals must have extracted certain assurances for themselves, from RPK, before they helped them, that he will further their cause for them. Anyone who knows how these things work, will know what I am referring to. And his supporters think that he is an independent thinking person. THINK AGAIN.
    RPK is a survivor and he wants to survive in luxury.
    Oh, don't be mistaken, he is a nice chap, as nice as Tun Dr.Mahathir actually, if he gets his way.

  28. Hahaha, it is not Anwar but Pakatan. It is the timing that affcts Pakatan, it is the timing of the release. Just like the sex video, it is the timing that many people are questioning.

  29. RPK's interview with TV3 was made 2 months before the Sarawak election was even announced/known.