Monday, March 02, 2009

A sweetie's take on Malay culture

Yesterday I penned Tribalism in Malaysian politics where I discussed the Malaysian culture of tribalism, which I had posted before in Ijok - where Malays are even more tribal!

Sweetie Helen Ang, who writes regularly in Malaysiakini, has just written an excellent article for the Centre for Policy Initiatives titled The Muhammad Muhammad type Malay culture.

Apart from being a sweetie (my knees feel weak oledy!) and a fellow Penang larng, she’s a damn good writer – I encourage you to read her article.


  1. Yeah, you have to have been in possession of A$2 million you could not possibly have earned in salary and perks as a MB, and then pretend you can't speak English, and then be found not guilty of corruption when the prosecution didn't try too hard at securing a conviction, to know the type of culture that vermin like that man with 2 mohammad's in his name is talking about.

    Thanks, but no thanks. I do not want to be part of that culture!!

  2. Hi Chaptokam,

    The "Change" the PR government promise was delivered today by sitting the Perak State Assembly under a tree............Wakakakakakakakaka

  3. Kaytee, kaytee tsk tsk.
    Getting weak-kneed oledy. I think you are an incorrigible skirt-chaser.
    Anyhow, I don't bother to comment on such a racist article by Helen Ang.
    Accusing Malays are stupid and opportunistic like Muhammad Taib.
    She failed to mention that like Muhammad, the Malay virtue is loyalty.
    Seriously I think the Chinese are the smartest.
    Nak hidup or a survivor.
    Whoever comes into power, the Chinese tycoons (not ordinary people like you, Chaptokam or Xie Ann)) will be the first at the door to seek contracts or projects.
    First class opportunists.
    Even if it is Ahmad, Muthu or Ah Chong, they will be there. No worries.
    It should be ketuanan Cina not Ketuanan Melayu.
    Ketuanan Melayu is only on paper.
    So why be sensitive over the ketuanan issue.

  4. Idzan Ismail

    Haha you said it . Chinese are survivalist . Whoever comes to power , they will still be profiteering thru Ali Baba business , since TDM's time until today . We have the V. Tan's and the Lingams to Patrick Lims .
    They are also good at ducking the income taxes with triple account books . You said it ........