Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Beneath the buah cherry tree (8)

The typical idyllic scene in an older part of Suburbia – a kedai kopi (coffee shop or in reality, just a stall) beneath a Malaysian ‘buah cherry’ tree. The customers sit al fresco enjoying their coffee or tea, some nasi lemak, roti canai or kueh, and their favourite hobby, casual conversation.

Ahmad: Dei aneh, good news lah!

Leong: Aiyah ‘mad, mana ada good news, this country karn neen nair kau kau liao.

Muthu: OK, what good news?

Ahmad: It could have been us, you know, sitting under this pokok buah cherry, and convening the State Assembly, just like V Sivakumar way down in Perak. Just imagine, we three could be Yang Berhormat sipping out kopi-o while pondering or pontificating on State matters.

Leong: Yeah, first order of business – sack that Assembly clerk for daring to usurp the YDP DUN’s powers. F**king lil’ Napoleon. That bloody civil servant has the nerve to lock down the state secretariat building in an attempt to prevent the State ADUNs from having a sitting.

Muthu: Second order of business, pass a motion to censure the police for interfering with the Legislative. What does the Ipoh police chief think he’s doing, having the bloody nerve to intrude into areas beyond his powers. Hasn’t the Home Minister just said that the Police have no jurisdiction in parliament, and parliament means either the federal or states’ building and adjoining area.

Ahmad: Third order of business – pass motion to express the House displeasure at that Judicial Commissioner for attempting to lumber Sivakumar with the State legal advisor, when there is an obvious ‘conflict of interest’.

The State legal advisor is representing the pretender MB against the de jure MB, so how can this bloke also represent the latter as well. This is f* nonsense of unmitigated half-past six proportion.

Muthu: Real pundee pariah bullsh*t … errr … maybe we shouldn't use these f* and p* words lah if we want to imagine we are ADUNs under the buah cherry tree hehehe!

Leong & Ahmad (together): Poorah aneh!

Ahmad: These are the precise words some of those f* politicians used. Get use to them and we’ll be real ADUNs pretty soon.

Muthu: So … what’s next with the Perak state?

Leong: Looks like the BN executive with its control of the judiciary, police and civil servants has virtually installed a semi-dictatorship against the PR-controlled Legislative. It's a real Berak state now.

Ahmad: A good lesson for the state governments of Penang, Selangor and Kedah – play their game – evoke the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ whenever the PR gains control of a State from the BN.

Muthu: Night of the Long Knives?

Leong: Ahmad means that BN appointees in the PR controlled state civil service should be purged as those officials would be like that pundee Perak clerk of the DUN.

They cannot be relied on to act impartially like professionals in the finest tradition of the Civil Service in most Commonwealth nations. There's something to be said about the American system. Those Yanks works on the basis that when a government falls its appointed officers are purged as well.

Muthu: Karn neen nair, Nizar did sack that State religious director, but only because he was insubordinate to the MB. He refused to cooperate and work with the State PR government. Incidentally he is a member of UMNO Parit Buntar, and no doubt been UMNO appointed and obviously UMNO-affiliated.

But guess who rebuked Nizar and had that insubordinate UMNO-affiliated civil servant reinstated?

Leong: What do you think he will do?

Muthu: Who?

Leong: HRH.

Both Leong and Muthu turn to Ahmad for his take.

Ahmad: F* if I know! And gnam gnam when the country is facing the gravest threat to our economy and well-being ... apart from the fact we have become the laughing stock of the world. How did we arrive at such a f*up situation?

The three friends pondered silently at the rotten state of affairs in the Silver State, an imbroglio ironically brought about by a constitutional bungle (one way or another) by a previously acclaimed ‘silver bullet’.

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