Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nizar in federal politics - unlimited potential

Today Malaysiakini published Perak referendum is on!, with particular reference to the Pakatan Rakyat’s candidate for Bukit Gantang.

He is none other than the very popular Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, MB of Perak.

I believe the significance of his candidature for Bukit Gantang represents far more than just a referendum for Perak.

Without doubt, Nizar is the most popular PAS person among the non-Muslims. He is trusted, admired, liked and supported by them.

If he wins, his projection into federal politics will see him as an important player of the future.

To understand why, let’s consider Pak Haji Hadi Awang’s rather lamentable attitude.

Pak Haji Hadi is a very conservative Muslim who heads the ultra faction in the Islamic Party. But even more than being a Muslim, he is also a Malay nationalist.

His pet dislikes (I wouldn’t go as far as to term them ‘hatred’) are:

(1) non-Malay control of any government, state or federal (other than Penang which he has to be realistic about).

He is the PAS leader most likely to cut a deal with UMNO to ensure state governments (‘federal’ being irrelevant at this post 916 moment wakakaka) remain under the control of Malays.

He is also the person in a post-Pak-Haji-Nik-Aziz era most likely to break up the Pakatan Rakyat.

Pak Haji Nik Aziz hasn’t been too happy with him, and as Malaysiakini reported on last Friday, Nik Aziz tells Hadi: I'm still captain.

The PAS spiritual leader was forced to publicly place a cautionary restraining hand on Pak Haji Hadi Awang’s proclivity towards forming a unity government with the BN (effectively UMNO).

(2) Pak Haji Hadi Awang just can’t bear the thought that in the event of the PR gaining federal rule, Anwar (and PKR) would be the primus inter pares (first among equals).

As far as Pak Haji Hadi Awang is concerned it should be PAS, by virtue of the Islamic Party's impressive political structure and network, and its seniority among the PR members in having experience in running State governments (Kelantan and Terengganu) and having its members as federal Ministers.

He has on several occasions made mention of this, implying a PAS leader (possibly himself) and not Anwar should be the leader of the PR coalition and as a future PM. Undoubtedly an UMNO without its 2/3 majority will be carefully cultivating the goodwill of the ambitious PAS president and appealing to his ethno-nationalist traits.

But if Nizar becomes a federal MP, a man who is trusted, admired and liked by non-Muslims, he could, as a potential PR leader, give Anwar a run for his money, and through that, possibly allay the concerns (but perhaps not ambitions) of Pak Haji Hadi Awang.

Nizar as a potential future PM could satisfy both the PAS rightwing elements as well as the non-Malay parties of the PR, like DAP (I list ‘parties’ as I expect a few more to join PR).

He alone in PAS has the potential and personaity to keep the politically-divergent component members of the PR together as a cohesive group. In this potential he would render Anwar Ibrahim totally irrelevant to the needs of the coalition.

This is important because Anwar has since 916 lost a considerable quantum of his (undeserved) sheen by his unmitigated nonsense on the froggie approach to seizing power, refusal to discipline the thuggish Kulim Wonder, and through the shameful and equally alarming cases of alleged corruption among his PKR politicians.

Nizar, as a potential future PM and a political leader capable of holding PR together without any man man lai bull, has a very attractive appeal to people like kaytee ;-)

Anwar Ibrahim is dispensable!


  1. PAS=Total Islamisation of M'sian=Death of Democracy!!

    But for now, I will take that to sink Bumno!

  2. I agree with your comprehensive assessment of Abdul Hadi Awang. Even staunch old-fogey supporters of PAS were annoyed by his description of DAP as expired medicine before the 2004 elections. They found the statement "arrogant," and actually hoped that the party would not be the dominant opposition party. This actually became a reality in the 2004 elections, and Hadi also lost control of the state of Terengganu. Hadi does not seem to share the dogged principled stance of the party's great spiritual leader Nik Aziz, and I should add, the latter's humility too.

    Nevertheless, I should add that Hadi seems to be a changed man nowadays. It was he, I believe, who wanted Nizar to stand at Bukit Gantang. You must remember that Nik Aziz initially objected to Nizar's candidature, although he has now radically changed his stance. I also believe that Hadi's stance towards DAP has also changed, and this was due to the DAP's graciousness in allowing an ADUN from the smallest party in the PR to be the Menteri Besar. The appointment of Nizar was praised by Hadi, and he probably also saw the tremendous cooperation given by the DAP to Nizar and PAS in general in the state.

    You are also on the spot with regard to Nizar as a potential national leader. Right too with your general assessment that if PAS could find and promote a modern leader who is acceptable to the non-Muslims, we may very well find the next Prime Minister of Malaysia from the party.

    Najib must now be biting his lips for his damnably stupid manoeuverings in Perak, buying the kataks to jump out of the PR (who incidentally, have now become washed-out and disgraced politicians) so that he could organise the manifestly illegal "rampasan kuasa" in the state. For by doing this, he has given a ticket for Nizar to go to the Malaysian parliament. Najib will of course now have the displeasure of meeting face to face the man who might very well be the final 'N' in the RAHMAN prophecy: Nizar Jamaluddin.

    Indeed, God works in mysterious ways!

  3. Dear Kaytee
    You guys are giving the political novice Nizar such high expectations.
    To administer Perak, he lost it after one year.
    So much for hoping to hold on to his MB post.
    Now settling for for a parliamentary seat.
    So all ambitions abandoned.
    Nizar should be back designing bridges, viaducts and expressway which he had proven he's good at.
    Did you hear about the PKR started campaigning in Bukit Selambau.
    Its illegal because its not even nomnination day yet.
    And two policemen were hurt while stopping the ceramah attended by Anwar.
    The PKR people also threw hard objects at the MCA operations room there.
    Kaytee, did you ever realised that before PKR came into the political scene did such hooliganism exist.
    Umno, DAP and PAS have been around so long and we have not seen the likes of street protests and hurling sharp objects like now.
    And people still want Anwar to topple Najib.

  4. "did such hooliganism exist"

    Yes, yes, yes, they dress up in polis uniform, that's the only difference from gangsters.

  5. Hi KT;

    Most Malays think Nizar is a puppet of DAP. I have no doubt he is a humble person, whom by chance became an MB albeit for a short whiile. This guy lack the guts to become a politician, he seem to a be a Mr nice guy but lacks the capability to lead.

    Remember, he became MB because the Sultan felt he was the most suitable person. Even if PKR won the state back, do you think the Sultan will appoint him back. Fat chance!

  6. Dear Ktemoc

    My take is that
    "political parties tend to moderate their positions when they go into coalition with other political parties".

    In real life, politics often requires compromise (unless you are a hardline ideologue who sees the world in harsh black and white terms).

    Phua Kai Lit

  7. What have Nizar done to deserve such a compliment. Go to Perak and look at their economy and business condition there, nothing is moving. If he is as good as claim then he should stop all the nonsense and instead emulate Lim Chong Eu path to help the BN government to overcome people sufferings. What I see is only egotistic on the expense of the people.

    Their act with Nizar as PR candidate for Bukit Gantang is a silly move with bad faith which expose their weaknesses again. This show that they are desperate and impatience to preempt the the various court case and take this as a reference to challenge HRH. This will further dampen their relationship with the monarchy and institutional.

    With all the instigation, provocation, stirring up and sweetener talk which PR mastery in, well he may win the election. But the country will split further will be a sure thing.

    At least Najib have the balls put his foot down to those aspirating to revert the the teaching of Science and Maths in English to BM knowing pretty well that will anger a large section of the Malay community especially by election is just around the corner and off course PR will play up the issue to their advantages. This are the substance to lead and not by offering sweeteners.I hope you people get it.

  8. Phua Kai Lit

    My take is that
    "political parties tend to moderate their positions when they go into coalition with other political parties".

    In real life, politics often requires compromise

    That's exactly it , whatever parties ! and I endorse what you say , with respect for each other and for each others races .

  9. As to Nizar there's one that I cannot figure out . As to all the praises that you heap on him , yes he's a nice guy , however as a CM or leader , he should have taken the initiative to take action on the two PKR excos when they were charged with corruption . He should have also realised what the eventual result will be . And he knows very well that BN will try to force two bye elections and the possibility that they may katak .
    He should have asked them to resign when they were arrested knowing very well any bye election , BN has no chance of winning . If he had done so , the Perak debacle would not had happen and he would have been highly regarded as a leader who has good insights and a possible material to replace some some blot leaders !

  10. Dear Chaptokam 8:56 am

    1. Glad to hear that we agree
    on something! :)

    2. Concerning PAS: if this party
    goes into a coalition with other parties, the voices of the PAS moderates will be strengthened.
    (this happens to all ideological parties that take part in coalitions, whether confessional (religious) or secular (e.g. Marxist).

    Phua Kai Lit

  11. Nizar was a relative unknown, even within PAS when he was catapulted into the limelight in Perak after March 8.

    So far, what I've seen of him really impresses, but give him a chance to go up the leadership learning curve.

    He should not be seen as a competitor to Anwar. PR badly needs to groom a 2nd echelon of leaders if it aspires to be a credible alternative to BN.

    One of the most telling questions which PR has not been able to answer is - if Anwar failed to wake up tomorrow morning (any 61-year old man must face up to that possibility) who will pick up the torch ?

  12. Idzan Ismail,

    Nizar did not lose perak. UMNO shitheads like you want Malaysians to think that the PEARK POWER GRAB is somehow legit. Even Mahathir has come out against it. Of course UMNO clowns like you will never be able to figure out why he is against what Najib did in Perak. Believe you me when I tell you Mahathir is far, far more intelligent than Najib.

  13. Dear Vinnan

    Did I mention our esteemed leader Tun Dr M.
    I was his fan eversince I was in school.
    Supporting Umno is not being a clown.
    What about Fakatan?
    Peopke are concerned about economy. You go proposing a tiger park.
    The tigers can escape and eat the people of Relau Penang.
    Then you build a plaque to commemorate a tree. You sold the pieces to build another one that's been pulled down.
    Is that smart governance?
    Nizar, Nga and Ngeh are only fit to be in Lat's cartoon book.

  14. KT'
    This Idzan Ismail is beginning to be a pain in the AR#$@# with her tirade.This are agent provaecutors you see in most blogs that are not loving the government.You smell this worthless shits everwhere.Next she will be writing subtle threats of police and the ISA visiting your door!

  15. Idzan Ismail, I believe, is a semi-senile grandmother.

    Have compassion with her...

  16. Anonymous 12/15

    Scram. The Special Branch comes a-calling.
    You will be the first one in ISA under Najib.
    This is Kaytee's blog and not Susan Loone's.
    KT does not entertain high-minded people who berates others of dissenting views.

  17. I support Idzan Ismail , yes KT does not entertain high minded people who berates others of dissenting views . Similarly if this is a pro BN blog then anonymous 12.05 and vinnan's views becomes dissenting views .
    The only thing KT cannot tolerate in his blog is the slanderous comments and the defamatory comments . Even obscene and vulgar comments had some leeway into the postings .

    Hahaha anonymous 12.05 tak boleh tahan nenek hantam ! Ini nenek boleh juga loo........kalau tak boleh menang , join her in the tirade....

  18. donplaypun,

    PAS=Total Islamisation of M'sian=Death of Democracy!!

    Just to let you know.

    In Johor married Muslim couples must carry a certified true copy of their marriage certificate with them when they are away from home. I do not think even Kelantan has this rule for Muslim couples.

    As for the death of democracy well is Perak proof enough for you.

    PAS do have their fair share of Islamic foaming at the mouth fundamentalist but your equation cannot hold given the above evidence. UMNO of course have their liberals but I have yet to see one rise to prominence.

    I think your equation should be UMNO=Total Islamisation of M'sian=Death of Democracy!!


    I think you are confused as to what constitutes one's legal right in court and the right to seek election. Both rights can be exercised at the same time in a parliamentary democracy for it is part of the nature of the system.

  19. Idzan Ismail said,

    Still not able to to figure out why Mahathir does not support Najibs's power grab? How sad for a man who claims to be a long time admirer of Mahathir. As for the tiger park thing maybe you should start a campaign to close down all zoos as many wild animals can be dangerous to humans.

    Democracy under a tree stupid. Well the world's largest democracy started with a walk to the sea headed by Mahatma Gandhi. Many thought he was stupid then too.

    You thinking only serves to confirm my view of UMNO supporters as stupid.

  20. Vinnan,

    Obviously you are not capable of distinguishing what is right and responsibility. Sure everybody can practice their right but are they taking responsible for their actions? Definitely not PR leaders, they messes up thing and blame BN, that they are very clever at, even blind can see that.

  21. Vinnan

    As for the tiger park thing maybe you should start a campaign to close down all zoos as many wild animals can be dangerous to humans.

    A tiger park in Penang and to close down all zoos as many wild animals can be dangerous to humans are three different issues .
    Idzan never mentioned many wild animals can be dangerous to humans ,however she did mentioned tigers can escape and eat the people of Relau Penang. That is true , can you guarantee that they won't escape ? And by the way MYCAT doesn't agree to the setting up of a tiger park either . And Penangites like us definitely don't want a tiger park as its a waste of money .

    As for Democracy under a tree ! Is a far off from the days of Mahatma Gandi . Mahatma Gandi was a great man , he could have walk anywhere to start his movement . But to equate that to the democracy under a tree that's a big joke and could only come from a person like you .

  22. Vinnan

    I think your equation should be UMNO=Total Islamisation of M'sian=Death of Democracy!!

    If thats you theory UMNO=Total Islamisation of M'sian , then under UMNO we should have No Gambling , No consummation of alcohol , No Magnum , No 4D Pan Asian Pools , No pork , No massage parlours , No health spas for Chinese people and No Genting Highlands.
    And no Toddy shop for Indians .

    Is your theory correct ? Dei Porah Tambi ...

  23. Vinnan

    Firaun will not bless any candidates anymore. He has been so wromg about all those he handpicked during his 22 years in offic that were we to fine him RM1 every occassion he was wrong, Firaun would have been declared bankrupt and even Obama would not have been able to bail him out!!

    So, Firaun will now rely on that other pre-cognitive power of his - Vision 20:20 Hindsight!! Muahaha, Ke,ke, ke!!

    And Chaptokam, I don't appreciate you semi-plagiarising me. Get off your butt and be original!!

  24. donplaypuks

    Me semi-plagiarising you ? on what comment and aspect ? I am loss !with your accusation ! I want an explanation !

  25. donplaypuks

    Better get all your comments registered with the official copyright assignees . Only those in the cultural theater or the performing arts would understand that kinda fanciful language .

  26. By fielding Nizar, PR evil intention is to take the win as people referendum to humiliate HRH. The scene will be real ugly, relentless efforts to cooked up story and continuously stirs up to root hatred will be the order of the day. They will also be talking about fairness when the poor HRH according to his status is defenseless, cannot say anything but a sitting duck.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. my sincere apologies chaptokam. it was vinnan.

  29. KT

    Let me start by apologising first for I gonna pop your bubble.

    I consider the idea that Nizar is a potential PM as only a few micron less laughable and ridiculous than the PR cheerleaders' wet dream that the GSOS is the PM-in-waiting.

    I have no doubt that Nizar is a nice enough and inoffensive guy who can along with all races but this can equally true for my ancient granma.

    The allure of Nizar for many non Muslims is his pliablility to the machinations of the Tok Dalangs of the Ngeh And Nga Partners (NAP), a corporation sometimes (albeit mistakenly) refered as DAP Perak.

    The state of matters in Perak's ex-state govt can be likened to a boy band. Those business and marketing folks know they need a couple of pretty and young boys who are not terribly smart, obedient and completely talentless as the front to mime the songs so that the real businessman can rake in millions at the backstage and laugh all the way to their Swiss banks.

    Ngeh/Nga (NAP)knows that they can never be the MB so they needed someone who is obedient, wholesome faced and without political power so that they can run the state via proxy. Nizar was the chosen one since he was the only PAS ADUN who didn't count Senor Osama B Laden as one of his role models or considered the Talibans as progressive moral force.

    In terms of administration, Nizar was a human rubber stamp. If you examine all the actions of PR govt since march 2008, all of them were part of NAP's agenda.

    There was not much support for Nizar even within PAS and also PKR. He wasn't unpopular but he wasn't liked either for turning Perak into an Ali Baba state and was often accused as a pet poodle for NAP.

    As for his management and leadership skills, he was very weak and let his staff and NAP to run the show. There were accusations that he was still involved in his own business but this is something I can't verify and shall remain heresay for now.

    Even for Bkt Gantang he was never the 1st choice candidate. Nik Aziz opposed his candidacy initially but the conservative factor led by Hadi pushed him through and in the end Niz Aziz had to agree that there was no one better though I suspect NAP had their way by using the GSOS connection. For the uninitiated, the so-called PAS' Erdogan faction is allied to Niz Aziz and supports the GSOS. Hadi's nationalistic and conservative faction favours some sort of cooperation with UMNO.

    The reason why Niz Aziz didnt want to allow Nizar to contest is because his subservient attitude to NAP and also since he is already an ADUN. But Hadi's contention was that Nizar's political career as ADUN and MB is over since Nizar's "Mohon Derhaka"
    stunt had burnt the bridges with the HRH forever. Even if PR or PAS takes over Perak, Nizar will not be the MB. So the only way for Nizar is the Parliament.

    But I also feel the GSOS had blundered badly by allowing Nizar to contest at BG since there is much anger among the malays for Nizar's traiterous act to the Royalty and proxy act to NAP. Even the PAS supporters are divided.

    Even if Nizar wins (I think he unlikely to do so), he will play no significant role as his performance as Perak MB will hang like a millstone on his neck. Unless he joins DAP (the real one), he would have reached the dead end of his political career.

  30. donplaypuks

    your sincere apologies accepted !

  31. Killer shamnalysis is laughable.

    Another poor specimen of a BN 'brain'

    A waste of time to read it.

  32. Another poor specimen of a BN 'brain'

    Can you do better ? if not shut your laughing asshole ! it stinks blob , blob, blob,
    And go back to ulan bator , altantuya waiting for you with open arms , she need a mate you know , she's lonely .

  33. KT,
    Old motherlicker Killer is playing choo cho train with his indepth analysis crap once again!!

  34. Whether Nizar becomes PM or not is irrelevant. The fact that PAS is able to field a candidate with such potential is itself a statement that PAS means business and willing to listen to people and to act on this.

    When Nizar took over, the act of allowing freehold land on many many kampungs has shown an immediate relieve to many folks.

    In BN, it is lip service and money talks. They don't do kindness unless it is something for them in return.

  35. Dear Idzan Ismail;
    A few comments.

    "Did you hear about the PKR started campaigning in Bukit Selambau. Its illegal because its not even nomination day yet."
    Good point, the EC should indeed do its job of actually policing the elections impartially (e.g. how about setting up by-election dates independently from some party's internal elections?). How about the spending cap for election campaigns for starters. How does BN respect this, 150kRM for MP seat if I remember well, with all these free meals (http://anilnetto.com/malaysian-elections/batu-gantang-pakatan-worried-about-over-confident-public)? How about the tarred roads, the TOLs given by unelected officials (www.malaysiakini.com/news/101478) or the Tekun loans (http://anilnetto.com/malaysian-elections/bkt-selambau-voices-from-ground-favour-pakatan/#comments) "coincidentally" happening now and there, are these legal too?

    "The PKR people also threw hard objects at the MCA operations room there."
    Any evidence of this? Unfortunately, this is no PKR monopoly as Karpal similarly suffered (http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/101236).

    "did you ever realised that before PKR came into the political scene did such hooliganism exist."
    I guess you should read a bit of Malaysian history before proffering baseless statements. Violence has sadly been a regular fit of Malaysian elections throughout Malaysian history. Just because current official history books are sheer propaganda does no change these facts, no matter how damaging they can be.
    By the way, you seem to forget much violence in Malaysian elections is police-led (e.g. use of acid-water lorries and tear gas on peaceful people attending ceramah).

    You would help your BN friends a lot more by imitating what KT does to PR: practice honesty, no matter which side of the divide is concerned.