Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sarawak Rocket landed on Moon?

Hottie sweetie Clara Chooi of The Malaysian Insider wrote in BN will keep Sarawak by a hair’s breadth, say analysts:

Universiti Teknologi Mara Associate Professor Shaharudin Badaruddin agreed with his comrades saying that this was by far the most heated state contest he had ever witnessed.

He explained that in the previous two state polls in 2001 and 2006, voters had generally stayed in the comfort of their homes and went about their daily businesses instead of joining in the campaign festivities by attending political events.

The professor expressed awe at the vast changes describing it as a ‘strong undercurrent’ sweeping the state.

“It is quite remarkable to see how accepting these people are. I have seen lorries driven by Chinese displaying PAS flags.”

Above for my matey Vinnan - The foundation stone has been laid for a cohesive cooperation among Pakatan parties in Sarawak, especially between PAS and DAP.

It doesn’t mean it’ll be all smooth sailing for Pakatan from now on. Yes, there’ll still be troubled waters and turbulent wake ahead, but at least the seed of mutual support has been sown.

If these inchoate grounds for inter-party cooperation are fertilised with earnest efforts of goodwill and sincerity (which unfortunately was missing in the BN during the last 15 years), Pakatan may have a bright future in Sarawak.


  1. With the rampant corruption and abuse of power in the country , even graduates will have to work as maids and general workers overseas if Barisan Najis is not kicked out soon.

  2. of course , now go kiss your idol butt ,that pig cunt piss called lim guan eng !

  3. Eh..where did this barbarian (anonymous 7.17 PM ) come from ?

  4. A small seed germinating
    On the soil of Land of Hornbills
    The brave ones dare to challenge
    The strong hold of the ruling elites

    The fear they have
    Slowly surely will be disappeared
    Remember your ancient warriors
    They fought for their rights

    Though many are blinded
    With flow of peanut money and goods
    Believing these are paradise
    No more running wild in the forests

    People of Land of Hornbills
    You did display your fighting spirits
    Yet it wasn't enough to wrangle your foes
    You still vote them inspite of many injustices done

    You had tasted the fight
    A slow growth yet it is quite satisfied
    Now prepare for the major one
    Chase them out from Putra Jaya!

  5. ah said,

    last heard he mixes well with BN folks. Birds of the same feather flock together, i guess.

  6. KT,

    The paths that the DAP and PAS each wants the country to follow are so diametrically different it is just impossible to see how they can work together if they were to form the government.

    PAS is unswervingly committed to turning the country into a full-fledged Islamic nation in every way whereas DAP is passionately and implacably secular. Neither is likely to give way to the other's plans for administrating the country. Looks to be an ideological impassé.

    What is your opinion?

  7. Seren,

    That is why we are in a bitch of a situation.

    In every election, be it general or by election, it is all about race and religion.

    Is malaysia ( or rather semenanjung )the only country in the world that has a race automatically equates with a religion ( as in Malay = Muslim)

    The PR boat might float if DAP is a melayu party. Unfortunately, this party are stuffed almost full with chinese. Race and religion has always been used to the hilt and will be the death of us sooner or later.

    The other alternative is to have a new melayu party joining PR, a melayu party (under the guise of multi-racial party) sans ex-umno members. One party holding all the ex umnonites (pkr) is more than enough.

    KITA is a no-go as Zaid just burned his bridges with PR. May be MCLM should morph into a political party and joined PR as a fourth leg? (with haris and rpk fully accepted and 'forgiven' once anwar goes off to jail).

    Just playing with alternatives at the top of my head lah..... wakkaka

    With a new scenario, then PAS with its unswerving islamic agenda could be downplayed, while the warlording tendencies of pkr will be kept in check ?

  8. From six seats to twelve for the DAP a most remarkable achievement against a BN machinery with more money than anyone else in Malaysia and the full support of all the government departments. Would the DAP have been able to gun down SUPP without PKR? No way can it happen if the PKR had not contested 46 seats and 'diverted' a big chunk of BNs resources to the urban areas while having to pour more money into their Malay/Melanau strongholds to put out fires lit by PKR. This was how Pakatan paralyzed Gerakan and neutered the MCA in the 2008 elections. Most importantly the DAP actually won in two Dayak majority seats which were BN strongholds. This 'Tok Beh Kah 'strategy of PR is working remarkably well. That's why for Najib/UMNO Anwar must die.

  9. Anon. 8:34 AM

    Good analysis of the situation. It will be good if KITA grows stronger and can get more non-Malays to join it.