Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zaid Ibrahim crossed the Rubicon

Malaysiakini - Zaid urges King not to name Najib as new premier!

Malaysiakini reported that 'Sacked Umno veteran Zaid Ibrahim today called on the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to make the right choice - by not appointing Najib Abdul Razak as the country's next prime minister.'

Looks like Zaid has crossed the Rubicon. Politically, he now has two choices – stay independent as an individual and make explosive statements such as the one he has done today ... to thumb his nose at, and infuriate UMNO, especially Najib and his camp, or ...

... join Anwar Ibrahim in PKR.

Though I don’t know much about him, the little I do has earned him my respect.

On his own accord, and despite AAB’s urging for him to stay on as a minister, Zaid resigned from the cabinet as Law Minister after he could no longer stomach the use of the ISA on 3 persons, Raja Petra Kamarudin, sweetie Teresa Kok and sweetie Tan Hoong Cheng, ...

... the last of whom our dear Home Minister, Syed Hamid, ‘protected’ through incarcerating her under the draconian catch-all-no-question-may-be-asked Act [roll my eyes].

In his speech to the Rotary Club, which Malaysiakini titled juicily as If truth be told, Najib can't be PM Zaid lamented the ascendancy of Najib Razak to become the new PM of this nation ..... in just a week’s time.

Zaid ripped into Najib chapter and verse but I reckon the most telling and indeed most painful for Najib has been the following extracts as reported by Malaysiakini:

Without intending any accusation, it is regrettable that in the collective mind of the rakyat, Najib is not such a person. If a referendum were to be conducted on the subject or if the prime minister was to be elected directly by the rakyat, I do not think Najib would succeed. The reason for this is obvious: the rakyat has doubts, fuelled by the unanswered allegations against him and his unwillingness to confront these allegations.

It is not a mere trifle in the minds of the rakyat that despite a direct challenge from a member of parliament in the august House recently, the deputy prime minister remained silent, not even denying the implicit accusation made against him and demanding that it be repeated outside the chamber in the tried and tested method of refutation employed by parliamentarians throughout the world.

I have to say I did and still do wonder why Najib hasn’t sued the shit out of those who accused him of being directly involved in the murder of Altantuyaa Shariibuu?

There’s no evidence or availability of THAT photo, and even if it is available, at most it will show Najib lying about his acquaintanceship with Altantuyaa …

… though admittedly that lie (when proven) will lead on to a whole host of accusations.

Thus far, notwithstanding all the Statutory Declarations made against him, there’s no reliable evidence whatsoever other than by unsubstantiated accusations, a few of which have been far fetched and highly implausible.

The reason why I say there’s no evidence whatsoever is if in existence, these would have been delightfully and deliciously used by the G.A.N camp – you can be sure there won’t be any man man lai on their exposure.

So? What’s holding Najib back ... from suing his accusers?

You can’t say he’s scared because there’s no evidence (thus far) to be scared of.

The only reason I can think of (and I know you'll tell me I am not right wakakaka) is that he has somehow smelled a trap, that regardless of whether there’s substance or not, his enemies intend to drag the matter (court case) for as long as is possible to weaken his political standing … for in Malaysia, fling plenty of poo and surely some will stick.

Thus he may well win the libel suit but lose his political standing, and the premiership.

But what Zaid said is true, that, the rakyat has doubts, fuelled by the unanswered allegations against him and his unwillingness to confront these allegations.

However, while I accept most of Zaid's points in his speech, I disagree with two, namely his statements:

(1) "…for me to speak about the leadership transition that has been foisted upon us Malaysians."

"I say ‘foisted’ because neither me nor anyone in this room had any role or say in the choice of the person who will lead Malaysia next. We were mere bystanders in a political chess game. And yet the transition is a subject of great consequence to the nation, one I would say is of great national interest."

I don’t why Zaid, who obviously knows lots more about Westminster democracy than poor ignorant kaytee, would say that. Malaysia doesn’t have a presidential election system where the voters have a direct say in choosing the person to lead the nation.

The Westminister system is one where we elect a bunch of candidates (usually from various political parties, though there could be 'independents'), and the political party with the majority of elected candidates earns the right (given by the rakyat) to form the government.

The ruling party decides (before the election) who should be the PM (usually the party’s leader) should it win the election ..... and where there is provision for one, his/her deputy.

In Australia, the Labour Party is the ruling party and it puts forward Kevin Rudd as the PM and Julia Gillard as the Deputy PM.

So Zaid is not correct in saying we don’t have a say in the choice of person because we know who is the leader and deputy leader of the BN, as just Australians know who would be the PM and DPM when they voted in the Labour Party.

For example, if PR wins the next election, Anwar Ibrahim (if still around) will be PM (gulp). Last year I voted quite happily for DAP because Anwar was still on the outer (and waiting for UMNO to recall him wakakaka). But in 2013, I have to be mindful that if I vote for DAP, I may well be effectively casting a vote for Anwar to be PM (gulp again). Kaytee's dilemma (sigh).

And PR’s choice of DPM?

Herein lies the real reason why Anwar Ibrahim has kept avoiding the formation of a shadow cabinet wakakaka. He probably prefers Azmin Ali but he knows he won't get that if he wants to keep the PR intact.

(2) "…and the man who is expected to lead it to victory is the man who succeeds Abdullah: Najib (Abdul) Razak."

"A prime minister must have the confidence of the majority of the rakyat. In order for this to be the case, his integrity must be beyond question; not only must he be such a person character, he must be seen to be such a person. The office of prime minister is one of great trust, he who holds that office cradles the nation in his palms."

Come come Zaid. Are you telling us that the following PMs of Malaysia were smelling of roses?

(i) Tengku – Many Malays hated him (some still do). To the more pious Muslims, Tengku was a whisky-swilling, p'a kau-shuffling, Chinese loving, joget king playboy.

(ii) Abdul Razak – May 13, need I say more?

(iii) Hussein Onn – well, he’s pretty clean, I have to say. His only sin was to beget Hishamuddin wakakaka.

(iv) Mahathir – Jeez, you guys hate his guts probably more that you hate Najib, though I have been more accepting of him. I have to agree with Zaid who said of Mahathir:

"The major difference between then and now is this: in most instances, Mahathir was harsh and dictatorial if he believed it was good for the country. But an authoritarian style of government under anyone else would be dictated by the need for self preservation and very little about the country’s interest."

(v) AAB – well, you tell me ... PORR, Airbus, yacht, SIL, SON …

So .....

My only criticism of Zaid's speech would be of his appeal to the King - please lah, leave the royalty out of the political arena - we already have a surfeit of that.


  1. Its a very telling symptom of how far BN/UMNO has lost the middle-class that Zaid Ibrahim made his speech, not in front of some den of PKR hyenas...wakakakaka.., but The Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur . - and got pretty warm reception.

  2. Ktemoc : "Why is Najib afraid to sue the pants off his accusers ?"

    In 1965, D.R. Seenivasagam, made an allegation of corruption against then education minister Abdul Rahman Talib in Parliament.

    Rahman challenged D.R. to repeat the allegations outside Parliament, which the latter promptly did.

    Rahman took D.R. to court for defamation. After a long trial, Rahman lost. Because D.R. produced evidence of Rahman's wrong doing in court.

    Yes, Najib smells a trap, but not for the reasons you think..

    He knows very well at least part of the accusations are true...and he can never be sure if he sues, how much of it will be sprung on him....

  3. This Zaid made his money during Mahathir's time by getting all the big big legal jobs.

    After making all the big money under the facade of NEP, now he hit back at UMNO:)

    Let them fight to hell!! But i will really support you Zaid, if you now donate cash of RM50million and subsidise any one of our toll road. We are not interested in your colorful speeches, not different from the drama king Anwar. We need real action not NATO!

    But seriously, as an UMNO outsider, this Zaid doing now is akin to chinese saying, "cross the river burn the bridges, careful of your last few years" :)

  4. I don't mind people who quit UMNO, if they are sincere about repenting, and not Katak MPs, of course.

    The world is full of sinners. Far worse are those who sin, and don't care to change, or don't see anything wrong at all.

    Sometimes you HAVE to burn the bridge.

  5. Sometimes you HAVE to burn the bridge.

    Like Rias Yatim who said I've burned my bridges but somehow replaced the planks that he burned !

  6. Chaptokam!
    You have been commenting all over but I have yet to read your blog.
    KTeMOC. I am linking your blog to mine.