Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AAB charmed?

Malaysiakini Bomb squad uncovers 'charm' under Pak Lah's desk!

Anwar Ibrahim was furious at the very act of a ‘charm’ being placed under AAB’s table in UMNO Headquarters (where he, Anwar, unfortunately is no longer welcomed).

In Parliament he demanded to know (no, not why the charm was placed so near to AAB’s cawat) why it was found under Abdullah's desk and not that of his deputy Najib.

;-) see what I mean about G.A.N wakakaka.

Oh BTW, I had a serious discussion on the ‘charm’ with a well-known saikong (Taoist priest) in my kampung, who then referred me to his muhibbah matey, my village bomoh – all these by mobile of course.

Pak Bomoh told me it was placed there by a certain someone to keep AAB wide awake, following criticisms he was zzzzzzzzzzzzzz during meetings.

Sounds like a good deal so I asked Pak Bomoh whether I could have one with an opposite effect, namely to help me sleep more soundly as I have been tossing and turning in bed.

The wily old man, who knows me since I was a toddler, told me (with a sly grin): “Cucu bukan Muslim ‘kan. Minum mabuk cukup lah.”

;-) The witch doctor is great!

Toyol in Nescafé bittle - Star Online photo


(1)Jinn in a Nescafé Bottle

(2)Return of the Red-Eyed Toyol


  1. and he commented about UMNO disciplinary board prosecuting "selectively"...

    I mean... come on, you are no longer in UMNO for 10 years+... why bother to comment like an UMNO member hah?

    He should focus more on questioning the eligibility of Ali Rustam as a CM, and Khairy Jamaluddin as an MP, and the importance of MACC to probe on them...

    Not that he can't comment about UMNO... but he should balance himself in views... after all, he is PKR's leader right now...

  2. Rumor from Bangla workers that the charm was put under Badawi table for aphrodisiac purposes!!

    Anwar complain because the charm supplier refuse to give one to Anwar:)


  3. So the bomoh told you that a non-magical solution is available for your sleeping problems?: “Cucu bukan Muslim ‘kan. Minum mabuk cukup lah.” You then describe the bomoh as "great."

    Does this explain your drunken obsession with Anwar, and your often ridiculous attacks on him? I have to warn you KTemoc: drunken behaviour has its own political risks. Remember the sleepy Japanese finance minister who had to quit because he was suspected of being drunk during a meeting? But then, KTemoc is not a politician, and who am I to advise him on this? It's ok for him to launch irresponsible attacks on anyone and still retain his self-employed "job" as a blogger, which, after all, is an unpaid one.

  4. I do believe in this magical stuff , I have seen it and have seen people under spells .

  5. Elifan, lighten up lah ;-) people like you makes the world dull, grumpy and pretentiously over-serious wakakaka

  6. Ktemoc found a bona-fide Malay bomoh in Australia-kah ?

  7. Elifan

    Are you jealous over the fact that Ktemoc is enjoying life down under with all those lovely Aussies girls and woman beside him ? like the one on the left in the AA picture ? With the come on take me CHARM ?

    Which Pak Lah now being CHARMed not by the Aussie girls but by the "barrel" in Najib's possession ?
    Just to make sure that Pak Lah doesn't change his mind about wanting to step down ?

    About the wood ! Many types of wood possess magical properties and with the correct mantra can activate its power ! And is a sure case of an inside job ! 100 percent certain . But on the other hand I believe Pak Lah cannot be easily attacked by this CHARM as he has his own protection .

  8. Najib reportedly has Guru-Ji for supernatural support.
    I thought the charm should be having Hindu incantations...

  9. I certainly have seen a Toyol least something the person believed to be a Toyol.

    Its an aborted human fetus (really don't want to know how the guy got hold of THAT) preserved in some chemical solution inside a bottle.

    Really gross stuff...

  10. Chaptokam!! Hahahahaha!!

    (My post was actually a joke, and meant as a bait for the likes of Chaptokam & the two other regulars who get into fits of delight whenever KTemoc attacks Anwar. I got my bait alright, but am glad that Chaptokam's post was a funny one. LOL!).

    Like other posters, I cannot resist saying something about the Toyol -- I am sure Toyol black magic was at work when the disciplinary committee didn't find him guilty of any offence, and allowed his candidature to be sustained. Javanese black magic is always the best -- and the pendatang Toyol knows it. :D

  11. By the way, Ktemoc, its the 43rd anniversary of DAP's founding.

    I didn't use to be a DAP fan (I confess to voting BN for many, many years, since I turned 21 until GE11) but Hannah Yeoh's good work in Subang Jaya has certainly converted me.

    Now, about my local PKR MP Kelana Jaya- Loh Gwo Burne....aiyoh, don't know what he's doing, other than taking photos in Parliament. He does have good volunteers at his service centre, though.

    I hope PKR puts up a better candidate next round. I may have to puke if I'm forced to vote BN again....

  12. Well Observer, your MP, Loh Gwo-Burne is a surprise package. He has been doing a lot of good, and is hardworking too. If you want to know what he has been doing, I would urge you to visit his blog at He is certainly quite active in and outside parliament, such as (among many other examples): expressing his views and criticisms of postal votes and of Suhakam’s public inquiry in the Bandar Mahkota Cheras incident; expressing his sympathy for police abuse cases, such as those involving Kugan and B Parabakar and C Solomon;  involving himself in gotong royong activities with his constituents, and arranging for free legal advice at his office. His reputation has also crossed the South China Sea. The Sarawak Headhunter, for example, notes that Loh "is doing a good job and Selangor is making records, all for good reasons."

  13. I don't know about Toyol or Jampi, but BN is real scared of Anwar Ibrahim ceramah in Taiping...wakakakaka...

    Maybe AnWar has some black-magic power ?....wakakakaka

  14. Maybe AnWar has some black-magic power ?.

    I'll put my bet on it . He does have , during the court case during the first sodomy trial , most of the so call key prosecution witness ended saying contradictory things , current IGP included . They had to resort to calling in a bomoh to put an invisible shield around the courthouse to prevent flying spells from penetrating the court .

  15. Simple-lah.
    A lot of the prosecution witnesses in the 1st Anwar Trial were lying through their teeth.

    Its a classic test of the truth - ask a person several times, under stress.

    If a person is speaking the simple truth, his version won't change much, even after repeated questioning.

    If a person is lying, unless he's an extremely good liar, he will likely go gabra after repeated questioning under stress.

  16. Anwar got black magic power? Ha Ha sound very funny to me. Remember, during the court appearance Anwar wore a big 'cincin', rumuor circulating around that the 'cincin' can put fear to the judges and the prosecution team.

    Did it work? Anwar was sentenced many years in jail.

  17. Did it work? Anwar was sentenced many years in jail.

    It work initially as many key witnesses ended up saying contradictory things, it failed to work after a bomoh was hired to put an invisible shield around the courthouse to prevent those spells from working . Thus he Anwar was sentenced to many years in jail .