Friday, April 08, 2011

The Black Ninja of Dr Mahathir?

Friday night, so time for another uncles’ story – kaytee’s uncles of course wakakaka.

In the last few days I glossed over some news articles about that carpet bloke who was variously Rosmah Mansor’s toy boy, confidante, friend, fix-it-all man (‘mechanic’), brown bag carrier, younger ‘brother’ (alamak, how ungracious of him to describe a woman as 'older'), whoever, whatever, etc.

Quite frankly, it's not newsworthy to me. I can’t even recall his name other than it’s one belonging to a mamak, wakakaka.

But it triggered my uncles to relate to me a story in Dr Mahathir’s days, where there was another bloke like him, a fix-it-all-for-the-boss ‘mechanic. He too was an Indian but not a mamak.

In fact he was highly qualified and could be described as a lotus* (in the Chinese sense), you know, the admirable type who rose from very very humble beginnings on his own merits to very nearly the top of society, though ironically after he surmounted his difficult beginnings to become a someone in society on his own rights and achievements, he lingered mostly in the dark, as a ‘mechanic’ for his political boss.

* to know what is a Chinese lotus, read my June 2005 post The Lotus Will Not Bloom For One Man.

Unc said he was from the unfortunate lowest caste, an unjust and diabolically oppressive religio-social system that some Indian-Hindu* Malaysians even today, for some inexplicable reasons, voluntarily subordinate themselves to its ideological imperatives of strict social stratification and the associated evil of taboo-ed caste-miscegenation.

* either before or subsequent to their marriage they left Hinduism for another religion (no, not Islam)

Murphy's Law required that he fell in love with a sweetheart from an upper caste family, so it looked like it was going to be a sad impossible Romeo-Juliet type of scenario for them. But thanks to the courage and fortitude of his sweetie, they married in defiance of her family objections. He was a good husband and father.

Then like a Chinese lotus, he studied hard (while his wife worked hard to supplement their income), emerged above the muddy waters of his caste and unprivileged position to graduate as an outstanding electrical engineer, became a big corporate somebody, owned big house(s), Mercedes, the whole caboodle of 'I have arrived' material trophies, and the pinnacle of social achievement for him, a Datukship, all these even before he became a covert political aide. Eat that, family-in law!

Bravo to him, but why he went that extra bit, the whole nine yards so to speak, to become a political 'mechanic', one can only wonder? Was it greed for more, was it hubris he could move and shake the Malaysia political world (albeit from behind the scenes), was it a sense of thrill to be rubbing shoulders with the highest office in the land, was it his belief he would be doing some service for his nation, or was it to show his in-laws he was right up there with the nation's No 1 nyeh nyeh nyeh?

Who knows, though that won’t stop us from our favourite Malaysian pastime, speculating wakakaka.

The story went that he was so politically powerful even UMNO members, let alone MIC, MCA or Gerakan people, shivered when they heard of his name or involvement, because he was allegedly the No 1 ‘mechanic’ for Dr Mahathir. He was the man to make the Pharoah-ish "So it shall be written, so it shall be done" happened, and his reputation was such he ensured his boss' every 'wish' always happened.

They called him the Black Ninja, naturally only behind his back.

Does anyone know about this, and can share some stories? Or, were my Uncs being creative? Wakakaka


  1. "Ktemoc Konsiders at is read by people who think Wakaka runs the country."

    Bro check out


    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  2. Sounds like that man is Anwar. And it is Anwar.
    The once oh-so-powerful man who was like Terminator.
    Our uncle is smart, KT.

  3. Anwar got an Indian blood in him. His grandfather was formerly an Hindu before converting to Islam.

  4. seems your blog has attracted some Anwar bashers through your folk stories

  5. Methinks kt's uncs are not referring to Anwar when they mentioned Mahathir's black ninja?

    Could we have more hints on this ninja hitam? Very intriguing figure. Is there a name to this behind-the-scene chap?

  6. Of course he's NOT Anwar. He's Indian and NOT a mamak. Incidentally Uncs told me I failed to mention he is no longer a Hindu, having embraced another religion long ago, either just before or after he married (to overcome the caste thingy???). No, he didn't convert to Islam. Hint - his Datukship was from Pahang.

  7. Ohh.... this is getting more and more intriguing !

    He's a christian then, and is he still living? And he's married to another indian lady of a 'higher' caste, right?

    Looks like we are going to pry more hints out of you, KT, til your patience runs out and will may be blurt out the name, haha. That's our strategy for now....

  8. no, not a christian ;-) but you're getting warm wakakaka

  9. KT,

    We surrender lah. Please, pretty please, let us have the name already !

    We are dying of curiousity this black ninja.

  10. His personal name starts with ... no ... make that ends with wakakaka ... a 'M'

  11. Aw KT, you're a real teaser, that's what your are !

    Mmmm..... an 'M'

    Who could he be ?

    He's still living ? residing happily with his wife in Malaysia? Is he at least a decade younger than dr M ? Fully retired ? Or still active in the corporate world or at least in the social circle ? Not a christian, not a muslim, not a mamak..... any other religion left for him to convert in?

    A buddhist? very doubtful. An atheist wakakaka ( kt, your laughter is v infectious one lah, but v v effective ).

    Still no name yet.

  12. He and family are no longer in Malaysia ;-)

  13. Checked with my unc but alas, he's also clueless inspite of all the hints here.

    Ok, looks like we'll have to wait til KT relents and willingly spill the beans. Wakakaka.....think this 'laughter' kinda grow on me :)

  14. All the clues are already presented here:
    (i) Indian but not Hindu, Muslim nor Christian wakakaka
    (ii) Engineer
    (iii) Pahang Datukship
    (iv) name ends with a 'M'
    (v) now lives outside Malaysia
    (vi) Dr M's personal black ninja, &
    (vii) definitely not Anwar Ibrahim wakakaka

  15. He is a Tan Sri ?

  16. Does the first alphabet of his name is A

  17. A Datukship from Pahang? Far too many of them to make an intelligent guess. Datuk "_____m" must have bought it from the palace. More clues KT, such as:

    - what organisation /party/ corporate was he linked to?

  18. I want to guess that he could be Tan Sri Arumugam, now living in London.

    sri hartamas

  19. Tan Sri Arumugam of Mahkota Technologies, among other companies in his stable? two datukships fro Pahang he has. I'm not too sure that he's not a Hindu though. Any prizes if i got it right KT?

    sri hartamas

  20. common KT, spell it outt

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  22. what does b...o stand for? wakakaka

  23. Tombei is a Black Ninja..., and Shintaro Akekusa is a Secret Samurai.

    Maybe Tombei works for Dr. Mahathir.


  24. KTemoc,

    And..., b....o..., stands for Body Odour..., Alamak...., Pong...!


  25. could it be thamby sami veloo ? ... lol

  26. Been checking this post to see if KT has finally relent and spill the beans.

    Mmmm....looks like the waiting game will continue, wakakaka.

  27. He's Tan Sri Arumugam of Mahkota Technologies and Seri Inderajaya Holdings, Kris, etc.. His religion is BAHA'I....