Friday, March 20, 2009

The R-A-H-M-A-N prophesy - to be fulfilled or forestalled?

Malaysiakini Pak Lah to exit on April 2?

Note the question mark ? in the title of Malaysiakini news article!

The current program scheduled by UMNO is that AAB goes to the King on 03 April to say goodbye (as the PM) … have a cup of tea with HM, …

... then on the following day, 4 April 2009, Najib Razak becomes the 6th PM of Malaysia, fulfilling the prophesy about UMNO’s leaders (re-named by kaytee as the UMNO Da Vinci code) ...

... that the first six UMNO leaders (by political tradition and majority power within Perikatan/BN, becoming Malaysian PMs) would have names that would begin with the respective letters in R-A-H-M-A-N, the name of the first PM Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Err… I am sure the second ‘A’ has been and must still be a sakit hati for someone. There but for his impatience, history could have taken a different path.

Last year I wrote in The torment and impatience of Anwar Ibrahim:

His ascendancy would have fulfilled even the legend of
UMNO’s Da Vinci code, for surely in R-A-H-M-A-N, the letter ‘A’ would have come after ‘M’.

Yet, as they say, ‘There’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip’, and Anwar found that to his invincible distress.

I believe it has been this narrow miss at the highest political office, just by a hair’s breath, that has made the man super-geram, a frustrated anger beyond normal boundaries, even sending him into unbridled rage.

It has been an experience that has tormented him since.

The very thought of Najib Razak becoming PM in just 2 weeks' time has sent steel-tipped spikes of fear into Anwar’s camp as they have committed Anwar to be the arch-enemy of the son of Razak.

Mind you, though we may expect total war between the two camps, with no quarters given, I dare say anything in politics is not impossible …

… because for a start, RAHMAN can also be spelt backwards as N-A-M-H-A-R, which could forecast the following PMs after Najib’s ‘N’ as (sorry, all Melayu – so, Samy, don’t you dare hope wakakaka):

(a) Anwar, (Wan) Azizah or (the return of) Ali Rustam?
(b) Muhyiddin or (God forbid) M2T
(c) Hishamuddin
(d) Etc etc

Possible sooner than you think if poor Najib dies prematurely of, say, heart attack ... what with Jawi-scripted charms and Javanese jambi's.

But wait, maybe Malaysiakini’s question mark could reflect Dr Mahathir’s fear that AAB may well drag his heels.

Though he has mentioned there will be a transfer of power over to Najib, appeals for him to stay on, even from opposition leaders (of course for their own political advantage) may yet persuade him there’s still PM potential in him for another few good years. So, he could well change his mind at the eleventh hour wakakaka.

Certainly Anwar hopes so, PR leaders hope so, KJ hopes so, Ali Rustam hopes so and no doubt even Ku Li hopes so. Mind you, none of them (other than KJ because of blood ties) are exactly fans of AAB. But no doubt they assess that AAB is less troublesome and a less capable political foe than hitherto Mr Zig-Zag.

But what if AAB decides to call it a day as he has promised?

No worries, going through an earlier post of mine, Raja Petra's Statutory Declaration - is it evidence?, where Malaysia’s most famous and most powerful blogger had declared in a sworn statement regarding Altantuyaa’s murder:

"I have been reliably informed that between about 10pm on October 19, 2006 and early hours of the following day, the night Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered, three other people were also present at the scene of crime."

The 3 ‘other people’ (meaning part from the two policemen currently under trial for murder) were, according to RPK in his Stat Dec and as reported by Malaysiakini, Rosmah Mansor (yes, Najib’s wife), Colonel Aziz Buyong, (an explosive expert in C4), his wife Norhayati (said to be Rosmah’s aide de camp).

To me personally, it’s highly implausible that women would want to turun padang to personally witness the explosive destruction of a corpse …

… which leads me naturally to suspect the theory that if one can’t get Najib himself, then one should try to get him through his wife.

But who am I to contradict RPK ;-)

Then, RPK also revealed in his Stat Dec: “I have knowledge of who has informed me of this matter plus I have knowledge of the Ruler who has been briefed and is aware of the matter but I have agreed that I shall not reveal this information other than mention that the Prime Minister and his son-in-law have been handed a written report confirming what I have revealed.”

This is fantastic, that (forget about the Ruler) AAB and KJ had received a written report about Rosmah’s involvement – though alas, RPK didn’t reveal who had written the report for AAB and KJ. We KPC's (kay poh chnee's - busybodies) are the poorer for that.

But WTF then, based on RPK’s declaration, what’s AAB and KJ waiting for?



  1. You have left out one person who is in a position to appoint or reject the pee m . What if at the last minute as it has happen in Trengganu and in Perak that HE reserves the right to appoint the one who commands the majority as PM . Wonder what will happen if that happens .

    God Bless this country !!! Guess we all don't have to wait for long to find out !

  2. hmmmm, ya la if they have the proof like what RPK claimed, why they are syill waiting aaaa, its all BS la bro..muahahaa

  3. This theory RAHMAN was started by a Hindu yogi during Tunku Abdul Rahman's era. For your information, RAHMAN is one of the ALLAH other names.

    After Najib fulfilled this prophecy. I think the next Prime Minister should be anyone with names from R-A-Z-A-K . Why?. 1. Tun Abdul Razak was the second Prime Minister and 2.Razak is also one of ALLAH other name.

  4. Lately, those actions of Anwar and gang signal that these people have strong interest to prevent Najib to become the next PM. Surely they are now sweating like hell that the next PM will play balls with the those trouble makers. However, no doubt about it, Najib will sail smoothly to become the next PM.

    AAB fallout were the works of Anwar and gang, however Muhyiddin draw the last blood. Both Anwar and Muhyiddin are so impatient to get up and that will cause their own downfall. Even if Muhyiddin win UMNO deputy president post, that is as far as he can achieve. Man in waiting will be Hishamuddin.

    Those hoping for UMNO implosion will be greatly disappointed, their crack are only cosmetic but the foundation still remain strong. On the other hand PR look good on the surface as they are good in painting works but their foundation cracks are widening by each day.

    That the reason why LGE need a zoo in Penang to contain those wild animals, lion of Jelutong better watch out and mellow down .........

  5. hmmmm, ya la if they have the proof like what RPK claimed, why they are syill waiting

    Ya lah I am still waiting !!!! maybe they and RPK were conned by some secret operatives planted by some UMNO guys who fed them that Bullshit and they took it Hook , Line and Sinker and proclaim to the whole world that they have the proof and evidence .
    Just like some Hollywood block busters .
    Wakakakaka .

  6. Do you regard self cleansing as imploding as many has been saying watch for UMNO's impending implosion ? With all those calls calling for change ?
    When UMNO heeds those call and start cleansing of money politics and those dubious personalites in UMNO , why should we term it imploding ? unless they have been coined by some spin doctors . I reserved my opinion about UMNO wanting change and I will only pass my judgement on them after the change of leadership takes place and after a period of six months for them to effect that change . For the time being I'll give them the benefit of doubt .

    They should work on the economy first and in parallel with the ideological change in UMNO .

  7. Looks like Najib will be UMNO's next PM . The last ? maybe ! Who will be the next ?
    With the metamorphosis and evolution in our democratic process , I hope and I pray that the next PM of Malaysia shall be elected directly by the Rakyat of Malaysia whoever he may be , whether he is a Malay , Chinese , Indian or from other minorities , whether they are from UMNO , MCA ,MIC ,PKR , PAS , DAP or others !

    The N from Rahman could stand for Najib and End ( N )
    This would also coincide with the ending of the 26000 year cycle in 2012 with a fresh new world order .

  8. Ktemoc,
    "The very thought of Najib Razak becoming PM in just 2 weeks' time has sent steel-tipped spikes of fear into Anwar’s camp."

    This is far, far beyond Anwar Ibrahim, though they are no doubt making political capital about it.

    I am not an Anwar supporter, but like many, many ordinary Malaysians, I have grave doubts about Najib's conduct and integrity, thus his suitability to be the next PM.

    Yes, Najib will be the next PM, but it does not do BN any good at all.

  9. Anwar and gang try very hard to paint a bad perception of Najib, but wise people will look for concrete evident which until now hard to come by. Sure Najib have weakness, but that will not hinder him of being a capable PM if he is able to steer our economy out of recession. And not like CM of Penang who's stupidity of building Zoo which will not held Penang at all. That area in Relau can be put to better use like building University or any thing which add value. Soon Penang mess will worsen.

    Anyway KT will have a place to stay if he come back to Penang.....Waakakakakak

  10. A lot is riding on the outcome of the three upcoming by-elections, one week after Najib becomes BN.

    If BN can win a two or more of them, Najib stands to regain a lot of credibility.

    If BN loses two or more seats, things get very flaky indeed for Najib.
    I suspect we'll be playing the theme from the movie 'Titanic' - the ship so powerful, even God couldn't sink it, but sink it did.

  11. KT ,
    Watch out for the impending explosion of PKR in Penang . It's gonna be a big one .

    12:04 PM, March 20, 2009

    Today , this news came out !

    Fairus finally quits as Penang Deputy CM

    PENANG, March 21 — Fairus Khairuddin, the Penang deputy chief minister, has quit, confirming swirling speculation about his position amid a cloud of suspicion over his conduct.

    The PKR man submitted his resignation to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of the DAP, and it has been accepted.

    Lim made the announcement at a press conference in Penang today.

    However, the CM declined to disclose the reasons for Fairus’s resignation.

    But it is understood that the resignation was made on the instructions of Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who is keen to contain any damage Fairus’s conduct would have on the Pakatan Rakyat alliance.

    Fairus’s position as deputy chief minister had become untenable because he faces a mountain of allegations over suspected abuse of power.

    Speculation about Fairus’s resignation had surfaced this week after an anonymous text message was circulated saying that he was instructed to quit by Anwar over allegations of abuse of power.

    Fairus’s appointment as deputy chief minister has been a source of controversy and he has been told off by Anwar for not even visiting his constituency. He was also forced to quit as Penang Football Association president due to his lack of enthusiasm.

    Speculation is also rife that he is one of two PKR leaders in Penang accused of corrupt dealings involving a quarry.

    Lim said today Fairus’s effective resignation date will be April 8. The DCM will be on leave until then.

    Fairus will continue as Penanti assemblyman.

    More to Come !! Wakakaka

  12. I have another prophecy: it goes by the name CHAPTOKAM. Here goes:

    C: This is the female organ, which this cuntry badly needs.

    H: There is some uncertainty here. Some say it is the keris-wielding Pondan Siam. (Yes, the Pondan Siam is the joker in the pack who might end up as the pee em of Malaysia: one expects the son of one pee em, but the son of another turns up!). Some reduce his name to just "Hisap." Some say it's neither, but the "H" here represents "Hantu Altantuya!" Iiiiiiii!!! Takut!!!

    A: This posterior letter concerns Malaysian backwardness. It refers to a Malaysian specialty: if you google "sodomy," you'll find that 10% of all the web pages have the word "Malaysia" in it. I didn't realise that Malaysia is so influential when it comes to the back! Malaysia boleh! Mana-mana pun boleh!

    P: This refers to the Malay word for the female organ. Some say it is actually PM and not just P. The maternal reference for the second letter was made famous in one of Shahnon Ahmad's novels.

    T: This is the most mysterious of all! No one knows what it refers to. My own suspicion is that it refers to "Tua Peh Kong," because, by this time, Malaysia is badly in need of divine intervention!

    I am still trying to work out the other letters of CHAPTOKAM. Since this serious matter is of utmost concern to those who are interested in Malaysia's future, I will inform you when I have worked them out. (Some believe that 'O' stands for Oxplosion [or explosion of cows], which has occurred in Selangor, and some say, will occur in Penang too, but I'll leave it at that -- anyway, this is too early an occurrence for the prophecy!).

    BTW, if you take the RAHMAN prophecy seriously, you should take the above seriously too. Don't worry, it comes after 'RAHMAN', so you can still have your RAHMAN and your Najib too!

    Regards & all good wishes for a dark future,


  13. The resignation of Penang Deputy Chief Minister I Fairus Khairuddin is but the latest in a laundry list of scandals, missteps and embarrassments which have threatened PR’s existence and already cost the alliance the loss of one of five state governments it controls.

    More significantly, these scandals have seen PR lose the momentum it had gained against the ruling Barisan Nasional since last year’s March 8 general election.

    From being on the cusp of power, the PR alliance is now faced with the kind of growing pains it cannot afford if it is to have any chance of being a serious and viable alternative to BN.

    Plucked from obscurity, Fairus was handpicked over some better-known personalities within PKR to be the party’s most senior representative in the DAP-led Penang government.

    But almost from the get-go, he was a problem for Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

    He is known to have enjoyed the trappings of power but did very little of the work that goes with being deputy chief minister.

    The Malaysian Insider understands that Fairus was also frequently absent from state executive council meetings. And when he did show up he had little to contribute.

    He also hardly turned up at his constituency to serve the voters.

    But the last straw was when his name began to surface in allegations of abuse of power being levelled at the Lim administration.

    read rest of article here :

  14. Here's a Malaysiakini report !

    MACC report lodged against ex-minister's political secretary
    Mar 21, 09 11:23am
    # A report was lodged to the MACC yesterday over alleged discrepancy in a 2005 land deal involving the political secretary of a former MCA minister.MORE
    Documents submitted to MACC
    RM19 profit just after S & P deal

    Former MCA Minister ! Sounds like the former Health Minister since it involves buying of land for a health clinic ! The one who's involved in the DVD !
    political secretary ? Oh I know him , division chairman with the initials TSK .
    Money politics during the last party elections ! Now we are getting somewhere ! was figuring out where all the money came from !

  15. Nostrochaptokamus

    I'll gladly contribute articles to this blog .
    Can we also identify and screen thru all potential candidates for GE13 whichever party they may be from !Be it BN or PR .
    Can we also support these CLEAN candidates and give the thumbs down to those unclean candidates ?
    Can we push for a direct election of the Prime Minister of Malaysia ? like the way they elect the Presidents of some country ?
    This country will be better off with these proposals if they do take off .
    Cheers ! and don't waste your precious time trying to crack your brain to figure out the rest of the other letters of CHAPTOKAM

    God Bless all Malaysians especially KTemoc who has been very patient with me for using his bandwidth in his blog.

  16. KTemoc

    I owe you one , the dinner's on me if you happen to be back in your home sweet home ! Penang !

  17. Beware the Ides of March ktemoc.

    I think chaptokam is falling in love with you. Beware of the 'love that dares not speak its name!' Ke, ke, ke!

  18. I leave that to Saiful & Company wakakakakakakakakaka

  19. Yes, looking at my crystal ball, I have to agree that Chaptokam is falling for KTemoc. This is a dangerous development, which will cause misery for both of them. A warning from a seer however, will help matters, for they are not fated to be lovers.

    As for Chaptokam wanting me to set up my own blog, it is he, Chaptokam, who really needs to do so, not me. That will certainly allow him to avoid wasting too much bandwidth on KTemoc's blog. Chaptokam will of course be the centre of attraction on his own blog (which is what he wants, doesn't he?).

    So Chaptokam? What do you think?


  20. Just a few days ago, CM LGE denial that Fairus is quitting as DCM of Penang, yep his CAT principle which stand for CAN ALWAYS TURN is at work.

    And KT's good friend Anwar said Fairus quip to pursue further studies.....wakakakakaka

    Thats two jokers really a good combination........

  21. Nostrochaptokamus

    Thanks , but I don't have the time to set up my own blog which would take up most of my time . You see , I have to cari makan , and since I do not get funds from some kind Foundation , how to survive ? I am not a BN funded cybertrooper as what many would want to label me , and I do not fall into the category of a human rights activists or a pro opposition sympathiser , so how to survive with the economy so bad ?
    Maybe , just maybe should ask the accountant and biz development consultant who writes satirical and theatrical pieces in his blog and who thinks chaptokam is falling in love with kaytee to help me set up my blog !

  22. KT,

    I think it should be Anwar & Company....

  23. Xiean ,

    CM LGE denial that Fairus is quitting as DCM of Penang, is the prelude to more serious things within the PKR . My informant tells me that it also involves the PKR head in Penang . There's this issue of them trying to supply granite from the quarries to the second bridge contractor . As you know they need the stuff for many purposes .
    So they didn't come clean , PKR YBs are basically from UMNO , just like the PKR Pg State Liasion Chairman (no name mentioned) who was once the Port Chairman . He was not clean , involved in things the MACC would want to investigate today .
    And then our LGE , I have inside info that he has abuse his power to help a good friend of his . Got to refrain from providing too precise info . Will wait and see , shouldn't be too long .
    So you can see he's been making all sorts of ridiculous statements and comments that Penangites are getting a bit impatient with him .

    He's a flip flop CM .

  24. The Ghost of Altantuya will be the instrument of RosNajib's political destruction.

    Yes, he will be the next PM, yes, there are plenty of MCachais spinning for him....but it won't make any difference in the end...

  25. Bro, P to Q4.

    The La Liberation article has now been reproduced in full in the lOndon Times today.

    What's Najib's response? More elegant silence. He should not make M'sia a laughing stock come April 2nd or 3rd!!

  26. by Kong See Hoh (The Sun)

    PENANG (March 22, 2009) : Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin(pix), who resigned as Penang Deputy Chief Minister on Saturday, said he is a victim of a conspiracy within Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and would strike back once he has gathered enough evidence against the plotters.

    Mohammad Fairus told Nanyang Siang Pau on Thursday he was victimised by people from within PKR and denied allegations that the Mercedes Benz and BMW he owns were bought with cash.

    On Saturday, after resigning from the No. 2 post in the state, he revealed to Nanyang the identity of the main conspirator and said he was gathering evidence.


    I thought Anwar and Guan Eng said he was taking leave to go for further studies ! LOL ! Can you believe that !
    So who's lying ? Anwar ? LGE as the CM of Penang doesn't know why his deputy leaving ? Wah lau , these people lying thru their pants .

    And being a DCM for one year can afford to buy Mercedes Benz and BMW which he owns with cash.?
    With cash !! wow lau , these PKR boys really rich lah , can buy with cash ! They must be big time robbers !

  27. I don't like to be irrelevant. The commentary here should be on the RAHMAN prophecy, not on Fairus' resignation. But briefly (so that I'll only be irrelevant momentarily, unlike Chaptokam, who is irrelevant interminably): Fairus' further study involves the study of people who have conspired against him in PKR. So there's no contradiction here.

    Guess I have to stop here, lest my irrelevance becomes too lengthy, and I become (horror or horrors!) like Chaptokam!!

  28. Managing is a simple matter if one have the know how, clearly CM LGE cannot handle his own staff and can't govern the states. Does he need Anwar to tell him what to do or is he avoiding responsibility. BOth will be seen as lack of abilities.CAT "Can Always Turn"is quickly becoming a reality in his administration.

  29. There is a very simple reason why the allegations swirling around Najib simply won't go away, and why he....umm...can't come clean on the issue.

    Fact is At least PART of the allegations are true.
    Which portion is true, and which portion is RPK's entertainment...hahaha...stay tuned to the next episode...

  30. KTemoc and everyone ,

    While waiting for the next episode to come , here's a song to keep you relax .

    This is one old song that I have been listening to since I was in Secondary school . In fact it's quite sentimental to me and brings back memories of the good old days . I would like to share it here with everyone and hope you all would like it too . Maybe hopefully MCA can make it their theme song for Malaysia .
    It's a song by Anneke Gronloh way back in the sixties . It's called Oh Malaysia . I am looking forward to promote this song .

  31. For Hokkien-speaking people,

    Laugh until you kee siao!

    Dr. Quek made a routine house call to Mr. Lim, one of his elderly patients.
    He asks, 'And how are you doing today, Mr. Lim?'

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