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RPK a willing captive in his statutory declaration

RPK admitted in an interview on TV3 that he doesn’t believe Rosmah was involved in Altantuya murder.

Yawnnnnnnnnn – mate, it’s not a revelation of monumental proportion, nothing unexpected lah insofar as I'm concerned.

He claimed he was given the green light from Anwar Ibrahim (via Din Merican) to make his earth-shaking but infamous Statutory Declaration.


RPK also stated “… people close to Anwar were behind the accusations against Najib to prevent him from succeeding Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as prime minster.”

Yawnnnnnnnnn – mate, nothing new lah.

On this silly topic, I don't want to be patronising and say "I told you so!", but for writing on what I saw and still see as a campaign of evil bullshit, I was variously accused of being an UMNO goon, frog, MCA paid cybertrooper, mad as an inmate in a lunatic asylum, and even Dr Mahathir himself writing under the pseudonym of kaytee wakakaka.

Please read my various posts on subject (embedded below in this post) to appreciate why I have never believed that preposterous declaration which was obviously targeted at Najib in a vain hope of sabotaging his chances of succeeding AAB as PM.

Indeed, if any question was to be asked, it should have been Cui Bono?

I had written in a March 2009 post
RPK's "I was reliably informed ... might not have been so reliable" the following:

I cannot help but wonder whether this is part of the G.A.N campaign to keep the Altantuyaa-rised ‘rage’ against Najib still blazing ... ... what more with a forecast by a university don that PKR has planned 4 or 5 more by-elections in constituencies where PKR has at least a 70% surety level of victory.

If true, then PKR is into deplorable disruptive destablizing destructive politics.

I was so dismayed by such politik kotor (dirty politics) that I penned a satire on what I saw as the misuse of statutory declaration titled
Statuesque Declaration

RPK confessed in that TV3 interview:
“I don’t believe the story anymore. Because I feel, maybe it’s impossible. How can the wife of the prime minister have been at that place (where Altantuya killed), as that place is in the middle of the forest.”

“I thought, ‘would she climb to such a high ground, enter the forest in the middle of the night, midnight? I thought that must be impossible.”

Look Peter (RPK), never mind the bullshit considerations about about forest, high ground or midnight factors. The suggestion of Rosmah, or for that matter, any woman, supervising or wanting to witness the explosive demolition of a corpse is just plain preposterous implausibility, as I had written in my June 2008 post
Raja Petra's Statutory Declaration - is it evidence?

... I have to admit I find the idea of the wife of a DPM who would turun padang to supervise or witness the placement of C4 on Altantuyaa's corpse, rather bizarre and, frankly, quite implausible. But then, I am sure there will be those who believe (or want to believe) that's exactly right up her alley.

Also in a March 2009 post
The R-A-H-M-A-N prophesy - to be fulfilled or forestalled? I said:

To me personally, it’s highly implausible that women would want to turun padang to personally witness the explosive destruction of a corpse … … which leads me naturally to suspect the theory that if one can’t get Najib himself, then one should try to get him through his wife.

But my dear Peter, you cannot simply disown your Stat Dec nor distance yourself from the evil rubbish of smearing a woman’s reputation (directly or indirectly).

As I wrote in the first post (above):
I wonder which of Ku Li’s staff persuaded RPK to make the Stat Dec? Is RPK the sort of person to require such advice before he made such a Stat Dec against Najib's wife?

Quite frankly I find that laughable, because I believe that RPK would only make a Stat Dec if RPK himself wanted to, full stop! He is such a man.

At best, Peter, I see you as a willing captive of the Gerakan Anti-Najib’s camp.

Ergo, what now about Balasubramaniam's twin statutory declarations?

In one of several posts about Balasubramnaiam's statutory declarations, I wrote:

The statutory declarations (SDs) of private investigator Balasubramaniam, when compared to other stories on Najib and Altantuyaa Shariibuu, carry too many contradictions, inconsistencies and implausibility. [...]

But what is not confusing is either Najib or Rosmah as the guilty party will mean the sorry end of Najib's political position. This is known as the 'shotgun' effect - kalau ta'boleh hentam Najib, hentam Rosmah pun jadi wakakaka.

OK, I leave it to you to browse through the following posts on Balasubramaniam's involvements:

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