Thursday, November 27, 2008

Monsterous Murders in Mumbai - who's behind it?

Late last night in Mumbai, gunmen believed to be Islamist militants targeted luxury hotels, a popular tourist attraction and a crowded train station killing 80 people and wounding 900.

The terrorist attacks continued until early this morning – for more read Mumbai terrorist attacks: gunmen go on rampage.

kaytee wonders whether the murderous carnage in Mumbai had been at the directive of parties in Pakistan who are unhappy with President Zardari’s declaration of no (nuclear) ‘first strike’ at India just 2 days ago?

For more read Asif Ali Zardari delights India with 'no first strike' policy.

Some Pakistani military strategists have not been happy with Zardari’s unprecedented policy statement on Pakistan's nuclear weapons employment as they consider the ‘first strike’ option vital to a Pakistan lacking strategic depth in space. They couched that in terms of Pakistan's "… open borders and its status as a smaller nuclear power".

But new President Zardari seems set on developing rapprochement with its No 1 enemy, perhaps even at the expense of the 60-year old Pakistani obsession with Jammu-Kashmir – see my previous posts:

(1) The True Obsession of Pakistan!
(2) Pakistan short changing US

No sirree, that won't sit well with the Pakistani military. Accepting the Jammu-Kashmir status quo would be akin to blasphemy at the very roots (creation), ideology and soul of Pakistan.

Regardless of whether the wanton killings in Mumbai had been at the instigation or directive of some parties in Pakistan, last night's terrorist carnage will certainly set Pakistan-India relationship very much back.


  1. diharapkan warga asing yang dijadikan tebusan dapat dibebaskan in one piece and in one peace.pembunuhan 82 orang di hotel mewah oleh sekumpulan yang disuspek sebagai "militan Muslim" amat mengejutkan.sebelum telah ada beberapa serangan berskala besar dilakukan.

    nah.belum apa-apa lagi sudah disalahkan pada "militan Muslim".siasat dahulu sebelum membuat tuduhan.

  2. Its likely a combination of Mumbai gangland activity wound up with Pakistan ISI-backed Islamist groups.

    There was an excellent program on this subject in the Crime and Investigation Network last month.
    I didn't pay much attention to it then - until today.

    The explosive economic growth in the Mumbai area has funneled huge amounts of money into their criminal gangs. A few of them have found it useful to ally themselves with Islamist militants in their on-going battle with the police.

  3. india gov is lame. if this is archduke of harsburg or kaiser of germany in this mess, they will swiftly declare war on this terrorist and rid them off on land of india. hey, spaniards launched inquisition at granada once the city was subdued to deal this problem (the spaniards coaxed them signing treaty on religion tolerance and months later changed their mind). pakistan was created because of religion unrest. if india is smart and strong, they should know wat to do instead letting this event escalated to such tragedy.

  4. What's wrong with the term "militan Muslim"? If the attackers were Christians, then they would be called "militan Kristian", and if they were Tamils, they would be labelled "militan Tamil". And if they are to be proven to be from Al-Qaeda, they should be called "Osama's boys"

  5. Islam is the way, the truth and the life.

    Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion.

    If you don't agree, you will die.

  6. "A peaceful and tolerant religion where if you don't agree, you will die." wakaka

    Since when causing people to die is "peaceful" and "tolerant"? kakawa

  7. regardless of which "terrorist" or any group that launched the attack,they must be dragged forward and punished for what they did.any people who abuse religion to resort to violence is an act that smear the good name of the religion itself.

  8. The 19 hijackers who carried out their gruesome tasks on 9.11.2001 did so with the reassuring knowledge that their families would be well taken care of by donations from rich Arabs. So did the suicide bombers and killers who went to heaven in the style of Altantoya, that is, in bits and pieces. So to put an end to terrorism, it is neccessary to take out the wealthy fat cats payrolling the poor idiots who blew themselves up in the name of god

  9. the sucide bombers and militants will meet his Maker..... with 72 virgins and paradise....

  10. 72 houris in paradise...Oooh...Oooh...I'd do anything for 72 houris in paradise

  11. What happens when the suicide bomber is a gay and then 72 houris are presented to him in paradise?

  12. It seems the 72 houris take on whatever form pleases the person being rewarded.

    So if the suicide bomber is gay....

  13. The vicious targeting of a crowded train station, two hotels and a Jewish centre have horrified the world. Terrorism has struck again, leaving hundreds killed or wounded. The timing, tactics, orchestration and search for British, American and Jewish hostages point to an operation that has all the hallmarks of al-Qaeda.

    The time has come for the world to use all means at its disposal to eliminate this virus once and for all. The al-Qaeda mountain hideouts in Waziristan have to be sprayed with poison gas and other lethal chemical weapons so that not a single rat could escape. Mandatory death sentences need to be carried out on the spot for their supporters, because al-Qaeda would not have been able to survive this long without widespread support among muslims.

    Let Death deal with those who choose to play with Death. Terror can only be defeated with greater terror. Do all these now so that we do not end up as the next victims of yet another cowardly jihadist attack.

  14. anon of 11:43 AM, November 28, 2008, yes the terrorist were looking for American and British passport holders, but let's not creatively insert the Jews (Israeli passport holders) into the equation when there was no such thing.

    Your "The al-Qaeda mountain hideouts in Waziristan have to be sprayed with poison gas and other lethal chemical weapons so that not a single rat could escape ..." frightens the hell out of me.

    Have you considered the fact that ordinary Pakistanis are living in those areas as well?

    In the comments section of another of my posts titled 'Some people shouldn’t have maids!' I discussed a word ‘untermenschen’ (subhumans)

    I said it was a Nazi word labelling the Jews as subhumans, but the f* irony is that today the said Children of the Holocaust, the Israelis, treat the Palestinians as such too!

    Killing people with poison gas and calling people as rats to be exterminated were Nazi language. Today some Israelis are behaving like Nazis. So, would you be one, an Israeli or pro Israeli, considering you had attempted to inset the Jews as selected targets for those terrorists?

  15. this means israeli "national service" failed badly. i thot they are soldiers and citizens alike, man and woman. when they got chance to seize ak or watever firepower weapons, they could have fight back - i was wrong .....

  16. No Jewish hostages? waakaakaaa

    Hostages at the Mumbai Jewish centre are feared dead, following what Indian police and an Israeli defence attache said was an end to the siege there.

    The retaking of the Mumbai headquarters of the ultra-orthodox Jewish outreach group Chabad Lubavitch leaves the Taj Mahal hotel as the remaining location in control of the militants, who are thought to be using hostages as human shields.

    India's National Security Guards chief said bodies had been found in the Chabad centre and they appeared to be hostages. It was thought the gunmen had at least six hostages, including a rabbi and his wife.

    The Israeli rescue service Zaka said its staff in Mumbai believed all the hostages were dead.

  17. anon, while Jews and Israel Foreign MInistry claimed the terrorists were looking for Jews, the NYT also reported "It is not known if the Jewish center was strategically chosen, or if it was an accidental hostage scene."

    The reality has been that many buildings were attacked. And many nationalities (even Japanese, Australians, etc) including Indians were killed.

    I questioned your (presumably you were the same anon of 11:43 AM, November 28, 2008) statement that "The timing, tactics, orchestration and search for British, American and Jewish hostages point to an operation that has all the hallmarks of al-Qaeda".

    As I responded earlier, the terrorists were indeed 'searching' for US and British passport holders but NOT Israeli passport holders, in all likelihood because of the war in Afghanistan and the associated US attacks on Pakistan, and of course that old Paki problem of Jammu-Kashmir.

    I don't believe you can identify the terrorists as al Qaeda as the news reported that Indian authorities have identified them as Lashkar-e-Taiba, or/and Jaish-e-Muhammad, more likely the latter.

    The attacks are believed to be related to Pakistan's claim over Jammu-Kashmir and Afghanistan (US, Brits troops) rather than the Middle East.