Monday, April 25, 2011

PKR - a dog in Sarawak's manger

A few days ago I posted Baru Bian's brain baffling bullxxxx where I scoffed at his claim in Malaysiakini that PKR vied for 49 seats for the sake of Pakatan (note, he avoided mentioning PKR) being taken seriously by Sarawakians.

Baru Bian had attempted to explain away its greedy gluttonous grab of the Sarawakian state constituencies, initially (and preemptively) by a staggering 52 out of 71 seats, a 75% claim on the pie, to leave the remaining 25% to be shared among DAP, PAS and then SNAP, .....

..... as a sweet 'Mother Teresa'-ish altruistic reasons for Pakatan, when everyone knows it had been its selfish avaricious ambitions to dominate Sarawakian (and no doubt Sabah and Peninsula) politics among Pakatan members.

I asserted it was 100% unadulterated bull for a host of reasons detailed in my post. Those were in addition to PKR’s already known selfish treacherous behaviour in 2007 when it attempted to oust DAP out in a number of seats developed, nurtured and regularly contested by DAP, with some even with incumbent DAP members like Kulasegaran in Ipoh Barat.

From sickening avarice to sweet altruism, really, who would/could believe his fairy tale.

Today Nurul Izzah confirmed my belief.

She told The Malaysian Insider
PKR won’t cede Sarawakian seats to the DAP, despite evidence that the DAP has been the most successful component party of Pakatan in the recent State election, where its brand name is highly respected, more so than the other Pakatan members. Even PAS acknowledged this, wishing it had promoted the image that a vote for PAS is also a vote for the Rocket.

So how does Nurul explain her equally avaricious statement with Baru Bain’s lamentation that:

“... the Pakatan [note, he studiously avoided mentioning PKR] principle was that all seats must be fought for because the electorate must know that the coalition is serious about taking over the state government.”

"We cannot give the other side a free ride. If we did, it would demoralise us. This was the strategy”

... but ...

"... this strategy came with a heavy cost. The party was severely stretched because the rural campaign was resource-intensive".

Let me do it for her. The reason why PKR, as per Nurul’s continuous claim on that unbelievable greedy gluttonous grubby number of Sarawakian seats is two-fold, namely:

(a) It's just a dog in a manger, wishing to continue its unrealistic fantasy about dominating the Sarawakian political landscape, and preparing to lose rather than allow DAP to win,

(b) It has its greedy eye now spotlighted on federal parliamentary seats in Sarawak for the coming GE-13.

There is the question of DAP’s seniority in Sarawak since 1978, bettering that of PKR by a clear two decades of serious hard work. Ginny-come-lately doesn't see this. It thinks it has a birthright to dominate its partners and dictate to them its preferences - hmmm, wonder where it obtain that mentality from?

And then, despite (a) its pathetically piffling poor performance in the last Sarawak state elections, (b) DAP’s evidence of better campaigning and success, and (c) DAP being a far far more acceptable political party in Sarawak, it still insists on its so-called birthrights to monopolize the Sarawak poltiical terrain. That's why I call its selfish behaviour as that of the proverbial dog in the manger where it seems prepared to lose to BN rather than give way to another Pakatan member with a far superior prospect of winning.

Indeeed, that has been precisely why PKR had recently degenerated into frenzied furious fears when Lim KS proposed SNAP merged with DAP. It knows that the realization of this merger could enhance the probability of Pakatan winning the next state election, but with the new Sarawak SNAP-DAP emerging as the majority party among the partners. It also dreads the likelihood of a long-overdue Iban from SNAP-DAP becoming the next CM of Sarawak. For PKR, it would be Paradise Lost!

Until PKR rids itself of those UMNO rejects and their atavistic mentality, the future of a cohesive Pakatan doesn’t look good at all.

As I wrote in
Baru Bian's brain baffling bullxxxx:

PKR is like a ripe nangka with one side rotting away, infested by fruit flies. We Malaysians are familiar with such a fruit and know what needs to be done - the rotting part should be sliced cleanly away, allowing the rest of sweet fruit to be still enjoyed.

That’s what PKR requires, the amputation of its gangrenous portion.

Slice that bloody nangka.


  1. Better some ripe nangka than a totally rotten Nangka like Racist UMNO-BN....

  2. MR K TEMOC.. Greetings..

    Are you not aware of recent SNAP`s pre Sarawak election stunts in meetings with former PKR Sec Gen and others from UMNO....reports indicated SNAP was acting as a vote breaker amongst the Opposition in Iban constituencies in Sarawak at the behest of BN...

    That was not true..?

    You amaze me at times mr K Temoc. Anyway its your right to draw your own conclusions but please try not to show too much prejudice.



    25 April 2011

  3. Dear Taru:

    KTemoc is a closet UMNO member (he's a closet homosexual too, but that goes hand-in-hand with being an UMNO member). So he doesn't mind that SNAP is actually a component party of the BN, and well paid by them to contest the previous election (to split the Pakatan vote). You see, it would suit KTemoc perfectly if the DAP, by way of the SNAP merger, joins the BN, because to KT, all roads lead to the BN in general and UMNO in particular.



  4. wakakaka, no comment yet on PKR's insistence on retaining its rights to contest 75% of the Sarawak state seats, while limiting other Pakatan members like DAP to a paltry 15 (DAP had wanted 20). Great unselfish altruistic Pakatan member.

  5. ktemoc - for the sake of balance can we have one article on bn alternated with one on pr.

    a bit tired of reading how bad pkr is on your blog.

    surely there are more significant things in this little world

  6. of course. have you read the 3 posts immediately before this one?

    Son of Han = MCA cybertrooper
    Is Dr M a racist?
    MCA - a guard dog or lap log?

  7. Ktemoc,
    DAP wanted to contest in 25seats. Then drop to 20. Then 18. Finally, DAP relented to give Padungan (reasonable) & Senadin. Tian Chua that loudmouth bastard demanded DAP to give up 3 seats. That's why the gloves drop off. All Hell breaks lost
    Some more they wanna snatch Dudong from DAP even though last time DAP was within reach to snatch Dudong.....

  8. Guys,
    Any PKR is talking different things

    Lu ai hami? You want DAP to contest more or less? Just pick one?

  9. PKR is the worst opposition party in Malaysia.