Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Selangor DAP being prosecuted, and persecuted?

In Malaysiakini Charge against S'gor cabinet member 'politically motivated' Lim Kit Siang, the de facto Opposition Leader ;-) (he seems to be the leader pushing important issues in Parliament) has accused the Police of pursuing a politically driven prosecution of Ronnie Liu.

The authorities have even brought in the heavy guns to get Ronnie for a small charge of 'abetment in obstructing a Subang Jaya Municipal Council enforcement officer in closing down a hotel last year'.

Uncle Lim said: "The fact that they have assigned a senior DPP to (handle) this menial case reflects the kind of (political) weight they have placed on this case."

… and on an issue that’s one year old – sheeesh!

This has been on top of the harassment and ISA-detention of Teresa Kok, and on a slightly different issue, the bashing of Lau Weng San, ADUN for Kampung Tunku, who was assaulted and then arrested by the police in a recent anti-ISA rally - see Malaysiakini DAP duo allege rough handling by police.

The Selangor UMNO is certainly behaving like, to quote a Malay saying, a worm on hot ashes. As State opposition it’s squirming and wriggling because it can’t stand the thought of the PR ruling Malaysia’s premier State, Selangor - though of course the real 'premier' State, as almost everyone knows, is Penang ;-)

I am convinced there is a campaign and even conspiracy to destabilize and topple the current ruling PR – with a mix of attacking/harassing DAP members, enticing PAS’s ones (via the siren calls for pan-Malay solidarity) and a combination of both against PKR.

Mind you, these campaign nastiness' are comparatively mild to what they did in 1969 to prevent the DAP + Gerakan (loose coaliiton) from forming the State government – read The Real Cause of the May 13 Riots

Ku Li warned of May 13 again


  1. honestly, i think this dun's luck is very bad, probably because of his "trademark" mole. he never won against cmf even he's much articulate than her. he worked twice (probably triple too) as hardworking but yet never well respected in selangor dap, and resigned from chief post being blamed for disastrous 2004 ge and also affiliated with lge. now when he just tasted victory and became an exco, he got into his mess and probably will be locked in sungai buloh for 2 yrs and relinquish his dun and make way for bn. seriously, if he still stubbornly refuses to consult feng shui master (who would probably advise to have his bad luck mole remove), dap would be wiped out in ge14. this is serious.....

  2. Selangor was a "pot of gold" for UMNO operatives, until the pot was suddenly lost on March 8.

    They can't afford to wait until the next GE. "Tak boleh tahan lagi".
    So undemocratic means it shall be...

    DAP Selangor has its own problems.
    Ronnie Liu has never been in the "good books" of the core circle, though not quite as bad as Teng Chang Khim.

  3. How about transplanting his "unlucky" mole to the other side of his chin? Or even donating his mole to Khir Toyol?

  4. wah, denzook, didn't know you're a feng shui master ;-) anwar should have consulted you on his 3-ekor of 916 wakakaka

    eg. 916 = add up to 16 but if divided by the '4 corners of the world' = 4 which is a sial number lah - even Japs won't call 4 'shi' (inherited from Chinese) because it sounds like 'die' - instead they call 4 'yon' - the 'PM-ship' lies 'yon'der - wakakaka

  5. 916 is also the shiny metal which well-heeled Thai-Thai's wear around their neck and wrists

  6. ini bukan main-main tau .... with his post as exco and allowance, he should have money for his "mole" operation unlike his days of "struggling" politician......

  7. UMNO is about to stranggle DAP, and Ktemoc is still going on and on about Anwar Ibrahim...

    Priorities, man, priorities...

  8. aha, whats the common factor in teresa kok and ronnie drama. Both sue Khir. Any connection, no?
    Still wonder why crime rates are galloping faster than a Class I horse.

  9. anon of 11:25 AM, November 18, 2008 - lighten up lah! ;-)

  10. i dont know about this Ronnie guy.If Ronnie did obstructed justice, by all means charge him. But I hope police is not charging because he is a Pakatan man.

    if Ronnie feels that he's right,then he might as well use the legal system and sue the cops or something like that.

    fair and square.if you're guilty as charge,then just pay for what you did.

  11. eleventh hour

    it took a year for police to investigate.
    its a abettment charge. they cant even put the names of thsoe Ronnie is alleged to have abetted with.
    coincidental this case was "revived" after Ronnie sue Khir? teresa kok case sounds and smells similar?
    scary isn it, if its not coinicdental.
    and the AG office dont even appeal on a murder case. and they send a senior prosecutor for this "coincidental" case of no significance. you tell me whats teh AG office up to, if it is not persecution. you think they bother about criticism or perception? dang, they show you teh two fingers and tell you to move your butt off coz they are the PROSECUTORS.
    INCOMPETENCE, PARTIALITY mixed with ARROGANCE and thats a potent concoction, aint it?

  12. Fact is, the instruments of the Federal Government are still ruled by UMNO, even when they are in opposition.

    Maybe some quid pro quo is in order. But limited to what the Pakatan States can do of course.