Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarawak Elections - morning after

So … it’s over … at least for now until the next state or general election.

BN won its 2/3, but with only 55% of the votes. But that’s the way it has been and will always be, unless we change our voting system to proportionate representations like the Australian system (which the British proposes to do, but most unlikely to be adopted here as it won't favour UMNO).

As The Malaysian Insider
editorial puts it, “… when PR go to battle they are up against Umno, MCA, SUPP, PBB, Maybank, Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, PDRM, EC, Pos Malaysia, AirAsia, etc.”

But almost all are legitimate Pakatan’s political foes, with two frightening EXCEPTIONS, the PDRM and EC.

That the PDRM is not an impartial civil service but one which works directly for UMNO is already a given and almost accepted by frustrated opposition politicians and the public who work around those biased men in blue.

But the EC is an insidious evil organization for its partisan behaviour. The outrageous and arrogant refusal to hand over the Borang 14 has been a recent example of its unprofessional sins. If you’re the religious type (and Muslim) you may believe those EC staff demonstrating their partisan conduct will soon be burning in the Islamic Hell for their sins, wakakaka.

But leave that aside as we are still here in the material world. Like the case for the police, we have to work around the EC bastards.

The Malaysian Insider editorial believes two factors, apart from the above biased civil services, brought salvation for the BN, namely, Najib and RM500 million worth of handouts. They ensured the BN received at least 55% of the votes.

Traditionally the Deputy Chairperson of BN (also the deputy president of UMNO and DPM) is the BN’s election campaign director, with the chairperson only making the odd campaign speeches or two at various important centres, kissing babies, awarding grants, and making promises, etc. But Muhyiddin as a campaign director was hopeless; bloke was as lost as a skittish kijang in downtown Kuching.

But then these have been precisely his qualities which persuaded Najib (and probably Dr Mahathir as king maker) to push for Muhyiddin to be deputy president of UMNO (and thus DPM) because Najib doesn’t want an independent-thinking, dangerous and too smart Alec (e.g., like Ali Rustam) to be his deputy. So Najib has to reap what he has sown, a semi-dumbo deputy party president/DPM who proved to be pathetically ineffective as BN's election campaign director.

When I read that Najib had personally taken over from Muhyiddin during the second half of the campaign stage, I knew that the BN was in trouble. I know many of you hate Najib with a vengeance, but I am less biased, seeing in him a rather clever, (definitely) cunning, cosmopolitan-minded, charming, and convincing politician who can woo, persuade, and sell his bullshit rather well.

Mind, all these qualities are those required of an effective politician; Najib merely demonstrated his ability to work all these qualities well wakakaka, and to the benefit and relief of an initially terrified BN in Sarawak.

Of course delusional Taib would believe he must still have the persona and pull to win 2/3 of the seats, wakakaka.

Okay, it's frustrating the final election results haven’t reflected the true picture that while BN has taken more than 2/3 of the total seats, it has actually won only 55% of the votes. But as I said, that’s the nature of the election ‘first-past-the-post’ beast. No point in crying or moaning – work with that.

But I am glad that power-crazy Taib, delusional as he is, has with much obscene haste appointed himself as the CM straightaway the very moment he knew the BN has obtained the winning majority (but with the results of many seats still undetermined), no doubt to forestall any Putrajaya move to remove him, and naturally to the grave dismay of Najib.

I’m glad because the person of Taib can once again serve as the Pakatan central campaign issue in 2013. Getting rid of 'Peh Mor' had been an effective issue for Pakatan in this recent state election, so Taib continuing as a CM, hopefully into 2013, will again be a blessed boon to the opposition. Poor Najib must be cracking his head on how to remove this BN’s Old Man of the Sea.

DAP went for 15 seats and won 12. It could have won 13 if 3,000 postal votes didn’t save Wong Soon Koh in Bawang Assam. But anyway the end result is what DAP expected, and it should be happy it achieved its planned target, including the scalps of George Chan and a few others. Let’s hope CSL in Peninsula is next to join George Chan, Koh TK and Samy.

In a couple of previous posts I had sneeringly said of PKR’s outrageously preemptive stake-claiming of 52 of the 71 Sarawak seats, that it hopes to win 2 seats by doubling its 2006 efforts (25 in 2006 got 1, maybe 52 in 2011 will get 2?). Well, it did better than I predicted, having won 3 (including Batu Lintang) wakakaka.

I just wonder how many it would have won if it had not frittered away the earlier part of the campaign opportunities by unnecessarily squabbling with SNAP? But it’s a stark reminder to Azmin Ali to stop bossing Sarawakian and indeed Sabahan PKR activities. Those state leaders will do better without Peninsula party leaders micro-managing their affairs.

I suppose we can only hope.


  1. given the way constituencies are currently structured, it looks unlikely that there can be a change of government without the support of the heartlands....

    it will be very hard for bn to lose an election ever and if i were najib, i would call for the ge right now - when the opposition has run out of resources and energy in battling for sarawak


  2. Don't have to make excuses and be sour grapes.
    The Sarawakians have spoken. I share their euphoria.
    So much for trying to oust Taib. He won with an improved majority, thus firmly entrenced in his position.
    I am happy that my prediction of BN winning 51 seats have come true, with BN winning four more.
    In several blogs I have said from day one that status quo will remain and Taib will still win.
    Of course I was being ridiculed being the only one who believed in Taib.
    Sarawakians are wiser than us orang Malaya who thrives on delusions of idealism.
    The most important thing Sarawakians have taught Anwar a lesson. That his party is not wanted.
    He already ran away to the US before the results are out. That's Anwar for you.

  3. Nobody expect PKR able to make huge breakthrough. The strategy is obvious, DAP out to get SUPP, PKR and PAS try to gain ground. While PKR also went into "SNAP replacement" assignment. As long as PKR and PAS not losing deposit on most of the seat, that will send a shiver towards bn money machinery. It inflate the cost of bn money machinery. I heard that all material supplier asking "cash first" when ask to supply election banner,campaign goodies,etc.

    Nevertheless, the Ubah hornbill mascot catch everyone eye, show DAP readiness for state election.

  4. I dont understand your rationale, you keep harping on PKR.

    As though if lets say PKR had let SNAP contested all the seats, it would have won more than 3 ?

    SNAP would have returned losses in ALL lah judging by how they performed.

    You only criticise PKR contesting with no alternative , good alternatives !

  5. azmin should tone down, share power and not be greedy

  6. One battle fought
    Losses were heavy
    Maybe it was quite satisfying
    There were changes a little less

    Now retreat to plan
    For the battles never end
    The seed of change
    Slowly it will grow

    The giant may celebrate
    Shouting into the valley
    The little people feel the fear
    It costs them the losses

    Change has to come
    One battle fought
    Losses were heavy
    Yet a seed is germinating

    Focus now on Putrajaya
    The seat must be changed
    It isn't impossible to do it
    So little people you still can!

  7. Snap was history. It was used by BN to divide the opposition. bulk of Snap candidates lost their deposits.

    it should be at least 4 for PKR. Senadin was literally stolen from PKR. How can EC refuse a recount with a 58 vote difference. You can guess the reason.

    Whatever, Pakatan lost against BN machinery but the seeds of change have been planted. All we need is just another baby step from the Dayaks. Thats all and the rest will be history. Patience, my friend, Patience.

  8. Ktemoc,
    Don't be blinded over your hatred towards Anwar/Azmin! Don't be David Saul Marshall who felt that he made a comeback in Anson in the by election more than 40 years ago
    The devils are in detail. I suggest you go through every single election result before you make comment......Look before you leap

    There are plenty of David Saul Marshalls. Your uncles too. Well intention but too impeteous. People ask you to stand still, you wanna cheong. People ask you smote everything, you smote half shit.....See lah, this what happen lah?

    As predicted, all the so called 3 forces are there simply to split votes. You think PKR would get only 3 seats meh......
    While bashing people like Anwar, ROME is on fire.
    Oh, by the way, I supported Taib Mahmud's move to reinstall himself as CM

  9. Anon of 10:18 AM, April 17, 2011, did I say that SNAP should contest ALL the seats?

    If you can be fair, then you would recall that it was PKR Mr Azmin Ali who first came out with a media release that PKR would contest 52 seats (out of 71? I wonder why he bothered to leave untouched the remaining 19? Maybe he has a generous nature?), and that SNAP could only have 3 seats. In the first place, who the f* is Azmin Ali to tell SNAP that? And was a media release a correct way of negotiating, which incidentally PKR did to DAP in 2007 too. The reason why Azmin did that was to pre-empt the other Pakatan members' negotiating stand. He only succeeded in riling them, and viewing PKR with deep distrust and anger.

    The fact is Azmin is not a sincere or capable negotiator like Anwar but alas, Anwar always gives in to Azmin's way. Without Azmin I believe Anwar would have better kept SNAP (or in Sabah, SAPP, and also Jeffrey Kitingan, and in PKR itself, Zaid Ibrahim, Gobala, etc) within the coalition.

    The problem with PKR in 2007 and in the recent Sarawak state elections has been its greed (to sapu and not share seats), inability and refusal to negotiate sincerely, and frankly an outcome of the unrealistic ambitions of Azmin Ali (he dreams of being PM and thus wants PKR to be the Pakatan member with the majority of seats, so he grabs for his own party a share beyond reasonable acceptance).

    He is abetted by Tian Chua who fights for his (latter) interests, namely, a continuing role for the PKR chinese. Tian CHua sees DAP as an obstacle to this, his role.

    So they grabbed what they wanted (more than a fair share), announced it preemptively via media releases and expected other allies to accept the fait accompli, and then arrogantly told others to accept what it would allocate, as if they (the PKR leaders) were the Lords of Pakatan (like UMNO is of BN) who has the right to dispense out the share of seats.

  10. "I’m glad [that Taib is still Chief Minister] because the person of Taib can once again serve as the Pakatan central campaign issue in 2013."

    1. How do you know that Taib will still be alive in 2013?

    2. How do you know that the GE will be held in 2013 & not earlier?

  11. Bomoh, we can only hope he'll be still alive to provide Pakatan with a great fighting issue, but if he konks off, the Sarawak people will also benefit wakakaka. If GE is held before 2013, there's greater chances of Taib being still alive wakakaka

  12. Moot said ..."I heard that all material supplier asking "cash first" when ask to supply election banner,campaign goodies,etc."

    Because a few years ago a supplier was not paid many millions for posters...

    Probably the case is still winding through the courts ...

  13. You guys are still quarelling over Taib Mahmud. He's the clear winner.
    Please cut him some slack. He's got the message loud and clear.
    He can now quit with dignity after bringing BN to another victory in the state.
    Give him time to put the succession line in place.
    He will resign before the PBB party elections next year.
    You think Najib is so stupid to allow him to stay longer since he's gonna be the issue in the coming GE.
    The man to take over is Abang Johari, a likeable candidate who works hard and is in gear with the people.


    I agree wholly with what you said about Anwar and Azmin.
    Why is orang Malaya so busy demanding Taib to retire?
    What about the sodomy king who has lost his credibility a long time ago.
    He should quit. Then Sarawakians can think about replacing BN there.
    He is irrelevant as far as Sarawak politics goes.

  14. Maybe Najib should employ the services of Taib's young wife to help him get rid of Taib. Get her to wear his heart out by you-know-what! Wakaka and lol!

  15. Chapchai: you mean get her to let someone lose his Omega watch again? Where? When? How? Will the new video have Thai subtitles?

  16. Given that there were so many obstacles placed in the way for the opposing parties, I think the results is quite an achievement. For those who insisted that there was no change in the status quo, just note that 45% of the voters shouted "get out!!!" to the incumbents.