Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Did Najib Razak dine with Altantuyaa Shariibuu?

I am against fabricating lies to attack someone politically, whether it’s the ’50 dalils mengapa Anwar boleh menjadi PM’ or the Tian Chua fabricated photo of a ‘French dinner’ or a salacious extrapolation of a photo of one sleeping sweetie ADUN.

I am referring to the current piranha-ish slander of Najib Razak, based on the most tenuous circumstantial evidence, basically all hearsay.

Apparently the local gossip goes, a French newspaper Liberation has revealed all, chapter and verse, on the Najib involvement in Altantuyaa Shariibuu’s murder.

And today, as reported by Malaysiakini in Of Najib-Altantunya and Disneyland leng chai Azmin Ali, PKR VP and Anwar's right-hand man, raised it in the Selangor DUN.

Apart from some gory details about Altantuyaa being shot in the left side of her face by killers who are currently being tried in a Malaysian court (I wonder how Altantuyaa’s family must be feeling to have this published), the Liberation didn't add anything new to what we have already known.

But nevertheless this was the part that G.A.N (Gerakan Anti Najib) seized upon:

At the end of March 2005 the couple was in Paris, where they met with Najib Razak. A picture shows the threesome in a Parisian private club. “Tuya showed me the pix. She said that one of the men was her boyfriend, Abdul Razak Baginda, and the other the “big boss”, Najib Razak. I asked her if they were brothers because of the names, but she said no, and that Najib Razak was the ‘prime minister’”, said Amy, Altantuya’s best friend (Najib Razak has sworn on the Koran that he has never met Altantuya). According to a private detective, now in hiding in India, the beautiful Tuya was also the occasional mistress of the deputy Prime minister, who was introduced to her by Baginda at the end of 2004.

The above writeup is what Malaysians would call ‘tambah cabai’ or Penangites termed ‘kair liao’, adding the ‘tau eu’ and ‘lada’ to the ‘char koay teow’.

The ‘she’ who was shown the photo by Altantuyaa is Amy, Altantuya’s best friend. Sweetie's real name is Burmaa Oyunchimeg. She was in Malaysia in June 2007, as a witness at the Altantuyaa’s murder trial , as reported by Malaysiakini in Najib seen with Altantuya. The Malaysiakini court reporter then was Soon Li Tsin.

Malaysiakini photo

This was what she said, according to Soon Li Tsin: “I know why she wanted to see Razak Baginda - I have seen pictures of Altantuya with Razak and a government official.”

“She (Altantuya) was having a meal at a round table with Razak (Baginda), a Malaysian government official and other people.”

Najib mentioned? Nope. Just a 'government official'.

It was only when my hero Karpal Singh, who is holding a watching brief for the deceased’s family, posed a question to her on the identity of the ‘government official’ that she replied: “I remember the name Najib Razak, they had the same name, ‘Razak’. I thought they were brothers. I asked her (Altantuya) if they were brothers.”

From here I gather two things:

(1) She remembered the name ‘Razak’, and I suspect, probably not 'Najib'. To her, Razak Baginda was with a ‘government official’. If she remembers the other man as ‘Najib Razak’, surely she would have said so in the first place.

(2) Her testimony was only hearsay ("I heard from Altantuyaa …"), in as much as the SD’s were all “I hear from … who was told by ... that she told him she liked it in the back ...” or “I have been reliably informed …”.

Well, was Najib Razak involved?

Was there a French dinner for the three?

Did Najib screw Altantuyaa in her belakang as alleged by Balasubramaniam in his SD (Najib’s masuk belakang suspiciously/coincidentally after Anwar had a 2nd charge of sodomy lodged against him)?

Frankly, I don’t know because there is yet nothing substantial to provide some form of support for the above allegations.

In fact, Bala’s post-SD reporting to the police station, most implausibly without a lawyer for such a momentous event following the PI’s lodging of a scandalous incriminating SD against the nation’s DPM about the latter's sexual involvement with the murdered Mongolian model, etc …

Hey man, you lodged a SD against the nation's No 2 most powerful man, alleging you've heard he was giving it to the murdered Altantuyaa's in her behind, and you went to a police station all ALONE to answer police queries about your flaming SD?

… his 2nd SD withdrawing the first SD, implying he was under pressure from the Najib camp (real or staged) and …

… his subsequence disappearance ...

… have made Najib look really bad.

All together, they seemed just too neat, too convenient, too suspiciously finger pointing at Najib …

… which has been why I wasn’t convinced of its halal-ness (kosher-ness)

To summarize, the report in the French newspaper Liberation has nothing new on the murder other than, as I mentioned, the (alleged) grubby details of the tragic moment during the shooting and how Altantuyaa had allegedly pleaded for her life … but nonetheless still hearsay.

But try telling that to the G.A.N or PKR supporters ;-)

(1)Tian Chua - a cherry blossom?
(2) Raja Petra's Statutory Declaration - is it evidence?


  1. My dear friend when you are in politics it all about perception and when something comes out is measured by the 'no smoke without a fire' yard stick. Therein lies the problem for all concerned.Ramalx

  2. Anonymous Says:



    If the PeeM in waiting can be implicated in Murder and Corruption then why the Police Murderers & Autopsy Pathologist & now the double faced snaky diplomat who want to keep his job cannot do the same with impunity, they are just following the footsteps of their revered leader Najis who had done very well in swearing to Allah on the Koran and every one of them can learn on how to swear their innocence despite all evidences have shown their Guilt, so only Allah can give them the real Judgement come Judgement Day as there is no escape from Allah’s real Justice for the deeds they have done.

    Bandit Najis had been cheating and robbing the Nation’s Coffers for years with fictitious and non existent Defence Contracts, with either non supply necessary or supply with inferior quality products, by awarding these to his wife’s nominee Companies.

    Loser, Loser & Loser Najis UMNO & BN therefore the biased EC must choose the same date so that they can try to cheat by using Phantom Voters if the Pakatan is not too careful on all three fronts.

    History will repeat itself the most corrupted of all, implicated in Corruption & Murder, call Najis will helm UMNO to oblivion.

    Beware of the Najis & UMNO underhand deceits, filthy lies and dirty tactics which must be exposed so that they will be shunned by all Rakyats in order to be thrown out in the next GE.

    The Era of Anarchy has just begun in the coming Premiership of Najis, the most corrupted of all corrupters, all Malaysians beware that they, Najis & UMNO, will spend Government Money to buy Chaos in order to impose Dictatorial Government without election or after they have lost the Election in GE 13, we have all learnt from Perak Government’s takeover by deceit and by force of using the Police Force which could be bought and the Assemblymen who were bought either with money or in kind like no case in court for their corruptions’ cases pending trials if they defect from Pakatan and of course the sole DAP betrayer could be bought with a great sum of money as Najis knew and as well as the betrayer that she could never be elected ever again in Jelapang and of course the pension sum must be huge including allowance for her permanent retirement for making a betrayal to Pakatan for short term benefiting of Najis?

    There must be a good reason for the Sultan well learned in law and also once holding the highest office in Supreme Court took a lowly decision in support of the most corrupted Politician call Najis, PeeM in awaiting. No offence intended to the Sultan who was highly regarded until just now only, it is either he has been threatened with some secret files on him held by Najis, or like all the other froggies that had been lured by huge sums of money offered by the most greedy of Corrupters called Najis who used the nation’s coffers as his own kitty bank. Knowing very well that Najis would not last the next GE, this is the best opportunity to make some good cash funds for keeps as the next Government under PKR will be clean and righteous for the God, King, People and Country.

    Not realizing that Corruptions breed even more Corruptions and this is the vicious circle and the people of Perak are ones who would suffer in the long run and they will not forget what a Sultan they have had. If Najis and UMNO is in Power it is most likely that the nation’s coffers would be decimated and there will be nothing left for our Children’s Children, therefore make sure the UMNO along with all their goons are thrown out the next election.

    May Allah bless you the people of Malaysia

  3. There is problem when you ask God a question. Ususlly He does not give an answer. We people readily assume that His silence means conscent.Ramlax

  4. While I don't deny there are many unanswered questions regarding the case , I find it troubling that while all this while the evidence could not be produced . What I am saying is the picture of the three of them together .

    Regarding the article in the French Newspaper , is it a Tabloid Newspaper ? To me I wouldn't pay much attention to those French thing as it could be paid to write and print those articles . Furthermore where's the proof ? the photo ? Isn't it that's the most vital part of the evidence ? No photo ? My guess its all a BIG SPIN by you know who .
    To me this article if it's true , CLEARS Najib as the murderer .

    Before the Iraq war , the US also was involved in its greatest spin . That Iraq possessed weapons of Mass Destruction . Colin Powers as US Secretary of State gave such a convincing bullshit and crap in the Security Council showing pictures of trucks supposed to be manufacturing bio- chemical weapons or labs producing bio chemical weapons . Storage facilities , Secret manufacturing bases , etc ,etc . That Iraq was buying yellow cake from Niger for the purpose of turning them into nuclear weapons , that Iraq possess all the warheads .The Security Council was so convinced with his presentation that they gave the greenlight to the US to invade Iraq .

    What did they find in Iraq ? Nothing . All the Bullshit . Absolutely Nothing, No WMD . So what I am saying is there are many bloggers using this spin to hoodwink the general public who will take it hook , line and sinker . Unless they can produce the evidence its still a Big Spin to me .

  5. Definitely the French newspaper Liberation was paid handsomely to publish the old story. Like the SD, is nothing but lies, the intention is to create a bad perception on Najib.

  6. Dear Kaytee

    As usual I am in agreement with my good pals, ChaptoKam and XieAn.
    You can't be accusing anyone without proofs.
    If they did have dinner (IF), it does not constitute an affair which leads to murder.
    Why are we giving credence to a French tabloid.
    All we are sure is Najib is our PM on April 1.

  7. Regardless of whether it is a toilet newspaper or one with some integrity,is it not astounding that the PM designate has not responded. The silence id deafening.

    These accusations and allegations are now swirling in international waters and for the sake of our nation and the integrity of the trial, the verdict to come and our Judicial System, Najib must refute the Liberation's accusations publicly and vociferously and sue them for slander.

    If similar news appears in the Daily Mail, Evening Standard and News of the World in UK, are they still going to maintain an elegant silence?

  8. Don't play puks! Are u high? What do u mean he never responded? He swore already he did not know altantuya.
    What more do u want? Write an SD? He did what he needs to do already and now taking the high road by notresponding to TABLOID rumours.
    You guys are so hard up abt pinning this on him u lost your sense of rational.

    'If u can't be a scholar, at least be a gentleman'


  9. KT: Do you deny that Altantunya was murdered by C4 explosives? Do you also deny that 2 members of the Malaysian UTK have been arrested & charged with her murder?

    Question: Why go through all that trouble with the use of MP5's & C4 when the shoelaces from their heavy duty UTK boots would suffice.

    Answer: She was pregnant with HIS baby and C4 was used to removed all traces of any future DNA links to HIM.

  10. Anon of 2:02 AM, March 12, if you read my post, you should be able to see that I've written "Apart from some gory details about Altantuyaa being shot in the left side of her face by killers who are currently being tried in a Malaysian court ..." so your arguments about me 'denying' god-knows-what had been totally irrelevant, out of context, predetermined regardless of what I've written, and plain emotional.

    The use of C4 by the killers is evidence readily available from records of current court, but your arguments on why it was used has been based on suspicion or wishful thinking or political motives.

    You may well be right about your suspicions but minus real evidence (and not mere suspicion or specualtion) it won't be accepted in any courts of law, not even in any western country.

    Frankly, if you people operate on the basis on dislikes, suspicions and hatred I dread to be under your type of government. How would you people then be better than UMNO?

  11. Kt,
    In any circumstances a poor girl was C4 ed to death to hide the murder.Why would anyone wanna do that.You see ! this was all premeditated and planned carefully by someone who has authority.You could smell a big fish here.
    Who is Razak Baginda? A small glorified bag carrier of those commission meant for someone higher up.Those 2 killers AI'NT DUMB as seen.They were carrying a job and would be paid hansomely.Nothing is free here, but they were caught.
    This Razak Baginda has'nt the balls to sanction the killing.He too a coward and he is not going to lose his dues!He is too smart for that.So who did it? Your guess is as good as mine.

  12. Our good pals Idzan Ismail said before; " Pen is mightier than sword " which I agree and I would like to add " photograph tells all " and combine together will be detrimental.

    That was what the Western Media used against China in the ugly rioted in Tibet last March, they went to the lowest of the low to tell lies and doctored photograph to paint China a bad picture. Which the Western public buy it and nothing can convince them otherwise, even some of them are good friends.

    The Western values, democracy and free market beliefs they are preaching is rapidly beginning to show the weaknesses and the trust of their system is deteriorating by each day. They set the rules and they can break it and other cannot, is what I see them as face with two mirror, even their laws allow robbers to keep their loots. Yet they make a brouhaha about Asia govern and leaders to stigmatized us as bad country. We usually look towards the West as the Saver, instead we got destroy by their greed and toxic ideologies. Still some people want to believe in them.

    I worked with French before and I can tell you, I hate them as they cannot live a single day without lying.

    Liberation....... f*** off and don't meddle in our local affairs....................

  13. Xiean
    Lets not look that far !

    Remember the day when Princess Diana was killed in a road accident some 10 years ago ?

    The newspapers and tabloids were swirling with the spins and hypothesis , stories that she was murdered by the British Royalty . That was fueled by the fact that she was seeing Dodi Al Fayed a Muslim , and the British Royalty had image problems should she marry him a Muslim and bore him a child who is a Muslim and be a half brother to the future King of England .

    At the inquest , where's the proof ? Up till today , Mr Al Fayed still cannot show the evidence ?

    If they ( British Intelligence MI5 ) had wanted to prevent this , they might as well hire a hit man and finish off Dodi , instead of killing both .

    Same analogy here , where's the PROOF/ THE EVIDENCE ? Daily Mail, Evening Standard and News of the World in UK as quoted by donplaypuks .

  14. Hi chaptokam,

    Thats why PR is playing the " Perception " theme to win votes, because they do not have the ability to govern. Blaming and bad mouthing are their battle cry, the mushrooming SD only happen after the March 08 2008 election. Now they are using French's media which I think is a smart move as the French are notable for lying.

    Until now PR is selling how bad is BN, I have yet to hear what they are able to do. Currently only popular policies and nothing of real substances.

  15. First of all, Liberation is not a trashy newspaper. Its a smallish circulation but well respected left-wing paper, founded by THE Jean-Paul Sartre. It has taken editorial stands on Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, US, Bush, etc. which Ktemoc would approve of. And, No, I don't think they would accept money from Anwar Ibrahim.

    This much I can piece together from old friends in PDRM...

    The gory details sourced from the leaked Cautioned statement are true...

    Hell, yes, Najib "knew" Altantuya.
    There is no concrete evidence (as yet) that he's guilty of anything criminal related to her murder, but then again, the police were not looking.

    You don't need to be an Anwar or PR supporter to have a deep sense of bad vibes about the PM2B. That's what I'm feeling right now.

  16. Xiean, it has nothing to do with PR or the coalition ability to govern, which I think they are doing well in spite of the lack of federal funding and cooperation.

    G.A.N. has been about restoring Anwar to his old UMNO position as (originally) No 2. Now that AAB is leaving, they have upgraded their ambition to No 1 positon in UMNO for Anwar.

    And what stands between Anwar and his dreams for a glorious return to UMNO is Najib razak, which has been why Najib and no one else is their target.

    Let's get our analyses as correct as possible.

  17. Observer
    Hell, yes, Najib "knew" Altantuya.

    I mentioned earlier " While I don't deny there are many unanswered questions regarding the case "

    It is without doubt that Najib possibly knew Altantuya . And that the murder by the two accused could be a mistaken Order which had to be "covered" up . But again even though Najib might know the girl doesn't mean that he is involved in the murder .
    I firmly believe he is not involved directly in the murder .

    In the military or uniform services , sometimes Orders are "mistakenly" executed . Take for example an order to " pls look into it and take care of it " .
    For a laymen , take care of it would mean pay her off and ask the joker not to come and disturb anymore . In the uniformed services , take care of it could have been mistaken to mean , finish her off , get rid of her .

    When the job has been done and the mistake realised that was not meant what he said , the covered up aspects would be to have that she never entered Malaysia and hence the deletion of Immigration records .
    But to spin and say that PM2B is directly involved is way out of reasoning .
    And even having the photo does not prove anything because there are people who takes photos with VIPs doesn't mean the VIPs know them personally .
    On the orders given , it could have come from people very close to Najib and not necessarily from him .

  18. And to add

    That also could have accounted for the SMSs sent out , when Baginda after knowing what had happened asked for his help . I believe he would have responded exactly as what have been said , "don't worry I'll look into it , or I have contacted so and so ....etc .

  19. Chaptokam
    I don't know who the killer or killers of that Mongoloid.
    Don't even know whether the alleged C4ed body is hers or animal carcass.
    But based on logic I think Sirul and the other accused (forgot his name) did not do it.
    Why do they want to kill someone they have never met or even know how she looks like.
    She moved in high circles man and won't give the time of day to the two cops.
    But whoever was licensed to kill her should have chartered a plane and dump her body at the Gobi Desert or on the Karakoram mountains.
    P.s. I am like the Americans who think Elvis is still alive.
    And Malaysians love the conspiracy theories.

  20. Dear KT

    "which I think they are doing well in spite of the lack of federal funding and cooperation."

    Beg to differ ! Should come back to live in Pg and see for yourself !

  21. "Should come back to live in Pg and see for yourself "

    I live in Penang.
    True, PR hasn't made a big difference. But it hasn't been a disaster like what BN/UMNO tried to scare us with.
    BN messed up, especially in the last 10 years. Why do you think Penangites kicked them out ? Still think it was just an emotional outburst coming out of the Han Chiang rally ?

    Its only fair to allow LGE some time to make the difference - after all, the difficult, worthwile changes definitely need more than one year to implement.

  22. - Najib "knew" Altantuya

    As in Carnal Knowledge against the Order of Nature.

    Lets call a spade a spade.

  23. after all, the difficult, worthwile changes definitely need more than one year to implement.

    Let's wait and see ha ha still long way to before GE13 .

  24. Yep KT, please come back...........

    I am not hitting them for fun, lately NGOs submitted tons of forums from Penangites to Penang Govt to buck up or pack out. The very poor turnout in Esplanade for PR first year celebration tell a lot that the people already fed up with so much politicking and very little doing. Already one year, they still cannot produce any blue print for Penang. What they have is form the previous govt........

    Sorry for taking up much of your space, but we as Penangites care for out States, right...........

  25. "The very poor turnout in Esplanade for PR first year celebration"

    Most Penangites are not hard core DAP or PR supporters. And it WAS raining.

    But most people do want LGE and PR to succeed. The ball is in DAP and LGE's court - get moving, get the job done. Its only a very limited minority who are constantly wishing for the Big Bad Wolf to come back...

  26. limited minority who are constantly wishing for the Big Bad Wolf to come back...?

    Wish I was Nostradamus !! Could give you a better prediction ! You so sure Anwar might not run back to UMNO if invited back in ?

  27. As in Carnal Knowledge against the Order of Nature.

    were you there when he did it ? or simply was the action 5 star action ?
    hahaha looks like you been watching too much blue movie and reading too much conspiracy stories .

  28. But most people do want LGE and PR to succeed .

    Bunch of morons !LGE and PR

  29. Penang Kwai Lan Kia,

    Don't gave the excuse that it was raining. Both the Han Chiang rally, it was raining and I was there and the rain does not move anyone. It is not the same anymore.

  30. Penang Kwai Lan Kia,

    Recently LGE was at a function in Bagan , his Parliamentary Constituency and gave a speech . Were you there ? Our guys were there . He spoke BUT there was NO applause ! Nobody clap hands . You have underestimate the mentality of Penangites . To Penangites Bread and Butter is very important , not politics .
    Xiean is correct at the Han Chiang rally, it was raining , I was there so was my daughter . Come rain or no rain we were there . But now there should have been a bigger crowd turnout in Esplanade for PR first year celebration since they are the govt , but this is not so . Why ? any idea ? People are beginning to see and realise that they cannot perform . When we voted for them it was killing two birds with one stone , that is to teach BN a lesson and secondly to give them a chance to perform as the govt .
    THEY BLEW IT !!!

  31. Arnaud Dubus, Foundation coordinator

    Arnaud Dubus
    Bangkok based journalist
    Tel : 66 2 3816599
    e mail : arnauddubus@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Blog :
    Website :
    adresse skype : arnauddubus

    So Arnaud Dubus is a Bangkok based journalist writing for the French Tabloid .

    Do you see the connection here ?
    Recently one sweetie who is based in Bangkok " disappeared " for a few days without updating her blog for a meeting. She and Arnaud Dubus are both based in Bangkok . She is also funded by the Asian Foundation whose money trail leads back to the US . And this Foundation funds NGOs , Human Rights Activists , Oppostion Groups and so forth .

    So make your guess who's involved in this piece of spin ! My guess was right .

  32. chaptokam,

    That was my guess and you confirm it. Anyway they fail miserably without making any impact.......

  33. KT, your article is the best objective defense againts hearsay on this case so far.

    For me the article in the Liberation is a calculated propaganda. Ah, the froggies....always full of crap!

    There are 3 comments made on the online version of the article in 3 are 'pro-article'. Seeing that, I wrote a comment myself saying that the article is much too 'tabloid', unbecoming of la liberation. Nothing new was provided and the article was just a french parrot to malaysian internet rumours and hearsay. I asked them proofs and the photo they alleged.

    You know what these froggies did? they publised my comment for a while then they took it off!!!!

    Bloody froggies!!!

  34. KT, your article is the best objective defense againts hearsay on this case so far.

    For me the article in the Liberation is a calculated propaganda. Ah, the froggies....always full of crap!

    There are 3 comments made on the online version of the article in 3 are 'pro-article'. Seeing that, I wrote a comment myself saying that the article is much too 'tabloid', unbecoming of la liberation. Nothing new was provided and the article was just a french parrot to malaysian internet rumours and hearsay. I asked them proofs and the photo they alleged.

    You know what these froggies did? they publised my comment for a while then they took it off!!!!

    Bloody froggies!!!


  35. Ahhh, talk about froggies....I love Quiche, Croissants, Moulin-Rouge, Sacre-Coeur, Notre-Dame, The Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe

    Vive-la France !
    Vive la Liberation !

    I already booked an Air Asia flight for May to London, and on to Paris....fuck Najib...

  36. I already booked an Air Asia flight for May to London, and on to Paris....fuck Najib...

    Viva la fcuking !
    Dei anonymous if I were you I would be fucking French girls in Paris ! not Najib , I don't quite like entry from the back ! Wakakakaka hahaha
    Have a good fcuking trip in Paris and don't forget to tell us all about it !