Sunday, April 24, 2011

Son of Han

A blogger called himself son of Han
He thought he might have some fun
As he has the hots for Hanna
With her he dreams he wanna
But she laughs as his was only a wee ‘un


On Eli’s sarong he is deeply fixated
Just to grope beneath it, he’s excited
He feels something wet
But poor bloke didn’t get
That’s because he had masturbated


How could he hope for any headway
With PR sweeties in his disgusting way
He reeks of terrible B.O
And haven’t I told you so
For all his lust, bloke’s a closeted gay


So he rings up dear Teresa Kok
Ask to borrow her yellow frock
Saying he wants a date
With Saiful his soulmate
Who’s ‘clean’ as a whistle for a knock



  1. he wants a date
    With Saiful his soulmate

    so the dna extracted from saiful's rectum which was not washed off for 2 days belongs to him. still hiding in indonesia?

  2. Najis had a date with Saifool his mate
    To discuss the downfall of the future head of state.
    But no DNA was there, on Saifool's underwear.
    But then came a corrupt judge who wasn't fair:
    He helped put the DNA there at a later date.


    There was a man who pretended to be political,
    But his “politics” was merely sexual:
    All he knew were the birds and the bees,
    F***ing younger female PR MPs were among his priorities:
    He’s tired of women his age, who are post-menstrual.

  4. So here she comes, the great Zena Valkyrie
    Rescuing Son of Han, he with a wee weenie
    She is blind to his vulgarism
    Even believing it is truism
    Defending that wee weenie-ish monstrosity