Sunday, April 03, 2011

They shoot horses, don’t they?

Malaysiakini - Najib didn't talk of retaking Penang, says Koh

Look at above photo. Very nice. Koh TK and Najib relaxing together. How chummy.

But sometimes I wonder what a person like Koh TK is doing, thinking and feeling as a Najib’s backdoor minister, more so when Ah Koon himself had publicly vowed before the March 2008 election that he won’t accept backdoor entry into Parliament.

Is there any meaning to his current political life?

If you have see the movie
They shoot horses, don’t they? you’d find that the storyline attempted to compare the miserable depressed lives of human beings to horses suffering from broken legs. The animal with such a disability would usually be shot, to mercifully stop it from suffering from untold pain (imagine a horse continuing its life with a broken leg).

Thus the message is that depressed people would seek suicide to put themselves out of their miseries.

Much as we despise Ah Koon for his useless cringing political life, we should also feel sorry for miserable him, because as president of a virtually non-existent political party in the wake of the 2008 political tsunami, not unlike those power station buildings in Japan housing the nuclear reactors swept away and destroyed by nature’s tsunami, his presidential role is in all reality good for nothing.

Isn’t it depressing for this man? Shouldn’t we be merciful and stop his tortuous suffering by helping him end his political life?

They shoot horses, don’t they?


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  2. Ah Koon looks so sad
    He can't speak for himself
    The party he leads in deep water
    He finds no pail to bail him out

    He loses his creditability
    He goes through the back door
    Now the stink permeates into the hall
    The party has a hard time

    The people of Penang
    They have said their goodbye
    Ah Koon has to go into permanent exile
    The party has to close shop be kind to itself

    Ah Koon a nice and quiet man
    In politics he doesn't have the guts
    He is led by the warlords.....
    “Drink!” And he goes to swallow his pride

    The “yam seng” makes him dizzy
    The mathematical equations he forgets
    He just freezes in the flow of political headaches
    He can't move without a director telling him so

    Ah Koon looks so sad
    The big warlord gets his plans into running
    He just sits watching the game plan unfolds
    The people of Penang say their goodbye

  3. What is the Malay translation of "backdoor minister"? Is it "menteri pantat"? According to the online, one of the definitions of "backdoor man" is "a man who sodomises." Anyway, the last three prime ministers of this great country have been responsible for changing the complexion of the Malay language almost beyond recognition, by anal-ising it. I wonder how KSK stands in this great linguistic shift? Maybe the appointment of this "backdoor minister" will backfire? No? (As Ktemoc will tell you, "backfire" is Aussie slang for farting.)

  4. 'They shoot horses, don’t they?' sounds so outlandish. More stylish if ' They c4 mongols, don’t they?

  5. Ah Koon looks so sad.

    I believe Bijan has just told him that if he can't deliver Penang the coming elections, he would have to go seek another job elsewhere. A groom in the Batu Gantung Turf Club would be suitable for old Ah Koon. Or a pall carrier at one of those the Carnavon Street coffeen shops

  6. Leave Ah Koon be. At least he's not a threat to your leader, LGE.
    With him around, your beloved party can continue to rule Penang.
    Sure you like, like that one.

  7. lebih baik dengan muka babi dan perangai macam ular lim guan eng .

  8. Ktemoc,
    Surprise! surprise!

  9. Aiyah looes74, why surprised? I told you already that these individuals (Nalla, Gobala) aren't like wealthy Zaid Ibrahim who can form his own party to whack AI and AA. Less wealthy blokes like Nalla and Gobala have to make use of the BN platform in order to effectively attack AI. It's not so much he's a frog but more of being a spurned erstwhile devotee wakakaka who's out to get AI and his blue-eyed boy, most apparent in your newspaper report which quoted Gobala as saying:

    “Anwar is so much in love with Azmin that he has forgotten about other leaders in PKR and the people of Malaysia. PKR is the party that was formed to protect the interests of Anwar and Azmin. The party chief is willing to sacrifice anyone because of his love for Azmin.

    “Anwar had three times asked me to quit PKR. So, I came out of the PKR because I cannot stand it any longer”

    So if AI asked Gobala to f* off 3 times, why blame him for going over to use the BN microphone wakakaka.

    And please see my previous post to appreciate the appropriateness of the post's title I used.

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  11. no way jose. BN is already short of ball carriers. cant afford to lose another one.