Monday, March 02, 2009

Nation of flip-floppers

Flip flops!

The road toll – the verdict was that it’s not good enough – insincere; the other side of the coin was that the government has been responsive.

Well …?

Then we come to the use of the word ‘Allah’.

No, can’t use it … then yes … then again, no … then …?

Personally kaytee isn’t all that supportive of the Church’s insistence on using this word.

Yes, yes, all the arguments that ‘Allah’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘God’ and not necessarily that of the god of Islam only ... yadda yadda ... but I am not convinced because other words exist for use, like ‘Tuhan’, ‘YWVH’, Jehovah, Elohim, etc

… or that we’re dependent on Indon publication of al Kitab – no, not in today’s world when we have the means to publish our own Malay version of the Bible.

I know I am going to be damn unpopular with my Christian friends when I say this … while I believe on principle there ought not to be a monopolistic use of any word or words, I can understand why the Muslim community worries about the Church’s obdurate intention to use this word, especially more so when I know it’s obligatory, a sacred duty of the Church and Christians to be ‘missionary’ … ‘nuff said.

Then there’s Mr Flip Flop himself, AAB … though he was fairly collected and resolute against Anwar’s frenzied hot air on 916 and frogs …

… then Mr Man Man Lai was an equal Mr Flip Flop himself ...

... reformasi, then deformasi …... katak-fikasi (subversion of the ballot box), then ketuanan rakyat

… also claiming grandstandingly he would frown upon any PKR misbehaving like those UMNO Youth members who mobbed Karpal … but conveniently and shamelessly ignoring the fact he has yet to discipline the Kulim Wonder for precisely the same thuggish behaviour ...

... yes, his unfulfilled promise which has been months and months overdue …

But don’t blame them, not AAB, Anwar, Syed Hamid, Najib, because we are in reality a nation of Flip-Floppers …

… aren’t we?

The other day I read in Malaysian Insider a news article about the Perak Prince Regent talking about the ‘rule of law’ – oh my God, the readers’ comments were most unfavorable to HRH.

Just imagine, some months ago, this man was seen by probably the same critics as the very epitome of Malaysia's future leadership, its hopes, the ‘silver bullet’ from the Silver State to kill the UMNO werewolf …

… now, he and his Dad have plunged to rock bottom in those same Malaysian eyes …

(kaytee was never in favour of royalty taking more than a constitutionally limited/ceremonial role, having earlier frowned upon and warned about their naughty intervention in Perlis, Terengganu … which I had termed as 'Ops Clawback').

Read also my previous posts:

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(3) Dangerous euphoria over 'political' royalty.

How swift are the Mighty fallen … or … more to the truth, their admirers were just blooming flip-floppish wakakakaka …

… OK, now read Malaysiakini Of sultans and state assemblies - incidentally I personally see Prof Bari as another Flip-Flopper wakakaka.

Then there were those who had previously condemned PAS hudud … then flip-floppishly ignored PAS’ recent admission during the KT by-election it wants to introduce hudud when it comes to power, rationalizing why it’s okay as per Anwar’s advice (and ignoring Karpal’s warning) …

(kaytee is still firmly against hudud, period …)

What about frogs … didn’t I hear from the acolytes of Mr Deformasi that, froggies are necessary to fulfill the people’s needs (huh???) because they just couldn't wait until 2013 …

… and these same unmitigated Wonders now curse the 3 Perak frogs and 1 revolving-door Wonder … wakakaka

Hmmm, let me see .. what else have I been fairly consistent about that I know one day the ‘faithful’ will (inevitably) flip flop over … wakakakakakakakaka

Flip flop, flip flop, flip flop ;-).


  1. i hope aab flip flop handover the pm helm to bijan. this will save malaysia from oblivion (at the same time gives tdm a great heartache) .....

  2. aab is not only a flip-flop, he's more of a flim-flam who promises what he cannot implement

  3. Yeah man... the HRH lecture sounds hollow.

    Ok la... u said your piece on Allah. For me, it is defending the rights of people. If not, next time we have a longer list of things can say, cannot say. Things can do, cannot do. Girls can see, cannot see...