Friday, March 27, 2009

Najib crushed between Dr Mahathir & KJ?

Malaysiakini - KJ's election: Dr M spews venom!

Dr M said: "They chose a leader found guilty of using money and inducements in his bid to become Youth chief. Whether he was allowed to contest or not, it does not negate the fact that he is corrupt. "The punishment meted on this person is inadequate and unfair because others found guilty of a similar offence were barred from contesting."

"There has never been a case where a person known and acknowledged as being corrupt by the disciplinary committee, the party and the public is elected and heralded as a leader. This is what was done by Umno Youth which was once renowned as the front-line force of the Umno struggle."

Yesterday I posted Najib Razak and the victory of KJ where, after questioning the popular belief or PKR propagated myth that Najib and KJ are enemies, I raised further questions as follows:

I also believe Dr Mahathir has been annoyed with Najib for not doing more to support Mukhriz, where his subtle criticisms of Najib in recent times could well be hints for the latter to neutralise or neuter KJ.

But ...

Could it possibly be that Najib has not interfered at all with the election for the new UMNO Youth Chief, because he wasn’t comfy with Mukhriz in that powerful position?

Could it be that Najib doesn’t want a Dr M as a backseat driver to his premiership?

Indeed, could it be that Najib is now not too unhappy with the outcome of that race?

Today, one of my faves at Malaysiakini, Josh Hong wrote in his Youth polls: The morning after... the following:

My abhorrence for Umno is well-known to many, and I make no apologies for that. This is a political institution that shows no respect for human rights, and goes against everything that modern democracy stands for. [...]

Still, I could hardly conceal my glee when Khairy Jamaluddin pulled off the biggest upset by defeating his two powerful rivals in the race for the Umno Youth chief post two days ago, which was clearly a slap in the face for Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The former prime minister must be feeling so miserable that his effort of the past few years to halt Khairy’s meteoric rise has amounted to nothing. [...]

Khairy’s victory is a blessing in disguise. Should Mukhriz have made it and Najib was compelled to include him in the new cabinet, Mahathir would relish in being some kind of a back-seat driver for sure.

It would seem that not only is UMNO Youth today less beholden to the name of Dr Mahathir, but Najib may want to be his own man and is distancing himself from his patron and mentor.

Can he afford to do that?

And let’s not forget that KJ, for all his relatively young age, has shown himself to be a master politician who has outfoxed and outmanoeuvred many in UMNO, and more than surprised the media and political pundits.


  1. KJ is still the lesser known evil among the three of them . One is a Racist , the other is the Proxy for the Senile old man who doesn't know when to call it a day . Why get so all worked up ? Time to spend your twilight years with your family TDM . No one listening to you now , be a sport go horse riding , get fresh oven baked roti from your bakery , enjoy life in Langkawi , go yachting and go visit your relatives in Japan , there's so many things you can do in life , what waste your time fighting a young man ? Because of what you did , your son lost ! ya spend more time with your favourite donkey , the one whose function you attended , the Donk Ibrahim Ali !

  2. Firaun seems to have forgotten the CM child molester, the Oz money launderer, the RApid fraudster, the Telekoms share stealer, the mama ada sistem share stealers, the toll road builders billion $ CBT, the Party free trade zone land embezzlers, balkis fund et cetc etc all of whom are guilty in the court of public opinion and most of it happened under his watch.

    Firaun is out of sync, old fashioned, irrelevant and in a state of denial.

    Firaun Mark II does not merit being elected. It's as simple as that. As long ago as 44 BC, Caesar was assasinated for trying to become an Emperor and start a Dynasty. Surely this acerbic, sour,big-mouthed, senile old twit knows that?

  3. Khairy character have been assassinated by RPK and Dr M repeatedly until those toxic get into people head. That how they play the game " perception " are the order of the day " These people ignore a fundamental principle of free speech, which is accountability and responsibility that is confine more to the upper echelons group of people.

    As such Statesmanship is not in Dr M vocabulary. His latest actions and outburst exactly fit a spoilt child who throw his tantrum if he can't get his own way. His hypocrisy is very obvious and when role model call into question, Dr M is the least calibre to talk about corruption.

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  5. KT / Chaptokam / XieAn

    I am glad to know that you guys have better sense than jumping on the "Bash KJ bandwagon". I was always puzzled why there is so much venom reserved for KJ by Tun and the demented blogger brigade led by the fat blogger RPK. Usually when one sees a concentrated attack by the GSOS and his cheerleaders, it means an hidden agenda than a case of "no smoke without water".

    I remember when KJ first appeared on the national scene as a presenter with NTV7 in 1999 along with Azalina. It was for a politically sensitive programme and at that time only NTV7 even dared to discuss issues deemed not pro-BN (note it is not same as anti-BN).

    I liked KJ better than Azalina as she was someone impatience and quick tempered. KJ was more analytical and calmer.

    Soon TMM pulled Azalina over to Puteri UMNO and KJ was recruited by Pak Lah.

    Over the years KJ sounded a progressive Malay who relied less on NEP than his own abilities. He represented the new generation of young Malays who are more self confident and less dependent on the govt.

    He remained intellectual and kept a low profile all the years until Pak Lah took over.

    I remember how he was booed during his 1st UMNO meeting. However when he stood for Youth deputy Chief post he become a man transformed and adopted highly aggressive tactics. I am not sure how much of these are genuine and how much were make beleive theaterical acts designed to appear as a heroic Youth leader to the UMNO folks in order to get elected.

    What is undeniable is his intelligence and his youth. As for his alleged abuse of power, it is hard to say how much is true since not unsurprisingly none of his accusers provided any evident.

    Personally for me Khir Toyo has been tainted beyond redemption. The allegations of abuse of power and his wife's BALKIS scandal put paid to whatever reputation that remained.

    Mukriz never figured highly with me. He never seemed to be his owm man having original views other than repeating what his Old Man thinks or says. He has nothing new to offer to UMNO or Malaysia other than serve as a destabilisation force out to push Tun's personal and archaic agenda within UMNO and the cabinet. Although I admire Tun greatly for his contribution, I must say I am glad Mukriz lost.

    However, i am not sure if KJ can survive without Pak lah's patronage. We will see it in 3 years time.

    I guess Najib will be cautious in placing KJ in his cabinet. He will get to be a minister but perhaps in a ministry without any real influence and power such as Sports and Youth.

  6. Killer

    On so much venom reserved for KJ by Tun , his election has obviously derailed his plans to get Mukhriz a foot hold in the corridors of power . As we all know the UMNO youth president comes with it a Ministership and maybe he feels his time is running out , that's why he's throwing everything (venom) he's got on KJ .
    To be frank I think KJ being a survivalist being different from an opportunist will survive without Pak Lah's patronage however with his wings clip and he has to watch his mouth and what he say cos the top two aren't exactly close to Pak lah . Further I feel he has to watch his movements cause the senile old man isn't finished with him yet and would be watching him rather closely .He should refrain from speaking like the way he did after he won the UMNO Youth which is like back to the old ways and he doesn't have the fourth floor boys to back him up now .
    One of his staunch supporters Reezal Merican ( Kepala Batas UMNO Youth chairman )who was /is Pak Lah's political sec also lost the post he contested , I think it was the deputy presidents post .
    He KJ also help Anwar in a way by arranging for Wan Azizah and Azmin Ali to meet with Pak Lah which he eventually agreed to give AI back his passport to go for overseas treatment must to the disgust of that old man . This could also be one of the reasons why the old man has so much venom on him .

    On the demented blogger brigade led by the fat blogger RPK.
    I was damn disgusted when he wrote the piece BODOH PUNYA CINA recently in his no holds barred . I think he got the Cina pissed off with that article of his ( it's just like making a sweeping statement or a one broom sweep all remark )and prompted him to do damage control by coming up immediately with his second article called BODOH PUNYA INDIA DAN MELAYU to cool down the Cina temperature.

    I have always regarded him as a spin doctor , but he's good as whipping up emotions and support for himself when he posted the article " I am now persona non grata and living in exile "

    As to the Dr Spin RPK now that Najib is to be PM in a weeks time , where's the proof as claimed by him , where's the photo ? where's the intelligence report that he said and claimed was seen by the Sultan of Selangor and a copy given to Pak Lah and Khairy written by one Lt Col.Aziz Buyong that says that Rosmah was there when Altantuya was blown up ? Why didn't Pak Lah use it and tell Najib off ? Answer very simple its a big lie and a big BULLSHIT , a great spin which didn't work but which fanned the emotions of the Anwaristas . I dare say he made it up and there's no such report .

    Coming back to the Bodoh Punya Cina issue , one commenter was obviously disgusted when he wrote this comment :
    written by dassky2000, March 27, 2009 13:46:54

  7. Btw Killer

    There are many balls licker in Malaysia Today and you and I know whose balls they are licking . No wonder that guy has such a swollen ego , the more they lick , the bigger the ego becomes .

    I hope KT doesn't delete this comment of mind and I know I'll be inviting people who'll piss me for this comment .

  8. On the topic of having a brand new PM for the country, famous blogger Jeff Ooi highlighted some pertinent observations in his blog entry today (Saturday, 28/3).

    Here's a brief extract:

    " ...around 1973, a 1.3 Litre Japaness car was RM 7000.

    Today the equivalent is.... let's say RM 60000...........8.5 times.

    In 1973 a double storey house was about RM 45,000..or less.

    Today it is about RM 300,000 ...... 6.6 times.

    (It was advertised in a school magazine at 37,000, Taman Lumba Kuda.)

    This makes it 8.1 times.

    In 1973 an Engineer's pay was RM1000.

    Today it is about RM 2000 +/- ......... 2 times.

    From 1973 to 2008........35 years......what is the Trend? Bearish !!!!

    In a stock market when the trend is bearish , what do we do? ..Exit !!!

    When a country's trend is bearish what do we do?

    This Bearish trend is more difficult to turn around as compared to the stock market.

    I have used these 3 items House, Car & Salary as a measurement of the country' s performance for the past 35 years...

    Foreigners also ask about these 3 items to gauge our standard of living.

    There is a book I saw in MPH bookshop entitled:
    Malaysia: The Failed Nation. Some of you may be interested to read it."

    {End of extract}

    Jeff has much more to say in his blog, therefore, do surf over there to read the entire write-up. (

    The white men (the despised former colonizers) when they get together among themselves would sneeringly point to their former colonies and say that when "the little black men and the little brown men" take back control of their own countries it wouldn't take them long to turn their countries into backward slums or even failed states. Just look at Uganda, Zimbabwe, even the Philippines, and a host of other examples, they would say!

    The womenfolk of the Philippines and Indonesia (former colonies of white men) are forced by poverty to go abroad to work as domestic servants and nannies, where they are often abused and mistreated. Rightfully, they should be staying put in their own countries looking after their own family and their own children instead of looking after other people's kids. These girls/ladies wouldn't have been reduced to this state if those countries were not so badly mismanaged and their administrations so riddled with corruption, don't you think?

  9. Bro chaptokam

    Why do I have a sneaking little feeling that the blogger dassky2000could be one of your nom de guerre ??

    Yeah, your views on TMM being pissed off makes sense. I think you could be right about KJ might just survive on his own. He is such a talented person that I just hope he can leave his Youth Hero persona and behave more like the intellectual that we know he is. At one time I thought he could be the future PM. He still could but he has a lot of work to mend fences with the other BN parties.

    BTW what's your take on the demented blogger's real motivation on his mad charge of KJ ?

  10. Further to the above, Anon. 11.54 AM, one question that needles one's mind is: Do you think Malaysia is also headed in the same direction as those two countries?

    Is it only a matter of time before Malaysia will have to start exporting its mothers/wives/daughters overseas to work as domestic servants and nannies?

    After all, Malaysia is governed by what the White men mockingly called "little brown men" (we can imagine the contemptuous curl of their upper lips as they say this).

  11. Dear Anon

    I am sorry but I have more respect for a common toad than the self-confessed "Most Important Malaysian Blogger".

    I was banned by Jeff from his blog for opposing and questioning his views. Is it hypocritical for a self-confessed free speech champion to delete comments and ban people from speaking out ?

    As for his analysis, only a simpleton would use such analysis to judge a country's progress. He is after all a MP and a member of Penang state govt and yet he behaves as he is a village idiot in his analysis.

    A country's economic progress is measured in a scientific ways and there are tons of measures and matrices are there. The price of car and house are not used by economists but by uneducated and stupid politicians and their equally idiotic supporters.

    Just for the sake of argument, let me say this. Firstly the data used was obviously wrong. Secondly the prices for houses and cars depend on a lot of factors. Key factors are supply and demand, economic situation, inflation, rate of development,etc. No developer is stupid enough to build Rm 300k house if people cannot afford it.

    Unfortunately a lot of stupid people out there are easily bought off by such idiotic arguments.

  12. Anon 12.15

    I would encourage you to visit these 2 countries to judge for yourself.

    The contention of PR is that Malaysia is doomed and failed. But no economist in the world would agree to this. There is just no factual basic to PR's claim.

    Perhaps we didnt do as well as Korea, Taiwan or Singapore. I agree to this but then the situation of these countries are very different. Korea was long industrialised and received billions of American aid. Taiwan also benefitted much from American aid too. As for Singapore, they were a lot richer when they left Malaysia and has none of the constraints that we have in terms of demography and others.

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  14. Bro Killer
    This guy CALVIN SANKARAN, from Bukit Mertajam wrote a beautiful letter . Any idea who he is ?

  15. Given some sweets, this spoilt child attended UMNO Assembly and Muhyiddin offer this spoilt child to re-join UMNO.....

    Extremely fast to flex his muscle or he probably knew that his DP post is only transitory so he need to act quick to get Dr M help. Other wise he gonna get it from the silent and deadly who AAB take back and silently groom. I think if this guy were to take on Muhyddin he will win hand down, but Najib was instrumental for him to withdraw.

    I believe UMNO power struggle will not end by AAB leaving, AAB people is still strong and would see to it that Muhyddin pay the price..........

    So when UMNO fight within, they will be looking for a common target to slaughter, those who slaughter their enemy best win and the show have already begin. I think this time Turkey Embassy not going to hide him.........

  16. Here's another article by the demented blogger

    My name is RPK, I am Malaysian, and I am no prostitute

    Tun Dr Mahathir joked that I should have asked for RM20 million.
    Yes, I am no prostitute. And all those Malays who justify joining Umno for business reasons, and those Chinese and Indians who say they support Barisan Nasional to cari makan, are worse than prostitutes. I despise them. They are shit. And I have no mercy for these people. They are scum of the earth.

    Nothing and I mean nothing can justify you prostituting yourself.

    Would you believe that Najib's guy offered him 20 million ? But from what I read in this article that was proposed by TDM that he RPK should ask for 20KK , maybe the guy Rusdi wanted to give him only 2000 ringgit for not writing about Najib and Altantuya , and made him really pissed off . If indeed such an offer was made and he told off that guy , yes he's no prostitute but a real idiot !

    Another spin another bullshit!
    Tun Dr Mahathir phoned Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and asked him to go and see Najib. Najib was then in Pekan so Tengku Adnan had to fly to Kuantan and drive down to Pekan. The message from Tun was short and sharp. “Don’t try to buy my boy. I know you tried to buy off Raja Petra.”

    Would you believe Tengku Adnan is so free to fly to Kuantan and drive down to Pekan to deliver the message to Najib ? when in this modern era , all he needed to do was pick up the handphone and dial and tell Najib what TDM told him !
    I don't buy this crap , only the ball lickers would believe such crap !

    And all those Malays who justify joining Umno for business reasons, and those Chinese and Indians who say they support Barisan Nasional to cari makan, are worse than prostitutes

    People who cari makan legally and not criminally just because they support Barisan Nasional are worse than prostitutes ? Then for the last 48 years until the 308 tsunami most of us have been prostitutes as according to his RPK's analogy ! What a crab ! and what a fcuking article , only those balls lickers can continue to believe what he writes and continue to lick his blown up balls . He's gone ku ku .......

  17. Yo chaptokam,

    The GSOS yet to be a member of PKR ? That's an interesting piece of information...didn't know that.

    For that guy Calvin Sankaran,yes I do know him though not that well. I don't think he is from any political party but works for one of those MNCs.

  18. I thought RPK wrote an article that went something like "this is the last time you are hearing from me" sometime last a few months ago ? That demented alcoholic blogger still alive and kicking ?

  19. cont
    I despise them. They are shit. And I have no mercy for these people. They are scum of the earth.

    People who cari makan legally and not criminally just because they support Barisan Nasional are scums of the earth ?
    These people don't need your mercy cos you have none ! Your have no mercy either and no feelings either for your family because when you go to jail , they suffer , all because of your belief that everyone on this earth is a scum and you are god , spelled backwards .
    Ya Raja Petra cannot be bought , only the rest of us earning a righteous income and who support BN for our beliefs can be bought .
    I believe there's only one scum here in Malaysia today and that is the scum who likes his balls to be licked .

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Killer

    RPK wrote an article that went something like "this is the last time you are hearing from me" sometime last a few months ago .

    That demented alcoholic arsehole blogger is still alive and kicking . God has refused to allow him to die cause he has not repaid all the rubbish he has written . In order to do so , he has started to write rubbish in his blog antagonising Malaysians in his web blog and articles .
    When one believes he is invincible its the start of the end of him .

    When he wrote that article " "this is the last time you are hearing from me" , I think it was written to whipped up the masses whom he thinks supported him in his odyssey .

    If you can remember the Jim Jones cult , where everyone believe in him to the extent that they all committed suicide by drinking poison believing that he could bring them all to heaven or to paradise in another planet . That he is invincible and he his their god .

    Same here , same story . He's bringing all his supporters , those who commented in his web , those who sing high praises for him to HOL LAND .... The Pied Piper of Malaysia today ...bring all the ball lickers to be drown in a web of deceit and bullshit in the dirty Klang river .

  22. Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi put his crowd-rousing skills, to good use in his winding-up speech on Saturday. He managed to get the delegates to get out of their chair several times to give standing ovations to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. The hidden message is to tell that , impatient unfaithful unsmiling pretender chap we are after your skull.

    Meanwhile that impatient unfaithful unsmiling pretender chap who offer carrot to the thick skin dodering old donkey to gate crush into UMNO General Assembly to seal Pak Lah limelight sense trouble, quickly putting a pretender unnatural smile, pledges to be a good and loyal deputy to Najib and also apologized to Pak Lah. A very clever and cunning diversion act, but will the lure be taken? In UMNO politic we have seen many time before when some one openly pledging their loyalty they act otherwise.

    On the otherside of the fence, the lion roar , this time to the Cocky Cheap Minister of Penang to withdraw the ban on NST, yep they already find it difficult to manage the CAT, yet they went to tickle the TIGER. What will be left is bones only.

    Soon Penangites will send him back to Malacca Jonkers Street to sell Bak Chang.....

  23. Hi chaptokam,

    I don't bother to visit that fellow blog after he abused the stationary declaration which make a mockery of our juristic system. What he offer are all cooked up lies and spread hatred, but still some blind people eat his shit. He is irresponsible and a thread to the security of the nation should be lock up for good. I am sure Najib will deal with him and give him what he deserve......

  24. xiean

    Malacca Jonkers Street to sell Bak Chang....? I thought they sell antiques there ! I used to go there once in a while to buy antiques , hopefully I might be able to buy a LGE antique piece there soon .

  25. I agree that Khairy is the best of the three candidates for UMNO Youth: I've said so in a previous message. But let's not put him in the clouds, shall we? In political terms, he's just a boy who needs to grow up, and I hope he does. An intellectual? Not yet, but I won't be surprised that he would be, in future. With a dash of humility (something he has to learn), I'm sure he'd go far in politics.

    Just in case you're wondering, Khairy has many enemies in UMNO. He has himself to blame for this. He came into UMNO like a gale-force wind, and to many, it looked like he was going in a quick straight line to the top political position in Malaysia, toppling even his father-in-law from where he was. And many of the older and more experienced guys in UMNO didn't like this, or didn't like what they thought they saw.

    The Raja Petra connection? Just in case you didn't know, he's got many friends in UMNO, and it is these insiders who gave him all the information he wanted about Khairy, and more. Some of the information was true, some had a grain of truth, while others were simply false. It is these UMNO insiders who wanted to use Petra as a proxy in their attempt to destroy Khairy. But God is great. They succeeded only to a certain extent, and their own lack of unity and failure to adopt a clear strategy eventually resulted in the Khairy win.

  26. chatokam,

    Next trip go to the the end of Jonkers Street, the Bak Chang is really good.

  27. chaptokam, you can write about principal parties "licking balls", but not about innocent third party (someone's wife) - I won't accept that.

  28. Elifan

    What you said is true , Khairy has many enemies in UMNO , due to own doing . He has favoured those boys from the fourth floor and that has made him many enemies . They were the envy of those who could not get near these group of people and as you said many internal information was given to outside parties , including some of the memos and letters from Najib's correspondence regarding the Postal Department's appointee were all leaked out to Doctor Spin .

  29. chaptokam,

    That Doctor Spin is a hire foreign agent mean to cause maximum damage to the government. Those leak documents does not come our free, he have lot of sponsor money and his job is to seek and buy them, then expose. one good case is the Saifu medical report. Some time he even went to the extend to doctor those documents to paint hatred.

  30. "That Doctor Spin is a hire foreign agent mean to cause maximum damage to the government. "

    Talk about wild unsubstantiated you have any evidence ????????

  31. He'll be back in jail soon

  32. Bodoh punya India dan Melayu

    Now lets analyse another piece of shit by this demented alcoholic arsehole blogger .

    Okay, let’s say we take Tunku Abdul Rahman as ‘R’ instead of ‘A’. The second Prime Minister was Tun Abdul Razak. So that too should be ‘R’. Instead, we take his first name, Abdul, which is ‘A’.
    Can you see how we twist things around just to satisfy the theory? For the First Prime Minister we take his second name while for the Second Prime Minister we take his first name. So we get R.A. instead of A.A. or R.R.
    We must be consistent. If Abdul Rahman is Rahman, and therefore ‘R’, then Abdul Razak should also be Razak, which is, again, ‘R’.
    That kills off the so-called RAHMAN Theory. Bodoh punya Melayu!

    I think KTemoc writes better then him on this theory ! His write up on this is like taking you thru a maze with nothing substantive . In the end of the maze you find that it's a piece of crap and you have been taken to be a fool .
    For this crap the Malays are termed Bodoh punya Melayu! . I wonder how long he can continue writing this cock and bull story with all the shit in the shit bucket splattering out . Bodoh punya Melayu ? I think the Malays will be having the last laugh at him and probably that Bodoh punya Melayu aptly describes him , yes him .

    Anyway, it is not known yet whether Najib can take over as Prime Minister on April Fool Day, or a day or two after that. Over the last two weeks or so, the international media has been featuring the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder and Najib’s name has popped up all over the place.

    Liberation, The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Times Online, The Times of India, The Australian, Kompas, The Nation, NineMSN, etc., have all featured the issue. The Altantuya murder and the possible link to Najib, or at least to his office or someone in his office, has been analysed at length. No longer can the Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, ignore the issue.

    When did some foreign media has so much clout or say in determining who becomes Malaysia's next PM ??
    Until today , he has not been able to walk his talk with him claiming this and claiming that and with the SDs thrown in . Why tlak so much ? just show us the photos that Tian Chua claims there is ! and show us the evidence and be done with . Why beat around the bush ? The bush has already been beaten flat and there's no more bush to beat and until today NO EVIDENCE ! Talk and talk , I can also do that !
    Then he writes "Abdullah Badawi has been advised to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry so that Najib’s name can be cleared."
    For what ? to review circumstantial evidence ? when you cannot produce the real evidence ?

    Bodoh punya RPK , we are not ball lickers , we still have brains to analyse your shit !

  33. contd
    Q :While there appears to be no problems thus far in Perak and Sarawak, it looks like Kedah is going to face problems even before Nomination Day. And the problem is as follows. The Indians are not happy with Pakatan Rakyat’s choice of candidate and they will probably boycott or sabotage the by-election if they don’t get their way.

    Okay, I have no problems with that. After all, most of the Indians, the majority of them, are all ex-MIC supporters anyway. This means they have kepala otak MIC. They think like MIC and throw tantrums like MIC and demand this and that like MIC. That is to be expected.

    Didn't you RPK just mentioned that those Chinese and Indians who say they support Barisan Nasional to cari makan, are worse than prostitutes. I despise them. They are shit. And I have no mercy for these people. They are scum of the earth.

    So all Indians have kepala otak MIC and are worse than prostitutes and are scums of the earth ? haha luckily I am quoting from a principle party , otherwise KTemoc will have this statement deleted and never see the light of day to call and implied that Indians are worse than prostitutes and are scums of the earth .

    Q :I would like to pack all those who shout and scream that they are Indians into a tongkang and send them back to India where they belong. Bodoh punya India!

    That brings to mind , the Anwar guy who scream at a ceramah sometime in 1998 when he was DPM " Cina Balek Tiong San "
    Sounds familiar ! ? only thing he didn't say was Bodoh punya Cina
    If you still can't recall how about this one by Kulim Bandar Baru PKR MP " Cina Balek China " luckily he didn't say Bodoh punya Cina otherwise he would have been punched in his face .
    Didn't all that sounds familiar , all from the same MOULD as the Chinese would say .

    If I am a Indian instead of packing Indians into a tongkang and send them back to India I would say
    Dei RPK Porah we will pack you into the longkang , that's where you belong running around as the king of rats ( raja Tikus )

  34. Kt,
    There goes again those old motherlickers Killer,Chaptoken,and Xiean with their smart ass analysis playing choo choo train again.They write like they are free from faults and most bloggers are'nt perfect when its not in sync with their views.Could sense these are those neglected MCA bash boys out of work.

  35. Anonymous 10:58 AM
    This is freedom of speech , if you think Killer,Chaptoken,and Xiean are like old motherlickers then perhaps you are behaving like one who likes to lick other people's balls or a mother licker yourself.

  36. Anonymous 10:58 AM

    My analysis here here is not against other bloggers who are'nt perfect when their's not in sync with my/our views .
    MY views are simple simple , don't write rubbish , bullshit , and give us cock and bull story under the freedom of the cyber space . And don't treat us like some small kindergarten kids spinning all those shit .
    If you write a good article we'll give you good marks , but don't brand us motherlickers just because you don't like what I write unless you have been licking what have never been in my vocabulary before . I think you know what word I am trying to say to prevent this message from being deleted.
    You need not sense whether we are those neglected MCA bash boys out of work . Use your good sense in writing good sensible comments or articles after all we are not asking you for money or for your support .

  37. Killer,

    'As for Singapore, they were a lot richer when they left Malaysia and has none of the constraints that we have in terms of demography and others.'

    This is one of the biggest myths perpetrated by the UMNO Malay Ultra assholes. When Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia it was an Island infested with opium and prostitution dens, practically every street in town had its resident gangs and the communist was on the verge of overthrowing the government. The economy was literally leaving with the British as they unwound their military presence in Singapore. Much of the trade which when through Singapore's port ended up in Port Klang. Anybody old enough to understand the meaning of economic hardship knew in 1965 Singapore's economy was going down the tubes fast.

    It was precisely because Singapore's economy was on the verge of collapse that UMNO kicked Singapore out of Malaysia so as to make sure Singapore's economy actually collapsed and make the Singaporeans crawl to UMNO for mercy. It was a gambit which failed and the Malays lost a huge chunk of Tanah Melayu. Look at the fighting over the Gaza strip and you will see that it is literally bloody difficult to get a territory and keep it as one's own.

    This 'Ketuanan Melayu' shit which made UMNO stupid enough to lose Singapore was also the same reason behind Malaysia's lost of Pedra Branca. As Kt pointed out Malaysia should have just left the situation in limbo until the day Singapore needed our help. Then we will get a chance to keep Pedra Branca for Malaysia. The stupidity of 'Ketuanan Melayu' just could not follow this simple strategy.

    By the way one Singapore Dollar at one point traded for less than one Ringgit. Next time make sure you get your economic facts straight first before you open your mouth. I am no fan of Lee Kuan Yew but half of his economic brain is more than all the economic sense UMNO ever had and will ever have. If it had not been for the large Chinese population in Malaysia, we would have been Zimbabwe a long time ago. Mugabe tried Mahathir's shit in Zimbabwe but there was no one such as the Chinese in Malaysia to act as a buffer against his bullshit. We all know the results in Zimbabwe.

  38. Here is my analysis:

    If BN won both the Bukit Gantang and Bkt Selambau by election, Najib will not apply the Iron Fist. He follow the middle path policies as nobody would like to disrupt a winning formula. Only stupid PR leaders will do that.

    If BN won only one constituency, he may delay using Iron Fist. He will weight the situation.

    If BN lost both Bukit Gantang and Bkt Selambau, nothing for Najib to lose anymore, Iron Fist will definitely applied . Those trouble makers better find some place safe to hide perhaps the Penang Tiger Park would be a good choice.

    As for me authoritarian rule is not necessary bad. In order to get the country on its foot again, it a good and effective tool to preempt any up rising, otherwise civil war will be the outcome, we obviously heading that direction. Look how stupid Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica forgo their second and third placing by not giving way in the Australian Grand Prix today. That how human behave and act, every body want to win at all cost. So human being needs to be control other wise they run wild like Doctor Spin.

    Take a look at China.....

    China have proved to the world, the superiority of its authoritarian, one-party political system. "Facts speak volumes, and demonstrate that compared with other major economies, the Chinese government has taken prompt, decisive and effective policy measures, demonstrating its superior system advantage when it comes to making vital policy decisions," Zhou said in remarks posted on the People's Bank of China's Web site.

    Sure those backer of wester democracy will argue other wise, but please look at their system, how it destroy the global financial market with their pack of lies and greet when deregulation take root.

  39. Vinnan

    I am still confused and would like to get my facts right .
    Was Singapore kicked out of Malaysia or Singapore ( Lee Kuan Yew )took the opportunity to kick themselves out for independence ?
    Been hearing different versions of it ! Anyone ?

  40. I tend to concur that if BN loses the two Bukits, Najib will apply non-democratic, even unconstitutional measures, as the last refuge of a party apparently no longer capable of winning elections.

    But that will simply ensure BN will be even more disliked in the next General Elections.

    The so-called superiority of China's authoritarian one-party system ? Don't compare Malaysia with China. They have Zero history of democracy, and China is probably ungovernable as a single unit if they attempted democracy.
    They have been able to keep the lid on dissidence because of very high rates of economic growth. What happens if growth drops to zero is anybody's guess.

    For Malaysia, if the day comes when BN/UMNO is no longer able to win a majority in Parliament, is the day they become an Opposition party. Its as simple as that - unless you are advocating an UMNO dictatorship. Wow, talk about power crazy !

  41. chaptokam,

    Lee Kuan Yew openly opposed the bumiputra policy strained PAP and UMNO relationship. While Lee Kuan Yew was away UMNO people call for the arrest of Lee Kuan Yew. The situation was very tense then, but when Lee Kuan return they dare not touch him and instead the late Tuanku call for the separation of Singapore from Malaysia after a racial conflict in Singapore which some people were killed.

    Those day Lee Kuan Yew was very popular in Penang as well. I still remember when he come to Penang, the City Stadium was more that full. When they leave many people really cried as the lost for Malaysian Chinese was huge, but those in Singapore was happy and celebrating like nobody business.

    But the real reason why UMNO want Singapore to separate from Malaysia is because UMNO afraid that inclusion of Singapore Chinese majority Lee Kuan Yew PAP party which was formidable then would rule Malaysia instead of Alliance which make up of UMNO, MCA and MIC.

  42. There are countries where you just can't have democracy like the western countries . This is due ti the vast number of ethnic races in the countries concerned . Take for example China , they have 49 different cultures / races within China . Another ciuntry would be Burma or Myanmar as many chose to call it . The democracy that the western powers hopes to have by replacing the authoritarian govt now in place will never work , it will lead to internal strife and probably a civil war with so many different parties seeking to form the next govt .
    During the Tian Ann men incident , if China had not resorted to very firm measures to nip the incident at the bud , millions would have died instead of thousands , and China would disintegrate into civil war .
    Western culture / democracy is not meant for every country to follow . Even Iraq today with regime changed is still a very broken and dangerous country to live in . In places like these the guns rule , you live by the gun you die by the gun .

  43. Thanks Xiean

    I am beginning to recall , when I studied in Singapore in the early seventies the Malaysian dollar was at par with the Singapore dollar . In fact National Geographic aired two part series on Singapore and it showed the racial conflict in Singapore . I think it was called the hartal or something like that !
    I was nearly expelled from Singapore in 1975 or 74 , not sure 74 or 75 due to my involvement with the Tan Wah Piow case as I was an elected student union leader of USSU . Six Malaysians kena including a friend of mine from Penang who is now the CEO of a listed company . Those were the days .

  44. Vinnan

    I know the line of thinking that your are advocating is the same one that half-baked and juvenile boys of PR had been peddling.

    Well,to say that Singapore was mired in abject poverty is a myth created by LKY to enhance his Superman image.

    There are plenty of work on Singapore's so-called
    miracle by nuetral and academic writers and please do find these books and get your facts right. I have no doubt Singapore has done well (since I spend a lot of mine time there on business) and I have much respect for their achievements. The real reasons for their success is due to luck and their strategic position and a favourable demographic mix. In fact their much hyped economic policies were not even the product of LKY but of some foreign experts.

    But for all their successes there are flaws that just lurking beneath the shinny surface ready to break out. Only iron-fisted rule is keeping things in check.

    As for the separation, my understanding that it was TAR who asked LKY to leave as he was creating much problem with the Federation.

    Anyway my prediction is that ultimately the economic union between Malaysia and Singapore is inevitable. It is better for Singapore to do it early when they are in strong position than later when they have lost their competitiveness.

    There is no way Singapore can survive for more than a few decades. The signs are there and they have already reached almost their max potential.

  45. Ulan Bator,

    I am not comparing Malaysia with China, instead comparing China with the Western Countries. But more precisely, I am telling people to emulate China who's system is currently working. Unlike Western system which is now disintegrating.

    Well to lock up hundreds of trouble makers to exchange for peace and prosperity for the country which benefit millions of people is wise trade- off. If Najib can pull off, I am sure he will win hand down in the next General Election.

    Its premature to say that BN will be even more dislike in the next General Election, PR want to win the next General depend greatly on how they manage the states they won and being Cocky and building Tiger Park will speed up their elimination.

  46. Bro killer
    12:05 PM, March 28, 2009
    BTW what's your take on the demented blogger's real motivation on his mad charge of KJ ?


    Why Is “Malaysia Today” Promoting Khairy? The Opposition Have An Inherent Fear of Najib - By Matthias Chang (29/3/09)

    Yet, Malaysia Today in a feature article proclaimed that Khairy won the UMNO Youth elections purely on merits and not on corrupt practices, and this is notwithstanding the reprimand by none other than the UMNO Disciplinary Board. Malaysia Today went on to state that Khairy should be given the space to “reform” UMNO Youth! The editor of Malaysia Today says that he is a man of principle and not a prostitute. Well, as far as I am concerned, he has prostituted himself for Khairy for reasons best known to him.

    What a load of double speak!

    Yet, Malaysia Today has now taken a stand for Khairy. I quote:

    “The ball is now at Khairy’s feet. I have said in an earlier article last month that I will support Khairy if he wins the Umno Youth leadership and pushes for change. If not then I will make it my life’s work to bring him down.”
    But we have been distracted by the Opposition theatrics and their crude attempt to grab power by enticing Barisan Nasional MPs to cross over. This was the Modus Operandi of Anwar Ibrahim. But when the Barisan Nasional outplayed this stupid Anwar’s gambit, his fascist brainwashed supporters cry foul.

    Karpal Singh even lashed out at Anwar Ibrahim and called for his resignation as Leader of the Opposition.

    Given this bunch of political opportunists, with a convicted criminal as their leader and their devious flip-flops, as illustrated above, I hope that in the days and months to come, you will be able to see how dangerous it is to follow Anwar Ibrahim and his brand of politics.

    You are forewarned!

  47. Vinnan & XieAn: it's good of you both to share your remembrance of those long-ago days when Malaysia and Singapore underwent an acrimonious "divorce".

    This is helpful in filling in the gaps in knowledge especially of readers who are too young to remember much of what happened in that era. To complicate matters there are those less-than-honest leaders/politicians who would slyly rewrite history to fit their own agenda.

    For example in todays' Star newspaper there's this report with the title "MCA: It was a multi-racial effort that won independence" which says that "MCA central committee member Lee Wei Kiat pointed out that the country’s independence was forged through the close cooperation of leaders of the Alliance party and was not the sole effort of Umno - it was the leaders of MCA, Umno and MIC in the Alliance, which preceded Barisan Nasional before Merdeka, who were all influential in negotiating with the British for independence."

    “ 'MCA will not allow efforts from any party in trying to rewrite facts of history or denying the efforts of the other races in helping to fight for the country’s independence 52 years ago,' ” he said in a statement yesterday.

    "Lee was commenting on Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein’s statement at the party general assembly that the process of independence and later developments were forged by “Umno and our Malay Rulers and no one else”.

    For those interested, the full report can be found in today's Star as well as in its online version.

    Generation X'er

  48. Blogger Ti Lian Ker3:02 pm, March 30, 2009

    Chaptokam have been asking me to link to your blog and inform you so???

  49. For any candidates standing for election, they should sell their caliber and capability to serve the people, and nothing else.

    But god gracious me, in the Bukit Gantang By Election- LKS asked those voters to vote for THEIR three historic missions...look carefully the three missions are their they are asking for the people mandate to cause trouble. This are the mentality of PR leaders, that why they are facing so many problems that they are not able to serve the people, but only causing trouble.

    Surely more reason for Najib to use the Iron Fist............

  50. There's no clearer evidence that MCA and MIC are UMNO's sex-partner than during elections/ by-elections.

    MCA/ MIC fully involved in getting UMNO elected.
    That's why I never buy MCA or MIC wayang when UMNO plays its Ketuanan Melayu card.

  51. Its better than sleeping with the enemy . At least there's multiple sex partners and variety between PKR and PAS or PAS and DAP .

  52. "Well,to say that Singapore was mired in abject poverty is a myth created by LKY to enhance his Superman image."


    I never said Singapore was mired in abject poverty. I said their economy was going down the tubes due to structural changes wrought by the challenges coming from the Peninsula which was eating into its trade and the withdrawal of the British. Please do not give me your half-baked reading of what I wrote.

    The economic policies of every political leader that has come and gone are eventually based on the thinking of others. What is new here? LKY at least had enough sense to get expert help and to listen. That's is a whole lot more than can be said for the so-called racist quota system imposed by the NEP. One example of the NEP-PLUS, a company given contractual guaranteed profits. The Malaysian government is probably the only government which sign such highway toll agreements. Singapore whether you like it or not is a lot better managed than Malaysia because LKY started on the right foot by imposing an efficient economic and administrative system no luck or foreigners here. Anyway, luck is an equal opportunity factor just like economic flaws. We all have them only in different proportions. LKY enhancing his own image, who doesn't do that.

    Now for your Singapore will have to join Malaysia eventually theory.
    It is almost 45 years since Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia. A bit more than a few decades here wouldn't you say so? Singapore is being rapidly plugged into China. Singapore need not join Malaysia for they can always look to the Chinese who are more than eager to secure a permanent presence in SEA if the claims of the Chinese over the Spratly's is to be taken seriously. If the Chinese had not instituted their economic reforms then your theory may hold some water as Singapore will have no one but Malaysia to look to if they were to ever encounter an economic disaster. But times have changed and Malaysia is no more the hinterland which Singapore needs to survive.
    Lastly, Singapore has now managed to secure their shipping lanes to and from the South China Sea without being at the mercy of UMNO thanks to the 'gift' of Pedra Branca fron UMNO. What a fucking joke this UMNO 'Ketuanan Melayu' shit.