Thursday, March 05, 2009

Perak - What next from UMNO? The military?

Malaysiakini - Sivakumar barred again from choosing lawyer.

Why is that bloke Ridwan Ibrahim still allowed to perpetuate judicial nonsense?

He has insisted that Perak DUN Speaker V Sivakumar as a State official ‘must’ (not ‘may’) be represented by the State Legal Advisor …

… but Article 132(3)(b) of the Federal Constitution categorically states that ‘the public service shall NOT be taken to comprise’ the Speakers of Parliament and the Legislative Assemblies of the State.

Why is the judicial commissioner (whom we learnt had run out of his contract as a judicial commissioner on 28 Feb 09) trying to foist the State Legal Advisor on to Sivakumar, when it's f* obvious Sivakumar doesn't have to?

Well … let’s consider the following …

Today the Malaysian Insider reported in
Sivakumar can be probed for alleged misconduct, says MACC that MACC's Legal and Prosecution Division Director Abdul Razak Musa has threateningly said of the Perak DUN Speaker: "He is not immune from action under the law. Investigation can be made if he had acted beyond the scope of his official duties."

Meanwhile the Bar Council condemned MACC for questioning Augustine Anthony, one of Sivakumar’s lawyers his afternoon. Antony said that MACC officers interrogated him about his dealings with Sivakumar, whom they are investigating for allegations of misconduct.

Oh, by the f* way, MACC has given UMNO a clean bill of health regarding the party’s alleged ‘money politics’ - they're clean lah ...

... but has been deafeningly silent on the case of the Chief Justice just raised by Karpal Singh, and the long overdue Lingam-gate … etc etc.

So, can we trust the civil service (like the clerk of the Perak DUN), judiciary (with people like Ridwan Ibrahim), police (that Ipoh Chief Police Officer who illegally barred ADUNs from entering the State Secretariat while allowing thugs to loiter there to threaten the ADUNs), and MACC (Abdul Razak Musa)?

Yes, can you blame Sivakumar for declining the service of the Perak State Legal Advisor …

… apart from the constitutional fact that Sivakumar is not required to do so, being not an officer of the public service – huh-f*-loooooooo, Article 132(3)(b) of the Federal Constitution is very clear on this.

And the State Legal Advisor himself should consider the fact that he is already representing BN’s Zambry, so how in the f*ing world can he also accept the task of representing Zambry’s opponent in the same case?

This must be a first in law anywhere in the world.

He should have rejected that assignment immediately when that judicial commissioner raised it, but alas …

There seems to be no iota of commonsense or common decency left!

There’s not even respect for both the federal and state Constitutions …

KELUHURAN PERLEMBAGAAN (the supremacy of the Constitution) …

Mana ada?

In the final analysis, UMNO just doesn’t have the balls to face the people of Perak ...

... which has been why it has brought its hired guns (MACC, Polis, Judiciary, Civil Service, etc) to bear on the Perak Pakatan Rakyat.

I would not be surprised if it eventually throws in the (military) kitchen sink.


  1. IT IS on the way. Units in the south are unusually active.

  2. KT mentions the MACC chairman. We all know that his son was arrested for child pornography in Adelaide in 2008. He then sought help from the Prime Minister's Office at Putrajaya, and got it. So it's payback time for the MACC chairman. Don't expect him to be honest with his investigations: he is more interested in freeing his masters from blame, even if they are terribly guilty, and to look for miniscule faults, even non-existent ones, among members of the Pakatan. Instead of fighting corruption, he is helping it to grow and flower, as he is trying his best to find fault with innocent people who are critical of the BN, and to close both eyes to the genuine big-time corrupt politicians in Malaysia.

  3. Yes, looking at the current turn of events I have to concurr that BN is willing to do Anything, subvert, deform Any institution to get its way in Perak.

    I'm wondering aloud if PR needs to back off a bit on this issue, cool down, and fight and win another day. Its not to roll over and surrender, but to step back a bit from the current mud-brawl.

    The next "Court of The Ballot Box" is just round the corner - April 7.
    Go all out to ensure the electorate sends a clear, irrefutable NO-GO signal to BN

  4. BN stand on the hole and keep digging.

    How amazing, now the Perak crisis has upgrade to constitution crisis, jurisdiction crisis and democracy crisis.

    I am quite intriguing on commenter Observer on the "backing off" call. It make me ROFL. Go check the history, ask Gandhi to back off, ask Tunku Abdul Rahman to back off, ask the people of USA to back off.

    Damn, they didn't back off when there is guns and canon. And now, PR need to stand on the back of constitution, and you ask them to back off? So are you ready to shout "Long live to King Bhumipol"? Since Siam long time ago own the west Penisular?

  5. Kt,
    Tell it like most perakians will concur.Tell that bloody old white haired bugger he started the whole mess and this coward is hiding from his so called duties. No use hating those umno crooks but tell it like what we perakians want.We want our people's power and not his.This guys are a waste and perhaps they know no shame !

  6. This is not inconsistent application of the law. It is the Mugabe application of the law.Ramalx

  7. PR played around with frogs and got drown by the kicking frogs..but still want to f*** around then got f***** upside down.....Wakakakakaka

  8. ketuanan melayu in full blast. bunch just consulted mugabe and final call is to damn the rule of law under the constitution.
    ketuanan melayu means rule by decree, if need be.
    judges, what judges. Irrelevant isnt it?
    MACC? oh child porno is like traffic offence.
    AG, what is that?
    police? look at kugan.
    Thats ketuanan melayu from UMNO. MCA, Gerakan and MIC, where are you guys? so silent?

  9. What we clearly have is a rogue administration which will break the law with impunity to keeo itself in power.

    Sultan of Perak, see for yourself the havoc you have unleashed by one bad, bad decision. Time to dissolve the State Assembly for fresh elections!!

  10. That isn't Ketuanan Melayu. That is Ketuanan Bee eNd. No doubt they're gonna throw every book to avoid a state election from taking place in Perak.

    About the MACC fella, is it really true he said that kiddie porn is "something you can find on any man's computer"? If so, I don't know what type of men he hangs out with in his spare time... and I don't wish to know.

  11. Read this from The Nut Graph

    Malaysia resembles the kleptocracies of sub-Saharan Africa more and more by the day.

    Phua Kai Lit

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  13. Zulkifli’s case settled

    PETALING JAYA: The disciplinary issue of Kulim Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Noordin’s participation in a Bar Council forum protest last year has been settled, said PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali.

    “The matter was settled internally some time last year,” he said when contacted yesterday. On Wednesday, MCA special task bureau chief Simon Lim questioned what action was taken against Zulkifli for his role in the protest, and called on PKR to reveal its stand on the matter.

    On Sept 7 last year, PKR issued Zulkifli a show-cause letter for his role in a demonstration against the Bar Council’s forum titled “Converting to Islam: Article 121(1A)” on Aug 9.

    Dr Syed Husin, however, declined to elaborate on how the issue was settled. The disciplinary committee chairman said the matter should be put to rest as it had been resolved.

    In his blog on Sept 7, Zulkifli had said the letter questioned why disciplinary action should not be taken against him for leading the Himpunan Aman Umat Islam (Muslim Peace Assembly) to protest against the forum.

    In previous reports, Zulkifli had also stated that he did not represent PKR at the protest, but had been there as a Islamic Defence Lawyers Association representative.

    The rowdy protest forced the half-day forum to be cut short after an hour following police advice.

    The demonstration, which saw some protesters barging into the forum, was condemned by several organisations and political leaders including those from DAP and PKR.

    Settled ? wah so easy , no problem lah ! so Cina Balek China lah !

    Follow your Boss say lah !!! Cina Balek Tiong San lah !

    “The matter was settled internally some time last year,
    Settled internally ?

    declined to elaborate on how the issue was settled ? Declined ? or No action taken ? or as the Police used to chop on summons NFA - No Further Action required

    matter should be put to rest as it had been resolved. - so simple asked the Chinese to balek China and matter had been resolved -

    Dr Syed Husin,
    Did you buy him a cake iced with the wordings and celebrate together ? Yam Cha !with teh tongkat ali ?

  14. Malaysian Insider: Altantuya allegation flare up again Najib.

    Only retarded people buy that constant torrent of innuendos.

    When RPK piss they drink his pee.

    When Arnaud Dubus shit they eat his dung.

    Its so simple just show the photos, end of the story for Najib, no need all the cock and bull story.

    Arnaud Dubus come from the nation of looters must be laughing all the way to the bank ......................

  15. It is Might over Right ! Morons over Intelligents !...........

  16. There will be a sodomy charge raised against Sivakumar.

    He looks a bit "halus" doesn't he ?

  17. Brighteyes,

    There is no such thing as 'ketaunan BN' BN is just the prostitute made up of GERAKAN,MCA, MIC and so on. UMNO the pimp is hiding behind this prostitute. The recent events have shown that BN was and will never amount to anything. What can a prostitute say when she is scared of the pimp and her mouth is full?

  18. Pak Lah may step down and retire to Perth. He will have his large boat, SCOMI, and a range of other things for this life and after life just like the Pharoahs of ancient Egypt. What happens to WE citizens who have to live under the Alantuya stainted regime.

    The goons will be given immense power. Child porn trade to Australia will flourish. The submarines will rot because there will be no one to maintain them like in the case of over 10 brand new China made Locomotives rotting in Sentul Railway workshops.

    Many of our Rulers would be beholden to UMNO and BN. So, PR will have a hard time. Not firgetting the beholden judiciary too.

    What sin did we commit to make the Good Lord to make us undergo the tribulations before us. The cruelty exterted by the goons in lockups is beyond our wildest imaginations that such cruelty does really exist without any compunction of human feelings by many of those who pray 5 times a day and go home to their families and kids at the end of the day. How do they go to sleep anyway?

  19. K P VARAN

    Cannot win JOIN them that's the easiest philosophy . Wakakakaka

  20. What is new in this Bolehland.

    - Again what goes round will come around ! Do unto others what you would done unto you!

    - Everyone of them from A to Z are Squeezing each other by the “Orbs/Juggular” any which way for Position, Power & $$$$ at OUR Expense.

    - That is why PM & PM wannabe “HAD” to give the MORON MACC Chief a “NEW MACC DIVISION, NEW TITLE, NEW UNIFORM & New TOYS" (Incl Pedophile Porno???)

    - Again what goes round will come around ! Do unto others what you would done unto you !

    - Now that the MACC chief has got his “New Empire, 6 star General Uniform, Toys etc” guess what's next?

    - Desperate People, at Desperate Times, will RESORT to Desperate Henious Actions even if it means “Destroying” their “Honourable Family Legacy”, All our Pillars of Democracy, Justice, our Monarchy, ALL our Nation’s Institutions, their own “MALAY MUSLIM HADHARI” party “UMNO”, their Own Kind, this country & its Many People !

    - Well....Now it is PM & PM wannabe turn to “Squeeze MACC chief’s Orbs/Jugglars” to only “WORK ONLY ONE WAY”...or else !

    Remember “What goes round, will come round to these Desperate UMNO Ketetuanan Beggars” - Past, Present & Future.

    Through “Devine” intervention, UMNO, its Leaders & their Lapdog BOZOs are now “Destroying” each other with their “Power, Greed & Henious Crimes”

    - the “Opressors” will “FAIL” & God Almighty will ensure “Justice” will be done.